Full Moon in Aquarius: August 11, 2022 – The Beast

Aquarius space manThe full moon in Aquarius will take place 19 degrees on August 11th.   While there are always positive ways to channel energy, this thing is a beast.

Might you give birth to something spectacularly creative and innovate? Sure!  But if that’s what you want, you’re going to have to push yourself (Mars) and overcome obstacles, including your own fear!

If you do this – you will probably be successful. But guess what? Most people won’t do this.  They want assistance of some kind. Not only that, they want it magically arrive!

The moon will be part of a Fixed T-square.  Let’s check the bodies involved:

Sun – Ego is real.
Moon – Feelings are real.
Mars – Anger is real.
Saturn – Hardship is real. Reality is real for that matter. Blocks are real. Fear can really cause problems.

I don’t see any magic, do you?

Now if you do want to ride this bull, it will take commitment, effort, innovation, creativity and a degree of detachment.  It’s all on the individual, see?  It’s all you, you, you and you!

Think about standing up (Saturn) and pushing back (Mars) so you can feel (Moon) good about who your are (Sun).  If you generally don’t do such things, that’s even better – Uranus!

Click to see the chart of the full moon…

How do you feel about this full moon. Got planets in Fixed signs near 19 degrees?

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Full Moon in Aquarius: August 11, 2022 – The Beast — 23 Comments

  1. This is opposite my Mars at 20° Leo. And I have a Venus/Neptune conjunction at 12/14° Scorpio. AND I will be at a personally important writers’ conference during this time. I feel very determined…

    • Me too – both the Mars in Leo and the Venus/Neptune (in my 12th). If you are around my age you probably have natal Saturn in Aqua, too – mine at 7 degrees, so in loose opposition to natal Mars. Am hoping that having had to live with that loose opposition all my life will help me get through this Full Moon!

      • Ha yes we were born at the same time. My Saturn is 6.51° Aquarius. I guess I never thought of that as an opposition in my chart … it’s always the Venus/Saturn square the dominates my experience. Meanwhile I realized after I posted that with this full moon the Sun is exactly on my natal Mars, so that seems strong and important and fits with the experience I expect to be having next week.

  2. Conjunct my 19Leo North Node square natal Neptune in Scorpio. I guess I’m going to figure out how to bust a move in a very small space.

  3. well it’s going to be tightly conjunct my ascendant in aqua, activating all other angles

    hopefully things get unstuck bc uranus, but considering it’s a fixed square pattern maybe things are getting impossibly MORE stuck

    gotta lean on my sagittarius stellium and laugh things off as they happen

  4. I am flying across the world on August 10! This hits me personally on my angles, especially with Leo sun at 21 and Scorpio MC at 22!

    Loving the sound of pushing forward despite obstacles. This has been a demanding journey for sure!

  5. Exactly conjunct my Aquarius AC. That is also a family member’s birthday. She has a Capricorn moon and pluto conjunct her sun.

    I guess this will be interesting.

      • Update: I finally got in touch with her and pluto in Capricorn is just past her moon. She told me her younger son who has a stellium in Capricorn right where pluto is flattening his sun and other planets. The floods left him, his wife, and children stranded with no way to work. He says it is like a bomb dropped on them. She is the Leo who is getting ready to have her solar return on the 11th and it looks terrible. Where she lives got a cloud burst last week. Please say some prayers for Eastern, KY, and the rest of the people suffering. Thanks.

  6. This falls in my 2nd house, exactly trining my Sun, and squaring my Venus. I am currently pushing in a few areas, would be great if at least one budged to my benefit.

  7. I love this Energy!!!
    I have a Taurus Sun, I am the Bull.
    I see it a bit differently, maybe the Upside of this.
    Sun is illuminating,Sun energy can work like a strong beam, showing you where to Focus!
    There could be a strong sense of self,Ego as you put it.
    But it’s how you use this energy.
    Moon is emotional, Emotions,but also Moon shows you what’s hidden,the dark side of the Moon, your Shadow.
    You could work on that and free yourself (Uranus).
    Uranus is unpredictable,but also Innovator, unique, differently done.
    And breaking the mundane,the routine.
    I can roll with the punches,or change with the times.
    Saturn is the perfect Teacher, he will always show you the hard way if you slack off,you pay the Karma, you win the Jackpot!
    No one gives like Saturn ,no not even Jupiter.
    Saturn gives permanent long time benefits or wealth.
    But he is a strict teacher with high standards,if you take any short cuts ,you lose.
    And get your knuckles rapped.
    Mars energy is Drive, ambition,power to knuckle down and power on, yes it could be anger if pushed.
    And yes, Mars is an aggravator,or he can be.
    But I am using Mars energy and have home projects going on, cleaning, throwing away.
    And I just did up my huge apartment balcony full of plant’s, I gave away the big planters and plants,got some Bamboo roller blinds, small chairs from IKEA,a small table from IKEA.
    And now I have a cute place to sit with a hot cuppa,in my own small patio.
    Yaaay 🤸✨🤩💙

    • I’m w you on my outlook right now. But I’m experienced in this w Pluto on my Leo ASC opp Venus at 19 degrees Aquarius. I went into overdrive around Summer Solstice & started deep cleaning & releasing furniture I’ve had for 40 yrs, bought a new sofa, moved furniture in a small house. Surprised to see the changes. But decluttering ( which I do constantly) is actually a valuing process. Venus! And a beauty-making process. Venus! Right where Saturn is sweeping thru.
      had the big Saturn/Pluto transit on my Sun & birthday in 2020. Now Saturn is touring Mercury, Jupiter & Venus in Aquarius. Getting current w my new life & rising like the Phoenix. Not sure what I’m prepping to do but I feel it stirring. Have to make room for it!
      Good luck in your transformation as we Light workers use our Light Swords to release personal shadow & find our tribe the one that receives us…as our shiny ourselves!

      • @Suzanne !!! You said it !
        We lightworkers use our Swords to release personal Shadow,and find out Soul tribe.
        I love that ,and that’s the space i looking for.

        It’s been tough,but I can see the light shining through the tunnel.
        Big Love to you too.

        We will Rise like the Phoenix

  8. I have Venus in Aries at 19 degrees 3rd house. Also Mars 13 & Mercury 25 Aquarius 1st house.

    I think my brother will end up moving back into our home. He is 40+ and has never lived on his own. His sun is at 19 degrees Aquarius. I hope he gets his own place soon. He generally lives with a girlfriend or stayed at my home for extended periods of time. He works full time with no children so why he won’t live alone has always irritated me. He and my husband get along great so no issues there. I am a loner and love having a house to myself.

    I have a Saturn /Mars/Uranus t-square and this week has been pretty calm even though I have several anxiety inducing things going on in my personal life. Hopefully I can stay calm for next week.

  9. I have Pluto in Leo at 19 degrees, 8th house. Fear is partially overtaking me regarding my 95 year old mother, however she is a survivor and I would be surprised if she does not pull through.

    • See what I wrote above. Fixed square hits my cardinal houses w Scorpio in fourth. My 92 yr old mother is selling everything & moving to assisted living apartment. A good move for her but even w help, any unexpected thing is possible! She has Aquarius rising & moon 29* & mars in Scorpio. NN in Taurus 12*. And believe me, she is in charge of this move from her recliner. Still a ton of energy in this full moon. I believe we have to meet cosmic energy w our own. Use it to push against or at least be conscious of what happens so we can get in the flow downstream. If we don’t/won’t/can’t that’s when we get whomped by the aspects! (Whomped-an astrological term for WTF?!?)

      • Thank you Suzanne, my brother lives with and takes fine care of our mother, she lives in a very large home and she has the luxury of staying in her home and does not want for anything. She is the woman in charge and has several businesses.
        My apology for not being clear with my statement above, I fully believe she will navigate through without much difficulty and would be shocked if this aspect gives no more than a hic up. (She is probably Virgo rising with Gemini Sun and Capricorn moon.)
        Thanks again for your wise advice.

  10. Yes, I have ruling planet Venus at 20 degrees. (Ascendent is 25 degrees Taurus in square with transiting Uranus and my natal mars is at 28 Libra squaring transiting Pluto) We’ve been considering a move – house is too big and expensive (for these times) and we live a bit too close to border with Belarus and war torn Ukraine. We must do sth now to alleviate future stress. It’s tough – invested and renovated here, have my garden at its most lovely, but I can’t see a way out. Having to be bold and wise, not the time to bury heads but certainly the time to dispose of those rose coloured specs. My cappy sun (plus transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus) and my revving-it-up Aries moon are all putting the pressure on. *CRUSHING SOUND* I am certain that we have to make THE change, despite ascendant Taurus tears.

  11. Tightly conjunct my natal Saturn and my Saturn return in 8th, sextile to my Jupiter in 10th and quincunx to my north node and AC. No clear idea what to make of it. But in general it‘s a time of coming to terms for me. Touching ground, acceptance, peace of mind. Yes, there was a lot of struggle lately. The next hurdle is ahead and welcome.

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