Can You See Auras Or Energy Fields Around People?

ryan whiteI met a gal once who told me that she could see that I had a dark past but now how light / good energy around me.  This was a number of years ago. Who know what she would see or say today. But it was interesting.

I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen dark around someone though I can usually tell when someone is going to die (Sensing Death).  I have most definitely seen light around someone though. Often enough, it’s the people near death who are also near light.

I can say this because I spent those years bringing communion to people in the hospital. I routinely saw people who were terminally ill. Sometimes it was gnarly but sometimes I could feel the peace in the room as soon as I opened the door.

I also see or sense light around some people, out walking around, living and talking or whatever.  Ryan White (pictured), the boy who did the talk show circuit as he died of AIDS, was one of them. That kid was luminous. But I see people like this is my real life as well.

I attribute this ability to the planets in my 8th house. It might also be Chiron in Pisces, aspecting Pluto.

What do you think about this and what’s the astrology?

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