Mars Is Broken In Libra, But What About Aries?

I’m aware of some shadowy manifestations of my Mars (in detriment) in Libra. Eventually I’ll probably get my nerve up and write about it but to be candid writing things like this is doubly hard. First because I have to reveal my weakness in plain terms with real life examples which I actually don’t mind all that much. The part that is exceedingly difficult is the defending this once I’ve done it which becomes necessary because it is not politically correct to say, “This Mars in Libra is a lousy Mars!”

You can get things done with Mars in Libra. I can obviously fight like crazy and exercise like a machine, but the fact is it’s is a lousy Mars. People with Mars in Libra might not like hearing this! You know. There is a high expression of everything and blah, blah, blah. Like I don’t know that! I do know that, but it is still a lousy Mars!

I was lying around last night thinking about the lousy things I have learned about my lousy Mars in Libra over the last week and being very aware I ought to cultivate qualities of of Mars in Aries. Directness and so forth, that is. And then when I came across this, which made me feel a lot better.

This is astrologer (and writer… I love his writing), Elbert Wade on an Aries client he had once. Ha ha ha ha, at least I’m not her! Aries, You Are — But What? by Elbert Wade

Turns out I’m a mess, you’re a mess which must also mean, I’m okay, you’re okay and that’s Libra. Two sides, bay-beeeee! There are always two sides!

Do you have Mars in Libra or know someone who does? Please (asks Libra politely) tell us how it’s lousy… or not. If you can decide, that is. ๐Ÿ˜‰



Mars Is Broken In Libra, But What About Aries? — 65 Comments

  1. Sorry, I have Mars in Aries and I am still getting the courage to be the finer things you speak of (directness is just not me at this point; I’d rather jump out the window)

  2. I have Mars in Cancer (which is conjunct) Uranus in 9th, which is also part of a T square. Let me tell you, it really sucks. It makes me so wishy, wahsy, indecisive, etc. when my sun sign is Leo and rising is Scorp. I hate my Mars!!!!

  3. moni – I feel for you! Here you are all dynamic and all they want you to do is put bandaids on their boo-boos! Damn it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • OMG yes! My Mars in Cancer in 10th
      I attract alot of broken people too. They look to me to lead and fix things when all I want to do is have someone beside me as a partner who can fix or put a bandaid on me once in a great while.

  4. Mars in Libra?! Let me see, my brother, my father, several cousins . . . yeah, lots of ’em!! They all can talk circles around me which is why I perfected stubborn, sullen silence as a teenager (Mars in Scorpio). . ๐Ÿ™‚ Mars in Virgo is big in our family too. Loved that article by Elbert Wade!!

    Since I have lots of Libra, I will say this in defense of Mars in Libra . . . when the debating is done, the action is swift and direct!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. *chuckling w/ moni* Oh yeah, I hear ya… Stellium in Aries (Sun, Merc, Venus) in the 8th house, Cap Moon, and Cancer Mars. IRRITATING!!

    But back to that question… I once fell pretty hard for a guy with Mars in Libra. Taurus Sun, Aries Moon… That was all good. But the Gemini Venus paired with Libra Mars?? Oh good lord, just forget it… He couldn’t make up his mind whether he wanted me or another woman. It took him 4 weeks to be semi-ready to sorta make a choice. There were all kinds of other factors, but essentially I lost my patience and moved on. It wound up being for the best, but the guy is still a friend and now and then I just want to bludgeon him to make him DO something.

  6. Moni, My sympathies too. I have mars in cancer also, conjunct saturn at the point of a t-square (oh and in the 2nd house of all gawd awful places). Stop, Start, Stop, Start, Stop, Start. I’m not bi-polar but if I were at least then I’d have an excuse! I can relate!! Your poor leo. Wow.


  7. Oh, not that Mars in Aries has ever made me any happier. One of my exes had that and holy fuck was that an ugly, explosive temper. *shudder*

  8. Mars in Sagittarius – but North Node in Libra and Venus in Libra. I guess this means I can’t make up my mind regarding my destiny/purpose, and/or my sex life and finer things in my life . lol whatever makes YOU happy is what I say. I’m flexible. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Elsa, if it makes you feel any better, MY MARS IS LOUSIER THAN YOUR MARS. My Mars is in Taurus, in partile opposition to Neptune in Scorpio. According to Rob Hand, this is like having no Mars at all! (God, all this blogging makes me so tired, I have to go take a nap…)

  10. This is all very funny to me because I was also reading your post thinking – “it can’t be as bad as my Mars in Cancer”…

    I guess Mars is a hard man to please.

    I love your Mars in Libra because I imagine it is part of what makes you a relationship counselor protยฉgยฉ. And hey – we all have the strengths and weakness….sounds more like Virgo doing some ruthless self-criticism to me (said gently and with love!)

  11. My resilient cappy mars (trine pluto and uranus, sextile saturn)is what keeps me going when I feel the cold of my saturn square sun or my poor mercury Tsquared by saturn, pluto and uranus.With so many ups and downs, you better be a goat!

  12. I like my Mars! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s in Leo and conjunct the Sun.

    I have a few aspects that tone me down, because this conjunction can manifest as me being rather brash and blunt, with a spitfire temper to boot.

    I like it ’cause I don’t get stepped on. It’s not so good when I provoke people, either consciously or not.

    The rest of my family, hubby and kids, have Mars in either Aquarius or Pisces, with squares and oppositions to Mars, Uranus, or Pluto. Whoa.

  13. One other thing I noticed a lot in my relationships–family or romantic–is what you have in your chart, Elsa: Mercury-Mars.

    There’s my temper going into action! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Anyway, my husband, son, and younger daughter ALL have Mars in Pisces, opposite my Virgo Mercury, plus my husband’s Mercury in Aquarius is opposite my Leo Mars. Yes, my husband and I have a Mercury-Mars double whammy, and it shows up in our composite chart.

    Argue, argue, argue…but at least it’s never dull around my house…

  14. Elsa, you naughty woman, you just told me a few weeks ago my Mars in Libra wasn’t bad and now it is? lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
    To tell you the truth I’m not even sure of what its influence is – what I know is that being Aries Ascendant I should be acting all the time, but I’m an undecisive, lazy and accomodated git !
    And I’m not even that polite…I have a temper. How does it manifest itself anyway, or it doesn’t?

  15. The last man I saw had a Mars and Venus in Libra. He was a Virgo and man, he was gorgeous, and charming, and gentlemanly. But he was also extremely good at avoiding any sort of conflict (breaking things off with me, that is. I had to do it).

    I have a Scorpio Mars. The man I’m dating has a Mars in Cancer … which makes me curious: what does that mean, exactly? What does an Aquarian with Cancer Mars do?

  16. My kidlet (the girl, age 8) has Mars in Libra, and she’s quite convinced that her life is lousy right now. Apparently, even wiping the drool marks off her face in the mornings before she goes to her dad’s house is just the epitome of the world being mean!

  17. joana – Mars in Libra isn’t baaaaad, it’s merely lousy. But yeah. Sorry about that. It’s not that Mars in Libra doesn’t work. I manage to get most anything I want. I guess I am going to have to tell the embarrassing story of my lousy mars in action to clear up this confusion!

  18. If you wish ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Nothing should be embarrassing in Astrology, it’s all just a question of learning from life. hehe

  19. I have Mars in Libra. Synchronicity: Believe it or not, I was just getting ready to write something this morning about my Mars. I titled it Mars and Me. I stared at that title for about five minutes, then decided, Nah! I can’t talk about that. It’s way too personal! Pressed delete.

  20. Mars in Libra – tends to procrastinate before taking action. I took a friends daughter to school – she was dilly-dallying about what shoes to wear – impatiently I waited in the car. When I dropped her off at school – she had two different shoes on! Oh the indecision of it all!
    My mars is in tenacious and resillient Cap and has a very functional approach. Being square Libra mars – I have tried to be patient when witnessing my Mars Libra friend running through all the options before making her decisions. I just wanna say – golly just do it! We probably couldn’t move a couch together – but would have a fascinating discussion about how it could be done.

  21. Mars in Cancer, conjunct Venus, second house. Opposite an 8th house Jupiter. Not sure what that indicates, but I have a feeling it’s related to my urge to take care of everyone. And everything. *chuckle*

  22. Mars, mercury, sun in leo in 5h so I need and seek out ‘phsyical’ outlets to be happy (ie., painting my house at 1am the last few nights, dancing, drawing, yard work, daily doggie walks, sex and more sex). I am working on redirecting this mars energy towards more humanitarian endeavors (aquarian in scope). Oh and mars sextile venus and both in aspect to jupiter/pluto. LOTS of lovin’ required/given.

  23. Well at least you all don’t have Mars in Cancer in the 9th house, Peregrine ( according to Noel Tyl). It is totally frustrating.

  24. mars in cancer in the 4th house has gotta be the winning(suckiest!) combo!!

    Mars in the house of the moon… and to top it off, i also have my moon in cancer!

    yep i sure can be one overflowing sack of emotions!

  25. Well – I have a good one for you: I have Mars in Pisces which is conjunct the Ascendent (First House). How the heck is that for being mixed up?

  26. Oh, and my moon is in Cancer, Capricorn North Node – not to mention I have a mega-stellium in Gemini (Sun, Mercury, Venus – which is inconjunct to my Uranus Libra- and Saturn) and seven air signs, altogether. Now THAT’S a mess!

  27. i dont get that… when people think of me assertive is the first thing that comes to mind???
    that from what ive been told… my mars is in libra!….. my jupiter is in aries, and capricorn and aries share my rising signs.. 2 asecdents??? i dont understand???

    this has nothing to do with astrology because what im about to say is a fucking fact;: lousy mars depends on how your personality deals with it…. i think evil fucking kenevil had a mars in libra????

  28. my mars in libra. men shouldn’t think that much. sometimes friends say “r u playin’ chess?” while i’m chasing a girl.

  29. es know a mars in libra guy who is the most evil eaterguy i will ever meet. he is a habitual liar, cheater, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants … pure evil atheiest. DB

  30. i have mars in libra but in 1st house. I cant make up my mind. I change it on whim. But I am quite a forceful personality. It takes me eternity to make up my mind, and even longer to know if i’m sure of it. But once I am, i will do anything to make sure I’m the best. Does this make sense?

  31. My ex had Mars in Libra. He couldn’t decide on what we should do for Valentine’s Day (he had 4 different spectacular ideas), and we ended up doing nothing, until I suggested the night before that we go see a movie (very boring and un-romantic for Valentine’s). He couldn’t decide what to buy me for Christmas, my birthday, or Valentine’s Day, so he bought me nothing, until weeks after Valentine’s Day, he popped out with a gift. He would talk about how he wanted to go overseas, and toy around with the thought for a while, then buy the ticket shortly before the flight date, then after he bought the ticket, he’d say he didn’t want to go anymore. That happened three times. Indecisive!!

  32. lol

    glad I stumbled on this site – second thread I’m posting a comment to today

    got that mars in libra thing going myself and it definitely is a pain in the ass. In fact, just last night I was all set on ordering pizza, picked up the phone and realized I’m trying to save money…I looked through the cabinets and realized there wasn’t anything around I wanted to eat…I finally grabbed my keys and went to wendys

    got a question if anyway has an answer – how will this lovely little placement affect my midheaven, saturn and pluto conjunct also in libra? I mean, wherever I work and no matter how hard I try, I always hit that invisible glass ceiling that I’m sure is mostly saturn doing his job, but does mars in libra make this more severe? less?

  33. I have both Venus and Mars in Libra, both in 5th house. I’m so glad to have found people who understand my dislike for my crappy libran mars!

    I am the QUEEN of indecision even with my Scorpio Sun, Saturn, and Pluto. Does having both Venus and Mars in the 5th house mitigate the wishy-washy attitude somewhat? I’m able to make decisions, obviously, but the way this mars manifests itself is through a constant nagging stream of “what-if that’s beter” after a decision has been made. It’s extremely inconvenient, BUT I must refuse to let it get the best of me.

  34. Hi all,

    I have Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Libra in first house with a Libra ascendant. I think this is the worst combination that could happen to someone. People around me never understands me and I always think about doing something but I am so lazy to initiate. But anyway, I like being the fair one since this world needs more Librarian people around.

  35. Mars in Pisces conj. Mercury…*hold hands and sing kumbaya for peace on Earth*

    Ms. Aries in the article?? Thank God I have a Libra Moon for balance..

  36. Elsa,

    Interesting. I have Mars in Libra which often puzzles me. I’m very decisive, clarity isn’t the issue, but often disinclined to act which I attribute to Mars in Libra.

    On the other hand (isn’t this typical ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I’ve noticed that if I encounter injustice or someone crosses the line of what’s right/wrong I’ve no problem completely obliterating them (figuratively speaking).

  37. I LOVE my Mars!! It’s in Aries and in my first house! I am extremely direct and have absolutely no problem telling people what I want when I want it. I like to do things on my own terms, don’t really ask for help and hate it when people are reliant upon me because I don’t like feeling obligated or pressured to do anything. In my romantic/sex life, I don’t like to play cat and mouse (which is why I DESPISE Scorpio men). If I am interested in someone, I let them know right away to save time because there’s no telling how I will feel about them in the next moment. In sex, I don’t like to do it for hours on end without a release. I like to have sex, finish, then do it again…Long, drawn out ANYTHING is not something I’m into.

    I was involved with a Scorpio who had Mars in Libra and our sexualities DID NOT match up. I like to have sex as much as possible. Even if I’m not in the mood, I’m always in the mood. He waxed and waned and was extremely manipulative (Scorpio Sun) but couldn’t decide what he wanted from the arrangement (Libra Mars). After months of “WTFs?!” and having my libido stressed to the limit, I ditched him. He sent me a stalkerish/ cryptic text a few months ago when he apparently saw me out getting ice cream, but I never responded.

    Because of my Aries Stellium (Moon, Mars, North Node in 1st house), I LOVE talking about myself..I won’t lie. Sometimes I have to stop and remind myself that I’m in a conversation with another person. ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I had the same story

      I m aries sun with aries mars and got involved with a fickle stupid scorpio sun with libra Mars guy. Playing stupid boring mind games, he had low libido and was trying to make me believe I wasn’t attractive enough . End of the world. I think Mars libra men love men … He was obsessed with males and male bodies …

      I am aries with scorpio rising woman … And aries Mars .

      I dated two libra Mars men in a row . They re wrong .

      I m dating an aries Mars with cancer sun now … He s a gent!!!!! Assertive! X

  38. haha Pat I have my mars in Taurus too.. ever noticed how you are the most tired at the opportune moment or crunch time!!
    I’m an aries and my mars fails me at some of the most important moments!! baah

    Elsa- oh ho!! no you didn’t! You just attacked the opponent in an attempt to be politically correct! so all the people with Mars in Libra can now say – yeah so what Mars in Aries sucks too… hey Mars is all we have, after all Aries does take a whole lot of bashing from most astrologers
    ever heard any other sign being called impetuous childish and selfish (besides gemini, who get a lot of flak for being such ‘liars’ and ‘always late’)

    I’m joking, it’s alright we aries can handle it. ๐Ÿ˜› (this is just my mercury is Aries speaking)

  39. A dear friend that I work with every day has a first house Libra Mars-Neptune conjunction. He is charm personified; a magician with words; a hypnotist. I could go on, but let’s get to the not-so-lovely part……try and get him to make a decision or take a stand or bust a move……..OMG!!!!!!! I get so frustrated I could slap the lips off of his pretty face. I don’t, though. With my Venus in Libra conjunct his conjunction, the minute I see him it’s gone and forgotten. Until I get wound up again……. Frustrating, yes, but you’ll not find a soul who will say a bad thing about him! Even his exes still like him and wish him well.

  40. Hey Elsa (and everyone else),

    I have a suggestion for a future post: How have you learned to cope with your sucky Mars?

    Example: I have Mars in Libra, and like Elsa (I think, I’m not sure of this), I must, MUST exercise every day. Or else the day is doomed.

  41. CancerwScorpRising – also be a great topic on the boards. Probably get a faster response putting this there at the moment because I am so buried at the moment. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. eh, hate to tell you but Mars in Aries isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I have to keep a lid on a constantly boiling pot. And most of the things I deeply regret have to do with my impatience on some level. I’ve always considered it my cross to carry.

    I could see how being indecisive would drive you nuts. That is one thing I do like about my mars, I make a decision and move on.

  43. I have mars in libra and mercury in scorpio. It seems to balance me out, as to make me think before I blurt. My uranus in leo squares that mercury, so double thank you for my balancing mars. I like him in libra and he has done me well I think.

  44. โ€œThis Mars in Libra is a lousy Mars!โ€ I agree, I have Mars in Libra in the 7th. Always agreeing when I disagree in my partnerships. Going along with others rather than bucking. This past tour of Mars in Leo really brought out the worst and the best of me. I wish I could integrate that into a workable pattern, a balance of that stepping up and at the same time, of walking myself down a notch.

  45. I have Mars in Libra, 1st house and I needed to read this! I laughed so hard. I can’t stand my Mars in Libra and I was sadly thinking how lousy it is. Yes, when the dust is cleared, I’m the last one standing by the time I run my mouth. Then I have a horrible cusp, 29 degree Scorpio Moon that does not fit my Leo Sun. I claim the Sag Moon because that expresses me. The whole chart is a damn quagmire! So I asked the Universe, why couldn’t I have been born 12 hrs later and had a nice Leo Sun, Sag Moon, Aries rising and Libra would’ve been thrown into my 7th house, and none of this other nonsense. The Universe said that I could have been born in Afghanistan if I would’ve taken that ticket 12 hrs later; I probably would’ve been that tortured Afghan Girl on the cover of National Geographic Magazine. So I just said, HEY NOW! Detroit is looking good at 9:48 AM with Mars in the first house if that’s the case. I wonder if this Mars in the first house Libra has something to do with talking a lot of crap all of the time?

    In response to Ginjer, when Mars transited my natal Sun Leo, I was chopping off heads as I found them along the road. Now Saturn is in my first house transiting Mars. . . forget about it. All of this life changing crap all over again.

    • I think Leo with Scorpio moon and Mars in Libra is a very good balance of elements and I love the drama and passion of Water/Fire sun moon combinations. Leo sun, Sag moon and Aries rising is way too much fire. I have an Aries moon and I am so glad my Libra Mars balances it out. I still blurt things out stupid things all the time, but luckily I can go back and clean the mess with some tact and charm.

  46. Well i have Cardinal T-square โ€“ Jupiter in Cancer in 11th house opposition Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in Capricorn in the 5th house (hate the capricorn), squaring apex planets Mercury, Sun and Mars in Libra in the 2nd house ..Its annoying and I can;t stand this one either cos money is my number 1 enemy atm…If I wanted to be assertive I could be but sometimes I hold my tongue for whatever reason mostly guilt and feeling bad (from other aspects on my chart.) i have a lot of difficult aspects as do most people but astrology has taught me a lot and apparently it’s a guideline for how we can manage ourselves in this life so as not to repeat mistakes in previous lives (if we did indeed have them).?..but I also have to try and learn not to let it deal with me or get depressed over it, I mean none of this is really real’ll wake up eventually and realize it was all a dream. but rather I should deal with it. Am sure there’s worse crap out there than this..:o ๐Ÿ˜€

  47. I have mars in Libra too and in the 2md house. I am still studying this but so far I think it may be a blessing in disguise. I say this because this Libra really does help me stay balanced. I have a Sun, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune all in Scorpio. I mean, imagine a mars in Scorpio too! I feel the Libra helps me to be very diplomatic and not lose my temper or be over emotional and cry.

  48. yes, my mars in libra is crappy to say nicely. it is conjust with saturn. so i can make up excellent thought out plans, but by god i stuggle in implementation and initiation for all of it. Procrastination should be my middle name. I have to work very hard and have to do lot of internal work to get up and running. don’t get me wrong, when i do, i do a great job. but it is just LOUSY.

  49. what if you have Mars in libra 6th house which is its natural house how does that make a difference? also even though I have Mars in libra I have Aries rising?? but I love my Mars libra b/c I have Scorpio moon and Leo in sun and Mercury so it helps with my explosive temper to keep me cool!

    • yes thats a nice way to put it. Leo sun /Scorpio moon and mercury …wow!! everyone needs a nice balance in their charts. I think thats why we have detriment and falls in our chart. too much of exaltation and dignified can be quite too much.

      this makes me understand deeply why my Aries/Taurus moon sister with all her exaltations love a man with lots of Fall planets, both sun in fall and venus fall, but her mercury pisces is blundering while his virgo mercury is exaltation. it’s like some kind of wonderful balance for eachother <3

  50. I have my Mars in Libra and I am very glad I do. I like that I can use tact and making things beautiful comes quite easily to me. I also have an Aries moon. They balance each other very nicely.

  51. Another lousy mars in libra member here! I 1000% agree with all the procrastination and indecisive comments. I really can be quite incapable of making the most minor of decisions sometimes, weighing up all the pros and cons of both and not getting anywhere. Unless it’s something I have a definite instant yes/no reaction to, I will try make someone else decide for me. Even if I sway more towards one option, if I’m not that bothered, I’d rather someone else decide and a little bit of people-pleasing may be present. If I can’t decide, I may copy whatever the other person has/does as a decider. My hubs HATES this and we (non-serious) fight about it, haha. This is all usually about stuff I feel is not serious. What shall we have for dinner, what shall we do today? Ehh, you decide.

  52. Love it when my mars in aries is productive. Like now, transiting also in aries. Sweat it out. I shouldn’t really exert myself so much though, not in my situation. It reminds me of my trainer, sweet lady, when she said’ take breaks, why do you exhaust your body so much, you’re not being gentle to it. Breathe.’ Good advice.

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