The Aries Point: Cardinal Signs And The Seasons

Spring“That’s my baby: She can be all four seasons in one day.”

The term “The Aries Point” at its core refers to the position of zero degrees Aries. It is the one degree position out of 360 in the zodiac. If you have a planet between zero and one degree Aries, you have an Aries Point planet. If you have a planet at one degree Aries, you have a planet conjunct The Aries Point. I’ve seen what I consider sloppiness in the language surrounding this, talk of orbs for an Aries Point planet. There is no margin or orb for exactitude. It’s either exact or it is conjunct. Now if you want to talk about orbs for the conjunction, fine, no problem!

The Aries Point is where the Sun enters the beginning of the zodiac each year. It is Spring! The zero degree of all four cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, is the ingress of the Sun into the sign, and into each new season. The Aries Point is actually the marker of the first season; the Sun and the solar year are born anew. At zero degrees Cancer comes the summer, and so on. These are the cardinal signs, the signs of beginning action, beginning a cycle. Planets and chart elements that fall at zero degrees of the cardinal signs, or conjunct, are infused with the powerful energy of the birth of a season.

Each of these cardinal points represents the beginning of each part of the life cycle which resonates with the seasons. As Aries represents the beginning part of life, Capricorn represents maturity and the beginning of the last maturational season. Where each cardinal zero point falls in your chart, by house, is exemplary of these stages in your life.

Do you have planets that fall on or near the zero degrees of the cardinal signs?

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The Aries Point: Cardinal Signs And The Seasons — 56 Comments

  1. I have Uranus at 0 degrees 57 minutes in Libra. It’s conjunct Jupiter at 1 degree 45 minutes. Both fall in my 4th house in the Placidus system and 3rd using the Equal.

  2. “At zero degrees Cancer comes the spring, and so on”

    You meant to say 0 degrees Cancer comes the summer, right?
    My husband has Mars in 0 degrees Cancer. He is very typical of Mars in Cancer too–very nurturing, very family-oriented, very self-protective of his feelings.

  3. I don’t think I have planets that fall near 0 degrees of the cardinal signs. I’m still learning my chart.

    Moon is in 16 Degrees Aries
    Mercury is in 16 Degrees Libra
    Saturn is in 09 Degrees Aries

  4. Anna, yes, that is what I meant, thank you! sometimes self-editing doesn’t work so well because I know what I meant to say and just don’t see my mistake. I appreciate you pointing it out!

  5. Thanks for the post Satori!! I have a 1 degree Aries Sun and my Life gets a charge in late March!!! Awesome is the best word to describe it. I feel HOPEFUL, like the world could be anything I wish it to be/want to be. It is energizing and euphoric at the same time.

    Here’s the catch: Since reaching “middle age” I’ve learned to ride the wave of excitement and just go with it. By that I mean, I understand and can control the energy better now than I used to (there’s a loaded statement!). I’m a lot less REACTIVE than I used to be and tend to be a bit more laid back when I fuse the exciting motivational energy with the what-is-possible energy.

    One more thing: Around my birthday I don’t sleep. At all. Nada. Too much energy. And don’t even get me started if there’s a full moon within a week of the Spring Equinox. Sometimes I just go outside and sit in my garden until after 10 PM. I’m just absorbing all of the energies and possibilites of the coming year..

    (sorry, this is a rant…just wanting to share)

  6. I have a well-aspected Mercury at 0 Aries and Vertex/Anti-Vertex at 0 Capricorn/Cancer. My life is very much under the influence of AP transits.
    With the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at AP last June I was expecting the effect to be on my Mercury but alas – it was my Vertex-axis that got moving and shaking and my “destiny in the making” relationhip from years back returned to my life.
    The lesson: never expect anything from Uranus because Uranus doesn’t do the expected.

  7. oh, wait, maybe not conjunctions as the orb should be tighter? does it need to be 1 or under? I’m reading between 1 to 2…
    in that case, it may be only my moon conjunct…maybe none, and at 4 degrees i’m pretty sure sun and vesta are not conjunct AP…

  8. Uranus at 1 degree Cancer in the 8th. Don’t know what it means. Sexually unconventional? Sudden inheritances? (that did occur)

  9. say you’re on a beach with a campfire right on the edge of the water. you’ve got four people in a row with arms linked. two are in the water, one is on the edge, and one has her feet in the fire ring… all will feel the reaction of the one in the fire!

  10. The closest I have is Pluto at 2 degrees Libra and Jupiter at 2 degrees Cap.

    off topic..I love the change of seasons where I live ๐Ÿ™‚ So prone to feeding on the excitement of rebirth in the universe when it changes. And where I am..I get a great view of that happening. I can’t imagine living somewhere that the seasons are just constant without a big resurgance of some kind.

  11. thank you, satori,
    i’m interpreting
    the moon there
    as mystical, yin insights
    into healing and/or 6th
    house matters…
    combined with ceres which seems
    more of the same…

  12. My son has 1 deg Aries Sun conjunct his 0 deg Aries Midheaven in the 9th. I’m hoping he’s going to have an exciting career when he grows up. My Sun is 2 degs Aries in the 2nd – just missed it.

  13. I have my north node and chiron at 0 deg Aries and Venus at 3 deg Aries all in my 5th house opposite my moon, uranus, jup at 1, 3 and 5 deg Libra, respectively. Oh, and my hubby has mar at 2 deg Capricorn. Can you say anchorman? (:

  14. Chiron retrograde at 29 41 Pisces. Figuring if I’d been born a bit earlier I’d be an anti-goddess or something… A travelling, expounding anti-goddess. Ninth house.

  15. Pluto retrograde is at one degree Libra in the Fifth House. I would be interested in anyone else’s opinion……. because sometimes I need the outside feedback. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. I just found this cause I was curious about something I noticed that will happen to my progressed chart in 2015. Ya, for the fun of it I was checking out when I would next move into a new progressed ac. Which will be in Libra of course. But all the chart angles (ac/dc/ic/mc) will be at 0 degrees that year.

    I do have my sun/moon midpoint at 1d cap. I am not sure if that qualifies. It is in the 5th house and I have mercury at 4 d cap. My fifth house is ruled by Jupiter though and my jupiter is in Taurus conjunct my natal mc.

    thanks for this article

  17. Hi, Satori. thanks I guess. I am wondering what the big shift of the progressed chart might bring. Maybe, finally some acknowledgment and success in my music? hmmm I hope so.

  18. I have Mercury at 0 degrees 10′ 22″ in Aries in the 2nd house conjunct Saturn (pisces 24 24′)
    Dunno what that means, I’m still a beginner:) learning alot from this site and blog though :))

    Anyone care to elaborate?

    Elsa will you doing a beginners class? I’d be up for it.

  19. Having done a brief bit of research it seems significant if a planet or point conjuncts the AP In my chart Mercury at 0 degrees 10′ conjuncts the Moon (pisces 26 10’3″) …….. I was told by an astrologer I will be a writer, that writing will be what I’ll be remembered for. Is this AP what he was referring to? I am just starting to explore my writing due to his encouragement.

  20. Lulu, I’d say a planet conjunct the Aries point carries the energy you will ultimately be known for. I just read recently that that George Washington and Benjamin Franklin had Saturn conjunct the Aries point. that’s second-hand info, though, I’m not sure of its veracity.

    under the post is a tag, “Beginners.” that might be helpful. a beginners class was done on the front of the blog and the individual blogs can be found through that tag!

  21. Ah, so in my case Mercury is conjunct the AP, not he moon.

    Thanks for the pointer to the beginners class I’ll go have a look.

  22. also, I have eros in leo at 1 degree would this be considered an asteroid that is conjunct AP? or does it have to be cardinal sign to be considered this?

    Thanks in advance for clarification :).

  23. Im a Libra sun @ 0 degrees, in the 8th house. It would certainly be very interesting to explore this a little more ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. I have Sun at 0-degrees Aries, conjunct 26-degrees Mercury in Pisces.

    Moon at 0-degrees Cancer, conjunct 28-degrees NN.

    Neptune at 29-degrees Sadge.

  25. Hi Elsa!
    My Jรบpiter is at 0′ 56 Libra in the 5th
    It’s conjunct SN,Mars Uranus and Pluto at 29 Virgo

    I found Jupiter is right on Aries point. How do I read this?
    Thanx for your help!

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