Black Moon Lilith in the Sixth House – Champion of the Weak

berlin black moon lilithIf you have Lilith in the 6th house of your chart, her themes will manifest in terms of health, service, and work. You will be tasked with reclaiming your power and standing up for those who need it most.

In traditional astrology, the 6th house is known as the house of Bad Fortune. The 6th house is where things outside our control happen to us. Illness, pain, and disability simply happen sometimes, and no one is to blame. But with Lilith here, you have been blamed for your own misfortune, asked to answer for the unanswerable. You may have experience with ableism or other types of discrimination, and have been expected to overcome insurmountable odds while your challenges were minimized and dismissed.

The 6th house is also associated with common people. This is where we as average, everyday people come into contact with those who have power over us. Bosses, landlords, administrators, etc. In an ideal world, those people would use their power judiciously and look out for us and our needs. But if you have Lilith in the 6th, this is rarely the case. Instead, you are regularly on the receiving end of abuse of power.

With Lilith in the 6th, wounds and trauma can turn inward, very literally making you sick. If your pain and frustration don’t have some kind of outlet, it can become truly debilitating. Luckily, you can put this pain to good use, advocating for the powerless. I know a good number of people with this placement who have done very good work with animals, at-risk youth, and the elderly. Others have become labor organizers and social workers. One way or another, your wounds must take on a higher form.

While there is much more to be said, I’ll leave you with this: You above all can see exactly how power corrupts. You can see the way the weak are stepped upon. You feel their helplessness and outrage. The world needs you to stand up and make things right. To restore order and balance. You have the power to heal us all.

Do you have Lilith in the 6th? What is it like for you?

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Black Moon Lilith in the Sixth House – Champion of the Weak — 10 Comments

  1. I have this placement and very much relate to your last paragraph. Unfortunately I feel powerless against the powerful, except in taking care of my family. So that’s what I do. And when I can do anything else, I make sure to. But overall, I feel what I am – just another common person. I’m not any more special than anyone else, and even looking back in time, it’s always been this way: the ones in control and the ones who are under their control. I can only do so much. Lilith is with Mars and Pluto in my 6th.

  2. I have that placement, and I don’t really feel like talking about it but would like to relate one example. 13 years ago, I watched a documentary about corporate hog farming called 60 Days to 100 Kilos. Was traumatized and felt sick for weeks afterwards – still do to the extent that I have to make this post.

  3. I can relate to this. I always thought it was my Sun + Jupiter in Pisces in 3rd house. Interesting that Black Moon Lilith is in Gemini in the 6th.

    I have *felt* the suffering of the weak so much that it debilitated me from doing anything out in the world. I did do a ton of volunteering for some decades, but I realized it was producing such a tiny result compared to what was needed in the world so I dropped it. I switched to decades of group prayer and meditation. It felt much better, but no tangible results – just had to have faith that they were happening.

    Seeing this Gemini / 3rd house link is giving me some ideas…

    • I so relate to what you’ve written aspire. Sometimes we simply have to fall back on faith and accept that we’ve done, and continue to do, what we can.

  4. Interesting. In the last few weeks I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix documentaries involving the abuse of power. It’s quite upsetting. Lilith is indeed in my sixth house (in Aries) and I have had major health issues over the years. It’s also crazy that I happened upon this site now, amidst the current documentary watching I mentioned and in my quest to further understand how Lilith affects me.

  5. Why does it feel like wherever we have Lilith or Chiron is precisely where we can’t manifest or do anything about the energy of this house?
    If someone feels this so deeply why is it so hard to do something with it?

  6. I have Lilith in the 6th house, and have spent my entire life working either in the service industry or health care. My husband was disabled. I currently work with the disabled and elderly. So this fits.

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