The 2020 Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Effect By House

transit watchThe Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto conjunction in Capricorn will be maintained for the rest of the year.  Everyone wants to know what to do; how to work with it.

I wrote this in January 2020 and updated it when Jupiter go involved. I’m pulling it back up as we near the end of this period. It’s because of this line, “First, this conjunction is going to mark people. ALL people”.

I just finished a consultation with a gal who is losing her husband. She has two children who are losing their dad.  Clearly, this will “mark them”. I think at this point, most people can see how this conjunction has impacted them. I thought we might talk about it. Here is the old post:

You may be scared (Saturn) to death (Pluto). I can’t make this fluffy but I do hope what I write can help people control their fear at the very least.

If you’re heavily Scorpio, Capricorn or both, you’re in a better position to channel this powerful energy.  Even if it knocks your socks off, you’re likely to be the first to rise from the ashes. Here comes the plain-speak, I’m known for.

First, this conjunction is going to mark people. ALL people. Age is not a factor here.

A “mark” in my mind is an event that changes a person and therefore changes the rest of their life.   For example, you’re ten years old and your parents divorce.  Or maybe you’re forty years old and your spouse dies.  It could be job loss or serious illness.  When these happen, they mark you. They change you on every level.

“Marks” are not always negative. You may graduate college and because you did this, you’re marked in a way that pays over the course of a lifetime. You may marry or have your first child.  When that happens, who you were, is done.

These things are all sort of real but you can be marked in a way that’s less defined. For example, you may inadvertently find your calling.  Do you think I set out to be an astrologer? I did not!  Am I not marked?

dark figureWith that aside, let’s looks at the houses in your chart where the conjunction will take place.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 1st house:  This is the you take control of how you assert yourself in this world.  You’re going to be seen as a force to be reckoned with.  So how are you going to handle this?  Will you intimidate people? Repulse them? Maybe.  But you may also present as a solid source of support for others. The person people call when they’re running on empty.

You may be worried about your physical body and yes, this transit might take a toll on that front. But it also pressure you to go deeper and find resources you never knew you had.

With Jupiter getting involved, you’re looking at the beginning of a new story for the transformed “you”. You’re probably a bit more optimistic than you were back in January.  You know you’re going forward, even if it’s slow.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 2nd house:  You can expect this conjunction to affect your money, your values, your self-esteem and/or your possessions. No, this does not mean you are going to go broke!  However, you may have to get by on less.

You may also choose to get by on less. For example you may feel burdened by your possessions and decide to pare down. The purge may be extreme.

Let’s say you’ve fluffed up your self-esteem by surrounding yourself with nice things.  If your self-esteem improves, you’ll no longer have a hole to fill with “stuff”.

In whatever case, think in terms of consolidating your losses, if this is what happens. Get real about money and power and how these things work in your life. Your stubbornness may be something to behold!

With Jupiter getting involved, your money and your self esteem has probably improved. At the very least, you probably have some realistic vision and/or plan to inflate your value.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 3rd house: You’ll learn about the power of words when this pair planets meet in your 3rd house.  For Godsakes, don’t gossip, because Saturn and Capricorn are all about consequences. If you cause a problem for others (especially 3rd house-ruled neighbors or siblings), you’re likely to have that karma ball come around, hard.

You may also find yourself at a loss for words. Communication may be blocked or just hard to manage. You’ll also be held accountable for what you say.

It’s a situation where a person mutes themselves because the burden of speaking is so daunting.  Say less. Mean more!

With Jupiter getting involved, you may be spreading truth or thinking ahead.  It’s not as dark and difficult.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 4th house:  This is a rough one.  If you have a strong family or emotional foundation, you’ll be glad of it, at this time. Unfortunately, many people lack these things. They will feel this void, deeply at this time.

On the upside, the pain will force them to dig deep. Here again, a person has resources beyond they’re conscious awareness… and pain to excavate as well.

If you know anyone who will be dealing with this conjunction in their 4th, try to offer support if possible.  This is a knot in your stomach times one-thousand.

With Jupiter getting involved, you’re planning for your future. Even if you were very hard hit (which is likely), you have survived and you’re looking to make things better.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 5th house: Well, ha ha!  This makes me think of an accidental pregnancy. You meant to have sex for recreation (5th), and instead you got sex for procreation (Pluto) and real life consequences – you’re a parent (Saturn)!

The 5th house rules creativity. If you ask me, making a baby is the ultimate creative act!

In short, “fun sex” has a deeper meaning. If your kids are already born, you’l probably take your “parenting” job to a deeper level (and a higher standard).

People may withhold sex under this influence, especially Scorpio which is known for this.

With Jupiter getting involved, life is a bit more fun.  You may be more visible. You’re creative light has expanded.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 6th house: You may be afraid about your health, but unless you’re very elderly, it would not be the first thing to come to mind.  This powerful, earthy conjunction would pressure you to rearrange your daily routine and your diet. You’ll want to gain control of any bad habits that drain you. I’m talking about food, smoking, drinking, porn, crack… you get the idea.

Another killer is WORRY.  If you tend to worry and fret, now is the time to get on top that. Become empowered by taking control and limiting the stress in you life.  Work smart. Simplify!

With Jupiter getting involved, you’re probably working a lot. If you’re not working, you’re planning for the future. You’re sorting out your job and your daily routine.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 7th house: You may be afraid you will lose your partner… or never have a partner to begin with.  While these things can happen, you’re more likely to become more deeply committed to a partner.

This doesn’t mean, necessarily, that you’re going to meet your “soulmate” when these planets meet in your 7th house.  You may very well find yourself completely bereft on the love front, but not without a purpose.

There are many people who simply don’t value others until and unless, they are brought to their knees.  So it’s when this happens, the healing begins.

You may also find yourself bearing a burden for your partner, or you may be the burden they have to bear. However, this plays, you can expect to be deeply humbled, and to have something come from it, that is real.

With Jupiter getting involved, your love story improves. You’re probably more generous with your partner / the other.  This comes back to you.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 8th house:  Well, jeez. If you’re one of those people who think you’re magical with no pathology attached, you’re in trouble here.  It used to be trendy for people to state in the personal ads… “no baggage”. Yeah, right.

During this transit, you’re likely to be acutely aware of what’s wrong with you, psychologically speaking. You’ll also be tasked with taking responsibility for it but hey! That’s a lot better than forcing others to carry your bags.

It’s also better than being rejected for the baggage that surrounds you, so just just be glad when it gets real and you have the chance to really get yourself together.

Um… you may also be dealing with death. Death of parents, inheritance or lack of inheritance as well.  Pay down your debt.

With Jupiter getting involved, you’re probably progressing. You’re getting an education of some kind.  Even if it’s all about what you see when you turn up rocks.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 9th house: This transit it liable to transform your beliefs.  Hard to say how this might manifest, but it might be a result of the death of your inflation.

For example, you may believe you are the center of the world. It’s a transit like this that will show you the real scale of things. The real truth. The real power.

Frivolous beliefs will be flushed to be replaced with beliefs that are deeply rooted and real.  All in all, this is one of the easier places for this beast to land.  Be grateful!

With Jupiter getting involved, it’s all about higher education and spreading the news.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 10th house:  If I could choose a house where I would like this conjunction to land, this would be it.  You’re on top. You’re visible.

Now hopefully you did not lie, cheat or steal to get there because if you did, you’re liable to take a tumble and yes… it’s a long way down.

With Jupiter getting involved, your responsibility has probably expanded… the grace you need to maintain your position should be there as well.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 11th house:  You may lack friends at this time or more likely, be reduced to just one or two who really matter. You may lose a friend during this transit. I hope not, because if it happens, it will be terribly painful.

Take care not to betray your friends. Be sure to support those who support you.

This is a transit may deliver a “friend-for-life.  But you’ve got to be one to have one. Exchange of energy, okay?

With Jupiter getting involved, your social circle opens up some. There are opportunities, though you have to reach or work for them.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 12th house: This is the quintessential “dark night of the soul”. Your suffering is hidden but endlessly and enormously important, beyond your wildest dreams.

You can’t escape it. Merge.

With Jupiter getting involved, you have an angel on your shoulder, now.  Do not deny this – you know it’s true.

There you go!  That’s it, I’m done! Now may we all get through this together!

Where will the Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunction land in your chart? What’s happening?
*Update in November 2020 – how has this conjunction marked you?



The 2020 Jupiter Saturn Pluto Conjunction: Effect By House — 232 Comments

  1. I’ll have that in my 3rd house. I do journal writing to manage my thoughts and emotions when they become too strong. I wonder if that would help channel that massive energy. I also feel it’s already happening as I’ve lost friends due to gossip and drama and poor communication issues.

    I still miss the friend I recently lost because of my bad communication issues. Karma bit me in the ass when he blocked me on Facebook and now I can’t make amends for my actions and behaviors that contributed to it on my end. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut from now on.

    • I’m scared to death! The conjunction will fall in my 10th house exactly conjunct my natal Mars which is at 22:42 of Capricorn. My natal Mars is well aspected but I’m still scared.

      • Mars is exalted (happily placed) in Capricorn. Focus on studying that area of your chart if you can. It always helps me to search for information about the components in my chart that are being activated. There are some good books out there on eclipses and how to anticipate them. My experience is that they effect me over a period of two to three years, not all at once usually. In my favorite book on eclipses (Celeste Teal’s book), I’ve read positive and negative events linked to eclipses. So we have a good chance, with all the positive stuff Elsa is saying about this eclipse, to see a positive result or effect in our lives. Eclipses are very misunderstood. I see them as instruments of change. I need something to nudge me out of my comfort zone to grow as a person and eclipses certainly can do that. Good luck. Let us know what you think happened in relation to the eclipse.

      • Just wondering how its playing out in your life now? Hang in there. Be safe and try not to be in fear. I know its tough.

  2. This will fall in my 7th house, and my husband’s 10th house, trine my Taurus sun. He’s got Saturn-Pluto baked in – conjunct in his 7th house natally. We’ve been talking about wanting to start a business together, but we have decided on exactly what that would be. January would actually be a great time for us to hunker down and work on it!

  3. 12th house cusp here and it seems like it’s going to be a very long night. No way round it but through it and I’ve prepared by reading your blogs and the Saturn in 12th workshop. Got Saturn in Pisces natally and T Neptune right on it now so I’m merging. Thanks Elsa.

  4. Fourth house here… ulp.

    The conjunction will sextile my n Ceres-Neptune in Scorpio (and Pisces Dsc), square n Saturn Rx in Aries, trine n Jup-Pluto-Asc in Virgo, quincunx n Gemini MC. (All of those natal placements are at 21-25 degrees.)

    Pluto and Saturn have been in my 4th for some time, but I have no idea what to expect with this event. (And isn’t transiting Uranus going direct like the day before the S-P conjunction is exact?)

    But it sounds grim.

  5. 9th house here for me, thanks for this Elsa, so powerful. I’ve just looked at my inner circle; son, husband, & youngest brother all 12th house.

  6. Thank you Elsa, so much, for writing this. It will take place in my house 4. Cancer is on the cusp of house 11, and there are Moon, Jupiter and Uranus. Square Venus and Neptune in Libra in house 2.

    In the evening I can sit outside quietly (it is summer in The Netherlands!) and that is what I need because I feal a threat. I have been feeling this for a while and it getting worse as time goes on.

    Nature, the garden has always help me to calm down : – ). That is a gift.

    • also 4th house. Live in a violent country so have not lived without feeling a threat or 1000+ knots. My question is – what is the effect of this conjunction on the 4th house? Loss of home and family? Other? What else besides 1000 knots…..

  7. 12th house meetings here.
    I have this conjunction natally though, in the 8th house of Libra.
    Talk about relationships and taking responsibility. The carry the bags-comment really is something, because my parents dumped their craziness on me so I had to carry theirs as well as my own. Hard to take responsibility for that when you’re young in relationships, especially with Chiron being linked to so many personal planets in my chart as well.

    Thanks for the heads up here, Elsa, describing the energies in the 8th. They can be hard to handle from time to time.
    With a quincunx to Chiron in the 3rd, I usually have bad breakups, due to things someone says. Either me or them.

    Last time they were close, in January 2019, my life was marked by my mother washing her hands off me and my previous BF dumping me on a text message. I was thrown off course, but I got up and found a new love, which had been there the whole time.
    We are now a close-knit couple, but I am very glad that this conjunction happens with a sextile to my Sun/Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The 12th house losses will probably be for the best then, changing me in a supportive way (hopefully.)

    • Oh my, I have just discovered that besides the Cap planets’ sextile to my sun/Venus/Jupiter conjunction, the transitting NN is close to my natal one, Jupiter is conjunct my Mars parked just outside the 12th house – and transit Mars is conjunct Uranus in the 10th house.

      Expect the unexpected.

      If things go down in flames… Those flames will be giga.
      If things decide to go well in some other areas – it will be huge as well.

      It’s like my horoscope recieving a giant stream of megawatt with its own natal energy.

      • Hi Anette, I felt I had to comment as I’m anxious about what this weekend will bring too, and I can’t believe the similarities in our charts. Transiting NN is on mine too, transiting Mars conj Uranus in 10th check, I have Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Libra in the 8th house too (in fact I have the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury there too). The upcoming conjunction is going to take place just behind my ascendant, in the 12th house. I tend to see the worst in everything and obviously with astrology like this I’m pretty concerned I won’t survive the weekend. I will come back here to leave another comment if I live to tell the tale ?

        • 8th house doesn’t have to be scary in general. It can involve handling other people’s second house stuff for a living or out of caring. Most of my work for over 35 years has been about handling other people’s money/bookkeeping or working at an auction (the money due them from selling their stuff). My husband and I both worked together in an auction business for several years and both of us have Mars in the 8th house. We handled several estates and a few were very difficult (murder/suicide was one) but all in all it was enjoyable to handle Things for others. Felt like we could help people who were downsizing due to age etc. Back in the 70’s my Mars/Neptune/Moon in Libra all within 8 degrees of each other with Saturn 7 degrees ahead of my Moon caused concern when I began studying astrology. Now I understand in retrospect how that played out over my youth and middle age. I loved to fix other people’s problems.

          The 8th house planets do better with help to pull their energy out. As do 6th and 12th house planets. Transits and natal/progressed planets in our friends and family’s charts can help us move the energy. Or of course planets that are connecting to these houses in our own charts.

          I found that my most difficult times emotionally were when transit Moon was in range to conjunct my Natal moon until it passed over the degree of my natal Saturn. Also connecting to pluto and Uranus by aspect during that same time. It’s been like clockwork pretty much. Knowing this, I can hang on. Read a good book or get involved, take a nap (Neptune/escape it) until it passes. It is usually only a day or two then I’m back to normal. A house is just a house. 8th house carries a negative connotation sometimes but it’s all part of a whole picture. You’ve got this!

        • Hi Annie

          Hope you survived the weekend.

          For me, personally, I did not feel too much. Perhaps because ‘the worst’ already had happened, I was bereft of my mother last year, but that was not these two giants’ fault entirely. There were other transits going on too.

          I guess that is a good way to look at it – as the 12th house is of endless endings and lacking boundaries, I think the structure of this house can be a bit wishy washy.

          I think we have a very similar chart (it sounds like it) – but as my sun, Venus and Jupiter sextile this conjunction, I think the biggest impact might have been in my personal beliefs. That’s all I can say as my sun constellation is in the 9th with Jupiter here as well.

          So… These fellas has been surprisingly kind. I hope they were the same to you!

          • Thanks for your reply! I did leave a lesson over the weekend regarding boundaries in a friendship – I had to cancel some social plans as a result, and I spent Sunday feeling very frustrated about missing out, because I do not get many opportunities to socialise – which as you say, 12th house, endings and boundaries, actually is all very connected. But with my ascendant ruler (Saturn in 8th) square that conjunction I was really afraid for my life! As Elsa described it in her article “scared to death”! But no, my worst fears did not materialise. I will try to bear that in mind for the future too, it would be good to stop living in so much fear. Thanks again for taking the time to reply, I appreciate it!

    • Don’t mean to alarm you but with Saturn and Pluto transiting your 12th, you will be in for some MAJOR spring cleaning. And I mean Major, in case the bold font didn’t catch your attention.

      Elsa has a thread on TR Saturn conjunct AC and on it many responded with stories of what happened when it went through their 12th. I know of one: he found out his wife was cheating, he got divorced, his brother got cancer…and to look at him is to know that TR Saturn and TR Pluto might not kill (that’s them being merciful!) but they can sure make you age overnight!

      What you can do is get your house in order. Do the right things so that TR Saturn does its work, it will be positive.

      I have Chiron in DC and I’ve become immune to it to a certain extent, except for when I have troubles then in true Chironic fashion, where I can heal others, I’m left with this unhealing wound. The thing about Chiron is that’s a place of great sensitivity and all you can really do is make sure no one touches it.

  8. I’m a virgo sun & moon with taurus ascendant and I’ve read I’ll be in good shape next year (earth trines, baby!). This conjunction will land in my 10th house. I’m currently interviewing for jobs after being laid off in July, one of those being outside of my home country. I’m hoping this is all good!

  9. This conjunction will happen in my 12th house. I feel like I’ve been having a dark night for the soul for several years already. So I’m not sure how much darker it will get.

    Can 12th house transits indicate death?

      • Happened in my 8th house here. Received a large inheritance/money/property and have had some of my already psychic gifts/intuition seem to upgrade from their normal level (that could be Uranus transit my 12th though as well). To be fair I Natally have Jup and Ven here in my 8th house where the Sat Plu conj occurred! and my POF in my 2nd house was exact the NN at the same time!. Also my third Jupiter return occurred within a week- so yeah not always “bad” in the 8th house! This happens to also be a 8 yr for me and I’m an 8 life path as well as 3 of the eclipses this year will involve my ascendent. Years ago in 2017 I had a spiritual experience that told me that within 3 yrs my life would completely change.and why I’ve become interested in astrology:)

  10. Well, regardless of my Scorpio and Capricorn stelliums, I still feel a bit anxious.

    Taking 15 college credits, preceptor, getting a teaching certificate. Taking GREs next year. Have my son starting school, court stuff too. Oh, and money is always never enough.

    I’m looking forward to my changes, 6th house and 7th too. I know it’s overdue and have been anticipating certain changes.

    • That would be the most delightful manifestation of this energy for me, except it won’t be accidental in our case. I have 5 planets and Vertex in Capricorn. I am fortified enough to bring up a child.

  11. I’m scared to even speak this out loud, but here I go anyway…..this conjunction is my first saturn return (23 degrees) May the universe have mercy on me.

  12. Elsa, I’m curious, my partner’s AC is at 24degrees Capricorn. Being so close to Ac, Does that mean conjunction will affect both 12th and 1st house?

      • Iam not “together”. I have Pluto and Saturn in the 12th and I am more alone then ever. My problems, feelings, thoughts, are not “shareable”.Too hard, unrecognisable, unsolvable. I have to go this alone. Before, during and probably even afterward, nobody will understand or even get close to this darkness, mainpulation and temptation I am going through. Temptation out of lack. Lack of love, friends, self love and money. All, my life until now, seems to be lost and useless, although I am a good person and helped a lot of people. There is no one to help me now.

            • Like you, Brex, I have Rx Saturn and Rx Pluto in my Cap 12H. It’s been tough wrestling with my private inner demons in these recent years. Most times I feel like an outsider with my nose pressed on the window wanting to get in. What’s extra frustrating is that I don’t know what “it” is. I do feel good and useful when I help others in any capacity.

              • Brex and Jayne,
                Feeling your pain.
                I’ve registered for the forum waiting to hear back to post chart.
                I have Taurus at the bottom of my chart. 5 in 3rd house and 6 in 4th house. It’s my understanding from reading monthly horoscopes on the web Uranus left Capricorn 4th house in March 2019 and moved to 5th?
                Looks like this is not the case. Does this mean I have Uranus in my 4th house for another 7 years?
                Also have Mars square Uranus in fixed signs Ouch

              • Hi Jayne, thank you, yes it is the fight with inner demons, good expression! What do you mean with “it”, the thing you want? I still feel good helping people, but am realizing more and more I could use the energy for myself, too and it is so much harder to ‘help myself’, for others I know exactly what to do, but to myself I am one big mist! Also I miss real good friends. Since Pluto is in Cap, they are almost all gone. Some I miss, but for most of them it is probably for the better (for me, having had unequal relationships all my life), this is hopefully the emptiness before the big happy new beginning. But it is such a hard, long, stretched goodbye! A 12 inch blues song…

    • Probably changed in philosophy. If it doesn’t hit angles or aspect other planets, the effects will be more of an ambient noise.

      • After what I went through when Saturn and Pluto were in conjunction on my eighth, ambient noise is welcome, thank you!

  13. It will be big only if it conjunct an angle or aspects your planets. It also depends on life-phases. Eg. Both of my children received direct hits (0 orb) to their chart ruler during July but my teenager feels it on a much more profound level than my 5 y.o. does. Short of parents (knock on wood) dying, everything else is a temporary adjustment for the children.

    Ps This coming from someone who had TR Pluto conjunct IC ruler AND square Moon in 10th as an 8 year old. Sure, those were transformative times, to put it mildly, but I’m now a 41 y.o. and in the scheme of things, I didn’t do too badly.

  14. May be all get through this together… well said.
    As we did with the grand square. With Uranus square Pluto. So I was thinking of the difference, not just of energies involved but also strength of the effects.
    Is this comparable Elsa?

    • I saw that square as a crack in a foundation. Unpredictable! This is more like a permanent mark. That’s how I view it… how it feels to me. It’s like it’s non-negotiable.

  15. I’m one of those with the 4th house conjunction. I am not afraid: I have a strong family base and my sense of self is safer than it’s ever been. It might be the trine to my mars/asc in Virgo talking, but bring it on!

    I am perhaps more worried about the people with the same conjunction natally, in Libra, born in the early 80’s. Someone close to me has Saturn conjunct Pluto at 27-29 degrees Libra, and they’ll be affected by this right? What can one expect for them?

    • People with that conjunction who are partnered will probably re-up. Cement it. Those who are not might feel a real lack.

      This us generally speaking.

      • Elsa, how do you think this might affect a 5y.o. whose chart ruler is 27CAP stationary Venus actually, and like many of his generation have Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception EXCEPT Pluto is smack-bang on his IC?

      • An update on my conjunction in the 4th house, for posterity (or something):

        so very long story somewhat shorter, I’ve had a big debt hanging above my head. This debt is old, like from a decade back, but because of how the system works in my country I haven’t been acquired to pay them because I didn’t use to have that much of an income.

        3 years ago that changed, and suddenly I had money after years of not having any. But still I’ve been avoiding seeking up the debt collector/bailiff myself because there were so many other things I needed the money for… and I knew that they would contact me themselves eventually to start the process of deducting money directly from paycheck each month, leaving me at existential minimum until I’ve payed it all back.

        And then the conjunction came! On Monday I received *the letter* notifying me that after 10 years it’s time to start paying. And I was so relieved – in true Virgo fashion I’m genuinely happy to finally get to sort that part of my life out – but at the same time how the hell am I going to make ends meet? The money I earn is such a big part of what I need to feel safe and secure (Capricorn 4th house!) so for a while there, as relieved as I also was, I was almost in panic.

        Fast forward to the ending: guess who are stepping up, supporting me financially so that I can get this burden off me while still staying afloat? My parents… of course! And I have NOT always been able to count on them, in fact it has been quite the opposite. Honestly it wasn’t until Saturn crossed my IC at 25 degrees Sag that I became a person who could find the patience and generosity needed to allow my parents to take part of my life. 3-4 years ago, allowing them to help would’ve been unthinkable and impossible.

        And I’m in awe! It’s perfect and harsh, painful and rewarding at the same time. I am so lucky and blessed that this was how it manifested for me. I hope others fared as well 🙂

        • That’s an amazing update! I think the major difference between how it’s manifested for you vs others is how POSITIVELY you have embraced the change wrought by the conjunction. Good on you!

          Saturn gives us our dues in time, good or bad. I have it conjunct my IC sometime in May 2020. Simultaneous square to Tr Uranus on DC; I also have the Uranus opposition after that. Well, I’ve decided to embrace that too. I’m reordering my life. Clearing out clutter.

          • Hey Estelle, and thanks! I’m lucky to be very sensitive to Saturn energies: I always do my hardest to integrate those lessons into my life and that tactic hasn’t failed me yet. It’s true it all stems from my own mature choices but I still feel plain lucky that there even was someone to catch me this time. I don’t come from money so just the fact that my parents had any to spare is a clean stroke of luck!

            The fourth house conjunction was rough, I’m not going to lie. It hit me HARD, but then again it squared my mars/asc at the same time so maybe that feeling of complete impotence and self doubt was aggravated by that? Anyway it forced me to give up certain childish privileges and notions I had in order to become truly, truly self reliant. I felt abandoned even by myself because I felt like whatever I previously had been able to use to propel myself forward was the very things that held me back this time. It was continuous process of confronting my own limits and I shed so much skin during I felt reduced to my most basic survival instincts. So yeah it was everything they advertised!

            And I wish you the very, very best when it’s your turn. Just remember that even in the dark you have to know better than to hide and not work with the new reality forming around you. I stuck to my structures and responsibilities even when it felt like I was being crushed under the weight of life itself. And it seems like those choices have served me well? Hopefully now the only way is up!

            (Although I do have my first Saturn return now in March sooooo I probably shouldn’t celebrate just yet.. ?)

            • Thank you for the best wishes. With your first Saturn return coming up, you will need them too. ?

              I can understand the N Mars square Tr Saturn making you feel impotent. Then again maybe that’s Saturn also approaching its natal position…I’d say you can feel it applying within 5 degrees, especially in same sign. My first Saturn return took me 5 years to recover. Maybe if I’d been less obstinate, it would have ended faster.

              I guess with your Virgo Sun (?) these energies of change in Capricorn are things you can work with.

              Saturn is the only detrimented planet in my chart and discipline, austerity and hard work are things I can cope with only because of my Virgo Mars. I say Cope because I have a Leo stellium and well, I don’t think the sign is renown for self denial. ?

              So I’ve been binge reading on how to manage these energies on 2/4 of my angles; I was born with Uranus on AC so if you count that, I will have 3 outers on my angles…soon. ?

              • Oh hey I have a Virgo mars too? And a Leo stellium, that’s so funny! I absolutely know what you mean: there we go working diligently day in and out with our proper Virgo mars and our Leo side is like “YAWN who caaaaaares?!”

                My Saturn is actually in very early Aquarius so the return hasn’t really begun yet 🙂 But yes I think holding on to things during a Saturn transit is the worst idea: it’s more about discerning what’s worth keeping, and just deciding on letting the rest go. A Virgo sun helps for sure but Saturn is trine my mars and ascendant while also in exact quincunx with my sun so I always struggled with Saturn energy while at the same time being so defined by it. I had to really embrace it, all of it, and that’s when life got easier because I wasn’t struggling against what I was supposed to do anymore. Here’s to hoping that tactic will work come the return!

                Uranus on the asc with transit Uranus on the desc makes you a Scorpio rising right? What an interesting combination: I think Uranus in Scorpio is said to be exalted. You must be an absolute force and conduit of change! Also interesting that you have a stellium in Leo, are they all squaring off each other?

                I’ve lived through Uranus on the desc but I was only 18 so the stakes weren’t as high for me as they might be for an older person with more established relationships… it mostly just introduced uranian people and experiences in my life, and I went through a range of social cliques with relationships broken off as suddenly as they arrived. A person with Uranus on the asc natally is probably used to that kind of energy, no? And maybe this time it’ll come from another angle than you’re used to, changes coming from a sense of urgency rather than because the natural rhythm of your life tells you it’s time.. And then throwing Saturn on the IC in the mix: those feelings of security, structure disintegrating. Like trying to live in an earthquake zone?

                I might be super wrong of course and you didn’t ask for my thoughts on your transits so I hope I’m not overstepping. Just thinking out loud! But yes I agree we both have our work cut out for us 🙂

              • Forgot to add, and this is perhaps essential to the overall forecast; I have Chiron on DC and Juno on IC, so when Tr Saturn ingresses to Aqua and conjuncts my IC, it will also conjunct my Juno. When Tr Uranus conjuncts my DC, it will also conjunct Chiron and square Juno. I have P Sun and P Merc RX almost exactly conjunct N Venus. P Venus 2 degrees away from P Pluto, chart ruler. On top of which this is a year when I will have at least 3 eclipses to planets; fortunately the are outers. Doesn’t look pretty does it? I feel best when I’m working on something and my project for the year is to declutter, which as a Sun Jupiter in Cancer counts as a major one. ??

            • Ivs, thanks for the synopsis on forces affecting my chart. Sorry for attaching my reply here because your last comment had no reply tab. I think we can only drill down a certain number of levels.

              Anyway, we should high five on having Leo stelliums and Virgo Mars! ? It’s a very contradictory energy. My chart in a nutshell; Scorp rising with Uranus on AC, a Leo Stellium (Merc close to MC, followed by Moon, Venus and Saturn), Sun Jupiter in Cancer, Virgo Mars. Chart ruler Pluto in Libra, every planet wired together by aspect except Saturn. Due to my weak and “estranged” Saturn “mental or physical exertion” is a foreign concept to me. With Uranus on AC, I am certainly affiliated with many groups, but as you already know from you Tr Uranus on DC, my involvement fluctuates. I had Tr Uranus on IC at 18 and I moved everywhere for a long long time. Try 7 years and abroad since Tr Neptune also moved into the 4th.

              It may seem as though I withdraw without warning but the reality is I’ve learnt to allow things and people to come and go from my life as they please, as Uranus demands.

              It may seem like a boast but I change lives without ever setting out to. Sometimes I feel that I should come with a warning.

              My daughter has N Uranus on the MC and she is out and out eccentric. My parents also have Uranus aspecting their Suns so you can say that living in an earthquake prone zone is something that’s normal and stability, as much as we crave it, is not what we can deal with for prolonged periods without feeling depleted.

              I’m glad you are ready for your Saturn return. You are in a good position to reap the rewards of your self-insight. It’s not a doom and gloom period for everyone; if you have done the hard yards, the outers will be a door to a welcome new chapter in your life. ?

  16. I read somewhere that after the conjunction happens, we may well look back and divide our lives into “before 2020” and “after 2020”.

    • I sure hope so. As a species we need to save ourselves from climate inaction; the signs are all there but the consequences seems million miles away.

      Saturn Pluto have been going through my 3rd, so excuse the somber tone. In that time, I have started and stopped writing a blog about migrant culture, relatives have died or people related to my relatives (like partners) have died, I have undertaken a contract for massive Reno on my house, fallen out with my entire extended family (I woke up and decided to just cut them all loose rather than endure on-going wrangling and insults)…the conjunction will quincunx Venus, ruler of 7th and 12th and Saturn, ruler of 3rd and 4th. Yeah, I have my suspicions on what this could mean.

      What do you think? Care to hazard a guess?

  17. I have it in my 4th house, but I have no planets in any cardinal signs. Not to say it’s won’t affect me.

    I’ve been looking at my home as the entire ? earth. I am starting to get worried about all the changes lately (climate change, the Amazon, etc.), so I’ve been thinking of my putting my Virgo-ness to work and cleaning my “house”.

  18. In my 4th house, close to my Mars 19 cap. Worse, my mother’s moon is 19 Cap and the conjunction is in her 12th house. She has multiple health issues but has been remarkably resilient but the past year has been tough with some deterioration. Seriously anxious. Knot in the stomach has been present for the past couple of months

      • Death and rebirth and/or karmic endings with regards to things ruled by the Moon plus the house rule by the Moon. Look to aspects to the Moon and if you’re up to it, throw in progressed planets.

  19. I dont have planets in the 7th. However, Capricorn is on the 7th cusp, at 8°38′. My 2019-2020, Solar Return, Saturn and Pluto will be in Capricorn in the 7th, and opposition 1st house Mars, Mercury and North Node in Cancer. I have been feeling the effects of it for quite some time, which feels like a pressure cooker. My mother is very ill at this time, plus dealing with undependable siblings, insurance, doctors, property, money, etc. So it has been quite challenging. I’m also dealing with health issues. I’m tired of being the dependable ONE!

  20. Please if anyone can offer some hope. Since 2008 my life has taken a turn for the worst. I have lost everything and it seems to be only getting worse. I came across your blogs and have come to realize I was born with a terrible birth chart. My Sun, Rising, Venus, Saturn are all in Capricorn. Moon Saturn. 8th house Pluto and 12 house Saturn. I was born in SLC, Utah at 7:41 am on January 5, 1959. Thank you

    • Hello Sarah, I am in the same place. Sun, Merc, Venus in Cap, mostly in the 12th. Since Pluro is in Cap, the magic in my hard but interesting life, has gone. It is only hard now. I guess we have to waot until Pluto and Saturn left the building, say 2022. Until then we will habe to survive. No more, no less.Just try to habe some easy moments and look at everything from above. Downstairs is only chaos and hate.

      • Sorry for the bad spelling, I commented from my phone 😉 I have not looked at your birth chart yet, am interested so I will look at the forum like Elsa recommended. Maybe I can find some relief there too. It is not hopeless, just hard gor a longer time, or harder, than we expected.

  21. In my 10th. I want to retire from my field. If I found a few hours somewhere that I liked I would consider continuing on, but not where I’m at. My mother had a saying “Enough is enough and too much is too much.” That about sums it up. Eclipses in Dec/Jan are very active in my chart, too.

  22. Brex I will get it posted this weekend. I made some typos myself–as I have Scorpio moon (along with some other typos).
    I hope that you will be able to provide me with the reality of my birth chart as it has been a tough go my entire life (the little I know has given me the strength to carry on). But so intense with Pluto, Uranus in my house of home (hit by tornado in 2017 along with other) and Saturn–this being my second Saturn Return. Also in setting phase of Sade Sati which I know nothing about–just that all combined one loss after another.
    Brex I’m grateful that you have reached out to me.
    Thank you, Sarah

  23. I expect my parents will die, that is very predictable, and my country, the UK, will drop through a trap door. Hey ho.

    I will get on with it. What else can you do?

  24. 9th house for me. I am indeed grateful! And grateful that you posted this. I can definitely feel the processes you’ve described, already happening to an extent.

  25. Well, I got a 4 Star stellium in Scorpio nataly including the Moon, which is now, and will be, Progressing in Scorpio plus I got Prog. Venus and Prog. Mars, which are respectively my Natal and Prog. Ascendant rulers, in Capricorn, thus conjoining the 2020 Cap Stellium including that Pluto-Capricorn conjunction, happening in my 4th house.

    I’m so grateful for this post, Elsa, it really nails it: Mother, Family, House.

    What I know of Saturn and Capricorn is that, like a tsunami, they raze everything that is not, well, tsunami-proof.

    And neither of these 4H matters are rock solid for me at this juncture!

    Thank you so much for the heads-up!

  26. Would anyone be so kind as to help me find out where this will fall in my chart? I apologize for my ignorance, and would really be so grateful!

  27. I have been caring for my ex-husband who has been battling liver and bile duct cancer since February 2018. In late June 2019, he developed hepatic encephalopathy, which is essentially a quick-developing form of dementia, and a sign that his liver has gone into failure. My gut has said for a long time that we may be nearing the end during 2020 and since the Saturn/Pluto conjunction falls in my fourth house, I’m bracing myself for that to be part of the timing. Thanks for sharing your updates, Elsa. They really help me navigate this a lot.

  28. With saturn and pluto transiting in my 7th for some reason the thought of being murdered by a person I’m dating comes to mind. Those two planets are killer, and in the 7th house it’s a clear indication of the classic scenario of a lover murdering their partner. I’m single, but I wonder if other Cancer rising people will kill or be killed by their partners. It’s morbid to talk about, but that is literally how it could play out. Domestic violence, sexual assault and murder.

    • I’m Gemini w/a Cancer rising, and Scorpio Moon. Solar Return, Saturn Pluto conjunction is happening in my 7th house, and opposition 1st house Mars, Mercury, and North Node in Cancer. Although, I don’t have a partner, it’s still, Self vs Others. Im tired!?

    • oh wow, yes. cancer rising here also. I am married and not dating but lately thinking about the dating websites and how I would never do that as I know I would attract crazies and be murdered.

  29. I believe I’m experiencing a good beginning of this energy. My husband has this in 2nd and I in 12th but 9 degrees from Asc.

    So he had to sort tons of stuff when we sold our house (moved out Sept 23) and there are undercurrents on my end and I stepped on a nail my first day at the house and I have problems with my feet…..

    I liked the part about being “marked”. I plan to write more, do astrology more and live my life for the enjoyment of it. I’m done with some parts of my life that don’t work well for me. I need to do what I enjoy or I will never do it! I feel this marking by a move to Louisiana on a bayou.

    Probably have a good bit of time (until January?) to finish clearing out storage units recently acquired. Selling excess unneeded stuff. Etc. Hoping for the best but preparing for whatever.

    I truly love your essays and emails. Your insight is amazing and spot on.

  30. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction will land smack on top of my MC (22°48′ Cap) I have had a terrible past 2 years concerning job/career. I know other transits and personal chart aspects also play a big part but, I am begging for mercy at this point. I can’t take any more upheaval!

    • If you worked hard to transform under these transits, you will reap the rewards. Granted they are brutal transits, but as my friend says, “They are doors to new pastures.”

    • One day at a time and you will get past this.

      Saturn can be the limit so maybe there will be a slowing and a limit to the upheaval. One can always hope. I have Pluto square my Midheaven Natally. I have had a large multitude of jobs due to upheavals over the years. Sometimes I have to try to find enjoyment in today or I lose focus.

  31. This is very interesting. It will land on my 10th house of Capricorn. Great news right? NO! It will also square my natal Pluto and natal Saturn on my 7th house (yes they are closely conjunct) and oppose my moon on my 4th house of Cancer. What does that mean?!? 🙁

  32. Hmm, what do you think if your fourth house is intercepted? Or do you only use the whole house system. This conjunction occurs in my fourth but the only major connections are opposite my mars at 23 degrees Cancer in the 10th and square my retrograde Mercury at 20 degrees Libra in the first. I’ve been going through a huge amount of upheaval the last three years. Left my husband for someone else and moved to another country to be with that person. It’s hard to imagine my foundation being more shaken. However, my partner and I have been working really hard to establish two properties that I bought as sources of income. And I will be back in my home country for this transit. Thanks for this info. In a way I feel I’ve been working on everything that this points to on a personal level, especially my fear of loss.

    • Hi, sorry, what about Mars in Cancer? We’re dangerous fellows, why? ? I’m asking cause I also just saw this Saturn-Pluto conjunction will be directly opposite my Mars in Cancer!! What does that mean!?

        • Well I know I’m not, but I’d love to know what he means. And more than that, I’d love some advice!! I got it in the 7th house, relationships!! ??

          • Theodora, talking about Mars, not the person, Mars in Cancer can be very self-detrimental, Mars is intensity and burning ?Fire? and Cancer is ?Water? that cancels out the ?Fire? not allowing it to extrovert and let out, keeping the ?Fire? in is definitely dangerous. In actuality, Mars in Capricorn, the opposite sign, is said to be exalted, best sign for Mars (so they say but for me the jury is still out ?) so in ?Cancer Mars is especially unwell, that’s called Fall.

            It is important to study Mars – here’s a good page for that – as he’s the great activator of processes, usually the kickstarter of things – aaaand he’s going to travel through Capricorn, where he’s exalted, for a huge 2 months, again kickstarting stuff, on, of all times, Mars ruled Aries sign of Spring. So the Sun going through Aries will then send the energy straight to Mars who’s busy in Capricorn conjoining Pluto and Saturn AND all things magnifier Jupiter!

            We will have then to be even more focused on constructive uplifting work, avoiding especially the 8 o’clock daily soap opera that’s especially ?, being protective of oneself from external negative contamination cos hatred and general negativity may abound.

            As we know of these things beforehand, we won’t be lost like many, we may use the energies to the betterment of ourselves and the world.

    • My mother had Mars in Cancer. Whenever we would visit, she could talk for hours about where we could go out to eat! She had nearly all water planets, most in Cancer.

      My Mars in Libra in 8th- handled other people’s money in auction business. Was honest and caring. Always a good thing one can do with energy!

  33. What about all the Capricorn stellium people born 1989-90? Is there any specific advice for them, or should they also look at house placement?
    I’m Pisces born 1978 with Capricorn in house 1, but I have many people around me from this particular group. Thank you!

  34. thank you for your work elsa and great to read all the comments. i will be having my second saturn return when saturn and pluto are conjunct. nice to have pluto there as mr. why dont i just make things a bit more intense. thanks dude. it also involves a conjunction to my m/c. but wait thats not all! at the same time it sextiles my sun, scorp and moon, pisces, and inconjuncts my north node, leo. my goal is to be the lump of coal that gets crushed into a diamond, my fear is that i will just be crushed…..

    • Sounds like a dynamite Saturn return-and I mean that in a GOOD way.

      You could be very lucky in this……but sometimes luck doesn’t show itself clearly at first (in my experience)

      Hoping for the diamond(s) for you.
      Not literally diamonds but clear, beautiful, valuable results.

      • thank you paula, that is a inspiring vision: clear, beautiful, valuable results. i would wish that for everyone! although…..a girls best friend would not be rejected. 🙂

  35. My ascendant is in Capricorn, 22 degrees. The conjunction Saturn+Pluto may happen exactly over my ascendant. I am afraid. No idea what is waiting for me there, but I will share some notes. My natal Pluto is in Libra, 23 degrees (MC in Libra on the 16th degree). I ended an study cycle in late 2018. January and February I was looking for a job, with no idea about what would be happening to me. I had no money at all. I went to a 10 days Vipassana retreat and I spend lots of time there suffering in silence, trying to realize everything passes, everything will change. At that time, I was in love with a guy I am not being able to be with, but not being able to broke with neither. Yeap, one year of this complicated “relationship” coming soon and tones of resistance and learning related to that (I do acknowledge my descendant in 22 degrees of cancer sign, and eclipses are coming on my way). In February I got a job in a different town and BOOM! I honored my natal sun, mars and Venus conjunction in Aries, leaving everything (once again) behind to re-begin my life again in another environment. New city, new job, new challenges, no friends, no family (as I immigrate to another country, leaving all my belongings, family and everything behind in 2015), just me and my courage to look forward. But I do confess I am not feeling connected. I have being trying hard do let it flow, no resistance, no attachment. I feel tired of fighting. I feel sensitive. I feel lonely as hell and a bit hopeless. This Pluto and Saturn on my 12th house may probably being responsible to put my anxiety in a level never before experienced. Worst then a Saturn return. It is like if Saturn asks me what I have being doing with my life all of this time and Pluto just explodes de sense, hitting my legs and putting myself on my knees in face of myself and everything I’ve being fighting for. I surrender without having an idea of what’s to come. But I do have the impression that if it is like if I fought and I did all in vain, cause as a matter of fact I am 38 in a place I do not feel home, with no partner, no kids, no family, no friends… But I have a job, I am in good health, I am being resilient and trying to keep on with my hope. Hope and cope! Elsa, I was reading your post and in my case I have being gaining weight (10 kilos since last year). Oh, I noticed some changes in my self-stem too. It’s being more difficult to love myself and be proud of my realizations. Hope theses sharing will help other ascendants in Capricorn to track this transit effects too. Thank you very much for this amazing forum !

    • i feel where you are coming from. Asc 29 Cap with Uranus 22 cancer. All my life stress and being prone to nerve issues have been my battle.

      Our move to being by a bayou has been soothing.

      I just ordered Bergamot essential oil. I bought a book on essential oils before we moved and it mentions putting Bergamot Oil on a tissue and inhaling it (a few drops) can help with anxiety and stress. I’m trying to alleviate this myself through other methods but was surprised to read about Bergamot. I think I will try it.

      What I bought is a beginners guide and I have enjoyed learning more about it.

      Fingers crossed our Capricorn rising helps us endure and climb our personal mountains.

      • Hi Paula
        Stress can come from many directions but I wanted to share with you that I’ve reduced my stress levels significantly by changing the way I eat slightly.

        I do intermittent fasting (eating from noon to 8pm and not eating anything from 8pm to noon the next day). It lowers insulin which is linked to cortisol and stress hormones (insulin seems to be linked to most hormones and the adrenals one way or another).

        I started intermittent fasting (IF) to lose weight but the stress reduction is very noticeable.

        You can search re are loads of websites. If you have a health condition check if you can fast before going ahead.

        • Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

          I seem to do better when I consume what would seem to most to be an excess of B vitamins.

          This last move has been stressful. I’m still recovering and unpacking.

            • Update. Asc 29 Capricorn.
              Going on for eye surgery probably in August or later if covid keeps interfering. Cataracts all of a sudden got way worse and are now significant enough to need surgery. Might not be huge big deal but hoping for no complications.

    • My Ascendant is in 21 Capricorn and my Moon in 17 Cancer, so I had years of Pluto opposing my Moon and it sucks. But when Pluto approached 19 Capricorn, coming closer to my Ascendant things started to get better. Change came for better and I am asking for more of it.
      Pluto conjunct your Ascendant give you power. But if you are stil suffering, maybe you are giving you power to others.
      Let life be, meditate, conect with yourself inside, and the healing will begin.

    • Hey Kailun, I have the same ascendant degree more or less. And I too feel like one alone. By my own hand. I have cut from family and gone very much within. I cry a lot over, basically, shite that is not deserving of my tears but its the early stuff that is triggering me through current situations and making those situations far greater in impact than they would have been. Its good to be done with my family and gives me a measure of peace to stretch out in but I still hang on like a loony to current, unfulfilling situations. Its a kind of fear of there being nothing to replace it and an addiction to strong, heavy feelings that keeps me binding myself there. I just did a weekend of Clowning/Transformation Tarot Theatre stuff and I pulled the Devil Card. Chains, Obsession, Shallow parodies of deep feelings. It was great, strong, risky play. I came back and cried myself silly for a few days. But here’s the thing. I actually don’t know why the tears anymore. The feeling seems to arise out of boredom. Like a familiar place to go to have something happening. And it is accompanied by a fear of action, so I go into inaction, then tears, then fear etc. You see the cycle? The tears get less real, less attached to anything in the 3D as I onion skin back to an infant state of feeling in the face of a growing up I never saw role models of or experienced as an ease. I get that I am feeling things my family (And other animals) suppressed as they went into distorted grown up behaviour, bypassing emotional truthfulness and vulnerability. And of course as a wee one I suffered the fallout of this and then replicated it in adult life. On the other hand there is, arising in me that power of FUCK YOU which I watch with interest and I see myself calling out bullshit in people around me and myself, not a great friend maker but its clear and I am attempting to temper it with some benevolence. I notice I weep and get enraged when I thwart myself by feeling helpless and not acting on something that I feel needs to be done. And I get pissed off at all the time this consumes. But looking back to last year and the year before with the 12th house Pluto I am glad to be done with that and settling the devastation in, slowly. I am rebuilding my life, studying sub aqua with an intention to dive again and the spiritual trainings as well. But it is slow progress and I am in solitude much of the time, then breaking out in workshop spaces as this powerful hired god/devil archetype in a place of total freedom. Its a wild ride and I have Pluto in the first now for 30 more years. Thanks for your information about your journey. It prompted me to add my own and in doing so I see a little more of it. Ho Pluto X

  36. Well,my Saturn is in Cap. At 0 degrees 30’ in the 6th house
    My Pluto, whose retrograde in Virgo
    At 3 degrees 55’ is in the third house
    My Capricorn in the 7th house at 15 degrees 48’,and my Virgo in the 4th house. At 25degrees .01’
    Any takers?
    I will be in a class 1/11 ,and 1/13
    Starting my last piece to finish as
    An appraiser, before State exam
    But good news for me, I believe I
    Am just in receipt of last course passing which gives this near 61 year old to finish her college degree qualifying me to take State exam
    Yay! Hoping to have sane home
    Life and work but seems when
    Things going good someone drops a house on me, perhaps snowstorm
    Will hit?tis the season

  37. Would you say that people should have an idea what is coming just by looking at 2018-2019? Pluto is a slow moving planet and Saturn is a planner unlike Uranus that surprises us. So, I wonder if a lot of us have some ambiguity in our life that will propel us in a direction for this “next chapter” in life, and this Saturn in Pluto conjunct will bring us to reality about which way things will be going forward. But, the only reason their has been ambiguity up until now is fear, and we I’ll have run out of time to fear. It’s just right in our face.

    I’ve had a very stable life the last 12 years, and I’ve seen my life turn way upside down like I’m being thrown on a different path. I’m making choices where I have the ability to, but the big choices are being made for my as huge losses I never saw coming. I think Pluto/Saturn will cement these changes so I won’t waste energy hoping for a different outcome. I’ve got all this going on in my 11th house. It doesn’t aspect any of my planets, but I do have Pluto/Venus/Saturn conjunct in my 8th. Uranus has been opposing it. I feel like this is the big moment in my life where I will be experiencing what my Scorpio stellium is all about.

  38. Hi Elsa
    Are there any upsides to having the conjunction in the 4th house, like some of the other houses have? Is it really all doom and gloom in the forth – and would you be able to explain why the conjunction in the 4th is so bad compared to the other signs?

      • Thanks Elsa
        I don’t have any family except a husband.
        They’re all dead or estranged – since my childhood. The conjunction is in my 4th as you may have guessed! The two planets have been on my IC for years – opposite my moon in cancer.

        I guess it’s going to be more of the same; mum died, husband had a stroke (he’s back to normal though) and gradually all my friends have faded away.

        So, I’ll have no support at all☹️

  39. I got stellium with saturn pluto conjunction in the 10th house with my natal mercury conjunct my natal sun of ♒ and Jupiter and venus and the saturn pluto conjunction also ends on my birthday 1/31/21!!

  40. 10th House, this transit also lands on my natal Uranus/Neptune conjunction.
    Didn’t lie, didn’t cheat. I’m simple inept, yet somehow people always mistake me for something else (Neptune being conjunct with my MC).
    This will shatter the existing illusion for me I guess? The transit is already happening for me. I have just been in a breakup, and just a couple of days ago, my boss pulled me aside, had an honest talk in which he (correctly) pointed out my flaws and (sincerely) advised me to reconsider my career choice (my boss happened to be a Capricorn too, and a good boss). It hit me at the core, as I had been having the same thought for a long time.. I worked at a law firm but I have never felt that I will fit in the profession; I can analyze (AC in Aries, Mars in Virgo and packed 8th house), but I simply do not have the mind to process the information (no Air, Sun/Mercury 0 degree conjunction in 8th house).
    Honestly, I have been stuck with depression for so long I cannot remember exactly when it started, and it left me devoid of any motivation. Future will be uncertain for me, as I do not know what I’m going to do upon quitting my job…

  41. I got a Grand Earth Trine Midheaven 10th house Capricorn Cardinal sign on apex, Chiron Taurus 1st house Fixed sign Left side and right side 6th house Virgo Mutable sign with Mars,Jupiter, Lilith and Saturn 26°, Pluto 8th house ♏ and Neptune 9th house ♐.. Mercury conjunct Natal ? ♒ opposition full ? in ♌..

  42. I would think a positive about having the conjunction in the fourth would be the possibility of bringing to light that which has been buried. Exploding those structures that have been too limiting or entrenched merely from tradition. Old stories about yourself or your family (or mother) that need to be turned to dust so that something new can begin. It’s Phoenix time!

    • Ah yes, I like the sound of Phoenix time!
      Funnily enough, I am currently going through the last of my deceased mum’s possessions that I haven’t been able to get rid of, but I also don’t know what to do with the photos. Some are beautiful old black and white photos of people in the past who are dead or estranged. I have no family members to pass them on to now or when I die. When I look at the photos they don’t make me happy because everyone in them has a tragic story/ending, from failed Oxford degrees to suicide!

      I think I will put them in a proper album and maybe there they will live until I die. It feels a bit old baggage tho.

  43. At 21 degrees it sounds like it is going to be quite close to my sun placement at 18 degrees in the 12th house and my ascendant at 26 degrees. So this will probably affect my identity and how i see myself and it will also affect my environment and physical life as well maybe. I suspect because the 12th house is involved it will bring unknown things to the surface as well that i will have to deal with. Who knows, i could end up a different person afterwards as a result of what happens or what comes to the surface.

  44. I am still wondering how it will play out with this Pluto-Saturn conjunction on my Ascendant in 21 Capricorn, considering my Moon in 17 Cancer ins’t far from an opposition.
    But the main factor is that at the same time Neptune will still be in conjunction with my South Node in 15 Pisces, and not long after, in August, Uranus will be approaching my Sun in 11 Taurus for the first time in my live.
    It seems 2020 is set to change my life forever and ever.
    But then I ask: what would change and how?
    Change is all I want, and no matter how much change I’ve been through in recent years, for me it’s not enough yet.
    I will be in my last year of law school, but it won’t be a big change because it will be my second degree and I already work in the area of justice.
    The way is to wait and see if something happens.

  45. My dear friends
    I am Capricorn and I have conjunction Saturn,Jupiter and pluto in 9th house. ketu also in first house. now I am in some wired feeling . like a dead one, no feeling no love no hate .let me know what is going on. I think I need help.
    Thank you so much

  46. Hello:) I am quite knew about astrology. I started to read your blog and I like it very much! Could you help me to more understand this transit?
    I have 5 planets in Scorpio in 3rd house(Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter), also Uran in 3rd house in Sagittarius. The conjunction you say about took place on November 1982, when I was born (Saturn/Pluto conjunct is in my 2nd house-natal horoscope). This coming transit will affect my 5th house (also in March I guess Jupiter and Mars will get there), which means all these planets will make sextile to the whole stellum in 3rd house. Additionally Neptun enters (after retrogradation) 7th house and make trigons to this stellum. What are your impressions on this?thank you, Anna

  47. Thank you for a great post. I am fairly new to the deeper parts of astrology. This will fall in my 2nd House ( I am Sagittarius Rising), but I have no latest in my second house. Might someone be able to tell me what that could mean for me? Thank you

  48. Why, *specifically*, would be the 4th house conjunction “rough”?
    In my case, it will be happening in my 4th house – and that’s not all: it will be joining my natal Saturn/Jupiter conjunction, this being my second Saturn return.
    And no, I have no security net whatsoever; haven’t for a very long time. I already know everything about fighting (or trying to fight) alone, in body and spirit. In fact, I’ve just cut off my only friend, because, for all her good intentions, she was killing me (almost literally).

    So, tell me – what do you think a person in my position should expect from it?

    • I’ve known folks who tracked all the Saturn/Jupiter conjunctions over hundreds of years, linking them up. I believe the events were monumental when looked upon in retrospect. It might have been in relation to the US. I wish I could remember more about it. You make me want to study it again.

      I didn’t notice my second Saturn return as much as the first one.

      I wish you the best in your future. Would love to hear your take on this when it passes.

  49. These powerful planets will meet on my descendant and I’m scared something really bad will happen. I’ve been enduring Pluto opposition for a while and my life has been changing, as in,losing friends,losing my home, and other problems. And now I’m entering my Uranus opposition too which will coincide with my natal sun-chiron conjunction. It’s a hot mess!

      • Mini update: I’ve lost even more friends/jobs and during lockdown my longterm partner dumped me out of the blue. I’m thankful to have astrology to help with this time…though sometimes I’d like to find a hole and crawl into it 😉

          • Thanks Elsa. When my partner dumped me I discovered Chiron transiting my natal Venus, which will last 2 years. Well at least I’m learning a lot and really going within…reading some comments it looks like we’re all being challenged.

      • My ascendant is 1’49” In Aquarius. Any thoughts of what this upcoming conjunction might mean for me? Since it will almost be exactly conjunct my ascendant, I figured it must be significant.

  50. What degrees? My Descendant is 29 so I may feel this in that area somewhat. For me it is an opposition. I have pluto in the 7th natally. I just looked it up: my Uranus opposition my husband and I left our kids with my Dad and went to auction school for ten days. The year before I had a pass over it then retrograde. I enjoyed our freedom from normal and becoming an auctioneer graduate was a good feeling. We ended up having our own auction business and I lived the 13 years we did that.

  51. 6th house! And I’m already a Virgo. You should see what I’ve accomplished in the last week as far as reorganizing and getting things ready for the new year. This energy is super helpful at the moment. My natal moon is in Scorpio and conjunct Saturn in the 4th house. Pluto is near too, but not conjunct. So, Pluto with Saturn and Earth energy are familiar to me. It’s super amped up though and again the timing and house placement are perfect for ending this year and getting a vision and plans going for next year.

  52. Conjunct my moon and mercury in the 9th house to the degree. But I do have an unaspected capricorn sun in the 8th house. Any suggestions?

  53. Happy New Year Elsa!

    Well this transit looks like it’s going to be fun *eye roll* 😛

    If I go by Equal House, it looks like the conjunction is staying in my 7th house … where it’s already been for many years… for quite a while longer, at least until after January (I only checked up until January 20th).

    So, if Equal house is correct then I will be dealing with the same relationship type energy for awhile longer.

    If I were to be looking at Placidus then it would move into my 8th house.
    Which scares me a bit because my husband has some serious health issues. So, I’m rooting for Equal house to be the more accurate one. 🙂

    In my husbands chart, the conjunction is moving into his 6th house no matter what house system I use. I told him about this and he’s already working on his health… So fingers crossed his efforts turn out positive.

    • I use Placidus but what I’ve found is that if the energy of this conjunction manifests in your life, it will be because it hits an angle or configuration of planets. You would probably already feel its effects at work from them (individually) going to and fro over the same pint. And if it’s to be death, which is what everyone fears, what I’ve noticed from studying the chart of supermodel Godfrey GAO who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 27/11/2019 is that a) the dreaded duo have to be aspecting L8 b) something must tie AC ruler to L8 – perhaps Moon in first c) even a quincunx can manifest an event and it would be a sudden event d) one of your inners would have changed sign via progression

      • Thank you for your knowledge. I really appreciate it. 🙂

        I feel a little bit better. Though it looks like it could get rather complicated.

        In my husbands chart his 6th house is empty and neither pluto nor saturn (transiting his 6th house) are aspecting his chart ruler, which is the sun and natally in his 8th house…but they are both forming a 5 degree sextile to his 8th house ruler, which is R.Neptune 4th house..they also form a sextile to his N. Mercury which is in his 8th house. Both T. Pluto and T. Saturn are quincunx his ascendant.

        I wouldn’t think a sextile would be a bad thing, would it? The quincunx makes me a tad nervous.

        In my progressed chart I’m fairly certain none of my planets have changed sign, though some (venus,saturn,uranus) have gone retrograde.

        • Since it’s your husband we are talking about we would look at whether any of HIS planets have changed signs and where it is and what it rules Natally. Yes, your chart can give some inkling about his (I find whole families can express themes to a lesser or greater degree) but I’d concentrate on his to see how it’s going to affect him. Sounds like he’s going on meds, if not already. Quincunxes are sudden and not as benign as what people want to believe. Sextiles require effort and perhaps motivation.

          • Thank you Estella. 🙂 I will definitely keep on eye his chart.
            and yes, he’s been on meds for quite some time. Thank you goodness for the V.A.

  54. Happy new year! It’s the first time I’m writing in the comment section, I would really appreciate your insight. I feel a bit stressed about this conjunction because it’s taking place in my 3rd house south node (I also have a natal libra stellium in the 12th house – Mars, Saturn, Pluto). I could feel a big and very needed change coming for months now but, I was hoping it would happen in a pleasant manner. Is that a foolish expectation?

  55. I have Venus, Vesta and MC conjoint 18 degree Capricorne and my Sun at 23 degree Capricorne in my 10th house.
    I have Saturn R 21 degree 4th house conjoint Mars R 23 degree in Cancer opposit to my Sun and Venus 10th house. Also Saturn and Mars 4th house opposit MC. My Sun 10th house square Asc. Sun 10th house square Jupiter 7th house. Mars R 23 degree Cancer square ASC Aries. Venus 19th degree square Jupiter 26th degree Balance, 7th house. Sun 23 degree Capricorne 10th house square Jupiter 26 degree Baance 7th house. What will be the effects when Saturn/Pluton conjunct? Will it have something to do with my health or my friend?

  56. I have mars saturn pluto in scorpio my 10th house which is also my mc house which is Libra. Im feeling it already….

  57. It’s taking place in my 12th house, hidden from everyone else and I know there’s no escape – so let’s merge. Your advice came to me at the perfect time, Elsa, thank you so much!

  58. I have Capricorn in the 10th house in 22,08 degrees that’s pretty much spot on no? I also have Capricorn in house 8 and 9 but lesser degrees. Saturn and Pluto I both have in the 6th house. So should I look at all those aspects right?

  59. I have this conjunction in my 12th house. I am currently seperated from my wife and contemplating divorcing. I also am a pisces dominate person with venus, sun and mercury in pisces so i am kinda used to the depths. Saturn and pluto are both sextiling my venus.

    Any thoughts?

    • I agree with Elsa about Saturn in your 12th. I’d hold off on huge decision like divorce until Saturn crossed your 1st house.

      Also, is Neptune aspecting any of your planets in Pisces? That too is not a good time for long term decisions if you don’t want to regret them. Really, it’s a “ride the wave” kind of time and when the transits are over see what beach you land on. But, you might know that, with how much Pisces you have! I have Pisces rising, and Aquarius moon in the 12th. My husband’s sun, Mercury, Pluto and Saturn are all in the 12th.

      No judgement here on the separation. My husband and I are currently separated, but it’s kind of an unusual situation. He actually had dinner here tonight with us. He’s going through something that his really his personal thing and I’m doing what I can to give him the space he desires. We are both also having Neptune transits and Uranus transits going on at the moment. Once we stopped defining things, I feel a corner might have been turned. ?‍♀️ If your thinking, but I have to make a decision now, says who? You all do you! You look at time as pressuring you, or that time is on your side, as in what’s meant to be will be. The one you embrace will likely be the one you experience. Having faith time will be on your side, so go ahead and take it is very “Saturn in the 12.”

      BTY-Saturn will be going in my 12th in a year or two. My moon’s there, so I’m really not looking forward to it. Uranus will square my moon and oppose my Saturn at the same time.

      • Jen – I appreciate your response. I am curious as to why i should hold off on the divorce until saturn leaves 12th. My situation is unusual as well. I haven’t slept at home in 6 months as she became physical yet again in front of our kids. She’s bipolar but the verbal and physical abuse pushed me to my limits. Basically my personally life is on hold and we divide the kids. My Ascendent is 1’49” so its a while before saturn leaves my 12th.

        As far as neptune it is transinting my 2nd house and about 6 degrees away from 22 degree venus. From there it will conjucnt my 28′ sun and my 0’59” aries mars.

        Thanks for any other thoughts. With Pluto in my 12th as well i don’t have words for how i feel.

  60. The conjunction is in my 1st House joined by my 17 degree ASC. I’m finding the work done over the past ten to 12 yrs showing itself to be a foundation that means something to people I did not know. The ripple effect of doing the work, hoping it’s doing some good, but no promises … until later (Saturn is like that).

  61. I had it in my 11th house.

    Me and my family received monetary gifts from family, but I was also scammed online by the date of the conjunction )-:. They stole my money. The fraudsters are an online company.

    I guess, I will be more careful from now on. It is interesting how money issues are at the center of my story. I have lot of planets in Aries and Cancer. (14-18 degrees), Pisces asc.

  62. Saturn and Pluto are going to square my nodal axis in 28 degrees aries/libra, with aries being the north node. I can’t find any information on that anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas? TIA!

  63. I guess I should mention that I have saturn/Pluto/Jupiter transiting my 3rd, and my nodal axis is in the 6th/12th houses near the angles (aries near the DC, libra near the asc.

  64. Hello, I am just curious, do you Elsa, or others consider where the conjunction falls in your ascendant-based houses as well as your solar houses? for instance, I am a Taurus Sun with Libra Ascendant. The conjunct falls in my solar 9th house and my 4th ascendant-based house. I am for sure feeling the 9th house effect (solar house system), and am a little noticing the effects of the 4th house (ascendant-based house system.

    • Welcome, Jennifer. I focus on the house in the natal chart. I can see how looking at the solar chart might yield information but I personally like to keep things close-in and concentrated.

  65. Hello Ms. Im deliberating what house would this conjunction be in for my self? My asc is at 25 cap. Also, i was reading previous posts from this thread concerning decisions being made during and after ones saturn 12th house transit. If saturn retros back to ones asc, but doesn’t pass it back to the 12th, would that count as another time to keep from making decisions?

  66. I am so late to the party. Brilliant article. As a newbie to astrology, I was initially looking into this conjunction and noticed I have “Saturn Conjunct pluto in my 12th house” with both in Libra and I can’t find much information about it. How does this conjunction present itself in a person? Everything I find talks about it in transits but nothing much for it presenting natally in a chart. Thank you for your help!

  67. If you narrow your search using natal Saturn conjunct Natal Pluto it might bring up more pertinent info. You could even add in Libra. This is an event people(astrologers) have been discussing for months so there’s a lot of info online about the current transit. So there may be archives on various websites about such happening in Libra. Take notes if you are so inclined. Next time around you might wish you had.

    Since you found brilliance in the writings of Elsa, you could also find nuggets or kernels iof truth in what you read of hers that can be applied to your chart and your life.

    Saturn takes 28-30 years to go around the 360 degrees of the zodiac. Pluto, if I remember correctly, takes about 244 years. Give or take. So if one lived to their 90’s, they might see this conjunction only two or three times in their life at best. If I’m thinking straight.

    You could probably share your experiences that you think relate to this in your chart and people would be most interested.

    By the way you found a great site here and a wonderful astrologer. I love how Elsa expresses her vision of what’s going on now. It’s a true gift.

  68. I have Saturn and Pluto both in my second house and both in Libra, and also heading into my second house profection year also in Libra. I hope Venus help takes the sting out.

  69. How do I find out what house the planets will fall in? Of course I’m petrified Pluto, Saturn, are both at 22-24*degrees in my natal chart. I have a very healthy Mars but it’s in my 8th house natally. And I’m a Sagittarius sun. I have no idea why I have not figured out how to determine where planets will be in what house but if somebody could tell me how to figure that out I will greatly appreciate it!

  70. oh my… Sun in Capricorn 27 degrees, Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter all in my 9th house… My north node is Gemini, 1st house and south Sag. !!!
    Any advise?

    I feel totally AWAKEN… AND a little scary because I see all truth?!


  71. I will really need some help with this:

    The conjunction will become exact to my natal degrees in late October, and it falls in the fourth house, which is ruled by the moon.

    Now, my mom is not of ill health, and I read both hers and my siblings’ charts and I didn’t see any signs of death.

    However, I have had people warn me that this could be the end result and it could be sudden.

    The fourth house also rules property, though, and our family has been in the long process of finishing off some issues regarding to that, after YEARS of dread and inactivity. Slowly but surely, we have made miraculous progress, and have had monetary gains, too, and we hope to be done with whatever is left to do now by early next year.

    Could this be it instead?

    Elsa, could you please help me?

  72. 6th house – definitely makes sense! Thank you for this description. My daily routines have proven to take a toll on my mental health, experienced burn out due to work related stress, both physical and emotional stress. Work has been more than overwhelming and have decided to change profession as a result! It feels like the most liberating choice of my life. I guess this transit, not completely over, has shown to me the type of work that does not suit me. And also, how important your health is! There is more to life than work. 😉

  73. Truth be told, I thought I would be fucked up, because it’s on my Ascendant; I did not expect the whole world to be in that state 😀

  74. Thanks for the update. I have this conjunction taking place in the second house. I have used the energy to cut expenses to bare bones and have been able to save money for the future. I hope Uranus in Taurus doesn’t mess with that. It’s moving Through my sixth house work environment Changing how I work quite a bit And we are not yet halfway through. Fingers crossed that I can integrate those changes gracefully.

  75. The Cap 12H stellium is trining my 8H Virgo Mercury. While self quarantining (12H), I’ve used this time to do deep astrological research into significant life-altering events. The epiphanies are astounding.

  76. 12H transits hovering between or going back and forth over natal sun and mercury…

    “With Jupiter getting involved, you have an angel on your shoulder, now. Do not deny this – you know it’s true.”

    I sure as hell do!!! And I am soooo grateful.

  77. 8th house, with my natal 2nd house Mars at 24 Cancer opposing it. The conjunction has been pretty good to me financially because I put the work in to improve my situation over the past decade. However, I’m dealing with a strange phobia related to the occult and ego death.

  78. I have the conjunction in the 10th house close to the MC. But the feeling of tumbling down was stronger when Neptune and Uranus were conjunct the MC back in ’93 or’94. Awful

  79. This is transiting in my 11th. I’ve written another time here, but I lost my boyfriend/soulmate, who had also been my close friend for over 18 years in March. His death was a shock and devastating. Our last two weeks, though, have marked me terribly. I don’t know how I’ll ever get over this. Day-by-day. That said I also have two close friends who are my saving grace. I can’t believe how spot-on your words were.

  80. Oh my! I was born with this conjunction in July 23rd 1981 ? How was I greeted? Car accident at 6:30 a.m. so that’s my 2nd time in a hospital on july 23. ? I’m surviving it.. but curious to see if it really is a life reset. Sadly my twin died months after our birth. I hope it doesn’t symbolize a passing of a twin/flame/love or mirrored person. Would know in October ?.

  81. Hi all,
    Im fairly new to astrology.
    I have saturn, jupiter and pluto all in my 10th house and all retrograde. Im also having my pluto square pluto.
    So far all is going great. I have been reading and reasurching loads and have had some really amazing dreams, 2 in particular that have had a huge impact. Lots of other deep, random and meaningful moments in the last 6 months.
    One of the most random things is my birth chart and that i have 2 of them. This only happened a week ago. Im still trying to work out why this has happened and what im going to do.

    Any information or help would be gratefully received.


  82. hi Elsa, i’d love a little enlightenment on this, from any helpful soul here: these planets are going through my 10th house. I am Aquarian, so collectively they are in the 12th. Which house influence is the strongest in this case? Or is it a blending of both? Thankyou! Matt x

  83. Interesting! I have my natal Jupiter, Pluto, IC conjunct in the 4th house. And the transit has been happening in my 8th house, in quincunx. For real, it’s been a painful year and I only have gotten through it by going within and looking at everything that is NOT me, old programs and paradigms, so much ugly! With very little support, which has forced me to turn to spirit fully. Fun, NOT AT ALL. But worth it? Oh yeah. I’m feeling so much lighter than when this year started.

  84. Elsa, thank you for your great work covering the Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter in Capricorn transits! Especially Pluto in Cap, which has been a bear. These three planets have been transiting my 12th H in 2020.

    – ?% agree that 2020 will mark every single person.
    – On the upside, my ASC is 28 degree Cap, so Saturn & Jupiter will begin transiting my 1st H in December.
    – On the downside, 2020 has been incredibly difficult on top of a very difficult decade (Pluto transit 12th H). In June, I lost my job after five years of hard work due to a company buyout. Between September 22 and now, my cat ? companion of 14 years developed acute kidney failure. Vet said kindest thing was to euthanize him; he died 11/16. In October, my stepdad of 43 years was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. I live alone so have been quarantining alone, now without my furbaby.
    – My sincere hope is I’ll get a great new job next month to tether me back to earth. Between COVID quarantine (which NY has taken seriously), job loss, losing my ?, and my step dad’s impending death, not to mention this election cycle, it’s all been very dark and frankly just too much.?
    – My stepdad recently told me, “Just take it one day at a time.” That’s all any of us can do.
    2020 has been a watershed year of loss for millions of people; many will be glad to see the calendar flip to 2021. ????

  85. 3rd house. Glad you did a re-print on this one. I was just thinking about this in terms of the changes coming in my day to day life. I am hearing shut up from people, not in those words, but that is what I am getting. And the loss of words, I am getting some of that already. Believe it or not, sometimes I just have nothing to say. And thanks for the heads up on truth telling. Not a good idea for me. No one would believe me anyway. Because of that, sometimes I make up tall tales and the listener usually eats that stuff up. Go figure. I think the one thing with communication that I am already starting to learn, is to not step into it too early on in meeting new people. Have been getting some not so good results with that lately. Shut er down.

  86. This monster has hit my 12th house and I have to say that even having Pluto on my Sun my entire life has not really helped with this transit. I have started doing visualizations where I have a round table discussion with Pluto and Saturn and discuss my deepest fears and everything else about what makes me, me. I have been learning a lot with this and throwing out what I have to let go of and just accepting things that I need to face up to.

    I have lost people who have meant a lot to me and I know there are more people that will exit my life during this time. I try to prepare myself for these deaths. A couple of weeks before my mother died in July of 2019, I kept hearing about people who had lost their mothers and I even saw a photo of a Mothman over a KFC. Well, Mothman is a death omen and KFC was my mother’s favorite place to eat. I spoke aloud and said, “I know her time is near, thank you for the warnings.”

    Now as to accepting fears and dealing with them, it is happening literally with me. I have that irrational fear of spiders. They just scare the bejeebies out of me! Well, last Tuesday, I was at my desk and felt something on my right arm and there was a large spider and it was crawling down my arm onto my hand and I forced myself to calmly steer it off of my body and my husband took over. I did not go into a wild state of panic and he was shocked. I wondered if all of my deep rooted fears would manifest outwardly? I hope not, but if they do, I have to accept it and meet them head on.

    This is some of what is happening with the Great Conjunction in my 12th house.

  87. Wow, what a year!

    A bat basks with his wings in Wuhan and sends me into psychiatry 8 months later…

    I have gained 2 diagnoses, been finding out what my deeper pathology is, got treatment for it, will be getting more treatment and therapy in 2021 and then hopefully be DONE!

    This has hit my 12th house and I think I have utilised Jupiter’s healing and beneficial influence this year to the extent I could.

    I am grateful for what it taught me, but I look forward to them leaving my 12th house!

  88. Thanks for reposting, 4th house transit here. A lot of isolation and forced confrontation with shadow. Very hard, sad work and constant desire to escape doing it (my ego no doubt). Pluto’s transit already brought a mass excavation, self enquiry and psychic transformation which has helped me navigate this year, yet the weariness of experiencing ‘more’ is pronounced. Longing for the emergence phase, yet still finding energy to commit to the process. It seems interminable but I know it will end. Am reading the other water sign transit comments with interest.

  89. Thank you for this. I don’t know how I missed it – but this Grand Conjunction will be conjunct my natal Saturn in the 8th house (28 Capricorn) and my natal Jupiter in the 9th (6 Aquarius). This is a part of my grand fixed cross configuration, in opposition to my Moon in the 2nd (1 Leo) and square Neptune in the 6th (8 Scorpio) and Venus in the 12th (9 Taurus). This is my second Saturn return. I have health issues and so does my husband (Leo). I am very concerned.

  90. This configuration is in my 12th house. *sigh*

    Sat Sextile natal MC
    Jup trine natal Plu 7th
    Jup sextile natal Nep 9th

    <2° orb

    I'm dealing with my transit nodes and my natal nodes forming a perfect square as well. Oy.

    Pluto is opposite natal BML
    Pluto square natal BML

    <2° orb

    Jealous? ?

  91. I currently have this in my 1st house. Sun is at 25 degrees and Mercury is at 28 degrees. (I am a Capricorn Asc, Sun, Mercury).

    My father died when all were conjunct my Sun I believe. His Chiron was conjunct my Sun. I don’t know what any of that has to do with anything, but I was definitely affected by this conjunction.

  92. I marvel at the wisdom of the universe. This dance of the planets began in my 9th and went right over my Midheaven.
    It played out that other teachers at the (private, idealistic) school I have worked in for 20 years began questioning some of the core values upon which the school is based, so I realized I can no longer work there and am moving to another part of the country to seek new work and new colleagues.

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