Is Saturn The “Glue” That Keeps A Couple Together?

saturn out of spaceThere’s a thread in the forum: “Can a relationship really be long term without Saturn aspects in synastry?” This is a great question!

I wanted to say that there are all different types of relationship.
I wanted to say that people relate in different ways for different reasons.

I wanted some kind of puffy answer like that, but I thought about it overnight. In my mind there is no way to maintain a relationship over time, without a Saturn component.

This is not necessarily because you are “stuck” or “bound” or have “karma”, either light or heavy. It’s because Saturn rules commitment.

If you’ve never been in long term relationship, you may not realize that no matter how much you love someone (friend or partner), the time is going to come when they annoy you. Or they let you down in some way.  It’s just possible to live your life, year after year, and always be at your best.

If your friend or your partner is not committed to you; if they lack this ability, they’re going walk, most likely, when you need them the most.

This Saturn (glue) may show in the synastry but before you even get that far, consider the individual. Recently, I had a father ask me if his daughter was going to stay in a relationship with a bad man.

“No.  She’ll leave.”

“How do you know?” he asked

“She leaves every relationship. It’s all she knows how to do at this point.  She’ll leave…”

I could imagine him, on his end of the phone, nodding in the affirmative.

You can’t have a long term relationship if you (or your partner) can’t commit.  And Saturn is not some kind of dirty dog or oppressive force that harms you.

There are certain privileges, reserved for grownups. Long term relationships are one of them.

Are you able to commit over time?


Is Saturn The “Glue” That Keeps A Couple Together? — 14 Comments

  1. This is true in my experience. In my two most important relationships, the composite sun was in the fifth house, and neither of them led to children or marriage. However, the one with tons of Saturn contacts lasted for ten years, and we are still friends, and the one with none lasted less than one year and we definitively parted ways as friends and lovers.

  2. I’ve hardly ever been single because I always commit. Not multiple relationships either. Just a couple of long lasting ones. I have Venus square Saturn natally. My husband and I have a moon/saturn opposition in our composite. We are always there for each other emotionally.

  3. Exalted in libra ruler in earth masculine in Aquarius Saturn is truth when in good movement timing and appeal….a bad dog when is in poor.

  4. Hmmm I believe so. Me and my partner have the Saturn conjunct Venus double whammy AND the conjunction is in the composite. I am bound forever and cannot escape even if I tried. 🙂

    We just work thru the messes and end up thriving with an even stronger bond once the dust settles. Sometimes the feeling of being bound so strongly is scary but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. Yes, I have. Even though I have so much Sag,I have always been in long term relationships. Even the ones that I should not have been that were to my detriment. Saturn conjunct my scorpy sun.

    • How do you build freedom into those relationships? Rather, how do you express the Sag side?

      Also, how do you deal with Sun/Saturn? Like, do you suffer/ever feel like you stop suffering from not feeling good enough? My friend has Sun/Saturn/Uranus and some Sag and really suffers and feels depressed because of high expectations of the self.

  6. Yep; Saturn rules my 7th house. My husband & I have been together for 20 years. For the first 10, we walloped each other but grew and continue to grow through the process. It’s not about rose petals strewn about but hard work and yes sometimes I hate it. But he is truly my best friend and I hope his. I think we have matured through the process even some rose petals every once in a while would be nice!

  7. Juno in Gemini on an angle in my 7th House and Saturn in Sag in my First. Uhm, well I thought I could! But circumstances in my marriage made it very difficult- so when I had to make the decision to leave- which was agonizing (Venus in Capricorn did NOT want to) for my own self worth and safety, I did! Love looking back I think I really tried but now I am back living with my ex and we both have grown up more and realize why it came to me leaving- that we were not really mature to see we may not have been right for each other. And though there is love, it’s once removed now. We want to remain friends and live out our lives together if possible.

  8. Hmm ? My Venus in Cap has stuck it out almost 25 years. Committed for a loooooong time. She’s currently been pulverised by Tr Pluto and now she’s Consciously calmly walking away. My Saturn in Aries is totally totally unaspected. Ho hum.

    • Outer planets aspecting each other are inconsequential. Saturn needs to be in contact with yours/their personal planets…(sun, moon,Venus,Mars,Mercury,Jupiter)

  9. This is interesting. I have Aquarius Saturn in 5th. Longest friendship I ever had with Taurus Saturn in 10th. We fight and will really hurt each other but have always come back to the table. Despite the number of times Ive wanted to kick him and leave(and vice versa I know) we’ve always gotten back up and tried again to be better people to each other and in general. It has quite spoiled me for any other and will be hard to beat.

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