Mars Conjunct Saturn: Controlled Burn

mars warriorMars aspecting Saturn has a bad reputation in astrology. It’s broadly considered to denote cruelty, especially if the planets clash.

The conjunction of Mars and Saturn is probably the easiest to work with.  This is because it marries the energies together. Together, they mimic Mars in Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Mars is high functioning in Capricorn because it just won’t quit. It with face any fear, persevere through whatever hardship it comes it’s way.  It’s also able to control rage and funnel into something productive.  Discipline is a strong suit.

Energy is neutral until directed. If you channel Mars Saturn along there lines, you should get a good result.

Here are some keywords for the combination:

  • Controlled burn
  • Steely determination
  • Self-control
  • Self-responsibility
  • Code of behavior
  • Commit to action

What’s your experience with Mars conjunct Saturn? 


Mars Conjunct Saturn: Controlled Burn — 8 Comments

  1. Just now we I have heard that the father of an employee of my guy has died and also that his brother in law has severe symptoms of cancer and has sold his car in preparation for dying. For years now we have counted ourselves lucky that I caught the bug before we even knew what it was, and he got a non-mrna set of jabs that have no long term effects. My best friend, my daughter, a lot of youths we know have gotten jabs, and our views have fallen on deaf ears. Now the reality that we never wanted to see happen is unveiling itself and getting closer. We are steeled up. We are disciplined in what we have to do. We are getting our funeral attire ready. We are preparing for the possibility of ever worse news.

  2. I have a Mars/Saturn first house conjunction in Libra. I believe strongly in taking responsibility for my actions and how they effect other people. I do tend to let others off the hook for their own actions though.

  3. My mother’s married construction/house repair guy hit on me/asked for my # while here at her house, and that’s just summarizing without details – needless to say, she informed me that she officially wrote him terminating their business relationship today. Very Mars Saturn…

  4. Can totally see why Mars is exalted in cappricorn … so looking forward to seeing how we can help Mars in Gemini down the line!! Lol!! Elsa, your friend Kay is hilarious … I sometimes go out in dirty Jeans, but when I have been at a farm … that’s only single aquarias for ya!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. It was my daughters 4th birthday party this past weekend. She has mars conjunct Saturn in Capricorn. Her and her friend were racing their riding unicorns. My daughter performed a ‘box out’ maneuver and almost pushed her friend off the path onto the grass. She even used her hand to block next. She was so determined! She won, of course. She is also a climber, more so than my other children were. I think she found a sport she really likes she could dominate.

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