Your Monthly Horoscope – March 2021

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Aries Sun and Rising – Poetry Bomb

When a young Julius Caesar was captured by pirates, he wasn’t what you would call a model captive. First he demanded they actually increase the bounty on his head, saying the price they had maned was far too low for someone of his status. He then began giving orders and acting like he owned the place until the pirates were ready to beg for mercy. But what really got to them was the poetry. Every day, Caesar would spend hours writing poetry, and would then require all the pirates to listen with rapt attention as he recited everything he had written. In the end, they would have given him up for free just to escape his literary torture. As you navigate the next month, try to think like Caesar. You don’t always have to mount a straightforward attack. Sometimes you can win just as easily with a more subtle approach.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Friendship is Magic

In the movie Inglourious Basterds, Lieutenant Aldo Raine was tasked with infiltrating a Nazi movie premiere and assassinating Hitler himself. But to do it, he has to create a crack team of some of the best, most motivated soldiers in the world to have his back. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo has to form a fellowship to help him achieve his goals. Even advice blogger Captain Awkward advocates creating a “Team You” as a support network before making any huge life changes. This month, Taurus, as you work to achieve your bog, audacious goals, you’ll need a group standing with you. So reach out and build your team.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Do Good Recklessly

Sometimes in life, our clarity leaves us right when we have to make a decision. We no longer know where we want to go, but we must go all the same. In these moments, the best advice comes from a poem often attributed to Mother Teresa. It says, in part, “People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered. Forgive them anyway…The good you do today, will often be forgotten. Do good anyway. Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway. In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.” This month, Gemini, you may find yourself confronting all manner of confusing and unreasonable people. Do right by them anyway.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Bold Enough to Hope

On Avatar: The Last Airbender, there was a horribly downtrodden fishing village whose main water supply had been polluted by a factory owned by the colonizing army. The villagers had nearly given up hope, but then a mysterious woman dressed as the village’s protective spirit, The Painted Lady, appeared. She handed out food and medicine and even destroyed the factory. But what’s more, she gave the village a breath of new life. She was even able to convince the residents to work together to clean the river, thereby improving conditions for more just the village, but everyone downriver as well. I think this is an apt story for you, Cancer. You’ve been through so much that it might seem silly to try. But if you try to flow with the universe, you’ll receive help from the ether AND you’ll be empowered to help yourself.

Leo Sun and Rising – Legacy

When a glorious redwood towers toward the heavens, do we stop to admire the soil from which it springs? When we buy a gorgeous new pair of shoes, do we reflect on the generations of cobblers that came before? And when we breathlessly observe the migration of monarch butterflies across continents. How much time do we spend thinking about the countless times this journey was undertaken by their winged ancestors, eventually leaving a memory so strong it is coded in their very DNA? The time is ripe to reflect on these questions, Leo. What legacy do you carry?

Virgo Sun and Rising – Beautifully Adrift

In the song “Sweet Surrender”, Sarah Mclachlan details a strange story. She leaves her old life behind. And she is swirling in a torrid tempest of shock and confusion. But as she continues, she is aware of a deeper force at work. It is a force meant to place her on a raging river, with the ultimate destination being a meeting with her true love. The only thing that is asked of her, and indeed, the only thing she could give, was her surrender. When she was at her lowest point, all she had to do was give in and trust the universe to take her where she needed to be. Let this be your theme song, Virgo. While you are hardly at a low point, you would still be well-served to relax and trust that you’re already en route to exactly where you need to be.

Libra Sun and Rising – Healing Retreat

OnThe Legend of Korra, the hero, Korra, is badly injured. After an epic battle to save the nation she loved, she was wounded and found herself unable to escape the haunting visions that plagued her. Even though things were desperate and her help was still needed, she was forced to retreat and spend years with the best healer in the world before she could come back and face the spotlight again. But when she did, she was strong, refreshed, and able to defeat anyone who stood in her path. Take a lesson from Korra this month, Libra. The time is ripe to see a healer of your own. Regardless of what other people need, it’s time to take care of you.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Simple and Clean

On The Golden Girls, Blanche becomes obsessed with true crime. So when Rose, her best friend, begins hiding details about her husband’s will, Blanche is certain there is a nefarious motive. Rose is so desperate to hide the true details that she even goes out of her way to lie and say that she was bequeathed a huge fortune, only to have lost it all on bad investments. But eventually the truth comes out, which is that Rose’s late husband simply wasn’t the financial success Rose had made him out to be, and Rose was trying to protect her husband’s legacy in the minds of her children. Blanche, having expected far more intrigue, is disappointed. But should she be? Sometimes life and love are surprisingly sweet. Sexy drama and dark secrets have their place, to be sure, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a little goodness when you can.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Right Outside Your Door

Sherlock Holmes, in addition to being famous for his powers of observation and reasoning, was well-known for his bohemian lifestyle. He would stay out for days on end, pursuing his latest passion or chasing a sought-after crook. Sure, he had his home base on Baker Street, but that was a mere shell, a place to lay his head in between fits of activity. For Holmes, it seemed, home was something he took with him wherever he went. But at the same time, he put work into knowing every nook and cranny of the city he lived in. I wonder if you can strike the same balance, Sagittarius? Can you expand your idea of home, but just a bit? What grand adventures wait just beyond your front door?

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Small Delights

Rest and relaxation are an investment we make in our own success. Appreciation for the small things is a way to immeasurably enrich our lives. A study from a prominent psychological journal recently found that connection to nature and a feeling of awe in the little moments are associated not just with happiness but with success as well. Heck, even Ronald Reagan enjoyed his naps and jelly beans. So take some time this month, Capricorn, to build a rest and reverie into every day, and watch your potential soar.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Feel the Flow

I know it’s a cliché to tell people to do what they love and the money will follow. It’s said so often, and it is so rarely the case. But I think it belies a greater truth about life. If you follow your own path to your own passion, the resources you need will appear. This month, Aquarius, when you’re putting your audacious plans into place (and let’s be real, everything you do is audacious), put your trust in the universe. However unlikely it may seem, what you need most will undoubtedly come to you right when you need it most.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Under the Beams

There’s a trendy concept called a “main character moment.” These are times in our lives when everything aligns. Everyone sees you and makes space for you. Things turn out more easily than they should. Sunbeams seem to follow you like a spotlight. Help arrives from unexpected avenues. And anyone who isn’t working for your benefit fades into the background. This month, dear Pisces, is your main character moment. Just make sure that you remember most main characters have a goal. Use this time to achieve yours.

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