How Do Oppositions Work?

If a person has an opposition in their chart is is impossible for them to act both sides of it simultaneously.The reason is the energies are opposite each other. This would be akin to being generous and cheap at the same time. It can’t be done!

You can be generous and then cheap and then generous, though. This is exactly what people with oppositions do. They act one side of the opposition (projecting the other) and then they flip positions.

Years ago I attended a workshop with astrologer, Tracy Marks. She explained, if you acted one end of a person’s opposition, they would have little choice (it would force them) to act the other end.

For example, if a person has a Virgo/Pisces opposition and you start nit-picking, they will go all universal on you.

On the other hand, if you are all fogged out, they’ll start picking out the details.

This is disturbing but factual.

Do you have an opposition in your chart? Tell us about it.



How Do Oppositions Work? — 149 Comments

  1. Venus(Aries)opposition Pluto(Libra). Vacillatate between loving passionately and wanting to smother my love with a pillow and then give him cpr to bring him back to life.

  2. Jupiter in 6th opposing Neptune in the 12th.
    Trying to nail down a routine/put a cap on anything is like trying to herd cats…pretty hard all around.

  3. Out of sign Gemini Sun/Scorpio Moon.
    Libra Mars/Aries Saturn.

    I’ve always been aware of a lot of flip-floppiness in myself but chalked it up to Gemini. What do y’all think the Mars/Saturn opposition is supposed to feel like?

  4. Moon in Pisces opposition Mercury in Virgo. This means that I’m lying whenever I jokingly brag about how having a bigger corpus callosum means I can more readily communicate about feelings while actually having them?

    Ok, so it’s probably what Elsa said – nitpicking (or as I like to think of it: accuracy) vs. universal (abstract). Sounds like a forest vs. the trees situation.

    My other oppositions are to Chiron or the ascendant, but I don’t know what to make of those. Any ideas?

  5. P.S. Thank you so much for posting this, Elsa! I’ve been hoping for some more zooming in on how to look at the major aspects.

  6. *waves* Virgo/Pisces opp here, and by God, nitpicking will make me open up a can of whup ass on ya!

    Virgo Pluto and Uranus opp. Pisces Saturn. After seeing the effect of the Saturn/Uranus opposition on the planet, it helped me understand why I had such conflicting beliefs and thoughts all my life.

    I also have Libra Mars opp. Aries Moon. A can’t decide what side I land on, and my moon is like “get off your ass and ACT!”

  7. Virgo Pluto and Uranus opp Pisces Saturn too, and Virgo Mars opp Pisces moon.

    Anyway I can rev up the Virgo sometimes? I hate being lazy and unproductive, but umm…it does happen. 🙂

  8. What about a chart without oppositions? Or a chart that has only one, for example — compare that with a chart that has many…

  9. I have five oppositions in my natal chart, but the ones that I am most aware of are:
    the opposition formed between Mercury and Saturn and the opposition formed between Neptune and the Ascendant.
    I am overly and to my detriment sometimes cautious to express myself. Mercury in Pisces, Saturn in Virgo.
    And I usually go about life feeling like I have no personality because I am so focused on learning you (too much inquisitiveness), that I can’t just relax and let my personality shine. Neptune in Sagittarius, Ascendant in Gemini.
    Thanks for another nice beginners post Elsa!

  10. Moon opposing Mars – I am agressive and like to get my way
    Venus opposing Jupiter – I’m undisciplined and don’t like to make waves

    Moon opposing Saturn – I was borm old and stodgy
    Jupiter opposing Uranus – I’m a rebel

    No wonder I’m confused – even my oppositions are opposites!! GAH!!

  11. Taurus Mars-Scorpio Neptune opp. Industrious or flakey. Angry or mellow. Practical or dreamy. With Neptune conjunct ASC I find myself occupying the latter position more often, unless confronted by some uber flake, of which there are many in my neck of the woods.

  12. Thanks Elsa, that’s awesome 🙂
    I have saturn opp neptune..and that’s it. Unless one includes asteroids.

    I would wonder if this made me an island or egocentric or unable to understand others

  13. moonpluto, there is a tag “saturn neptune”. I have written 50-100 posts on the topic and matter of fact, I am fixing to post another. 😉

  14. so if you have, in synastry, an opposition do you do a tag team switcheroo on the 2 planets?

    I just have the generational chiron/Uranus opp and also NN opp Sun.

  15. These posts are always such a learning activity! This is very interesting… makes me want to look at the charts of people I am close to see if/what part of their opposition I play part in.

    Moon (Gemini) opposite Neptune (Sag) – I go back and forth from being restless/skimming the surface/not comfortable with emotions to wanting to get to the depth of things.

    Venus (Aqua) opposite NN (Leo)- detachment, intellectualization of emotions to being cheery/playful/warm….like a ray of sunshine lol.

    Pluto (Libra) opposite Asc. (Taurus) – going from the desire to transform relationships to being possessive/stubborn/not comfortable with change.

  16. totally. i flip flop on the aries/libra axis a lot. still trying to do that libra stuff well (it is, after all, pluto there)

    and then the scorpio/taurus bit where i bounce back and forth between practical and abstract…
    and, yeah, i can see the drive for balancing… it’s like a need to balance out extremes around you by flipping the coin…

  17. I have heard that a person with a chart without any oppositions will have a hard time seeing other people’s perspectives, has anyone observed this to be true?

  18. Moon Scorpio opposed Mars Taurus and Mercury Cancer opposed Saturn Capricorn. Not sure what it means, but I know the moon opposed mars thing is supposed to be difficult.

  19. Gemini Venus opp Sag Neptune.

    Sometimes I imagine strong love feelings that aren’t truly there. And sometimes I’ll ignore negative things so that my projected version of a person or situation will come true, which is unrealistic. And then I am disappointed, in myself especially, for doing that again! I’m glad I’m aware of it, but it can be a pain since it’s so easy to fall into these unreal places in my mind.

  20. This is making me think….my mars is in cancer in the 11th house and my saturn in capricorn in 5th house. I can listen to a friend’s woes and offer comfort and advice and coo at them, but if one of my children have a problem, I immediately take command and tell them how to fix it. I am afraid of showing my softer side (or used to be, because they are older now) to my children because I know what a pushover I am and if I let them see that, they would get control over me and learn which buttons to push to sway me. I remember feeling like this when they were little, especially because I felt like I was an only parent and had to be the model of one at all times……hmmmm……

  21. I have 7 oppositions (all personal planets) but the one I was thinking about is my Pisces Sun opposition my Virgo rising. For me, this plays out very subtly. says: “You attract powerful individuals with strong egos who always try to gain dominance over you” and it’s very true, though I rarely realize it until I’ve jumped in head first. Little things, like if I do a favor or go out of my way to help someone they’ll do something like not pay me for services rendered or assume I will always do it for them (and I do) or find more and more ways to establish their alpha-dog nature in the relationship. I let them because I know no other way to be. Now that I think about this, this is true of ALL significant relationships in my life. I’m the Robin to your Batman.

    Having that Sun right up against my descendant in the 6th, I bleed my energy all over other people and they soak it up but sometimes I hate it and try to stop. That’s me I’m either bleeding or clotting and coagulating, I can’t strike the balance.

    • Thanks I read something similar especially with Pluto involved (in Virgo opposite sun/moon ascendant) not just dominance but abuse.

  22. “I have heard that a person with a chart without any oppositions will have a hard time seeing other people’s perspectives, has anyone observed this to be true?”

    I don’t think it’s true. That’s way too broad.

  23. What about out of sign oppositions? i have a pretty tight opposition – 0 degrees Gemini Sun 10th house, 29 degrees Scorpio Neptune in the fourth house. Does the fact that is out of sign make it an easier aspect?

    Thanks 🙂

  24. fun thread!

    Taurus Mercury opposing Scorpio Neptune:
    From … WYSIWYG -what you see is what you get, and all there is
    To… What ultimately counts is What you imagine, intuit, dream or feel.

  25. Jupiter – Pluto. All is well in the best of the world, it will all work out no matter what vs. uh. my Jupiter always win cuz of my Sag Moon. What would Pluto say? You Need to Know this: Some big opinion or truth without which you wont be able to survive…

  26. I have Mercury and Venus in Aquarius opposing Saturn in Cancer. and Mars in Gemini oppose Neptune in Sag. Sometimes I’m all chatty and lively but many times I can be too serious, silent and reserved. Don’t know if that’s my merc/venus op. saturn, or my scorpio rising and moon. maybe both. Feel like mass of contradictions. there is a constant battle between inner child and a grown-up. between my harsh side and compassionate, mellow me.

  27. Saturn in the 10th, Aquarius opposite Leo moon, 4th.
    I can be all business during the day, then at night the cat comes out to Play…meow.
    Somehow I relate 10/4th house opp as day and night split

  28. Pisces Sun Virgo Moon Pisces Mercury Aquarius Venus Leo Uranus, Capricorn Mars, Cancer Rising

    I think my opposites blend together very well.

    My husband is a Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon He does seem to go to extreme more than me, but I think that is just his scorpio moon

  29. I’ve got Pisces Sun opposing Saturn in Virgo, LOL! I feel like there has to be a balance between the details and the universal. Too much nit picking does drive me crazy.

  30. aren’t oppositions indicators of some sort of polarity of energies/forces? i geneally experience mine as inner tension between contradictory drives. i feel as if the parts of the personality that i could correlate to the planets involved need to manifest simultaneously. ballance at best, tension at worst.

  31. I’ve got both Mars opposite Moon, and Pluto opposite Moon in my chart. Mars and Pluto in Scorpio (conjunct as well) Mars at the end of the 10th house, and Pluto in the 11th house. Moon is in Taurus in the 5th house.

    How I deal with these, I have no idea. My temper has calmed down a lot, but when I’m mad… Well, you’d better hope it’s not directed towards you. 🙂

  32. I read up on the significance of

    Moon opposition Venus
    (i.e midheaven Taurus vs. 3d house Scorpio)

    and I feel it more than anything else…it shadows all the rest of me. What can I do to overcome this? One explanation says that I project “unconsciously”


    I just need some advice to get me started in the right direction. I want to beat this.

  33. I have many oppositions and can flipflop with the best of them, but have managed to find an interesting outlet for all that: I’m a devil’s advocate. People actually ask me for advice because I can ALWAYS find an opposing point of view. 😉

  34. Love, love, love the Demystifying Astrology posts!

    I’m got a Cap moon Moon opposed to the Sun, Mars and Venus. Not so fond of this, I don’t think. Sometimes it’s exhausting. But it makes me consider how I might manipulate myself if I met me on the street.

  35. enus and moon in gemini in 7th opposing uranus in sagittarius in 2nd.
    Although, I enjoy other people’s company, I have very erratic behaviour.
    I just need my space. My romances are short lived. I get bored with people so easily.
    But afterwards, I feel like I want that person. My feeling towards guys fluctuate so much.
    I can’t keep a track of it. This is preventing me to go into serious relatuonships.
    I have mercury in leo in 9th opposing jupiter in aquarius in 3rdm
    The visions (jupiter) I have are grand ideas but somehow I miss the details out.
    My ideas aren’t very logical sometimes.

  36. Oh I need this topic so much, I don’t know where to begin. Mainly: My Moon is directly in opposition to my Mercury, so what I think can be uncannily at odds with what I feel. Where I have felt this most bafflingly is in relationships. I can deeply love someone who doesn’t “fit” with me or anything about my life, personailty, family, existence in the concrete world. I think this discrepancy has actually led me to eventually end loving relationships because something just never feels all the way, despite so much love. And when there is one who intellectually make sense, chances are my heart can’t get on board.

    This opposition, needless to say, is smack on my IC/MC axis, which means it squares my Descendant and 7th house.

    If anyone has any thoughts, I would welcome them with open arms, heart, body and soul (if not mind, ha).

  37. Sun Opposition Saturn. – I restrict myself sometimes.
    Moon Opposition Neptune. Crazy dreams that won’t fit my reality.
    Moon Opposition Uranus. Moon wants stability, Uranus wants freedom.
    Venus Opposition Uranus. I’m attracted to all things unique.
    Jupiter Opposition Saturn. – Very strange.
    Uranus Opposition Ascendant. I seem a bit strange.
    Neptune Opposition Midheaven. I actually find this useful, I’m creative in whatever I’m working on.

  38. um aquarius sun opposite a leo mars probably what I struggle most with is balancing others needs to personal needs.

    any other interpretations are welcome!

  39. i’ve always been interested about my oppositions in my chart: saturn in aquarius opposses my packed 7’th house-my venus(cance 29 47′ or so) , my mars and jupiter in leo.. i hate my 7’th house , i can’t tie a relationship with someone *opposite sex* without feeling that all my energy is drained.

  40. I only have 1 opposition in my chart, it’s Neptune opposite ASC.. I mostly see others through rose-colored glasses it says! Or I can be seen as imaginative or deceptive by others.. To be perfectly honest, I have issues understanding that one!! A bit confused there!! I seems to work with this aspect right!! I have issues understanding how people see me and how I see them!!
    My father has Mercury opposite Saturn-Pluto and I have Mercury square Saturn-Pluto (and my Mercury conjuncts his Sun!).. He thinks I’m stubborn and unchangeable!! I perfectly see the effect of an opposition in his chart where I’m concerned!! 😉

  41. Wow, now you’ve got me thinking, Elsa.
    My Taurus Moon opposes my Sag Mercury and Scorp Neptune,
    Virgo Mars opposes my Pisces Asc.,
    retrograde Saturn in Pisces opposes Virgo Uranus and Pluto, and also Uranus opposing Chiron–do you count that? hmmm, lot’s of oppositions, and four of them are part of a mystic rectangle in my chart. I guess i should look at this a little deeper. When i have time, sigh. 🙂

  42. First welcome back Elsa! Missed you!
    Yes I do have an opposition. It is Uranus in Leo in the 9th opposing my Chiron in Aquarius in the fourth. I am no expert to comment on it though except to say perhaps I sometimes really want to be apart of a group and want to share my ideas and sometimes I really feel very shy and want to remain in the background. I don’t like it too much when people push their philosphies on me. but that is kind of a universal thing. I think sometimes I may even do just that and I have to catch myself.

  43. Mars/Aries/6th opposing Jupiter/Libra/12th
    Venus/Gemini/8th opposing Saturn/Sag/2nd

    and I’m not certain what it means. I do know I have a tendency to vacillate between extremes; at times like that my closest friends just call me “psycho”. I just thought it was part of Scorpio rising.

  44. Uranus in Leo-10th house opposing Chiron in Aquarius in the fourth, like Dawn’s. Chiron is almost opposed (but wide -8) to the MC. I can see this one’s going to be worth some heavy google.

    Otherwise, I noticed that my packed 2nd Sag (merc. jupiter & mars all conj.) oppose the 8th=house vertex and Lilith. This would give me a total of 6 pretty close oppositions. Like sardines. Anybody have an opinion or experience w/this kind of thing?

  45. Late Gemini Venus in the 7th opposite Sag Neptune in the 1st. My ASC is conjunct Neptune, but just out of degree to also be opposite Venus.

    I’m not feeling a see-saw effect of this opposition so much as it’s just a hot mess. I keep falling for liars.

    The opposition ties in to other aspects in my chart, and I’m literally sitting her trying figure out how all this energy spins out in the wash.

  46. I tend to agree about the “see-saw” effect. I think I’ve felt more difficulties than anything-intimacy, values, monetary and otherwise-related to Venus-Saturn. I have felt vacillation r/t generosity and fighting w men, if that’s possibly how the Mars-Jupiter thing plays out-but I don’t understand how it fits in the 6th/12th houses, except I have had a few secrets, and maybe they’ve (men) encouraged me to improve my lifestyle, or, we’ve had a few addictive tendencies together…hmmm… Interesting.

  47. Love the llama pic.

    I have several oppositions,if you count Chiron. They would be Venus Leo opposition to an Aqu moon and then a first house Scorpio Mars and Uranus opposed to a seventh house Taurus Chiron.

    All in all they seem to give me very opposing notions toward relationships and make it hard to be able to settle down and just accept that things may be going fine in a relationship and then when I know they are going fine, I start to wonder if I wouldn’t be better alone, though it’s the last thing I think I want.

    Or at least that’s my take on it…confusing!

    I have to wonder about houses, too — what if you have a planet in a house ruled by the sign which it opposes — ie, a Jupiter in Gemini posited in the ninth house, is that similar to these?

  48. it was much easier to form healthy relationships (venus) when i stopped looking for other people to be my pluto for me.

  49. venus-sun-mars in aries opposite pluto in libra. Not sure if it’s all bad but I do tend to either love unconditionally or not at all. Love can easily turn to grudges. I’m learning to be dispassionate but it usually takes time and self awareness to get over past relationships. I eagerly scrap ones which aren’t working, especially if someone is trying to overpower or control me.

    Love aside, I like to tackle problems and get to the bottom of things. The Mars side is easily motivated to action and Pluto is obsessive. I try to apply this energy to my goals and not to petty disputes or a desire to control. My Pluto is in the 4th house so I find that there is nothing like cleaning and organizing my space to ease stress and worry (Virgo on the 4th cusp!).

    I also have a jupiter/saturn opposition to mercury/mc. I’m generally reserved and hate small talk but get me going on issues of social justice or culture and I will give you an earful.

  50. Venus in Aquarius vs. Pluto in Leo (2 degrees, applying). Also, the Moon in Aquarius vs. Uranus in Leo (5 degrees, applying). With these two oppositions I have accepted the fact that I am not cut out for intimacy and I do my best to look on the bright side of being a loner (although I have lots of friends of the same sex). I believe that in my next life I will desire more closeness and choose a chart/family/birth circumstances that force or facilitate that.

  51. I have 4th house Uranus, Leo opposed to 10th house Moon, Chrion. When I am attached to anyone it’s one person at a time. Otherwise I remain detached from most people.
    Now the person I have been dating has Neptune in Libra, 12th house opposed to Moon, Jupiter, Mercury: Aries 6th house. I just saw Tina’s comment about something similar. We are going through that I want, I don;t want at the moment. I love but, it doesn’t fit with what I want to do. He’s hurting but doesn’t see a way to fix the problem.

  52. I’ve got moon in 11th Capricorn opposite Saturn and Venus in 5th Cancer.

    I have no idea what that does, though I do tend to try and corral or control or instruct in a rather cold, clinical way if I think people are becoming too flaky or emotional or wishywashy about a subject. God forbid anyone have too much fun and not take things seriously! However, if they become overly logical, tense and pragmatic I encourage them to listen to their intuitions to lighten up, have fun and stop trying to control things. I also do this to myself.

    I must be absolutely maddening to live with. lol!

  53. ((Glad to have u back Elsa!))

    My chart almost looks like one giant see saw!!

    I have 1st house Capricorn Moon opp 7th house Cancer Venus, I want everyone to be my friend and am very affectionate but I hate having to deal with overwhelming emotions! mine or anyone else..

    I also have 6th house Gemini Sun/Mars opp 12th house Sagittarius Jupiter/Uranus…

    Mars opp Jupiter wants me to be a good sport with friends and gives me a lot of energy yet Mars opp Uranus helps to attract people who just drain me at times…

    Sun opp Jupiter allows me to expand my Gemini interest 10 fold (a Jack of all Trades..) while Sun opp Uranus gives me the need to do things my way, subtly under your nose and with a smile 😉

  54. Gemini Mars oppostition to Sag Neptune

    Lots of back and forth between daydream and actually doing. But then Gemini Mars isn’t actually known for being on the go all the time anyway. These also form a t-square with my Saturn.

    I also have Taurus Chiron opposite my Scorpio Uranus/Asc conjuntion. Again this is a t-square with my Jupiter (and my Jupiter is conjunct my Mercury, Moon, Sun, and Venus). But I’m not really sure how a Chiron opposition would play itself out in personality/daily life.

  55. I am very new to astrology. My natal chart is a seesaw pattern. I have 12 oppositions. My life has always been one of trying to find a balance and a compromise. I have been married to my husband for 36 years and retired from a career in the military. When I saw my natal chart for the first time, I could immediately see and understood why trying to find balance in my life had always been a concern for me. The first 11 oppositions are all planets in Aries and Libra.

    1-4. Aries sun in 7th house opposite:
    Libra Moon in 12th Virgo house
    Libra Saturn in 12th Virgo house
    Libra Neptune in 1st Libra house
    Libra Ascendant

    5-6. Libra moon in 12th Virgo house opposite:
    Aries Mercury in 6th Pisces house
    Aries Jupiter in 7th Aries house

    7-9. Aries Mercury in 6th Pisces house opposite:
    Libra Neputune in 1st Libra house
    Libra Ascendant

    10-11. Aries Jupiter in 7th house opposite
    Libra Neptune in 1st house
    Libra Ascendant

    12. Cancer Uranus in 9th Gemini house opposite Capricorn Chiron in 3rd Sag house

  56. I have a See Saw chart too. I cry when I’m angry (Moon/Venus opposition Mars). I think I’m weird, but I also think other people are too radical (Sun opposition Uranus). I get emotionally exhausted and feel like I’m waking up from a movie confused, or going from movie to movie, sometimes (Moon/Mercury oppo Neptune).

  57. Sat Virgo in 10th/Moon Pisces 4th (too severe with myself and then too dreamy)
    Nep Libra in 11th/Jupiter Aires in 5th (no idea)
    Kiron Cap in 2nd/Uranus Canc in 8th (see the wound but have difficulty healing it?)
    Asc Scorpio opp Merc Taurus (no idea)

  58. I have several oppositions due to conjunctions in a stellium opposing my Moon/Chiron, the most noteworthy of which is probably between my Sun and Moon/Chiron. In addition I also have a Jupiter/Neptune conjunction opposite Saturn.

  59. Ceres/chiron/sun opposite uranus.
    uranus opposite descendant.
    Jupiter opposite pluto.
    Moon/venus opposite north node.

    I feel like I’m forgetting something.

  60. Excellent post! Thanks for this Elsa. Always confused about oppositions. You said you can do one side of an opposition, but you can’t do the other side at the same time. So, it makes one flip flop a lot? You can’t do both at the same time you said. I have Venus in Taurus oppose Neptune in Scorp….so I do love my practical senusual desires and comforts, but sometimes i do them to excess to escape. However, that would be overdoing it, which is doing them both at the same time, which is not an opposition. I’ve read one tends to project the outer planet, which I’ve done with Neptune in relationships. I’ve picked potheads and escapist types before, as well as liars. Still trying to grasp the concept….so one tends to do one side, and then turns around and does the other at another time? Sun in Cap oppose Saturn in Cancer … one point this person is all business and ambitious and does that well…..but once in a while family issues and drives take over. Right? How exactly do oppositions work.

  61. mars opposite ascendant… sometimes I’m overly-confident almost with an arrogance other times I mask my fear… Or give into it and I’m paranoid as all hell…

    Haha I just feel I’m all over the place…

    mars in virgo, pisces ascendant…

  62. I’m probably the only one to disagree. Sun opp Moon, Jupiter opp Uranus. The trick to oppositions (whatever they are – astrology, yin/yang, black/white, human/spirit) is to live from the middle. In this world of duality, that is the secret. I learned this early on being blessed with a religious mother and an atheist father.

  63. Thanks this post solves a few stumpers for me about some people. Knew a lady once who had moon pisces oppostion both venus & mars, & wondered at the time why my friendliness was being met with cold resistance. My Cancer asecendent is in the 3rd Decante of Pisces!

  64. I have mars/taurus opposite pluto/scorpio. Most of the people I associate with are extremely energetic so I feel the need to control to keep up. I also have chiron/cancer opposite saturn/cap and I can flip from empathetic to cold and cruel in an instant.

  65. Pisces sun and mercury opp Virgo moon
    leo uranus opp aquarius venus
    cancer ascendant opp capricorn mars

    I don’t think that this means one planet is on or off. My virgo moon shows up in quirky ways. Hate housework, but I like organized drawers and doing the laundry properly. I still remain disorganized housework wise.

  66. Saturn in scorpio 3rd/4th opposing MC in taurus. dammed if you do dammed if you don’t (literally) with regards to work

  67. 3 oppositions all about my Cancer Moon..opp. Capricorn Jupiter , Asc and NNode…too many feelings? moody one day, optimistic the next….going back and forth..a bit messy..Well tomorrow is another day 😉

  68. Wait, I have 3 opposites in my chart, 2 of which create opposing quintiles (hour-glass figure in my chart), what does that mean?

    I’m more interested though in the opposing quintiles;

    Mars – Cancer – 10th house conjuncting MC


    Jupiter – Libra – 12th house conjuncting ASC

    Mars opposes Neptune-Uranus
    Jupiter opposes Merc-Venus

    Neptune-Uranus – Capricorn – 4th house conj. IC


    Merc-Venus – Aries – 6th house (not conj. 7th)

    ALSO – Merc-Venus trine Mars, making a twist.

    LOL! If it’s too complicated for a brief suggestion/interpretation to be made, I’ll understand!

  69. i’m an aries,i have pluto in my 7th house asc in taurus opposition and sometimes i just don’t know how to act to my friends and family, sometimes all is well sometimes all is like hell :s

  70. Thanks for explaining opposites in such a clear manner. While squares involve integrating energies, opposites involve alternating between energies…

    Ok, so in this case how does Moon in Sagittarius in the 9th Opposite Jupiter in Gemini in the 3rd work? Would it be that I would alternate between focusing on the lower mind and focusing on the higher mind?

    And for Neptune in Capricorn in the 10th Opposite Chiron in Cancer in the 4th…does it involve alternating between
    a/ spiritual practicality or practical spirituality in the outside world and nurturing in the home/inner emotional healing and nurturing?

  71. It is true I never thought very much about oppositions because they did not demand the same level of attention as squares, but I wonder how to live with the opposition-induced projections.

    So basically if I act out 10th house themes, I’ll be projecting 4th house themes to another person?

    I have definitely seen projections of 3rd house themes when acting out 9th house themes though or vice-versa.

  72. Pluto in Leo in seventh opposes my Aquarius Ascendant. I have been known to burn relationships to the ground and resurrect them or sit on the fence and act out my distancing needs. Can’t breathe without freedom, yet don’t care for my partner to be too free of me. Being partnerless works well for me.

  73. I have some serious ones I think open for comment please Moon Neptune and Venus all opposing Saturn in Taurus. And Sun in Libra opposing Chiron in Aries. I know that my Venus is in Fall its in the third house with all those other planets and I’m well aware of the effects of a Scorpio Moon. I work on it daily!

  74. Aren’t there positive oppositions though? Like the green lines in are they positive oppositions I always wondered that?

  75. Interesting way to put it Elsa. Love the info. So, if one has Mercury in Aries oppose Saturn in Libra…sometimes they would be very chatty and direct in their communication, (the merc in Aries side), and then other times they would be very uncommunicative and stoic and not at all social (Saturn in Libra). ? Usually i would have looked at Merc oppose Saturn as someone who took communicating very seriously or was afraid to communicate, but that would be more of a conjunction, not an opposition. Am i on the right track?

  76. Venus opposition Neptune (yeah, I do a lot of unrequited crushing as an escape) and Jupiter in Virgo opposition Midheaven (always setting overly ambitious goals)

  77. “I have heard that a person with a chart without any oppositions will have a hard time seeing other people’s perspectives, has anyone observed this to be true?”

    Not at all the case with me. But then I’m a Pisces with too much Libra/8th house 🙂

    I only have one opposition in my chart, and it’s Jupiter in Scorpio opposite Chiron in Taurus. I read somewhere that this can make emotional pain sometimes unbearable to cope with? I find this to be true on occasion, but otherwise I’m not sure how to read this aspect.

    Any thoughts?

  78. How the heck did I miss this thread???

    Both of my oppositions is smack dab along the Horizon…. Pluto conjunct Ascendant to Moon-Chiron conjunct Descendant. Interesting food for thought.

  79. I’m thinkin my mars jup opposition pisces to virgo may get some middle of the road balance because of jupiter’s (in virgo) rulership of pisces. (And both mars and jupiter are in weakest position and have a fair spread of degrees.) If I am not connected to the depths of my soul my spirit will run amok. I’m working this. I think I can do it.

    It is a relief to know that perhaps I can give up on trying to balance the mh pluto opp to ic. That’s a rough one. It’s the fear I have about getting caught up in the busyness world again. I like to work. I like results. Deep into my work my spirit soars too. But I am afraid of losing touch with the soul journey by getting caught up in the busyness. And yes the drive can tear me away from home. I am searching for integration or a perspective on this. I have to maybe look at one supporting the other. Not sure. WIP as usual.

  80. If one has a grand cross, would the oppositions or the squares be stronger? I would assume that it would depend on the planets involved. In my case three personal planets and Pluto. As the chart ruler is involved I suppose that would have to carry extra weight, it is strongest by aspects.
    Anyone else with a grand cross? What’s your experience?

    • Yes. Aquarius Saturn opposite Leo Moon/North Node, both square the opposition of Taurus Venus opposite Neptune Scorpio. Giving attention to one causes another to be neglected. Tough heart wounds growing up. With the Saturn/Neptune square, sometimes Saturn wins out and I get very responsible, mainstream, and “moral.” But when I go Neptune, boundaries blur, I may have otherworldly spiritual experiences, or just march to the beat of a different drummer.

  81. Saturn in Taurus (5th) opposite Moon in Scorpio (11th). I always thought of my Moon being dampened by Saturn (ex. depression being a common manifestation of this aspect).

    Haven’t thought about switching energies back and forth. I don’t really have a “feel” for Saturn in Taurus, whereas I’m very aware of the traits of my Scorpio Moon.

  82. OK I see that now I don’t use the default setting on the charts I use the astrodienst style. I think its much nicer. So that is an inconjunction. Thank you

  83. Question Pluto transit opposite my 10 house of Gemini. Can anyone shed some light? To me that sounds horrible yet I just became employed and I am doing fine with my new job. I thought that Pluto meant power over things but an opposition here would indicate the lack of power for this house?

  84. I have four, and pretty important too, from my Cap Sun and Venus conjunction to my Cancer Mars and Saturn conjunction (and all four form t-squares to my Jupiter/Juno exact, and to my Chiron, all in Libra).

    To say I can appear inconsistent (esp with Uruanus in Gem on the MC) would be an understatement. It’s very difficult to learn to work such a clusterfuck of oppositions.

    And it’s very hard to other people to understand that I can only be full on / full steam, or ‘resting’. As a result I could only work freelance – I can’t handle 9 to 5 salaried employment for very long: my energy comes in huge bursts then vanishes completely.

    I also have an exact opposition BML to my Moon, which I felt though all my sexually active years very keenly: what fed and satisfied my Moon rarely fed my BML, and vice versa…. difficult!

  85. Mars 0 degrees Gemini, Neptune 0 degrees Sag exact opposition. I vacillate between wanting to violently avenge injustice and Jesus-like forgiveness.

  86. “For example, if a person has a Virgo/Pisces opposition and you start nit-picking, they will go all universal on you.”

    True. My ex used to smother and mock my Libra Moon and he earned a fair share of Martian rage in return (I have Mars-Moon in opposition). : (

  87. I have a stellium in Scorpio (Moon, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, plus Neptune 1 degree away) opposed by natal Saturn. I struggled for many years, but in the end it made me stronger. On A more positive note, one of my very best friends of over 25+ years is a Cancer sun which opposes my Capricorn sun, yet we magically understood one another and had an unbreakable bond. Opposites don’t always have to be bad. Sometimes they can complement one another.

  88. Sun, Saturn & Pluto opposite my Moon & the only oppositions in my chart.
    My femininity is not very expressive (even to me) & I’m not comfortable at all about it. Makes for a big lack of confidence in that area. (And I mean BIG)
    Luckily this Moon is trine Uranus & Mars, sextile Jupier. Otherwise, I don’t know how I could’ve managed this sh*t.
    (And even so, did not manage very well!)

  89. Venus and Neptune (Scorpio, 2nd) oppose Saturn (in Taurus). I also have Sun/moon/Asc/Uranus (Libra, 1st) in opposition to Chiron in Aries.

  90. I laughed out loud at this being a Pisces Ascendant and South Node in Aries. I used to be universal and self directed but favour the nit picking and letting others take the lead as I get older! I attract who I used to be! Hilarious

  91. heck, i devil’s advocate myself. (uranus/mercury.) it helps keep me feel balanced. but drives some people crazy…
    i’m not really sure how the pluto/venus one works, though.

  92. Uranas with a strong opp. to Chiron. It says in my Time Passages app that I have a creative and inventor’s mind but I can arbitrarily change subjects in conversations and that I would be good in yhe healing professions but also get stuck in the worry of not fitting in and then will show flashes of conservatism. All true!

  93. I think it’s a helpful aspect once you’re older, myuch older and have learned to kick the knee jerk behaviour of ‘being the opposite’. Helps you have a very broad view. The opposition chart holders – as they start to mature- are forever trying hard to balance the scales of their opposite qualities to work with the changing external environment without creating internal imbalances, so that you either find someone to express the opposite or if you are ‘in balance’ then be forced to take the opposie stance as mentioned in Elsa’s post.
    But as kids a lot of them as considered flip-floppers because of this 🙂

  94. Saturn opposite Venus and Mercury, on the ascendant/descendant axis.
    Mars opposite Neptune. Lately misdirected anger or people pushing my buttons has been part of my daily routine.
    Jupiter loosely opposite Pluto, forming a loose grand square with Saturn, Venus and Mercury in the Cardinal signs. Showing people how sad, lonely, angry and heartbroken i am since my boyfriend and i broke up is not something i’ve been able or maybe willing to do.

  95. I have Pluto/Saturn opposite Venus. I find that the trine my Venus makes to Neptune (saturn/pluto would be sextile making a wedge formation) really helps to soften up the harshness with this aspect. It’s like a saving grace…it helps the energies blend together. Nit to say that I don’t experience whst comes with that opposition. There has definitely been some themes in my life where I put off the blame of “they’re too cold, harsh, tyranical…etc”. I just think Neptune really helps me disolve the projections easier (I tend to go all spacey and “forget”) and makes my partners a little nicer in general…def not pure tyrants…there is a sweetness or dipomatic way about them too.

    Anyway, if you have an opposition, check if the planets make other aspects…there could be an outlet or another planet to help keep them more in balance

  96. This is a good point, la_sirena.

    “Anyway, if you have an opposition, check if the planets make other aspects…there could be an outlet or another planet to help keep them more in balance”

    I have Uranus conjunct SN in my 10th house opposed to NN conjunct Chiron in the 4th. There has always been a competition between my professional life and my home life. Both had demanding obligations and it was tricky to find a balance between them. It was always a see-saw.

    Here’s an example of the problem. I have Thanksgiving in my home (4th house) every year. I have 15-20 people. I take that week as vacation and have people to cover for me. One year, things went wrong at work and they needed my help at the same time I was cooking dinner. They lost out, I mean, what else could I have done?

    This is where another aspect in my chart came in to save the day. It was my Mercury trine that Uranus in the 10th house. They were angry I didn’t drop everything, but I did come up with another solution to their problem.

  97. lol i have the virgo/pisces opposition ;p that makes sense, i nitpick and then go universal LOL i even have the 12th/6th house too.

  98. Pisces Sun conjuct Aries Mercury opposes Neptune in Libra, 5 degree orb). Yep! I nitpick and go universal. But doesn’t everyone? Is it avoidable, for reason alone that we cannot but think inductively and deductively? Saying this, I do not mean to be funny. Seriously. 🙂

  99. Transits must work differently? Pluto has been opp to natal Venus. Back and forth for sometime now. Unbeknownst to me It has been slapping me from all directions until finally yesterday I got the message. This transit was in the back of my mind and I thought I was missing it. Just took a lot of scrubbing to realize what has been transacting. It’s a tendency I have and that tendency needs some tending. Very purifying.

    • So appreciate your comments, Notch. “Allowing” for the back and forth on issues may be one of the greatest finesses we get to deal or ‘tend to our tendencies’ as you put it. My natal tendencies had no oppositions (so that would be the most 60 yrs of my 73 yrs.) The universe was getting me ready for this 30 yrs (progresses generally taking 30 yrs to move a sun sign etc…) But now, I have 8 oppositions going on. At first, and for awhile that totally FREAKED ME OUT (I’m Scorpio Fixed and Aquarius Fixed in progression Sun). But, recently the situations in my life are presenting the need to tend to those oppositions as a “this” AND “that” approach; like night does follow day and day does follow night applied to all those oppositions. It’s just not one set of opposites.
      Gravity. Just what makes it possible? Oppositions.

      • Pluto oppositions to personal planets seems like a lot of pressure. Forceful. Heavy. When Pluto goes to Aquarius will opp Uranus. Not sure what that will be. Uranus opp Pluto almost killed me. Hang in there. We are tough old broads, right?

  100. Virgo Moon in 5th opposes Pisces Mars in the 11th. They t-square square chart ruler Gemini Venus in 2nd. 3 of 5 personal planets. Tend to back off, detach, discern and overthink. Mars grand trines Sun-Saturn. Moon trines ascendant. Venus trines Neptune. I can brush off nit picking as small or a bad day and try extremely hard not to do it myself.

  101. OMGosh, I’ve got Saturn in Capricorn (10th) opposing my Moon in Leo (5th) – O GOSH – DOES A LIGHT TURN ON FOR ME even to realize this. and then
    And old Jupiter in Capicron (11th) is opposing everyone almost: Uranus in Leo (6th), Pluto in Virgo(6th) and Venus in Virgo (6th).
    What does it mean – that I am one hot mess?

  102. Moon in Capricorn opposite Uranus in Cancer.
    I need a big traditional house (Jupiter in Capricorn in the 4th), but feel trapped if I have to stay home! (9th house Uranus)

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