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planet postcardI’ve officially reallocated my energy to focus on my newsletter over my blog though both will be maintained.

I try to sent newslettersabout five times a week. They’re designed to inform, entertain and help you in the one or two minutes it takes to read them. The letters are free and I hope you’ll share them.

Here’s what’s coming up over the next few days:

  • Get Out With The Cash!
  • Get Rich Schemes With Dark Themes
  • Keep An Eye On The Creepin’ Thing
  • Ten Minutes Ahead Of The Total Lunar Eclipse

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Astrology Newsletter – Free Forecast & Odd Commentary — 35 Comments

  1. The line in your No Hopscotch newsletter, “Unless you really, really like being a dour, depressed, stodgy curmudgeon… and even that can be done with flair!” made me think of my uncle who has this persona but without the stodginess and who does it with wit and charisma. And then I remembered he’s a Leo!

  2. About 44 minutes ago I arrived home from shooting some hoops, which I did after a dentist appointment in which I was told TMJ is affecting me. A “soft” dinner followed, as does reading when eating, and your e-mail was first.
    You’re dead on. Scary. I have Venus in Cap, conj. Pluto transit, and an Acs in Cancer. Every damn word echos my situation, and probably others. You will definitely be requested for further evaluation, dear Elsa. Thanks.

  3. Just have to say… I have had several other astrological reports done through other sites, and the one that I recently purchased and received from you is BY FAR THE BEST one yet. Blew my mind how quickly I received it! I will continue to purchase from you without any hesitation – thank you Elsa!!

  4. I was just checking Aquarius girls names online and ‘Elsa’ came up. Greek origins – means ‘wise counsellor’. Pretty apt I’d say.

  5. Glad to hear you are doing well, sending more warmest well wishes.

    I really like the colors that have been added to the newsletter, it also makes it easier for me to read, for whatever reason :). I’ve always loved the free newsletter, and I enjoy supporting the site when I can. It’s such a helpful way to start my week, I just make quick mental notes of what to watch for or plan for on what days and I’m off & running :).

    Thanks Elsa for having integrity and sticking to it!

  6. It’s not uncommon for me to fall off this list. I don’t know why, but I will suddenly just stop receiving this newsletter. I think you’re just taking a break, then come here and see that’s not the case. I know we’ve talked about this before, just bringing it up as others might notice the same thing. Is the easiest remedy just to sign back up again?

    • Yes, please re-sub.
      Sometimes the email provider sends notice to aweber to stop sending emails to lists of people. If you’re on it, they delete you.
      You might be able to stop this by adding the letter to your “important” mail.. or always mark “not spam” or something.

      I’m sorry. I am really happy with my recent letters. 🙂

  7. Yea the new moon, full moon heads up or all Rx alerts in your newsletter catch my attention. Then i remember to go check my chart at all the houses and numerous possibilities. Ha!

  8. I like your newsletter. Even when I think “This has absolutely no relevance to my particular circumstances”, I like the voice and I like the style.

    It’s like having a check in from an old pal.

  9. You’re now the only astrology blog I follow and you tell it like it is. Thank you for all the great content you provide Elsa!

  10. The Newsletter is great!
    Always gives food for thought, as well as astro context – what to expect, what to look forward to, what to watch out for.
    All this in grand style!
    It’s very vivid and energetic – just like Elsa.
    No-nonsense stuff.

  11. I always catch your newsletter and come to your page to check the new posts and also the forum topics even though I still haven’t posted anything. Very interesting, I really like your writing style and all the topics. Thanks a lot!!! ?

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