How To Solve All Problems – The 12th House

I don’t think the natural zodiac is random. If you’re stuck, astrology can be used to get unstuck and solve your problems. I presented this theory in 2007.  People were intrigued so I made two follow-up videos, linked below. They’re all very short. Enjoy!

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How To Solve All Problems – The 12th House — 60 Comments

  1. Elsa, I think there is a hidden teaching by bringing the old posts forward.
    It seems back in 2007 you had an insight, a knowing but were working out the words trying your best to explain how the 12th house functioned…transcendence.
    In a way it was a premonition/teaching preparing you for your personal 12th house experience of transcendence over the last few years.
    Right in front of our eyes your transparency has demonstrated what we are all here to do… To ripen with experience from the seed (2007) to the fruit (2017) with wisdom and compassion.
    You have helped everyone see we can embrace this cycle and know it is good.

  2. I adore your video! Most of the time I blow things off It wasn’t meant to eb. But it took me YEARS to get here. However what I’m going through now is annoying people trying to get into my life. This leaves me unable to do anything but again this is what is meant to be.

  3. Wonderful wonderful video Elsa. That’s why I am so hooked to your blog, ever so often you come up with this magic. Thank you.

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