Do You Have A Character Flaw That Thwarts Your Success?

One of my regular clients is a double Sagittarius. She tends to be overly generous.  It’s hard to say if this is good or bad.

She consistently extends herself. She gives people the benefit of the doubt and she tends to relate to what they could be rather then what they are.

Once she believes in you, she invests, heavily. If things go poorly, it takes her awhile to give up on a person. She’s willing to pay the price that comes due when you relate to a person’s potential rather then to who they are in the moment. I don’t think she’s wrong to gamble. Sometimes long shots pay off!

I’m also generous, optimistic and risk tolerant. This is why we work well together. But I do have Capricorn, and I’ll willing to tell her when I feel she’s overextended and would be well-advised to cut the rope on someone who takes and takes and never gives back.

This happened recently, and I thought it was an interesting case. My client thought a gal she knew could do certain things. She wound up doing less than 10% of what was expected.  The woman’s potential was not realized.

“She’s got a character flaw,” I said. “It will stop her from ever being very successful. Her flaw is that she’s not fair with people. People pick up on this and they don’t trust her. They can’t trust her so therefore they don’t want to work with her. This will severely limit what she can do…”

This kind of information stops Jupiter in it’s tracks. Sagittarius is looking for unlimited upside.  When they find out there’s cap on what can be achieved and the cap is set low, they’ll quickly cut their losses and seek another opportunity.

I’m posting this, because if you’re someone who never seems to succeed, you might ask yourself if you have a character flaw that you’re going to have to address if you ever want to succeed.

Who can relate?


Do You Have A Character Flaw That Thwarts Your Success? — 29 Comments

  1. Oh I’m sure I’ve got a few & I have Pluto sq my Moon- it’s emotional “stuff” for sure. I address the things that are apparent- & they are coming up for resolution with this sky I can tell you!

    But who knows wtf is REALLY going down?? I have Neptune on my Sun too…

  2. I have a number of flaws, I’ve learned most of them. When they kick in I do my best to suppress them. I learned quite a bit about my flaws from my children. “Out of the mouth of babes!”

  3. I’m a Sag Sun and have the good fortune of a wide trine to my 7th house Aries Jupiter. But I also have Jupiter opposing Mars and Saturn, as well as squaring Mercury and Uranus. I think my flaw comes because I project my Virgo Rising and 7th House Pisces moon so adeptly I hide, even from myself, my on-going risk taking and impulsivity, especially in love. I seem so calm and tender to others but inside there’s a sea of lava flowing and ready to break through a crack. And when it happens even I’m surprised.

  4. Great post. I relate (Sag Moon squaring Virgo Sun struggles I’ve really had to monitor and control and overcome; also have Virgo Rising) to this portion especially: “She gives people the benefit of the doubt, and tends to relate to what they could be rather then what they are. Once she believes in you, she’ll invest, heavily. If things go poorly, it takes her awhile to give up the ghost.” I tend to be too trusting, expecting an honest element…Sag? I don’t know.…what’s funny is I have a long-term from-experience cynical streak at the same time and people will say to me, “Oh they’re great, don’t feel that way, so cynical, you should trust them!” while my gut is going “nope!!!!!” — I then sort of try to access my apparently Sag hopefulness (that my Moon Sq Saturn is beating back!!!) and take the risk, thinking perhaps I am being too mean! Sometimes I am glad I did, but for the last three years, I am very very sorry I did in a range of situations — I ended up serving wretched people and getting badly burned along with a few others. (My Moon Sq Mars is another thing I work to contain but fortunately seems to help me multitask and pound out functioning useful ideas at a rapid pace too and jump into projects, so trying to channel the upside and tamp down the passion as needed.)

    I am fortunate to have two Cap business partners now who are quicker to say “cut the rope” — and their thoughts and my sharper assessments are what we work with now….and gut versus the smiling Sag ball of hope I sailed on for awhile. Hope has worked and trust too, in the past, but lately it seems to be the calling card for imminent disaster. Interestingly, I had a discussion about two months ago w a group of colleagues from all over, and was startled that everyone said the same thing: “people are changing” and “trust is out the window” and “trust/ be nice /be helpful = get burned, automatically period” – everyone is changing how they work with clients as a result. The stories I heard were mind-blowing. As one guy said, “It was business. Now it’s war. Now it’s Artful Dodger-land out there, and I’m wearing my x-ray specs and night vision goggles 24/7.”

    PS –I am doing a lot of reading and learning about all this, thanks to piles of serious astrology books given to me by my brother’s MIL, so I apologize for not being as versed as the rest of the posters! 🙁 but I thank you for all the brilliant comments that help me learn — I’ve been in a deep learning/reading phase the last eight months actually, fascinating. I love this site, Elsa’s and Satori’s work and everyone’s thoughts.

  5. Im either completely emotional and attached or entirely unemotional and detached. You’re my best friend or we’re strangers. Cancer Sun stellium vs Sag Moon stellium. It’s not rational; it’s driven by pain avoidance and a moon-saturn-uranus need for control. I’d love to find a comfortable middle ground where I can be simultaneously attached and independent but it requires serious conscious effort on my part to accept situations as they are, not as I want them to be. Perhaps when I’m comfortable with who I am, I can attract people I can be comfortable around.

  6. I can relate. With Jupiter on my moon, I love the potential of people, it’s been a very hard lesson (cappy moon) to learn to love what’s actually in front of me vs what I see as someone’s potential,

  7. ….. very timley for me to hear this messege…
    I can totaly relate to your sag girl: my leo sun is conjunct jupiter in 5th house- so hell yeah I extend giving (the benefit of doubt) to others- up to the moment the roof falls over my head! so I am humbleto admit that it does reach a point of being a serious flaw…
    My other flaw seems to be the by product of a natal t-square involvong moon, sun, jupiter and my chart ruler mars: I am always enterpenuring new adventures- and when they (easily) become reality- my first reaction will be- oh boy, Im not sure I want this… that is a flaw that I always need to overcome: the never ending square between what I want- and what I need- with sweet jupiter to enlarge it all. Yikes:)
    thanks for sharing and the post elsa!

  8. Timely. As a small business person I have had some real lessons in self worth,12th house Taurus. Now a little more seasoned I follow my gut and pull strongly on my Mars Cap. Biz is growing fast now. I fear totally screwing it up.
    Reading many books on successful women showed me that I need to feel the fear and do it anyway. The greatest failure would be to shrink away and do nothing when Jupiter is traveling in my 2nd house. Everything is pointing to success. I am very selective with who I pick for my team. With age comes wisdom.

  9. I gave this quite a bit of thought. With a Libra ascendant conjunct Venus in Libra I just want to be loved. And I have often made unhealthy compromises believing that fulfilling what other people want from me would make me more loved. This endless Mars in Libra time has actually helped me enormously to realise that sometimes the greatest gift I can give is to say no in my own loving and charming way.

  10. Must be the T Square in my chart. ..(Sagittarius is at the apex.) (Not enough info out there on solving T squares)
    It’s recently dawned on me that I might NEVER be “successful”..gulp

    • Serenda, I agree there’s not enough info about resolving t-squares (or inconjuncts, which I have in spades!), but t-squares ARE resolvable. Pls don’t let that thought take hold, or it’ll become your reality. <3 (I would love to take a class on resolving t-squares and inconjuncts, btw. 🙂

  11. I have a character flaw that gets in the way; it’s called opening my mouth.

    Jupiter in Gemini in 10th sq Saturn.

  12. My biggest flaw is that I hate responsibility. I’ll work. I’ll learn. But require me to lead anyone else other than myself and I won’t do it. I hate working in groups. Oh and I’m a stickler for doing things a certain way.

  13. Back to the woman you talk about and by extension everyone else. Who is really successful? Why should her strategy be wrong? She’s still alive, as we all are, so I would say there is nothing wrong with her strategy. We are all muddling along as best we can. We gat it wrong. We get it right. With all shades between.

    PS There is nothing wrong with what traditional western astrology call ‘bad aspects’ in a ‘birth’ chart. Its only others charts, and transit charts, progressed charts, declination charts, that form angles to the individuals birth chart that can produce problems. Trouble is with western astrology is that it gets confused between whats in the birth chart and all other charts. If bad angles are formed then the same interpretation is given for the birth chart. This is wrong practice.

    • Maybe confused myself? Not so. I have been trying western astrology, or to make sense of it for many years. But as much as it is intriguing, it is also confusing. For instance an astrologer can make up what they like about a chart and its characteristics – and they do make it up. Whatever comes to mind. so long as they throw in some planets names, and angles, and always sound confident. But I have seen the light and the errors of that way. You need to stick with simple terms – and that means not keep on changing the interpretation. Of course this means you ‘really’ have to be ‘confident’ and this confidence comes from constantly checking the record. So confused – no way. I am dead confident.

      If you want to take what I write as an insult to western astrology, then I am not forcing that, or controlling you to do that. I just made a flat statement. After all, do we all not have different points of view and experience, and should we not be able to express them, and when you run a blog that invites comments from total strangers from across the globe will you not get different points of view?

      And there is nothing wrong with the ladies character. Its just the way she is. We are all different after all.

  14. I’m the same way with VillageGirl… I have 4 planets in Sag (with Sun conj Neptune) and Jupiter aspects a handful of my planets. I’m worst with romantic relationships… “seeing the potential”… but, I got burned, hard in 2013, through a couple situations and it completely changed how I handle my relationships. Where before, when things ended, we would stay friends/gave them the benefit of the doubt/allowed ex’s to come back into my life and I would always regret it. Now, once the red flags pop up I tell a friend what I am seeing and that I need help removing the person from my life… as in, after I break it off not allowing it to linger forever/allow them to com back into my life. I dated a guy this spring and once the red flags popped up I ended the relationship and removed myself. It only took me a month to recover… where in the past it would take me 6 months to 2 years and I would be a mess for months. That won’t ever happen, again, with me.

  15. I am not sure what flaw is behind this pattern in my life but I have felt that I always follow a sine-wave pattern in life. Its like my feelings never stay constant. I tend to absorb people’s energies and surrounding environment always has some effect on me. So much energy is wasted this way dealing with outer impressions. But good part is that sine- wave always stay in a fixed upper n lower limit. Its like i am sitting in a boat and constantly going up and down in water up to a certain level, getting splashed and washed but my boat always survives. I never go down completely. But i never sail smooth either! Btw perhaps one of these aspects have to do something with this pattern. **Moon squares Asc, Jupiter , Neptune and mars in 12th, sun and mercury square Neptune**

  16. I think its my tendency towards getting discouraged easily. My chart is all about hitting walls.

    Also, my process is largely internalized, so the progress that I do make is rarely in any tangible form, which is also discouraging.

  17. I speak my mind without thinking (mercury uranus opposition).
    I’m too hestitant and fearful sometimes (Saturn conj. Asc and opposite Mars)

  18. I sound a LOT like your client! And I wanted to see what your advice was, but maybe it’s my English (not my native language), or maybe my denial haha but I have no clue what this paragraph means!!:
    “This kind of information stops Jupiter in it’s tracks. Sagittarius is looking for unlimited upside. When they find out there is a lid, and that lid is down low, they’ll quickly cut their losses and seek another opportunity.”
    Or how it is related to the other girl and success. I understand sometimes we fall in love with or invest in potential more than reality (I’m ♓ sun, ♐ asc). Thank you!

  19. Virgo Mars 1st house – I tend to be my own worst enemy. I’ve noticed that I can really talk myself out of anything, especially when it comes to my work – because the thing I’m the most worried about is my career and my work (Sun Gemini 10th house + Gemini MC + Gemini mercury).

    When I get out of my own way and structure my day around working toward my goals (Sun trine Jupiter in 6th house), I tend to get what I work for. If I let my self-criticism take over, though, I tend to become paralyzed, thus causing my daily routine (and, effectively, my goals) to go down the toilet.

  20. ‘A character flaw’ that’s being generous. Short term will. Hypersonic changing moods, Self sabotage, procrastination, ruining physical energy through ruminating thoughts. Oh, there are many more from where that came from.

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