Introduction To Vesta In The Natal Chart

Vesta Glyph“I believe in nothing, everything is sacred. I believe in everything, nothing is sacred.”
–Tom Robbins, Novelist, strong sexual themes, Vesta conjunct Chiron in Gemini

The asteroid Vesta is associated with the mythology of the ancient Vestal Virgins and both Scorpio and Virgo. Prominent Vesta in the natal chart is associated with the importance of sexuality, at both extremes, abstinence and promiscuity. It is not a sexuality devoid of morality but a sexuality charged with a higher dedication. Sex takes on an importance that is sacred in some regard.

Sexual energy channeled elsewhere is a powerhouse. Vesta is not necessarily about sex, though it can be. Vesta in the chart, at its simplest, is where that deep energy is devoted to a higher purpose. In antiquity, Vestal Virgins tended the fire in the temple, and Vesta is associated with the hearth and the constant fire within. Because of this it is most straightforward to look at the Vesta position to note what a person holds sacred, the center of their fiery devotion, the hearth they tend and protect. Vesta shows where you are dedicated.

The sign of Vesta will show the dynamism, the flavor of one’s devotion, while the house position will tend to outline the areas of life in which it is focused. A Cancer Vesta will strongly feature home, mother and feelings. In the fourth house this might be a private, inward devotion, someone who focuses on the homefront, as opposed to the Cancer Vesta in the tenth house who might make a career of these types of things, like a Martha Stewart.

Share your Vesta placement, if you dare! Do you prefer the fiery devotion side of an interpretation or can you see the sexual energy expressed as the sacred?

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Introduction To Vesta In The Natal Chart — 153 Comments

  1. that’s a good question. I’m pretty loosy-goosy about absolutes but I tend to go about the same as I would with anything besides the sun and moon (which I give about 8). I usually do about 6. I give a wider orb to the chart ruler, like 8.

    • Can you have a grand trine with 2 planets plus vesta? AstroCharts says yes, however i believe i read only valid with actual planets..

    • also;
      According to “AstroCharts”, this a valid “Kite”:

      Mercury in 25Β° Gemini
      Vesta in 24Β° Aquarius
      Pluto in 24Β° Libra
      Neptune in 25Β° Sagittarius

      Would you concur?

  2. ok tnx – vesta is conj my mars in the 12th in sadge, which conjuncts my asc but vesta is too far to conj my asc & trine my Jupiter I think. picks up squares to uranus, chiron and pluto.

  3. Thanks for asking that question Jilly. Satori, excellent writing as usual. I am rather disappointed and shocked at where my “Vesta” is! All new territory, knee jerk reaction. 4 degrees CAP 11H. Less than 2 degree orb trine Venus/Pluto 7th H. Time to read some books.

  4. vesta and ceres in 7th house taurus,hmm mother my mates maybe, a continual quest to find the perfect man yep, just hope like vesta in mythology I dont have to be stopped from having true love in order to keep the flame a burning, oh just a thought i wonder if that endless search is what keeps me so deeply psychic…. off to check that out πŸ˜‰

  5. Ohhh, this is interesting… I have to make dinner, but I’m gonna be back and check this out. I’ve got Vesta in the 7th house (Gemini) sextile my Aries Sun! It’s also in the same house, but out of sign, with Juno (which I’m still trying to figure out as well)… Great stuff Satori!!

  6. I’m loving these asteroid articles; they are so succinct and I feel like I finally “get” what these various lil’ hunks of rocks signify!

    Mine’s in Cancer in the 12th (and Cancer is already completely hidden in there anyway as the house is ruled, just by a degree, by Gemini.) I do get that major devotional sense in a sacred way though as to what it pertains – there may be a secret there for me, I’m beginning very recently to think, but for now only the shadow knows…

  7. Satori this is so cool, I know next to nothing about asteroids and I like a lot that you’ve been writing about them.

    Um………Cancer/7th House. 24 degrees. So…trine my guy’s and my ex’s Moons in Scorpio. Do I mother my partner? God damn it, yes I do. I have Venus/Mars in 4th as well. ACK! I have been doing my best not to do it with my Leo guy though–and am succeeding. His Mars is conjunct my Vesta, lol.

  8. It’s in my 5th house ,scorpio conjunct pluto only one degree apart.

    Does this make it a player in my grand cross?with pluto ,mars ,moon ,jupiter? Hmm…scary

    I’m a virgin at 25, but not very devoted to it….I wanna be Samantha(satc), maybe I am devoted to that.

    but I have issues about peps, and maybe because of pluto

  9. (On the edge of the 4th) 6 deg away from my Leo Saturn in the 5th….perplexing. If it’s supposed to be a more private, inward devotion in the 4th, then would the Leo kind of counter that with its’ “proud-ness”, expression and dramatic flair? I def don’t feel like home and family is something I hold sacred or am really devoted to. Its not the lowest thing on my list, but my need for independence and “quest” for spirituality are far more important than starting my own family. Maybe Saturn nearby is this restriction I’m feeling in that area?

  10. haha , yeah def has fire , just don’t know how to get there.
    Just asked my friends earlier today to possess my body and get it over with , I just want to leave my mind behind:-)

    Thanks Satori, you have great articles !! Allways something new to resarch

  11. @sam, in my spiritual quest, one thing most self sustaining that i found is in the sayin, “home is where the heart is” which i find is better said for me as, “home is in my heart?” with huge heart of a leo, you will shine simply by being big of heart? just my pondering lol

  12. I was surprised – Vesta in Taurus in the 2nd. I’m not a very Taurus-y person (no other Taurus or earth, for that matter) – nor do I think I’m real 2nd house income-focused…

    Vesta is square Pluto, sextile Jupiter, quincunx the Moon.

    No idea what to make of this.

  13. I have Vesta in Libra in an already packed 4th house. Pluto at 15 degrees, Vesta at 17 degrees and Venus at 18 degrees. I always knew that intimacy was important to me, but this adds an interesting dimension to my concept of home.

  14. Did dare to go look it up…conjunct my sun in pisces in 7 house…why am I not surprised!!! That explains a lot lol…Have Ceres too there…guess I am going to have to do some reading…

  15. Devotional for as long as I can remember. Mostly homegrown ritual and worship of source.

    Vesta conjuncts Ceres in the 6th house opposing 12th house Neptune/Part of Fortune, squaring the nodes–to make a grand cross.

    Also trines the Sun.

  16. *Sighs* Every time I read about someone asking about Orbs….. I gotta take a Mental step back ’cause I like to use the Traditional (Classic) methods.

    aka: I put Orbs with the planets , not the aspects. (planets apply the orbs , not the aspect)But…. I gotta remember that we’re dealing with allot of people new to astrology on this Blog.

    My Vesta is in Scorpio…. along with every other asteroid (What….. is this a gathering for Tea & Crumpets??)

  17. In taurus 10th house.. Hmm that must explain my interest in food labels. (Do you know whats in that!?)

    I dont even have to check my chart. I have all my placements(including asteroids) pretty much memorized, I just haven’t figured out what they all mean LOL! Thank you for these asteroid articles πŸ™‚ (haha, I’m living proof that too much information is worse than not enough!)

  18. Vesta at 26 pisces in the 6th exact conjuntion to my sun at 26 pisces and tight conjuntion to my moon at 28 pisces. This may be the key to why I often feel connection to sign of scorpio without having 8th house planets and only the generational Neptune in scorpio. All or nothing – tantra is key to ‘all’ for me – otherwise I can be abstinent for long periods…and yes, that energy is directed towards work, with 6th house placement.

    Hard to lighten up and cannot leave my ‘station’…

  19. Mine is in between Pluto and my Merc/Moon.

    I like to look at Sabian symbols for little stuff like asteroids. Mine is:



  20. Mine is in Sag, 11th house. I have come to realise I am very sag and I love groups. I guess this is true as, I always need to be with loads of people. Even the job I am going to take involves massive communities.

  21. I have Vesta in Cancer in 1st/2nd house. It’s sextile Jupiter Rx,trine Mars,trine Mercury,and trine Sun,Square NN,Square Chiron Rx,Quintile Lilith,Trine Vertex, Sextile Ceres,Square Juno and sesquiquadrate MC

    I’m not sure how to interpret this.

    I found this though.

    Vesta in Cancer is the Earth Mother/Goddess/Priestess energy. This Watery Vesta placement wants to nurture and to bring healing and care to the planet. It is full of warm compassion, unconditional love and healing and often can immerse itself so strongly in another’s pain or suffering that they heal others almost through their own body. Vesta in Cancer has to learn this lifetime to create safety and healing for the self.

    Vesta in the 1st House: Every now and then, you have to get away from everybody and everything in order to recharge. If Vesta is close to the Ascendant, there may have been some blockage at the time of birth.

    Vesta in the 2nd House: You have to stop work more often than other people in order to recharge, but this only applies to work where you earn money. You can still do personal tasks around the house. This is different from those who have Vesta in the 6th house because those folks have to stop all work periodically.

  22. Vesta in Pisces, exactly conjunct Chiron, both in the 7th which means it is exactly opposite Uranus in Virgo in the 1st (plus Pluto/Mars stellium with Uranus).

    not sure how this plays out.

  23. LOL! Vesta is Conjunct my Ascendent. Less than a orb. In scorpio. lol.

    Devoted to my mask? Myself? My sexuality? I dunno…

    Neptune in sextile the ascendant and Vesta in capricorn,, on 2nd/3rd house cusp, less than a orb as well, so I consider all of this very powerful. But once again not sure how all this energy could work, but the focas on myself is very much there… I’m obsessive with whatever I’m into at the moment, I identify with what I obsess over, thats the scorpio.

    Though I have run into boyfriends who thought I was the sex goddess they had always been dreaming of. My very first boyfriend would not believe I had never been with anyone before and thought I was a lier, because I was so comfortable having fun with him. Needless to say I broke up with him not long afterwards cause he couldn’t trust in what I say. Neptune/Scorpio.

  24. (I bought Tom Robbins Jitterbug Perfume not too long ago but now got the motive again to start it!! Us Gemini’s have a hard time committing anything lol)

    Vesta in Taurus in 5th house… Elsa explained that I can be mothering but this makes perfect sense now!! Here I see it as tending to a garden of relationships and I just love all the different colors and combinations that can invariably be made!!!

    Rock on Satori!! This is a very cool find indeed!

  25. Exactly conjunct my ascendant in Libra, trining my Sun/Merc. In my wafty long dress and lacy cardi days I was forever being told I looked a priestess from the Tarot!

    I’ve been puzzling over the meaning of this particular asteroid for some time, since an astrologer told me it coloured everything in my chart, being on the asc. I’m definitely all or nothing where relationships are concerned, both sexually and in terms of my devotion to it. But it still confounds me.

  26. Vesta in Taurus: takes time to focus, but once they do, they may find it difficult to stop. Good for anything requiring lots of persistence.

    Like finishing a book! πŸ˜‰

  27. Vesta in Aries,12th house opposed Venus exact inconjunct Mercury in 5th. As much as I like sex most of my life I have sacrificed sex for relationships. Now, due to prostate surgery sex is pretty much a moot point. I am doing better without it.

  28. Libra 12th house like my Juno. Again one indication of why I’m subconsciously attracted to secret affairs.. Tr. Saturn is conjunct my Vesta right now and I’m currently in my abstinence phase. Which will at some point be followed by my promiscuous phase, if things go like they always have.

    Vesta sextiles my Sun & Uranus, trines Mars and squares Jupiter.

  29. Vesta in Leo 10th, conj. Mars, MC, Jupiter, also shares house/sign with Sun and Pluto. More Leo, I can’t believe it but it makes perfect sense.

    Yes, I have been devoted to my work. For me it was more like being called on to take care of a longstanding issue for my people (to repatriate and rebury our dead held in museums and elsewhere & to protect our sacred places).

    Square to 1st H Scorpio Saturn and Q 12th H Libra Neptune. This work did produce a great deal of friction and conflict for me and for the people who had to give up our dead. And it is strongly influenced by 12th H, as well as Neptoonian, spiritual ideals.

    Taken by Nota’s idea of consulting the Sabian data, here’s what I got for Vesta at 13 deg. Leo: An Old Sea Captain Rocking Himself On the Porch of His Cottage — The quieted mind’s recollections of crises and joys long past.

    Which exactly describes my life now. Amazing.

    Satori thanks so much for your discussions on the asteroids. They were little known to me, and you have given me another opportunity for discovery and self-understanding with these golden nuggets.

  30. Satori – if you’re still looking at the comments (they’ve really piled up!) I’m wondering – is there any way you could at some point discuss the IC? Your insight is so concise and sharp and I would love to read a spot-on description of this aspect.

  31. @abluelily
    Yah!! That resonates on a much closer level with what I’m feeling πŸ™‚ and when I meditate I usually find myself really focusing on opening my heart chakra to massive proportions. I also have so much Neptune in my chart….a lot of the time I feel like my connectedness with humanity is kind of like a family for me because it’s so hard for me to separate myself from the whole….I don’t know;-)

  32. “Because of this it is most straightforward to look at the Vesta position to note what a person holds sacred, the center of their fiery devotion, the hearth they tend and protect. Vesta shows where you are dedicated.”

    Jeez. I might have known…. Mine is EXACTLY conjunct my Venus, at the same degree in my native Sun Capricorn, and both conjunct my Sun (within 5 degrees)

  33. Okay, I’ve read articles on the asteroids before, but for some reason I’m actually understanding them a bit more this time around. *lol* Get outta my head, womans! πŸ˜›

    (That means I’m lovin’ the articles, satori. πŸ˜‰ )

  34. This series on asteroids has added hugely to my understanding of my own chart, and the other few I’m studying closely. It’s like building a mosaic – the picture gets clearer and clearer but it has to be done in stages!

    I see the asteroids as like the essential herbs or spices in a dish – which wouldn’t be that dish without that concentrate of flavour. Eg: paprika in ghoulash – or juniper in gin even!

  35. Hmmmmmm… 28 pisces in 11th with mu sun at 16 pisces. vesta trine my Moon at 29 scorp.. not sure what to think but my friends are extremely important to me and conj my chart ruler merc at 1 aries in 11th..

  36. Vesta conjunct Mars in Pisces, 4th house.
    Square Moon, Venus and Nodes. Vertex, too.
    Trine Uranus/ascendant.

    Lilith is in there as well – two of the three.

  37. Vesta conjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 4th here. Also conjunct my relocated 4th house cusp in the place where most of my childhood (and all of my adulthood) has been. One of my dreams is to move to Vancouver, BC, and live near the water and mountains. My home is my sanctuary, always has been, especially after moving out on my own — maybe an internal response to my father’s having been such a tyrant when I was growing up. His Mars squares my 4th-house Mars and also Sun a bit later in Scorpio.

    Thanks Satori; these asteroid posts are like little nuggets of information, not too much all at once but giving lots to mull over. πŸ™‚

  38. In Leo in 10th house… that sounds intriguing! It sounds like it’s the most “public” placement ever, showy even πŸ˜€

    If I select “Add aspect lines to all” on, it makes a beautiful aspect pattern, where it forms 3 grand trines, with my personal planet stellium (Sun-Mars-Mercury) and Neptune.

    Now I am intrigued!

  39. Satori, these asteroid articles are truely amazing ! I’ve been looking at them for a while, but you truely offer a new insight to them.

    My Vesta is in 11th house, Cancer. I haven’t been looking at this throughly, since it’s not as big a player in my chart as Ceres or Juno are. There is, however, an opposition to my Moon and sextile/trine aspect to MC/IC axis. It’s also a major player in the relationship synastry between my SO and I.

    This makes sense. I’m very devoted to making groups work well together. This is supported by every psychological test I’ve ever taken. Also, I do tend to end up playing Mother Hen, it happened even when I was working with women who were older than me (some could have mothered me).

    But I don’t find the idea of Vesta having to do with sexual energy foreign either.

  40. Mine is in Sadge in the 12th. I’m highly devoted to finding adventures, making stories, and the like. In the 12th, it concerns dreams, the esoteric, and serving humanity.

  41. My Vesta is exactly conjunct my Mercury in Leo in the 11th House, also in sextile to my Jupiter in Gemini and my Midheaven in Cancer.

    I think this is meant to say that I am dedicated to developing my mental abilities, my career and my exploration of the physical and spiritual world, and that I can focus on creative communication. I am definitely a bit of an intellectual, as obnoxious as that may sound, and have enjoyed writing since I was a kid.

    Other feedback/suggestions welcome πŸ™‚

  42. Here we go, again!

    Vesta speaking, it’s in my 8th house in Sagittarius.

    The 8th house hmmm refers to death, rebirth, joint assests, sex, etc. Also, Relationships!! That indeed is my devotion.

  43. 3rd house Vesta at 18 Aries near my Aries Sun on cusp of IC. Communication always important, used to write/edit spiritual articles for Subud News in a far off time.

  44. 21 deg Virgo 8th. Quincunx my 22 deg Venus Aquarius 12th and ASC.

    I have stated on another post that I prefer to have sex in a committed relationship, so I guess this seals it. Sex is something I do with someone with whom I feel spiritually connected.

    I have been forced to have sex with two then-husbands I was in a committed relationship with, but no longer had a spiritual connection to, which disgusts me.

    It also explains this urge I have to have sex outside in the woods (Virgo), surrounded by nature. lol

  45. Vesta in Scorpio, 5th H, conjunct Sag.

    Vesta in the 5th House: Romance can be hot and heavy, but then you simply have to take a break. Be sure to explain to your lovers that you have Vesta in the 5th house and that means you have to get away for a while to recharge because otherwise you may get sick. I’m sure they will understand. The 5th house also rules children, sports, games, creativity, gambling, speculation, hobbies, and any activity that is fun. Explain to your spouse that every now and then, THEY have to watch the little darlings because you get too drained. Creative pursuits, sports, and games can also be tolerated for only so long. Then you have to withdraw and recharge. It is the same with hobbies. No matter how much you love them, you have to get away for a while every now and then. As for gambling and speculation, well, don’t become a day-trader.

  46. I feel like you guys are in my head lately with the posts.

    Yesturday I noticed vesta was conj my natal vesta when looking at the chart for the new moon.

    Vesta at 29 Pisces natally in the 10th trines my 29 scorp moon and opposes my 4th house Pluto at 1 libra.

    I dont know WHAT to think of it…

  47. Hmm… 5th house Capricorn, sextile Jupiter, trine Chiron… And at 13Β°13′ it’s smack between my Moon at 3Β°27′ Cappy and my Venus at 24Β°37′ Cappy (but too far to be considered conjunct either, I think…).

    I get the 5th house bit, I think (creativity and such), but I’m not really sure how to interpret that with a Capricorn spin on it. Any ideas?

  48. Very cool post πŸ™‚

    Mine’s in the beginning of the eighth house or the end of the seventh house. In gemini square moon, sextile jupiter, opposite uranus and conjunct chiron.

  49. Thanks Satori!~~ Wow, I just noticed the time I posted my vesta was 11:11 .. I don’t know exactly the significance of this number, but I’ll tell ya, everywhere I turn~I see 111 or 1111. It’s amazing! Off Topic but cool post!! I chcked out the placement and sign for my vesta, and my goodness it makes a LOT of sense!!! In particular to what I am going thru in my life right now, really resonated!!

  50. A 4th house Vesta conjunct Neptune in Scorpio. I remember, as a kid loving ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ I was captivated by her home, inside the bottle surrounded by pillows. There are times when I feel my home is my sanctuary, and my prison- with lots of pillows. πŸ™‚

  51. That’s interesting, VirgoLeoRising – my Vesta/Venus exact is in House 5 too and that’s very true of me. I do everything in very concentrated bursts, inc work (or sex!) and then have to withdraw and rest, in isolation preferably.

    I’ve read a lot since satori first posted this, and I now understand my attitude to love and sex much more clearly – love as healing, including sexual love, and I feel it almost as a sacred calling. It’s been at my own expense too, almost entirely.

  52. Vesta in the Signs:

    Vesta in Aries: gives the ability to focus quickly and intensively on any task. Good for non-routine projects requiring direct action.

    Vesta in Taurus: takes time to focus, but once they do, they may find it difficult to stop. Good for anything requiring lots of persistence.

    Vesta in Gemini: focuses on communication and information. Good for focusing on multiple projects.

    Vesta in Cancer: focuses on home and domestic matters. Good for any project requiring intuition and for focusing on the emotional or feeling side of any situation.

    Vesta in Leo: focuses on creativity and self-expression. Good for focusing on the dramatic or creative side of any situation.

    Vesta in Virgo: focuses on details. Good for any project requiring precision and attention to detail.

    Vesta in Libra: focuses on partnership matters. Good for focusing on either the social or artistic side of any situation. Good also for projects requiring an artistic sense or social interaction.

    Vesta in Scorpio: focuses on finding hidden secrets, or on matters concerning rehabilitation or elimination. Good for projects where something is either transformed or eliminated, or where something hidden must be investigated.

    Vesta in Sagittarius: focuses on the “big picture.” Good for projects requiring enthusiasm and the adventure.

    Vesta in Capricorn: focuses on organization and control. Good for projects requiring a lot of planning and persistence.

    Vesta in Aquarius: focuses on friends or dealing with groups of people. Good for projects that are new and “different,” even a bit shocking.

    Vesta in Pisces: focuses on dreams and imagination. Good for projects focusing on helping people, or for any project requiring lots of imagination.

  53. Mine is in the 3rd house in Aries and conjunct to my Sun and opposed to my Pluto. I’m thinking it’s related to independence, action and accomplishments working along with a need or importance in communication. I can definitely relate to that. Not quite sure about the aspects though…

  54. damn, this explains so much! I have both venus and vesta in capricorn. no wonder! And my family has often said I’m persistent… I have accomplished a lot of long term goals, career, academics. but my love life is often non existent. hmmm.

  55. Vests conjunct Sun in Sag. Woohoo. In 8th House.
    I have had long periods of complete sexual abstinence by choice. Have good focussing ability, can be very single task oriented for long periods.
    Some times the sacred and or devotional side can be so intensly and personally meaningful, it can be tricky to put into words.

  56. My Vesta is 17 Scorpio at the end of my 1st house and it forms an exact trine to Saturn in my 9th house in the sign of Cancer. The sabian symbol for 17 Scorpio is “A woman, filled with her own spirit, is the father of her own child.” I’m very devoted to self-care!

  57. Just learning about Vesta. Mine is Virgo in the 8th house. Of course it is! That combimation seems to rule my life. I guess I need to change my lucky number from 3 to 8. Whatever!

  58. How about a Vesta-Lilith conjunction in Leo in 3rd house, square a Mercury-Pluto conjunction in Scorpio in 5th? πŸ˜€ (my Sun is also in Scorpio, but it doesn’t aspect them)

    Could it be an indicator of deep creative potential?

  59. A male friend of mine has Vesta tightly conjunct Black moon lilith in his 4th house.

    He is ‘devoted’ to tantric philosophy which included tantric sex, tantric massage etc.

    Part of his philosophy includes ‘worshiping’ genitalia. He sees his own sexual partner as a goddess and literally worships her before making love.

    He keeps his tantric massage practice very private as with 4th house.

  60. Great post Satori! I have natal Vesta in Virgo conjunct Sth Node 3rd house. Dunno if thats a good thing but I do need my own wide space away from neighbours, siblings and relatives, no TV or PHONES RINGING and just NOT TALK…this makes me happy lol I do re-emerge when I’m ready but always love retiring to my own peaceful surroundings. I am 1st house Cancer Sun conjunct Merc and Gem Rising with Pluto in Virgo 3rd house ruling my 6th house Scorpio “whew” so home is my haven. Trouble is I think I appear to my family as snobby or something as I do keep to myself and coming from a large family this is tuff (Jupiter Libra 4th house). My progressed Vesta is at 28 degs Virgo right now and yes, I have been “chaste” last 3 years now with all my unused sexual energy goes into a full-blown obsession with astrology these days (I love it!!!) I have a lifelong karmic relationship where his natal sth node/vesta/sun/merc/venus/pluto in 4th house Virgo is unstoppable. Complete devotion to his mother, family and children. His Vesta has progressed into his 5th and has manifested itself into needing time out from children as well as they drain him easily.Unfortunately this can make him appear cold and harsh – I guess that would be the south node influence again (i.e criticism from others). I love my Vesta – I’m getting a pink Vesta tattoo on my lower back – awesome!!

  61. Hello Satori and everyone!! πŸ™‚ I feel so drawn to learning more and more about Vesta in my chart. I get a pull from time to time to discover more. I have Vesta in Aries conjunct Mars in Aries and possibly conjunct my North Node in Aries as well, all in the 8th House. Mars in Aries 14Β°, North Node Aries 13Β°, and Vesta Aries either 15 or 17.
    Vesta sextile Chiron(Gemini), Vesta sextile Mercury(Aquarius), Vesta conjunct Mars, Vesta trine Saturn(Sagittarius) are some of my Vesta aspects. I do have a strong focus on eighth house matters. I’m abstinent for extended periods of time, and I’m very drawn to esoteric sciences. Recently, I’ve been pulled to start developing my own psychic and mediumship abilities, as I’ve had many metaphysical experiences, and recognize now(really as of 2011 I’ve acknowledged this) that this is my life path. Any input is appreciated!! I love hearing astrological or metaphysical opinions from others! πŸ™‚

  62. I have Vesta in Libra, conjunct my IC/Sun. My devotion is very private and inward indeed – which does resonate with the traits and features of both Vesta and Hestia (the Greek counterpart of Vesta): a homely goddess of Ancestry and family hearth (4th House, anyone?). I *do* see the Sexual in the Sacred, and vice-versa.

  63. Hullo πŸ™‚
    I just noticed, transiting Vesta is currently almost exact my natal Vesta (23.48) in Libra in my 12th house. I’d say this represents my secret affairs or, well intimate, creative, loving, and overall mentally stimulating conversations with “friends”. It is hidden and I’m enjoying. I’m not complaining for now.

  64. I have vesta in my 2nd house, in piscis. I’m right if i believe that this means that i could be happy “making dreams come true”?

  65. 29 degrees Taurus 3H

    I tried googling but still don’t understand what this means. I read a line about recharging through silence (i.e. stop talking and withdraw from those around me) that made sense, but the other stuff confused me.

  66. I have Vesta in Virgo conjunct Sun, in the 5th. Definitely feast or famine in regards to sex, but I don’t have the Madonna/whore complex.

    My body is a temple. I am dedicated to the betterment of myself, physically, psychologically and spiritually. I’ve noticed many of my relationships were healing, especially sexually, for my partners.

    I did sacrifice for my art way back, but realized I was out of balance. Now, when I am truly connected creatively, there seems to be a divine connection. Whatever it is flows through me. It used to be visual art, then the written word, then acting. Now it seems to be bringing joy into children’s lives (not mine, I don’t have any).

  67. My Vesta sits at 0 Libra in the 10th house.
    It conjuncts my Sun and squares my chart ruler. Quincunx 5th house Chiron.

    I have no idea how this plays out, though I have had many people tell me I’m dedicated to my work.

  68. I was wondering how Vesta on the ascendant or in the first house would alter someones appearance. If anyone knows anything about this or how any other astroid reflects the physical features of a person please do message me!

  69. I want to share my expirience with Vesta. My Vesta conjuct Chiron in my taurus first house. I dedicated myself to find and define my trueself from a very young age. I attended a lot of seminars, classes, read a lot of self improvement books and finally I entered a spiritual path in my thirties. Discovered my healing abilities and started a healing practice.

    • Dera,
      I’d like to hear more about your experience. I also have Vesta conjunct Chiron in Taurus, but in my second house. I suppose this has more to do with the resources and investments made to support the self, then just the self/1st house.

  70. My Vesta is at four degrees Gemini in the tenth. Squares my Virgo moon (six degrees) and trines my Libra Pluto at three degrees. The night I met my ex-boyfriend I told him,”I don’t have sex. I write about it. I’m a sexual apprentice.”

  71. Vesta in 1st house, Libra; Venus in Pisces, 6th
    Sun (Aquarius, 4th) sq. Pluto (Scorpio, 2nd)
    Saturn cj. SN (Scorpio, 2nd)

    I had never given Vesta much thought at all until today, as a matter of fact. Noticing for seemingly the first time that its progressed position has been conjunct my natal Pluto rather exactly, I decided to dig up some dirt on it: as coincidence would have it, it is transiting position is in exact conjunction to my natal Sun today! Astrology at work, as usual: perhaps a little “illumination,” greater integration into the ego?

    Re: Vesta in the 1st, I would say that above all, my devotion has been to myself. Other people in my life have let me down, society generally gravely disappoints me, and I have let others down, myself, but I have never let myself down. As the Pluto/Sun and Saturn/SN placements attest, I’ve had a challenging life thus far (including among other things debilitating black depression, poverty, and isolation), but I’ve always believed in myself and my ability to pull through. I have never given up on myself; instead, I have learned to use adversity as an opportunity for self-transformation and self-improvement (a bit of the Pluto/Sun here, again). Vesta in the 1st is such a powerful placement– I can’t believe I’ve disregarded it for so long! It’s hardcore, but in typical Libra fashion, I’ve given it a smooth, socially acceptable veneer.

    Perhaps Vesta in the chart shows something that keeps people “ticking” through hard times as described by challenging planetary arrangements. In my case, although my Aquarian Sun’s drive to make a special contribution to humanity and my Pisces 6th Moon’s need to humbly serve are sure important and huge in my life, what keeps me going when times get tough is the knowledge that what I do with my self is my responsibility; it has to be me. On some level, this is undoubtedly true for everyone, but I think with Vesta in the 1st, life experiences would serve to make this a major theme, indeed, a necessity.

  72. I have moon+Mercury conjunct vesta (0 degree orb, 21 degrees) in scorpio in the fifth house. Actually, I have my venus in the fifth too except it’s 0 degrees. Truly, I feel very at home when I am being creative; through art and my birth chart just calls for promiscuity so sex too. You do get drained after a boatload of creative expression…I feel as if I need to retreat and take a break once in a while or it is too overwhelming.

  73. I have Vesta in my eighth house. Actually this is what my chart shows: 24 Aries 16′ 14″. Can someone give me a clue what this means?

  74. My vesta is cj my midheaven in my 10th house. I have Uranus in Leo in my 12th cj my Virgo rising. I evolved into a career from selling parts for home appliances, to repairing food service equipment commercially, to having my own heating and cooling company, and as Vesta was in Gemini, I benefitted magnificently from having one or two faithful technicians always by my side.

  75. yowza. Vesta is right in between my Moon/Saturn conjunct in Scorpio in the 4th (23, 24 and 27 degrees).

    I’m very intrigued by this archetype. I have 3 planets in Virgo and 3 in Scorpio, and now I see she lies in an interesting and important place in my chart. I love the words sacred and devotion.

    Today, I placed an alter in my room. Above the alter hangs a Rosary from my Grandma that my Mom gave me along with a display of my important values and goals. On the alter, I have a small stack of books; the Bible, the Bhagavadgita, a book on Motherhood and Buddhism and a book written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I don’t have the Women Who Run with Wolves in print but if I did it would be there. That book is sacred to me. It’s full of important archetypal stories for women that have been passed on through generations from all over the world.

    There are also two Japanese Lucky Cats given to me by a Brazilian Monk who lived in Japan for over 20 years in monasteries, various crystals, a plant and incense that I light every time I pray. Prayer is sacred, and so is my faith, and gratitude.

    I put it up today, so as time flows, i’ll add more devotions. My small town has an artisan fair every Sunday. One of my teen students was showing her art for the first time, and I went to see her. While I was there, I saw a stand full of these bright, colorful, radiant hanging creations with religious images like the Saints and Mary. I haven’t stopped thinking about them. I will purchase one for the alter next time I go. Maybe this Sunday…

    Now, I’m off to read a bit more on Vesta. Thank you for this post! <3

  76. I’ve read through the backlog of comments. Fascinating stuff. I have Vesta in Virgo in the 12th house, squaring my Sag sun in the 3rd. I’ve always been fascinated by sex and romance and always in combination. Sex and love. One man, not multiple lovers. The loveof my life is on his second calling to me in my lifetime…each time, right before my Saturn returns. His presence put a halt to my early marriage and now my current marriage. So he remains a secret until I am free…but he never truly is.

  77. Vesta in Taurus in the 5th. It squares my Ceres opposition Moon/Pluto.

    Wish I had known this when I was young!! But what a revelation to learn about it now when I’m so not. Wow.

  78. My 6H Cancer Vesta sextiles my 8H Virgo Ceres. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed taking care of my family as a stay-at-home mother. Interesting sidenote – Vesta rules sisterhood and financial investments. When the Tr Moon conjuncts my Vesta, I usually receive a phone call from one of my sisters or close girlfriends. Frequently I’ll also be dealing with financial matters at this time, too.

  79. Closely conjunct Sun in Scorpio on 5th house cusp. The fire was the only source of heat for years in the old cottage I’ve just moved from. I kept it going pretty much all the time throughout the winters to keep my children warm. Now I have a space for art where I live and somehow that seems parallel.

  80. This is interesting! I never thought of vesta that way. Vesta in my chart is libra on the 1rst house widely conjunct my moon/pluto or at least the moon is sandwiched between Vesta and Pluto. not sure what to make of it… but surely I don’t waste time in relationships unless there’s some depth, some juice.
    Can you recommend some books or material about this particular side of vesta?

  81. I have your asteroid report so I know my Vesta is in Aquarius, in my 12th house.
    I do believe sex can be a sacred experience and I had a chance to experience sex as something similar, not sacred but an activity without sense of time and immense pleasure with no thought of end. If that makes sense.

  82. The vestal virgins were married to the gods…not man. They were not celibate until the Romans came around and “demoted” them into the “kings prostitutes.” Just another example of how arrogance and aggression spoils the sacred arts. Vesta is the pursuit of kundalini…initiation of the body into our cosmic jetstream; Transmutation of our unevolved equipment into a conduit that is receptive to cosmic energy (something the majority of us are cut off from). Work is necessary for this transformation. It’s not just given to anyone seeking it. Sex in itself is not enough either. Sleeping with a vestal virgin doesn’t automatically get you there, especially when they’re being forced into prostitution by those with wealth and power (the people least deserving of that right – is not half the bible Jesus renouncing material wealth?). Real vestal virgin have enough knowledge of this transformation process (access to the gods) to choose who is ready for that initiation. In the rare case that an initiate is ready, tantric sex brings about those necessary changes in energy. The brain literally changes. Anything else is false pretense forced upon vestal virgins by the prevailing patriarch that dominated when the Romans showed up.

  83. I have vesta is cancer 12th house conjunct eros and ASC trine my north node in scorpio 5th. The north node, in turn, is conjunct uranus scorpio 4th opposite chiron in Taurus 10th and a MC in Aries 10th. Barbara Handclow has a book called “Chiron; Rainbow bridge between inner and outer planets” that discusses the role of chiron opposite uranus in a kundalini “awakening.” Vesta is involved in the kundalini “fire” said to rise up the spinal column activating the endocrine system along the way…until it opens the pineal gland in the brain (ie amrita – divine nectar/third eye)

  84. Vesta in scorpio. Definitely sacred sex. I cannot handle the kiss and tellers. It seems very immature. And of course, with maturation, sex is not the only thing that is sacred. Yes, I would have to say a strong sense of what is sacred.

  85. Hi! I have Vesta @ 6 degrees. Lilith @ 13 degrees, Sun @24 degrees and Mercury @ 17 degrees all in Cancer in the 12th H. Can you explain about this. Also what are the most important asteroids that i should keep in mind with regards to love and money. Thank you very much!

  86. conjunct moon & South Node in Taurus in 5th; part of a grand fixed square (involving Neptune/North Node/Jupiter in Scorp, Mars/Venus in Aqu, and Uranus in Leo) β€” poet; through different stretches of my life I’ve engaged in extensive liturgical/sadhana practices (some tantric) β€” sort of messed up about the spirituality / sexuality axis (mars square neptune), straight, bhakti devotional type poet who teaches classes about love poetry to God… intense inner feminine “nun” devotee in this boy body… there’s a lot of other stuff leaning in the direction of devotionalism… I find prayer deeply soothing… never surprised me that vesta was conjunct moon…

  87. I have vesta in Aries conjunct mars in 12th and a tight tribe orb to Uranus … along with a few other trines, sextiles and squares.

    Not too sure what it means….!!!?

  88. Mine is in Sagittarius in 12th house conjunct Uranus and Mercury, Sextile Midheaven and opposing Chiron. Definitely held sex as sacred, I’m an attractive virgin at 32 with a heavy pornography addiction. Saturn finished transiting my 12th house so a lot of my beliefs have changed which is why I just recently delved into astrology. Thing is now that I desire sexual intimacy with another but Mars and Moon in Libra I feel has me unwilling to try something if it can’t be done 100% the way I desire it to turn out but after so much time and my other issues I don’t think I’d be able to deliver. Got a lot of things to work out here.

  89. For a long time, I have felt Vesta might the true ruler of Virgo. I have it conjunct Mars in Aries and there is a virgo quality to my mars. I can be as finicky going about doing certain things as my husband who has a virgo mars, I can me highly perfectionist for being a Pisces. My dad is a Virgo. His Moon is on my Mars/Vesta. I am a daddy’s girl to the utmost-the devotion aspect makes sense.

  90. My Vesta is conjunct my Gemini Sun in the 9th house (4 degree orb). They both make a square with the Moon in Virgo 11th house. Interestingly I also have Vesta’s greek sister Hestia in the middle of a tight conjunction of Mars, Mercury and Midheaven in Cancer.

    So yeah… Vesta conjunct the Sun, Hestia prominently on an angle. Definitely makes me interested to explore the two and what they might mean in my chart.

    I’m asexual and not sexually active, which might have some significance with these placements. But it isn’t abstinence so much as absence of sex drive… which doesn’t really jive with the whole fire and devotion schtick. Nor would I really see myself as very devoted or spiritual. Maybe it’s all very literal, lol. I AM a virgin guardian of my own hearth and home. πŸ˜€

  91. Thanks for asking Satori, I read many of your great articles. My Vesta exactly conjunct antivertex in Taurus in eleventh and opposite Neptune vertex conjunction in Scorpio (fifth house). My impression is that I have difficulties to combine family matters with creativity and romance apart from when I grew up my children (fifth house involved) apart from that I can’t find joy in family life

  92. Virgo vesta in 8th, closely trine moon, venus, rising, uranus, neptune, sextile mc, inconjunct bml. You know how they say it’s difficult finding the needle in the haystack? It’s not that difficult.

  93. Such a thought provoking read! How would you read a Vesta- Saturn conjunction in synastry though? Devotion to the other?

  94. Vesta in my chart is in Sagittarius, conjunct the IC. She is trine my Pluto in Leo in 11th (and also asteroid Karma in Aries in 7th). Having been confined to home pretty much for the last few years with health issues(predating Covid lockdown), and with my progressed Moon in Sagittarius approaching a conjunction with her and the IC, she is becoming increasingly important to me.

    She is teaches me how to tend my own flame. I have Neptune in Libra in 1st house and can very easily get pulled into other people’s desires and energy fields and lose sight of my own purpose. I’m growing to love Vesta. I even have a small picture of her on my altar. Under her watchful eye I am cleaning and decluttering my living space, and selling and donating items that no longer resonate with me. d

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