Are Your Snap Judgments Of Others Reliable?

Snap Judgment – a judgment formed on the instant without deliberation. (free dictionary)

I put the definition of a snap judgment up because I think we all make them though most would deny it in the PC age.  I most definitely try get a hack on people right away and hope they do the same when they’re dealing with me.

This is really necessary when working as an astrologer. I’ve got to connect with a person right away as opposed to traditional therapy situation where people take more tentative steps towards each other and the relationship is allowed (or supposed) to unfold.

To serve, I have to decide what I can and can’t say, how it should be said and just in general what will be most helpful to a person. The faster I can do this, the better but accuracy matters.

I am working this this gal now, I pay her. I met her first, on the phone where she tipped her hand.  She said various things that revealed her character so when we met in person and she started to explain she was honest, I waved my hand and said, ‘Don’t worry about it. I can tell you’re honest and already know I can trust you…”

People say similar things to me all the time and this is a Saturn in Libra topic of course.  If you can learn to judge people accurately when you first enter a relationship, your life (and theirs) will go a lot smoother.

Are your initial impressions of people usually sound? If yes, where did you get your skill?

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Are Your Snap Judgments Of Others Reliable? — 23 Comments

  1. Yes, I’m very good at this. I make my assessment almost immediately and trust it above all else. I’m usually (98% of the time) correct. It’s when I’ve second-guess myself that all the trouble starts and get involved with shady or unsavory types. I think this is a result of a deadly combination of Virgo and Pisces, judging and perceiving.

  2. I can feel ‘ya, and I’m getting better at discriminating. But I have a strong tendency to move toward the vibe, regardless of what it is. A life coach I used to work with used the Enneagram system, and when I looked at the “type 6-counter-phobic” I instantly saw my pattern. When there’s a threat in the area, I sense it, and instead of moving away from it, I move toward it and try to understand it and contain it. Great early training in this area :-).

    What a risky tactic! Like a woman who told me once she saw a man across a room, and her hair stood on end. She ended up marrying him, and barely got away with her life.

    Nowadays, I try to watch for when my body relaxes, and if I get that old red-alert vibe that used to feel normal, it’s run don’t walk. I do have good instincts in general, though. It’s taken me forever to stop second-guessing them. Neptune/Scorp. Things get a little tricky.

  3. Yup. I work fast. I am an empath and everything about a person just comes right in. My mother used to quiz me as a small child after we met someone so she could get all she could out of them. My father was a palmist and a face reader and I learned that young, it also gives me an edge. I don’t have that 8th house edge though, mine is more diffuse and neptoooony.

  4. Yes…very much so. It used to drive my husband nuts because he said I didn’t give people a chance.

    Now other managers request that I interview prospective new hires and consultants for them. 🙂

  5. I don’t make snap judgments unless I absolutely have to. My instincts are sound and I trust them. I have become involved with certain people, against my better judgment–by making excuses for their behaviour.

    This question makes me a little sad because I’ve had plenty of people make snap judgments about me that I don’t think are true or fair. I give off a very strong vibe and sometimes get exhausted by trying to ‘turn it down’ for paranoid types.

    Sometimes people carry an air of grief that can be read as aloofness. Sometimes they carry the weight of their past–I believe I can feel that. This is why I check myself: do I have to? Is this necessary?

  6. I get snap ‘impressions’ of people but don’t judge till more information completes the picture. It’s usually accurate. Oddly enough, people snap judge me and they are usually way off. Neptune

  7. I don’t know if a person is trustworthy in general, only if I can trust them. (More than a few instances of someone whose moral code was a little raggedy around the edges, and so by definition untrustworthy, being someone I could trust with my life.) And it works the other way around too. I KNOW in an instant if someone is not to be trusted, but only by me.

    I always figured it to be a synastry thing, but maybe the knowing comes from Mercury trine Pluto both sextile Mars – my mind gets my gut reaction, quickly?

  8. I read people’s character pretty effectively. Are they honest? sincere? insecure? secretive? emotional? Ask me what they were wearing, what they looked like… Ha! not so much… Scorpio in Neptune (4th house) trines Pisces moon (eight house).

  9. i think i used to be better at it.

    recently, i have been unpleasantly surprised by certain people that i thought were genuine and trustworthy. and it wasn’t snap judgement- these are people i have known for years.

    i will say there was always something about them that kept me at a distance- maybe intuition, but i definitely wasn’t prepared for these chameleons to show their “true colors” (do they have one?)

    i will say that i am extremely good at making “snap judgments” of those with whom i am not directly involved- friends of friends, others’ boyfriends, bosses, etc.

    maybe my neptune in sag. or jupiter in pisces. no earth to speak of in my chart, so i guess my first impressions of people aren’t very grounded.

  10. it’s funny I moved a lot as a kid, and I learned that the people who were my friends at first, were not the ones who were friends over time. Venus in virgo, jupiter in virgo, mercury in libra. It’s the ones who took a little longer to get to know that I ended up trusting. I guess I am the same way. I take a while to assess people. I’ve gotten burned by the “quick” friends. So I guess, no, I’m not good at snap judgments!

  11. 12th house Merc in Taurus says I dunno where the info comes from, but the gut is good.

    I’m rarely wrong, but when I am …. man oh man it’s a doozy.

  12. Usually sound.
    I come from a bad background, so I developed my skills for survival.
    For my chart, the skill obviously comes from Virgo+Libra+Scorpio as my identity and values.

    When I mess up it’s my Oppositional Pisces+Aries Moon. Sometimes it makes me impatient, fiery, or sappy, and it’s a full-scale vulnerability that abusers like to latch onto.

  13. Awesome instincts thanks to pluto/6th house energy… CONSTANT 2nd guessing courtesy of Neptune. If I could just transcend neptune I’d always be right 😉

  14. yes, I have excellent instincts. And sometimes I ignore them and get burned. But I can never say I didn’t know, because really, I knew.

  15. Carrie, LOL!!

    I think everyone has an inner guidance system, and intuition that does not fail. Some people are blessed to be able to instantly know and follow theirs. But I think it is a skill that a lot of people have to work at. People (like me) whose compasses were turned around, Just for example, a child whose intuitions were mocked, suppressed, punished etc….have needed to relearn to become still enough to hear, and then confident enough to follow the inner voices…

    There are fortunately various techniques that can be practiced and used to become more aligned with the inner world and gut.

    There were crucial times in my life that I “knew” a truth about someone (girlfriends boyfriends), that went against my grain. But I ignored that hit, really wanting and believing the person to be someone with stellar qualities.

  16. Mari what techniques are those? any advice for someone wanting to become a little more attuned? I am trying to meditate daily, and am loving that practice…

  17. I’d be interested to know this also, Mari, if you’d like to elaborate…

    About my own intuition — I’m usually right about people in that I can tell almost right away if someone is a good fit for me, but there have been many times in my life where I’ve ignored the little voice in my mind to later detriment. Wanting to see the best in people has been the cause of several heartbreaks. It is taking a long time to learn how to trust again.

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