High Intelligence

I was talking to my hairdresser; she’s extremely smart and what used to be called, “quick on he uptake”.

This means, whatever subject you might broach, she’ll grasp the meaning almost immediately.  Further, when she can’t, she’ll tell you. “I don’t understand.”  Hearing this, I can clarify what I’m saying. Invariably, the problem is on my end.  I’ve slipped and talked code.
Point is, provided I speak English, this gal will to understand what I’m saying, two-thirds the way through. So much can be said to a person like this… and quickly. Compare this to someone who can’t understand anything you might tell them, ever, under any circumstances.  I really like my hairdresser!

“What are you going to do, Elsa?” she asked.

“Nothing more,” I said.  “What else can I do?  I’ve seen this before, you know. If you take a person who is super-intelligent and they’re to be evaluated by a person who is moderately intelligent, the second person is not going to come up with a correct answer.  The super-intelligent person is going run circles around the other; every time. It will take an act of God for this to be figured out.”

Life is amazing, isn’t it?  This is a good topic for today, with Venus and Mercury square Saturn. It’s all about control and limits. There are lines in life and they stand right up until the minute the fail.

It’s like your life. One day you’re breathing, the next day you’re not.  I don’t think my hairdresser would argue this.

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