Love, Sex, and Relationships That Cross Lines of Social Class and Status

With Mars touring Aries, recently one of the soldier’s friends hit on him out of the blue sky. She sent him a text that basically said, “the next time I see you it’s going to be this, this and this…” This was to his great shock and distress considering he wasn’t interested.

He’s known the gal for more than 5 years and although he appreciates their friendship he has never gave her any indication of being interested in anything else. Besides his lack of attraction she holds a very elevated position in their town and though they are intellectually compatible, he feels that socially a relationship between them would be impossible. They are both very smart and both very Catholic but other than that, they have nothing in common.

“She goes to dinner parties,” he said. “That’s the kind of thing she does. What was she thinking? I don’t see how she could entertain an idea like this… at all. What’s she going to do? Take me to a dinner party?” he laughed. “I don’t go to dinner parties! I don’t like them. In fact I have only been to one in my entire life and it didn’t go so well,” he said.

“What happened?”

“What happened? Well I wound up kicking a guy’s ass for one thing,” he said. “Kicked it but good, too.”

I roared.

“Yeah. That’s what happens when I go to dinner parties. People get their ass kicked, P. I’m just not cut out for it. Like I want to sit around and listen to people talk about how smart they are and how great they are when they are neither smart nor great! I’m not going to do that. That one time was the first and last dinner party of my life. The very next day I went straight to (forgot the military name) and told them to put in Special Forces and do it right now this minute. I wasn’t going to think about it anymore. I was going. I could see I was just not cut out… I wasn’t made for anything else.”


“So anyway I just don’t know what she could have been thinking. I don’t understand how she could be as smart as she is and go and do something this stupid.”

“What did you write back?”

“Nothing yet. Not that I’m putting off answering her, but yeah. I’m putting off answering her because I don’t want to hurt her feelings. But I have no choice. I’m going to have to hurt her feelings because come on. There is no way we can have a relationship beyond the one we have and she ought to damned well know this.”

What do you think about relationships across social classes? Can these gulfs be bridged?


Love, Sex, and Relationships That Cross Lines of Social Class and Status — 6 Comments

  1. Sure they can! But both people have to want it, and be willing to compromise and work out the details of how to bridge those gulfs. At least I hope I’m right on that one, since I’m attracted to someone who would be considered a different “social class”!

  2. Yes. But they carry some of the same difficulties that relationships across cultures carry. I wouldn’t say that it’s healthy or good in every case. It’s highly dependent upon the people involved, their social skill at conflict, their willingness to be open, etc. etc. But I know it can be done, well, and happily.

    In his case, he doesn’t want to, doesn’t have any motivation for it, is happy with who he is and his life… so… laughable. Maybe she’s undergoing a Uranus transit? Maybe he should write back and tell her that he’s going to be a good friend and recommend a local astrologer to her. (not you) 😉

  3. My opinion is extensively supplemented by romantic comedies, but I would say that no matter how compatible people are, the difficulties have to be taken into account and will present obstacles because your status and racial background informs how you were raised and how you see yourself.

  4. Your friend’s been to some really lame dinner parties. The best ones are raunchy as hell, the food is divine and the booze flows freely. If you’re lucky, everyone ends up half naked.

  5. well, i don’t think this woman really wants to publically dine with the soldier. i think all she really wants to do is have soldier boys raw energy closer to her. she just doesn’t know how to manifest it. she really does not seem to have any concept of who he truly is because if she did she would of known that soldier boy was a not a diner. but, all soldier boy has to do is tell her is that he flattered but his heart is fluttering strongly in some elses energy field and then he will forever remain a gentleman – with a gentle heart.

    so be it.

    later, loli v

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