High Intelligence

I was talking to my hairdresser; she’s extremely smart and what used to be called, “quick on he uptake”.

This means, whatever subject you might broach, she’ll grasp the meaning almost immediately.  Further, when she can’t, she’ll tell you. “I don’t understand.”  Hearing this, I can clarify what I’m saying. Invariably, the problem is on my end.  I’ve slipped and talked code.
Point is, provided I speak English, this gal will to understand what I’m saying, two-thirds the way through. So much can be said to a person like this… and quickly. Compare this to someone who can’t understand anything you might tell them, ever, under any circumstances.  I really like my hairdresser!

“What are you going to do, Elsa?” she asked.

“Nothing more,” I said.  “What else can I do?  I’ve seen this before, you know. If you take a person who is super-intelligent and they’re to be evaluated by a person who is moderately intelligent, the second person is not going to come up with a correct answer.  The super-intelligent person is going run circles around the other; every time. It will take an act of God for this to be figured out.”

Life is amazing, isn’t it?  This is a good topic for today, with Venus and Mercury square Saturn. It’s all about control and limits. There are lines in life and they stand right up until the minute the fail.

It’s like your life. One day you’re breathing, the next day you’re not.  I don’t think my hairdresser would argue this.

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High Intelligence — 14 Comments

  1. My sister told me once
    You never see one idiot in conversation
    , not trying to be assumative
    That my add in applies to your story,
    This just makes me remember:
    You always see 2 idiots in conversation ,because one must talk idiot for an idiot to understand lol

  2. After reading this, I have decided that my poor Mercury is limited.

    (Also, how does one ‘try to be assumative’?)

  3. I’m quite dyslexic so I’m quick to understand the big picture but not the greatest with articulation- conversation can be difficult for me sometimes. I don’t understand why people typically start with the miniscule- most people think from the bottom up and get bogged down in details along the way. So many pitfalls along the way….i see this bottom up thinking as a major flaw in society and the systems built therein. But then thinking from the big picture down can have its flaws as well… a truly brilliant mind can hold both the bog picture and the miniscule simultaniously and with ease.

    • Sorry, I had social systems on my mind, like policies and power structures and how these structures are formed. I am knee deep in school *uhmmm* lol. But about social systems…they for sure are not currently worked out in a holistic way, with the bigger picture in mind.

  4. I dont like the word idiot or stupid. I try to always remember that simply because Im in a particular emotional/spiritual timezone on my path doesnt mean other people are in the same time zone on theirs.so they might not be able to feel or understand you where they are at the moment because they might be walking slower, got held up at some point on their path or are having difficulty walking it because of a lame leg or the heavy load they carry.

  5. I was in Vietnam and the people there are like this.. they are very emotionally intelligent and grasp what you want immediately and tell you everything you need to know and didn’t realize yoU wanted to know. However they speak fast…

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