Your Monthly Horoscope – September 2021

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Aries Sun and Rising – Ring of Fire

When Johnny Cash sang about falling into a ring of fire, I think everyone could relate. Love is wild untamed, and it picks our hearts up like a tornado and deposits them, bruised but exhilarated, in entirely new territory. Love can feel like it’s burning us up from the inside out. You may be watching your heart ignite right now. But this month, Aries, I advise you to turn your attention to what is fueling your fire. What have you been carrying that is so flammable? And what is still feeding the flames?

Taurus Sun and Rising – Laboratory of Love

People flock to you because of your fixed nature. You provide so much grounding and stability, and it is heavenly to be around. But you may have noticed that these same people often go right to work attempting to get you to loosen up and change your ways. And this, of course, causes you to dig your heels in and wonder what these people wanted with you in the first place. But this month, Taurus, you have a unique opportunity. This month, you have the ability to be lovingly and carefully transformed by the people around you. And what’s more, you have the chance to be the transforming power in their lives, too. Relationships do change us. This month is about choosing those changes with love.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Well Met

We really can’t run from our problems. No matter how much information, work, or distance we put between us and them, they always seem to find us again. They live inside us and undergird our experience of the world. They are as much a part of us as our virtues. And really, when it comes down to it, would you really trade your issues for someone else’s? You never know what others are carrying. So instead of running, why not meet them from a place of strength? Greet them like old friends and prepare for the vital lessons they are kind enough to teach you.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Moving On

Life is always a mixed bag. No matter how much we crave it, there is never a moment at which we can finally relax and never have to worry again. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep our focus on the pain. Sure, you’ve had long-standing issues that have plagued you over the last year or two. And they may pop up to needle you again. But this month, Cancer, there is something much more interesting. There is love. There is deep, powerful, transformative love. There is kindness and service and support. And even better, there is a beautiful chance near the end of the month to take a deep breath and let it all go. A new, better phase awaits you.

Leo Sun and Rising – Queen of Darkness

Everyone knows the story of Hades and Persephone, with Hades abducting the young maiden and dragging her into the underworld, making her his queen. But there is historical evidence that this may not be quite right. In fact, many scholars argue that Persephone is the older deity, and Hades was tacked onto her myth. Persephone was the original Queen of the Underworld, ruling over life and death. And it was her love and her myth that made Hades what he was. This month, Leo, I want you to meditate on the darkness that has dogged you since childhood. Are you really the weakling? Or has your power been waiting for you to remember it all along?

Virgo Sun and Rising – Unsolvable

It’s always funny when we declare a problem solved. We’re happy and satisfied, and ready to rest and move on to the next task. But how often are our problems really solved? How often do our issues appear to be resolved, only come roaring back to life? How many monsters have we vanquished only to meet them again in a slightly different guise? I don’t mean to say we shouldn’t try, Virgo. When we resolve and then eventually re-engage with our problems, we often heal at a deeper level. So your task this month is to keep an eye out for what you feel you’re leaving behind you, and prepare to meet it again at the next crossroads.

Libra Sun and Rising – Debutante

When a young starlet grows up in the public eye, it’s almost customary for them, upon reaching adulthood, to have something of a debut and introduce a new, sexier, more grown up persona. This always comes with a bit of backlash, with some people preferring the angelic image of childhood. But that’s to be expected. As people, we change, transform, and shed our skin countless times. The important part is recognizing that you get to construct your identity for yourself. And even more important – you get to determine your own value. The peanut gallery doesn’t get to dictate your life. And this month, Libra, I’d like to see them try. You are far too wise for that.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Charm

The concept of charm might seem a little light weight to you. Smiling and greasing palms feels more like a Libra talent than one you would favor. But there are times when charm can be a powerful tool. When you lack power or direct agency in a situation, charm can be a potent weapon. It’s a way of creating the change and getting the results you need when the odds are stacked against you. This month, Scorpio, I advise you to brush up on small talk, practice your winning smile, and turn on the charm. You’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Get the Popcorn

In every show with an ensemble cast, certain episodes will focus more on some characters while the others lay low in the background, filling up the B-story. And while it may be frustrating to be stuck in the background, not being the main character for a while has its benefits. You get to collect excellent stories by watching rather than having to live them, which is basically the universe offering free wisdom on demand. And when things go sideways, you can simply side-step and let it pass you. In fact, I strongly suggest you do just that, Sagittarius. Help if you’re truly needed, but don’t let anyone make their problems into yours.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Macro/Micro

Goals aren’t just something suspended in the distance, luring us forward. In fact, we live our goals every day. With every moment, every choice, every hit of the snooze button, and every cup of coffee, we are moving toward or away from our dreams. They live and breathe and change as we do. So the question becomes, are you really doing everything you can to meet your goals. Do your beliefs keep you stuck on the hamster wheel, or do they lift you up? And what about the little things? Do your small, daily routines support or hinder you? Do your comforts come at the cost of your success? Or have you cut yourself off from pleasure so thoroughly that you might not be able to enjoy your goals once you meet them? Now is the time to find out.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Receive

When Sleeping Beauty was born, three fairies visited, and each gave her a gift. The gifts vary based on who’s telling the story, but the basic fact remains that the gifts made the girl graceful, strong, and vibrant. And that is exactly what you can expect this month, Aquarius. Early in the month, you’ll be blessed with sweetness, grace, and sharp intellect. Next, you’ll be blessed with incredible strength and determination, able to conquer anything in your path. And finally, you’ll be gifted with a radiance so powerful that you’ll come away with a new understanding of your own numinous light.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Potent Magic

You’ve been casting a spell, Pisces, whether you know it or not. All the yearning, the pain, and the hope of a better tomorrow have been churning in your core. Now you are swelling with promise and possibility, absolutely ready to burst. Spend the first few weeks of this month getting very, very clear on exactly what you want in life. And once you’re completely sure, let that spell fly. Pour everything you have out into the universe and sow the seed of your future. You may or may not see immediate results, but have no fear. Things may come in their own time, but your magic will never fail you.

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