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I’ve finished my class so I’m getting back up to speed on my newsletters. These letters are intended to help you in the one minute it takes to read them.

Here’s some of what’s coming up…

  • The Things You Can’t Convey
  • Gemini & Cancer – Clamming Up, Hunkering Down
  • People Who Eat Like Birds

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Free Astrology Forecast By Email – Get Yours Here! — 12 Comments

  1. I mistook the DATA BREACH YUGE newsletter for spam at first, thought your account had been hacked bc the title was so different from the others and there was an attachment. Then I came here and breathed a sigh of relief and tried to open it- my computer wouldn’t let me for some reason. Is there something off in your mailing list or is it just my computer?

  2. Been reading your emails for about a year now and they are most helpful and equally entertaining.
    Thanks for all you do, which seems so much considering what you have been going through and glad you are finally getting some help, i.e. Satori and Diane. Who are both very good as well. But nobody does it like you do.
    I noticed the headline said free email forecast, but don’t see where to post a reply to that so am asking here. I’m asking specifically because I have several major transiting planets changing houses right about now and know that can be significant. I could use your help, but have never had the funds to get in touch about anything. In particular , Uranus is just going into the 6th house – health issues seem to have come to the forefront. Where would I send birth info or is it okay to put that much out there? lol, I am scorpio rising and kinda private.

  3. Just a comment on the last letter: I’m SO glad that this Aries stellium is breaking up. That really saved the day with a “hang in there it’s gonna be ok” feeling…

    Thanks, Elsa!

  4. No thanks.

    When you continuously block my posts; force me to repeatedly login; then block relogging-in; then I can only say that your are at the very least insincere.

  5. Procreater, How rude! I suppose that I should expect nothing less from a pen name such as yours. Elsa is probably the most transparent, sincere, and and empathetic blogger that I have ever read. You apparently must have been aggressive and unbelievably rude. It is a testament to her that she posted the prior post from you at all. As I mentioned, your name is telling.

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