Interpretation Of Mars In Each Sign

Mars heroExperience is is the best teacher! I decided to crowdsource information on Mars in the natal chart in order to create a (living) resource where people could come and learn about Mars in every sign.

First, I started a thread in the forum for each Zodiac sign, inviting people to share their experience.

Next, I went around to each of the threads and linked my own work on Mars through each of the signs. These posts were well regarded and there are a lot comments from people around the world.

Here are the links that will get you started.  I hope you like this idea and if you can add to any of these topics, that would be great!

What Is Mars in Aries Like?
What Is Mars in Taurus Like?
What Is Mars in Gemini Like?
What Is Mars in Cancer Like?
What Is Mars in Leo Like?
What Is Mars in Virgo Like?
What Is Mars in Libra Like?
What Is Mars in Scorpio Like?
What Is Mars in Sagittarius Like?
What Is Mars in Capricorn Like?
What Is Mars in Aquarius Like?
What Is Mars in Pisces Like?

What is your Mars sign?

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Interpretation Of Mars In Each Sign — 4 Comments

  1. I am a 4H Gemini Mars with Mars placed directly on my IC. Mars trines my soggy (Scorpio) intercepted 8H Libra Sun. Mars fuels my Sun with a burst of energetic ideas. I am a conscientious, proactive home owner. I work best from written lists.

  2. I have Mars in Capricorn in house four and I think this is a great gift. I have used this Mars to survive in very difficult and hard times. It brought me perseverance and endurance when I needed that so bad. It still does, I know that it never left me.
    I did also very much and hard work with it! To make my own money.
    And sex? I was not interested fast but with the right partner…it was great. I am 64 years at the moment. I don’t fight whith other people…I would rather go away. Not because I am a coward, but often it’s not worth the effort. If it is really necessary I fight for what I consider valuable, than I am though and do not let go.
    But always with an open mind. I have Virgo ascendant and Aries on the cusp of house 8.

  3. I have Mars in Taurus as part of a stellium with the sun, moon and mercury. In a funny way I think my Venus in Aires saves me from being too stuck in the mud! Nothing phases me. I’m slow to anger but powerful if I do. I harbor grudges and have a hard time truly forgiving. I love quality over quantity. I’m mellow, but working hard is second nature and I love tangible results. I am good with my hands and very creative. I need to be conscious to be open to differing opinions and ways of doing things. Surround me with beautiful things, especially if they are made clay, wood or things from nature and I’m happy!

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