Chiron – You Can’t Buy Charisma

Maria Callas portraitI wanted to talk about the shadow-side of talent,Β so I called my friend, Ben. He’s a Scorpio artist who has worked in the arts for decades.

We got talking about charisma. Ben mentioned instinctual actors like, Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty and James Dean. He mentioned Maria Callas as examples of people who have that IT quality. Never mind their flaws or lack or classical technique. Audiences love them.

“Can you imagine, Marlon Brando in a supporting role in a movie?” he asked. “He couldn’t do it. He’s too charismatic; he’s got to play the lead.”

Ben has charisma himself. He said that as embarrassing as it is to say so, whenever he watched films of performances, his eye was always drawn to himself. This is the case regardless if he were playing in a trio, a quartet or as part of symphony orchestra.

I am sure this is the case because he once told me that most all the donations that came in to support the various orchestras he’s played with, are donated to his chair. Consequently, when these organizations have needed money, they have used him (Scorpio energy) to raise it. Specifically, they take his picture because he plays his cello barefoot in all circumstance. You can imagine how people get a kick out of this and out comes the wallet. Ben couldn’t get away with that if he did not have so much charisma.

Chiron rules charisma. Ben has Chiron conjunct his ascendant in Aquarius, so you can see how his quirk plays well. Marlon Brando has Chiron conjunct his Sun, Moon and Mercury in Aries and it’s easy to see how his charisma is related in his raw male energy (Aries).

Are you charismatic? Where is Chiron in your chart?



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  1. I keep forgetting about the charismatic aspect of Chiron- I see the teacher, the outsider but the charismatic..? keep forgetting that one..

    Chiron in Aries in the 10th square Mars in the 1st in Cancer.. I think I best turn to the more conventional charismatic areas of my chart such as that Mercury thing on the Asc (from the 12th) And maybe my Uranus square ASC… those seem to lend a charisma but fast lived.

  2. Cool! I had no idea that Chiron ruled charisma.

    My Chiron (in Pisces) touches quite a bit in my chart, it’s conjunct my Jupiter, Mars, & Mercury and trine my Scorpio Moon/Neptune/AC.

  3. “he plays his cello barefoot in all circumstance.”
    Ok, I love this.

    I didn’t know Chiron ruled charisma. Of course, I may be confusing that with charm which I attribute to Venus/Mars or Venus/Merc. But anyway.

    I don’t see myself as charismatic. I have chiron in Aries 2nd house opposing my mars/uranus in Libra 8

  4. Chiron exactly conjunct Mars in Aries. Also conjunct Jupiter. 8th house.

    I didn’t know Chiron ruled charisma — that is really very interesting. I do have it and feel the wound of having it.

  5. Chiron in the first (Taurus) conjunct AC, trine MC, sun; op Uranus.

    Yes, I have an odd magnetism. Also Venus/Pluto. It gets interesting. Customers, especially the unbalanced or insane ones, latch onto me like a lifeguard (and try to drown me). Meanwhile, as I try and deal with that, the co-workers are also demanding my attention, asking what this person’s problem is (insinuating that I have done something to cause the behavior).

    In other, less extreme examples, it ranges from all kinds of reactions (including hate). On very strange days it’s like the movie Love Potion #9. The rest of the time, it’s pretty nice, although you HAVE to back up the magic with structure. I have to limit my commitments, circle of friends. Because the expectations for performance based on promise are very strong. Them: “…but I LOVE you!”. Me: “Thank you? But I just met you. And my boyfriend wouldn’t like it.”.

    Most of the time, I can just smile at someone, and they smile and glow a little. Men and women, but especially kids/pets. It only works if I mean it, though. (balance)

  6. Chiron Pisces 1st Conj Moon and Trine Neptune Scorpio 9th.

    Hello, my name is Isernia, and I have low self-esteem. If I have charisma, I’ve never used it to my advantage.

    I do send tractor beams out to all the needy people. If they are a Pisces woman especially, chances are they will want to be my new best friend (then they will stab me in the back).

    I think any charisma I had peaked before this last marriage. Now I just feel like a wrung-out dishrag. I need to either move to the ocean, or marry a foreigner or something! Maybe then I’ll feel charismatic!

  7. Chiron rules charisma? I know people with prominent Chiron but I always ended up attributing it to other factors in their chart. Maybe it’s chiron plus other factors that add up to charisma?

    I have chiron in the 10th square retrograde jupiter in the 1st & trine Mercury and Saturn, and I don’t think I’m charming or charismatic.

    That might explain Bill Clinton, but I always attributed that
    an entire stellium of Libra planets in the first house.
    My father has Chiron conjunct his Scorpio ascendant, but he also has a Kite in Fire. Hmm.

  8. @ Elsa – I’m a Euro-American meltpot (I am fair skinned but got a lot of the Italian and Cherokee/Sioux bone structure). I also loathe public eye and am pretty formal in etiquette, for an art kid. I also tend to find myself on stage and doing well. Aqua moon vs Leo mars helps. (not as much OFF stage.)

    @ Isernia – lol. You have not lost your charisma. Virgo sun giggles re: Pisces. I am a sucker for the fishes. The good ones are soooo delish, though.

  9. Marlon could theoretically play a supporting role, but hed always end up stealing the movie.

    My Chiron is in 12th H about 8 degrees out from my Sun in Taurus, on the cusp of 11th and 12th houses. Would that mean that, like my Sun its pretty hidden and behind the scenes?
    Some people have told me i should be in movies and that i have some kind of charisma, but i dont feel it or think that really. I think when it does manifest its a kind of uncomfortable intensity.

  10. This post is timely. I’ve begun looking at family charts and one of the first aspects I notice in my brother’s chart is Chiron conjuct his 10H MC, exactly. I don’t know this might mean but it seems significant.

  11. The most charismatic of my old loves is the Italian, who had Chiron in Aries (prob H9), but not conjuncting anything. In fact it’s 10˚ from his Taurus MC and 15˚ from his Taurus Sun

    He was very good looking, tall – over six ft – with piercing blue eyes, and he vibrated with raw energy both ‘male’ and intellectual. He too did some acting and modelling when young – and he survived a German concentration camp, which most of his peers did not, imo from sheer personal qualities. In any social situation, he was the focus, and the ‘king’, no question.

  12. I have Chiron conjunct my Taurus ASC. I never really considered myself charismatic, but it makes sense. I can light up a room, but mostly when it’s full of people I know.

  13. I’m not sure that its charisma, but my presence in person somehow has others feel at home and at peace and Ive contributed that to my 4th house chiron in pisces.

    I know a few charimatic folk tho so now im going to check out there charts to look into the chiron affect

  14. I didn’t know that about Chiron either!

    Mines in aries at the reaction point of my Taurus mars Pisces sun Uranus libra yod… Hmmm I’m gonna have to take a fresh look at my chart with this in mind πŸ™‚

  15. I’ve never heard this before. I’ll have to check the charts of two of the most charismatic men on the planet. Bill Clinton and Sean Connery. I’ve heard stories about the impact of the aura of these men. I had one client who went to a dinner party with Clinton, and he said his personal energy and charisma was so strong that it was literally palpable. I’ve heard the same thing said of Connery. Lets’ see…..Connery has Chiron sextile Pluto and trine his Moon. Not really that much Chiron. Clinton has chiron conjunct jupiter in the first house. That makes sense, although i think it also has a lot to do with his moon in the 8th house and mars venus rising. Connery has a strong 8th house too.

  16. Chiron in Pisces is trine neptune/moon conjunction in scorpio in the tenth; from the second. Also opposed pluto/uranus in the eighth.

    Charisma. Yes, people notice me to the point that I’ve learned to turn it down: I turn it down on purpose and don’t use it indiscriminately because I can take over just about any stage you’ve got.

    When I was a kid I could never figure out why people were looking at me all the time; as a young woman I learned that there are some huge downsides to attracting attention to yourself. Now I don’t use it unless it seems safe to do it. If you’re aware and have mars square neptune; after a while you figure out mostly you don’t know a damn thing and you better stop talking before people start listening to you; because they actually will.

  17. Obama has in 1st/Pisces.

    Lots of the men I know also have charisma when in Aries (yup) or for me, Gemini. Gemini Chiron might be a personal taste.

  18. Retrograde Chiron in 0 Taurus, 8th/9th house depending on house system. It’s conjunct my SN, and opposing my Mars and NN/Venus/Uranus, trining my Ascendant.

    Yes, I’ve been told I have charisma. For instance, when I was singing at a choir of 50-60 people as a teenager, people would come to tell me afterwards how they had noticed me, and my passion for singing. The interesting thing is, that while I appreciated it, it felt natural to me to be noticed. I think I’ve been a performing artist in several lifetimes before this one.

  19. Eh, I have Chiron conjunct Sun (on desc.), but I would not describe myself as charismatic. I’m charming enough when you chat with me, I suppose, but I apparently have no acting/singing talent whatsoever. Very disappointing when you have Mars in Leo. I don’t think I rivet a room, but then again, except for my wardrobe I am usually keeping myself on the down low in a room rather than taking it over. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to rule the room.

    Most of my exes were not charismatic, but I did date one who had pretty much every woman (except one) he ever met swooning somehow. I’m not sure why because I’d probably describe him as mildly charismatic at best– he was no Clinton sort.

  20. Fascinating to read who people find charismatic – I agree about Sean Connery, but Clinton?… he leaves me totally cold: doughboy, ham actor, fake charm: he’s everything I don’t want in a man πŸ˜‰

    Anyways… my own Chiron: conjunct my Jupiter/Juno in Libra, and the fulcrum of many T-squares. Also trines my Uranus in H10 and almost trines my MC… and there’s a minor aspect to my Asc.

    Sometimes I have charisma in abundance, sometimes none. It’s very strange. Maybe that’s due to most of the numerous aspects from my Chiron being squares to my personal planets (Sun, Venus, Mers, Saturn)

  21. Wow talk about good timing. Just last night I realized an intense synastry I had with someone. His Chiron is in Aries conjunct his Sun. My Chiron is in Gemini conjunct my Descendant (opposing my Jupituer-Uranus in Sag). Another intense relationship has the man’s Chiron on my Jupiter which makes a Chiron opposite Chiron connection.

    I guess my placement means I am a charismatic lover or foe? I am able to communicate (Gemini) my attraction (7th) to them charismatically?

  22. I’ve got Chiron at 16 degrees Aries in the 12th. It is opposite Uranus at 16 degress Libra in the 6th, if that means anything. Not sure.

    I don’t feel charismatic or attractive but I always seem to get random attention – if I’m in a crowd and someone yells “hey! you there!” for some reason all eyes seem to fall to me. I’ve had strangers approach me and say hi for no apparent reason – I could be in a group of really attractive friends and I am the only one approached – usually after “hi” comes “can you help me?” and a sob story. I’m the one wackos amd drunks on the subway gravitate towards, if someone is going to faint or puke at a concert I’m usually who they are standing next to, and wherever I go – govt office or grocery store – people always approach me with questions until I stop them and say “I don’t work here”. They are usually quite suprised and little miffed that I can’t help!

    I was once photocopying at the library minding my business WITH MY BACK TO EVERYONE and a man walked up, tapped me on the shoulder, and said “Excuse me, but I just have to tell you, you have the most beautiful eyebrows! Will you go out with me?”

    Um, no.

    For some reason I just can’t be anonymous, and I don’t like this. I’d like to just go out and be left alone… for once!!!!

  23. Thanks Elsa for the interesting tidbit. I have Chiron (12th House) conjunct my Aries Asc. I don’t know if I’d describe myself as charismatic, but I have an interesting Pied Piper effect on elementary age children. Now, if I can only get it to work with men. Lol!

  24. I don’t have charisma. Chiron is all alone in aquarius in my 8th house. OTOH, my #2 daughter has charisma in spades. Chiron conj with her sun in the 12 house in cancer.

  25. Yes I have charisma, I’ve been told that my whole life, but I know it anyway:)

    Chiron in 5th opposing Uranus/MC, conjunct Mercury.

  26. huh. totally explains that chiron rising guy i used to know… never realized chiron was part of THAT. always thought more of the hermeticist pat….

    30 degrees from my jupiter and my midheaven. i’m not sure if that’s really worth counting.
    the only thing that comes close to aspecting my jupiter, though.

  27. Huh. I always thought Leo ruled charisma. If it really is Chiron, then I don’t have to feel too bad about it being 8 degrees from my Sun πŸ™‚

  28. I have Chiron in the 10th. I always thought this meant I would grovel in poverty until I die. I can’t see how this makes me charismatic in 10th house matters.

  29. Chiron – Charisma ….this is great i was just lamenting bad luck that befell me and cursing transiting Neptune & Chiron over my 1 house, thinking that Chiron is a big ol’gaping wound, turns out its cause i have charisma i am ostricized hahaha. My natal Chiron is quite prominent right on my IC opposition Uranus on my MC, trining Cap ASC and Saturn in 8th all pretty tight orbs ufffff

  30. This guy sounds amazing, mostly because he has my chart. I also hate the public eye.

    My Chiron is in Gemini, and you should hear me talking when I’m upset. It sounds like a record spinning backwards and out of control. Nothing ugly, just fast and nonsensical and in pain. I sing when I’m upset as well.

    I’m not sure how Chiron in the 5th house describes my charisma, but I trust you.

  31. I have Chiron conjunct my Aries sun in the 10th.

    Am I charismatic? Maybe?

    (Transiting Pluto has been conjoined with my natal Capricorn Mars for a while now, I am not sure who I am anymore. Ask me again after I am done being transformed. 😐 πŸ˜‰

  32. I have a question about my chiron actually. My moon and ascendant is 5 degrees libra, my chiron is 9 degrees gem and in opposition my saturn (which is 5 degrees sag). SO, aspect wise is this very significant? On the chart it seems to make some sort of triangle. My jupiter is 18 degrees aquarius, and sextiles my sag uranus (19 degrees) and my uranus is opposite my gem chiron. It seems to make one of those weird triangle things too.. but is this of any significance?

  33. I wonder where Anthony Hopkins’ Chiron is? The only movie I’ve ever seen of his that wasn’t an “Anthony Hopkins movie” was A Lion in Winter! (That was totes a Katherine Hepburn movie. *grins*)

    The triangle your moon-Saturn-Chiron makes is a t-square. The triangle your Uranus-Chiron-Jupiter makes is called lots of different things (I call ’em a cradle, but they’re also a wedge and a few other things). And, yes, they’re significant! πŸ™‚ If you post your chart and ask on the boards (, you’re likely to get someone who can help explain these aspect patterns to you.

  34. Thanks I appreciate you helping.. I don’t know how to load my chart, i was trying to do that earlier, and I don’t think I’m doing it right LOL oh well I’ll figure it out.

  35. I made a board post about my chiron aspects. Thanks to Diablo helping me I learned how to load my chart (kind of, I think), but here is my chart if anyone wants to gander at what my chiron aspects mean. Bc it totally confuses me!

  36. Never thought of it before like this! I always thought chiron was pain and a sore spot, which I definitely have on show. Chiron conjunct ascendant square Jupiter opposite Saturn. I draw attention, but not in a charming way. πŸ™‚

  37. To my own surprise, I can actually be quite charismatic. Much as my inclination is to hide in a corner, if you put me on stage I can really shine. Or a leadership position, much as I don’t much enjoy it.

    Chiron conjunct my Gemini Sun.

  38. huh. nice to hear a few good words about chiron.
    helps me to get a better handle on its placement in my chart, though i have no idea if i am charismatic or not.
    well, maybe in a goofy, clumsy way because my actions are so dang impulsive.
    my husband sometimes calls me his adorable horse.
    (doesn’t sound as endearing in english, i must say)
    aries 1H chiron conjunct (same degree) moon/venus

  39. Hm.. I don’t know. I think it depends on how I’m feeling. A lot of people call me charming, but I can just as easily not be! haha

    Chiron in Cancer in the 3rd
    Sextile ASC
    Trine NN
    Qx Moon
    Trine Pluto
    Opp. Uranus,Saturn,Neptune

  40. awesome info elsa! mine sits in between my sun/moon conjunction in gemini, opposes saturn and uranus, squares jupiter in the 7th as well as the asc in virgo, plus bQ’s mars. so the wounded place that chiron represents as well has good sides too, huh, who would’ve thought πŸ˜‰

  41. I have Chiron in Leo conjunct ASC, but from the twelfth house side.Even if I have charisma, I don’t notice it.
    Chiron also exactly squares Pluto, so… there goes my charisma XD

  42. it’s conjunct my mercury…sometimes when i mangage to get around or in tune with the opposition of pluto in the 12th …i say or write things people will respond to…otherwise, no…just washing dishes in my 6th house kitchen

  43. Chiron in the 7th trine my Moon, and I think I’m practically invisible myself in social settings, but I do attract ultra charismatic people like flies. Mostly they want to complain about how they can’t turn it off, and how nobody sees them as they really are πŸ™‚

  44. Natally I have Chiron in Pisces as well as Jupiter in 5th trine ascendant Venus and Neptune in Scorpio in 1st which also trines Mars in Cancer in 9th, I think I have all that right lol ,I am aware of drawing people or attention and I find it confusing and off putting and most times I’m thinking to myself back off already sheesh!!

  45. Mine’s on the 7th house cusp at 2 Pisces(my chiron return is happening now)and my husband was charismatic and alcoholic- I didn’t know the diff at the time…

  46. My Chiron in gemini in first house,i suppose is something that couldn’t miss.I ve got a close conjuction with my gemini Lilith (also in first house), square with my virgo Mercury and opposition with my saggitarius uranus (a part of my mutuable t square).Could this by any means indicate a literature charisma or of other artist expression?
    Even thought chiron is in hard aspects?

  47. I have Chiron conjunct Jupiter in the 10th. All this time I thought it was just the wound. I had no idea it ruled charisma. very cool

  48. I’ve got Chiron in the 4th in Gemini. I honestly don’t have any idea as to whether I’m charismatic or not. I guess I’m not terrible, but I just don’t know.

  49. Geez! I never thought I was, but I have nearly all of my personal planets making aspect to my Aquarian 3rd house Chiron…maybe quirky or wonky?? I thought Chiron had to do with healing oneself…so this is an interesting addition to understand about Chiron. Thanks Elsa.

  50. I think my Taurus 2nd house Chiron (conjunct Juno) works on midpoints.

    Chiron (& Juno, Venus, Pallas) = Sun/Moon
    Chiron (& Juno) = Venus&Pallas/Mars (forming T-square)

    Usually, people are surprised when they know I’m a Piscean (Pisces sun in 12th house). They always thought I’m Aquarius (my Venus & Pallas sign) or less often Taurus (Chiron & Juno). Venus is my only main planet with air sign.
    My Aries ascendant is weak to begin with – no major aspect with any planet (only quincunx Scorpio Mars) and 1st house is empty.

    I think I am more charismatic (& confident) when I can combine my Aquarius Venus and Scorpio Mars, although Venus square Mars often gives me problem.

  51. Merc/Chiron conjunct the MC in Leo. I don’t know if I have charisma! I never thought I did.

    But today I gave a tour to some people at my job and at the end of the tour one of the guys shook my hand with money in it. He gave me money for giving him a great tour. I thought that was very nice.

    I don’t know if I’m charismatic or not, but I like being in the public! πŸ™‚

  52. I was complaining to a therapist once about the bad behavior of a boyfriend, and she said, ‘Charismatic people never get called on their shit.’ Driving home, pondering this, I thought: I have no charisma. Zero.

    I have Chiron in Aquarius opposing Venus in Leo. Will have to consider this more.

  53. @Elsa, You are one perceptive cookie. I’m laughing, because that therapist did have a couple of good points…in there somewhere…but I eventually realized she disliked me, it wasn’t just ‘the resistance to the cure’. The feeling became increasingly mutual.

    She terminated my therapy in an astonishing and unprofessional way. I had worked with her for 3 years and we had had no discussion of actually terminating. She told me to call to schedule my next appointment, because she wasn’t sure exactly when she would be available. I called and the number had been disconnected. I drove to her office and found she had closed it. Considering a main focus had been my abandonment issues, I thought she did a nice job of following in the footsteps of my parents and several lovers.

  54. Thanks, I actually learned to trust my own instincts better as a result. I should have walked out the first day. A learning experience.

  55. Taurus chiron conjunct my ascendant, 3 degree orb. I dont know if I can call it applying aspect since I dont know if we use that word with angles. Chiron is 3 degrees ahead of my acsendant so tha ascendant is moving towards it.

    Charishma, yes I have it in loads. I also have very strong scorpio and libra placements. So I dont know what is working when. But I have won every debate competetion I have ever participated in. Mercury conjunction pluto works just not for me but also on the entire audience.

    I have also had lots of unexpected people approaching me when I am quite shy and closed off in public, that is always shocking and it made me more reserved.

    But I have never learned to work it in a defined manner.

    I just keep myself closed off and shy in crowds.
    When I have an audience, I can mesmerize an entire hall full of intellectuals.

    It just works on its own, it doesnt obey.

  56. I didn’t know that Chiron rules charisma! I am definitely curious to investigate this more. Chiron sits in my second house, very close to the cusp of the third house… Any thoughts on the charismatic aspect of Chiron in this point of the chart?

  57. I think this is fascinating! I have Chiron conjunct my NN in Gemini, 4th house, but it’s also square Mars and Venus, as well as opposing Uranus and Mars. What does it mean when Chiron has negative aspects? Does that mean you are even WORSE than being charismatic, you are repellant?!

    I believe I have some measure of charisma (I’m a Leo) but most of the aspects mentioned in the comments seem to be positive aspects.

  58. I have Chiron conjunct my Sun, Venus, Vesta, Pallas and possibly Mercury (approx. 1˚) in Virgo, 5th house of Leo cusp, I know somewhat confusing (but it’s intercepted), and Chiron also trines my ascendant (in Taurus), I do have the potential to be very charismatic but it opposes my 11th house in Saturn, so I am guessing that I have much trouble expressing myself, which I do.. πŸ™
    What do you think? (other than having to many aspects/planets in my 5th house! xD)

  59. Mine’s in Cap, in the 10th, at the very top of my chart. What’s up with that?
    I guess I’d know by now if I had charisma.

  60. I can’t think I have charisma. Chiron conjuncts mercury at 2 degrees cappy in the 4th house, while squaring Libra mars in the 1st and Aries jupiter in the 7th. If you know me well you know I have a tremendously difficult time expressing my feelings but somehow am forgiven. When people initially meet me they are charmed by me intellectually but that is because I am a very good listener – they are actually charmed by my charm of them! And just to say I usually am charmed by others.

    What did I just say?

  61. I have Chiron conjunct Venus in Aquarius in the 2nd house square moon in Taurus in 5th. Sun conjunct nadir at the focal point of a yod to neptune/jupter and pluto. The Venus Moon square is wide separating to Uranus in Leo (would make a Moon T-Square). I feel the wounded attraction overshadows charisma side myself…

  62. My Chiron’s in Pisces conjunct MC and Jupiter, 9th house side (which is obviously square ASC). I’ve sort of always just viewed my Chiron as an open wound that all the predators can smell. I’d call myself more “charming” than charismatic, and I’ve always attributed that to being a Gemini ASC… FWIW….

  63. Fascinating! I had only heard of Chiron in terms of a place of wounding. Mine’s in Leo in the 7th house, conjunct N.Nodes. When I taught I would collect groupies – without wanting to I might add!

  64. sometimes I feel like I’m charismatic, but I’m very confused about it.people react to me strongly,that’s for sure.I never go unnoticed as I walk by,yet the moment I express myself something seems to backfire.I feel uneffective in the world, though I’m talented and skilled in my job.
    I’m chiron conj.sun and north node in aries, plus saturn conj venus rx in aries.chiron also trines moon and conj, mercury.
    I suppose my path in this life is to assert myself by overcoming fear and self diminishing stemming from childhood and who knows where else.venus in also sq. moon so the whole feminine nature is battered.
    when I sing or play the piano I get transformed, pure emotion speaking to people on such a deep level it can be disturbing,because driven by something painful.chiron is conj mercury but also eros…I’m triggered by musicians and they react to me.

    my feeling about how people react to me is that I trigger wounded parts in them, kept aside as blind spots no-one wants to see.I have to cope with this if it’s going to last all my life and has given me enough pain,so far.
    is there anything such as the charisma of the outcasts??sometimes I feel like this

    sex is another perceive me as very sexual,but so far the ones who I let come close were unable to relate sex to affection,it must reflect a disconnection inside me(venus quincunx pluto and opp asc.,plus sq. moon ad conj saturn).I feel like I’m torn in 2, as a sexless individual and a strongly sexual woman who cannot express herself freely

  65. Well I do have Jupiter in Libra and Juno in Gemini that support my Aquarius Chiron in the third. But as far as Charisma? No idea, but don’t think so. Chiron squares my Sun and I believe my Moon/Pluto conjunction as well. No I am much the outsider. : ( Got teased A LOT in school. In High School I just dressed super eccentric to hide my insecurities. I dressed like a glitter rock star…Aquarius rule glitter, right? : )

  66. wow interesting article. My mother and my grandmother always told me, “you can’t buy charisma” …yet both of them, in their younger years (or prime) they turned heads everywhere. It’s as if they have this “special club” of charisma. Now that i’m into astrology, i didnt realize that chiron has alot to do with it.

  67. Wow!!! This is so interesting!!! I had no idea Chiron ruled charisma…
    Mine is one degree above my ASC in Taurus, also conj Venus/Mars, opp Uranus. Although I don’t feel like I have any charisma.

  68. I am a Capricorn and have Chiron tightly conjunct my Ascendant in Aquarius in the first house. I also have Venus conjunct the ascendant in the 12th house, in a tight T-square with Moon in Taurus (loose conj Mars) and Uranus in Leo. With a Saturn-Pluto trine and a Mercury-Moon-Neptune aspect, I have been told I am very charismatic and day dreamy and that I pull friends easily. If I am that charismatic, where’s my life partner? I guess I must frighten them off.

  69. Just to confirm from my last message, Uranus opposes my Ascendant and my Venus and is the strongest energy in the chart.Anyone got any thoughts about having oodles of great friends but no one partner?

  70. Very interesting… my Chiron in Gemini is conjunct my Moon, square my Venus, sextile Jupiter, and trine my Ascendant exact! I’ve noticed people with Venus conjunct Chiron tend to have a special kind of charisma, I don’t know if it works as well with the square in my case. I’m not the kind of person people have ever dished out compliments on freely, so I don’t know, but I can relate to Chiron energy a lot, especially with it conjunct my Moon so close.

  71. I just had to do a little research. I have sun quincunx Chiron. It also opposes my mercury in Scorpio. According to my research i am charismatic. I’ve been told that I am. But I think it’s an odd kind of charisma. It’s hard to explain. I’ve been told a few times that I’m “fun to look at”. I think people are interested in me but don’t want to get too close.

  72. I have Chiron in my 12th, but it’s part of a Cardinal Grand Cross with Libra Moon, Cap Neptune and my 9th House Aries Mars.
    I also have Chiron trine Pluto (in Scorpio).
    People notice me.

  73. I have Chiron conjunct my moon both at 15 degrees Aries in the 8th house with a Uranus opposition at 15 degrees Libra in the 2nd house. While I see this as affecting my healing ability and empathy with others, most of the time it does not manifest as charisma (or at least, I don’t see it that way). Perhaps that due to the influence of Uranus?

  74. Stumbled onto this post way, way after the fact…after investigating Brando’s astro chart on the tail end of seeing the newly released (and excellent) documentary “Listen to Me Marlon”.

    Gotta say, I think the IT factor in Brando’s chart comes more from having his sun & moon conjunction (and Chiron too) involved in a couple of fire grand trines… along with some significant Pluto aspects to boot.

  75. I have Chiron conjunct my MC by 1degree
    Which means its also opposite my Saturn, square my Mercury and trine my Neptune
    Would this mean i have charisma in public relations?
    I never knew Chiron had anything to do with charisma, i’ve always wanted to be an Actress and i thought my Chiron on my MC was destined to hinder that dream

  76. What a great insight about Chiron!
    I’ve got Sun conjunct Chiron in the 8th house, in Aquarius, and Uranus opposes this shebang. Hey! Increasingly I’ve come to realize I’m a healing portal, and this is further confirmation. (Jupiter also exactly sextiles Chiron). I can’t say whether I have charisma; where’s a mirror? But people can act as a mirror, and I’m told I have a radiance. Shine on!
    This post is very llllliberrrrating!

  77. Chiron is conjunct my ascendant – in Cap. I don’t feel charismatic but I am in a hermit phase lately. When I was young and gorgeous I thought I was something special, but now that has faded it may be that the real meaning of Chiron comes out. I think it may have to do with being a screen for others projections of vulnerability/possibility.

    Does that resonate?

  78. I have no idea about my personal charisma but my Chiron is at 28 degrees in Gemini, conjunct my DC. I have heard this degree is associated with NY, NY, god knows how… I only know I dread the public eye.

  79. Aquarius rising, several Uranus aspects and a borderline Aspergers, I’m comfortable being a fly on the wall and invisible. Embarrassed if centre of attention. However; charismatic Chiron conjuncts North Node exact in seventh with exact trine to Sun in third on the IC which is square to attention-getting Jupiter in the sixth. I can’t help bursting out. Happiest when making others laugh.

  80. I have Chiron in late Aquarius about 5′ from my 3′ Pisces Ascendant. Does this diminish the charisma? I have been in stage productions as an amateur, unpaid performer.

  81. I’m so curious as to why Chiron would be associated with Charisma? I don’t doubt it is so. Just trying to figure out how the Wounded Healer relates to this concept.

  82. Odd almost every single person here talks about their own Chiron position and aspects.
    I find charisma is Pluto/Venus 8th house, which can also make you wealthy which in this society makes you HOT!
    Because charisma is about sexual projection that others recognize.
    I don’t buy Chiron is the wound, Pluto is. Chiron is the cure along with it’s aspects. It shows where the wound came from and how it can be healed I find it similar to the North Node.

  83. Very interesting!!

    The dictionary’s definition of Charisma is: (1) compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others; or (2) a divinely conferred power or talent. There’s nothing more attractive than to own one’s greatest wound and still have the power/talent to heal or inspire greatness in others.

    Chiron-Sun and Chiron-Sun/Moon Midpoint and I’ve been told before that I am charismatic. I just thought it was Scorpio Rising.

  84. the thing i notice about these charismatic people is despite all the flaws they have and sometimes it’s out there lol they dont care. they keep on going LOL Like how Warren Beaatty is such a womanizer and even Carly Simon made songs for him. Did he care? Nope. he just kept on trucking.

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