Scorpio And Trust – The Vetting Process — 58 Comments

  1. I initially trust most people unless I get the spider sense they are hiding something- a motive, a secret of some sort or just a character flaw they are masking and making up for. Then I am friendly but not overly and just watch. If they show me they are sincere, kind and interested in knowing me, I give them the ok and am interested in getting to know them. People are not perfect though,me included, and fail. I forgive and will several times until it’s clear they are full of shit. Then I slowly let go. The energy to keep on trusting after that takes too much energy. (Sun at the end of the 12th) Mars and late ASC in Scorpio. But my Jupiter Libra helps me meet people heart forward. I want to trust. I fear being wrong and being swindled or made a scape goat.

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