Black Moon Lilith in the Eighth House – Fertilizer Bomb

nuclear bombIf you have Lilith in the 8th house of your chart her themes will manifest in terms of fear, other people’s money, psychology, and forces outside your control. This house brings to fruition many of the most intense aspects of the Lilith myth.

With Lilith in the 8th, there are wounds in terms of money, particularly the type of money you have to ask for and claim. You have likely been jerked around, treated unfairly, or outright denied by creditors, lenders, insurance companies, or in matters of inheritance. In one way or another, your rightful claim as been rejected.

In traditional astrology, the 8th house is known as the Idle House, or the house of lowering to the ground. It is where the vibrance of the Midheaven slowly sets until it has little power to affect the world. For this reason, it is also associated with death, taxes, and all powers that are greater than us and beyond our capacity to control. These are forces we can’t mitigate or soften. We can’t do anything but react. And with Lilith here, that feeling of powerlessness creates a primal rage. Lilith was victimized early on by forces outside her control, and the entire rest of her myth is the story of trying to harness her impotent fury into something she could use. With Lilith here, you, too, will rage and wail in frustration as your anger butts up against immovable objects over and over.

This is why Lilith in the 8th house also affects psychology. When all that righteous fury can find no external purchase, it is forced to turn inward. Here Lilith digs her talons into the fertile soil of the subconscious, and here she begins to find her power. With Lilith in the 8th, your own psyche is both a power to be feared and a source of infinite growth. As you churn the soil internally, new seeds begin to sprout. Seeds of freedom, of personal power, of spiritual resurrection.

There is so much to discuss with this placement – more than I could ever hope to convey in one post. But I will try to sum it up. When you encounter injustice at the hands of external powers far beyond what you could ever hope to control, it’s natural to rage, fight, and flail. But that same fury has the capacity to become the greatest nourishment for your soul. Allow it to fertilize the darkest corners of your mind, and find in yourself a power that dwarfs that which sought to oppress you. Learn to wield that power and let it set you free.

Do you have Lilith in the 8th house? What is it like?



Black Moon Lilith in the Eighth House – Fertilizer Bomb — 3 Comments

  1. It’s certainly not the same – but Mars in Cap square my Moon in 8th house can feel a bit like this. Especially since Lilith square the same Moon, only 2 degrees from Mars in my 12th house, can feel a bit like that as well I suppose. My Moon is in Libra.

    I, too, has had humbling experiences of pushing against a wall, being rejected by forces outside of my control (power, authority) and it created a rage of ginormous proportions, every time I see ANYTHING that is unfair or unjust.

    Your post was inspiring, because I have that same mission: taking the fertile soil in my subconscious and make it into gold in terms of self reliance and power (I have the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Libra here as well).

    I am going through therapy to transform my subconsciousness into something powerful.

    Thanks, Midara, for your wise and amazing words. You are the gold nugget here 😉

  2. I have this natal placement, along with my Sun.

    I’ve read that I’m to perhaps receive money from another person, perhaps man. It FEELS true, but hasn’t occurred. I don’t want to capitulate or beg for such a thing, but I won’t turn it down. My personal growth over time has allowed for humbleness and public acceptance to spawn.

    I’ve done some flailing and gnashing of teeth in response to feeling squashed or pushed aside, forgotten. It was overdue, for at times I’d quietly move along.

    With Chiron in my 11th, I want to utilize this energy to stop self-sabotaging, to stop seeing myself as different or “special” and join/create a much needed outlet for others who are seeking assistance from internal strife.

    Perhaps by learning how to meet people where they are, this “other peoples money” will rear its head, so that I may invest in a business, land and resources.

  3. I have this, Mercury and Pallas-Athena in Pisces here. I have over and over come up against people who seem to care only to backstab (especial family). Not sure how I deal with it, just seems to break my heart when it happens. Doesn’t hurt as much as it used to I guess.
    I’m not expecting to get inheritance as I’m sure there is one person who wouldn’t want me getting any anyway.
    As for other people’s money, a few people have me buy stuff online for them or trust me with their resources so that is very nice I am trust enough to be of service to them. 🙂

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