Capricorn (and Cancer) in Relationship – The 4th and 10th House

If you have strong Cancer or Capricorn in your chart, invariably,  parent/child themes crop up in your relationships. People with emphasis on the 4th and 10th house experience the same thing. I don’t think this is wrong. It’s inescapable.

This weekend one of my friends (with Capricorn) popped off with this:

“You have little boys who want to be your man and I have full grown men who want to be my little boy.”

I laughed, but she is quite right.

Do you experience this? Which side are you on? Do you play both?


Capricorn (and Cancer) in Relationship – The 4th and 10th House — 9 Comments

  1. This particular dynamic is not played out in my chart . . . thankfully. Just the classic one-on-one relationships. However, I’ve seen this in action – and it can be OK or really nasty. 🙂

  2. I have a Cancer rising and a 4th house moon, my husband has Cancer sun and our financial arguments always go back to him saying I’m acting like his mother and me saying if he would grow up I wouldn’t have be the guardian. It gets very old.

  3. I agree with Neith – I haven’t much experience with this kind of pattern. I did have a relationship with a Cancer man once and it was horrible. It’s possible that he wanted me to be his mother…and I obviously wasn’t.
    Don’t want to go through that again…

  4. Oh Golly – this is a good topic Elsa.
    My moon is in the 4th house opposite Saturn in the 10th – I’ve had difficult relationships with both parents – maybe I played the child for far too long. Am often attracted to older partners.
    And I have North Node in Cancer with a bunch of planets sitting on my South Node -Mercury, Mars, Venus, Part of fortune all in Capricorn – go figure? Comments and feedback are welcome on that node configuration – am curious

  5. MORE CANCER/CAPRICORN stuff: My chart is THERE baby–Moon in Cap. in 10th, Mars Uranus and Sun in Cancer in 4.

    Yes, my spouse LOVES for me to be HOME, cooking and taking care of domestic stuff. We like playing the knight in shining armor bit, I’m not exactly a damsel in distress, but when I AM, he comes through for me.

    i like being in charge of the homefront..

    He is a Cancer too so we can be like two bugs in a rug, not even peeking our heads out of the yard and living room some weekends.

    We enjoy social life too– when we’re ready– and and, we host spiritual salons in our home ..I do see myself as a cosmic mother.. I end up taking that role wherever I am.. even more so as I grow older..

    Home, family, security issues, food,cooking, all very important to me,But we have a business also and I count on Ken to keep us safe and in the bucks. he does. I am allergic to poverty.

    My Pisces rising needs some jewelry makeup and clothes to be a happy girl.

    It’s certainly an interesting time for us Cancer/Cap. folks!

  6. Im a pisces sun with venus, sun, mars stellium in H6. Upon looking at the charts of men, I get serious with (emotionally, comfort, permanence) there is a STRONG H4 & h10 in particular & I notice that men with many personal planets in H4 may get married more than once & ALWAYS want/have children while H10- their career is their “baby”- Im attracted to these men b/c they are established. However, the most stable men are ones with h4- the feelings are mutual. On a funny note all men were older except current boyfriend who has a capricorn stellium in H4…the irony=)

  7. One more note- I have a completely “EMPTY” H4 & I have ceres, MC, & part of fortune all conjunct in my H10 with leo NN also in H10…its all a balancing act I suppose.

  8. don’t think i have enough of either… though i have stuff near the cusps of the fourth and tenth, so maybe i am just not seeing it.

    though i did spend too much time playing around with peter pan types. and perhaps i’ve flipped the other way.
    perhaps not.
    i never wanted to be, nor let myself find myself in the position of acting as a mother…. not my place to tell a grown man how to take responsibility for himself.

    but, ok, it’s an important issue to me.

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