Lunar Return Charts Offer Insight Into The Month Ahead

vintage girl in moonI’ve been tracking my lunar returns for many years. These charts tell my monthlong mood or emotional state. I look at my lunar return to see how it’s going be for me, month to month.

I am in a public phase right now. I live in the country, but I am out doing something, pretty much every day.   Jupiter. Sagittarius.  I’m out there, “at large”.

I can see that next month’s return is similar. Lots of Aquarius and 9th house stuff. I’ll be involved with social groups and parties. Saturn in Sagittarius asks I commit to being “out there”.

The following month promises significant change. It shows tremendous focus on the 6th/12th axis. Health, sacrifice, work and service. After that, I’ve got family stuff…

Minding lunar returns has taught me a lot of about flow and patience.  When someone goes does down or out, I give them a month. Two months. Whatever. Because these moods do come in and you may as well respect them. Not just you own but other people’s moods as well.

There is no sense trying to keep me home at this time. There is no sense trying to get me to shut up, brood or be unhappy.  I’m simply not a small-minded mood!

This is a really interesting area of study.  If you want to look into it, we have the lunar return reports which are very inexpensive, especially if you buy a year of them.  I think you’d be amazed at what you can learn via study of this very personal area of astrology.  Check it out!

Do you keep an eye on your lunar return?

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Lunar Return Charts Offer Insight Into The Month Ahead — 2 Comments

  1. Wow, I just took a look at mine! Moon in the 11th, I feel super supported by my friends right now. Uranus in the 4th – sounds just right for a divorce, change of place, lots of movement and electricity on the home front right now. Sun in Aquarius, great for detachment. AAAAAAND Jupiter is EXACTLY conjunct my North Node at 22 degrees. 22 has always been a very significant number to me. I really have never paid attention to my lunar returns. I will now! Thank you.

  2. A technique I’ve used for many years is to move the lunar return planets and angles one degree per day, and when an aspect forms from this movement, it manifests on that day. (i.e. if there is a ten degree orb between planets in aspect or applying to one, then it equals ten days–one uses wide orbs for this) For instance, if Saturn would conjoin the ascendant if it were moved 15 degrees, then 15 days after the beginning of the Lunar return, it will manifest. A person might be personally or physically tired or limited in some way pertaining to whatever house Saturn rules. I use this same technique with solar returns, but move those planets/angles one degree per MONTH. I learned this from my teacher in CA, Gina Ceaglio.

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