Your Monthly Horoscope – July 2020

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Aries Sun and Rising – Back on Track

After spending the last few months underwater, trying as hard as you can to dodge the monsters dredged up from your past, you’ve finally found dry land. That glorious singularity of purpose that defines your sign comes roaring back to life. You’re back to your normal state of being a bright red race car on a beautiful straightaway. Enjoy it! Just be careful of the slower cars you pass on the way. Being left spinning in your wake isn’t pleasant, so try to be a gracious winner, okay?

Taurus Sun and Rising – Spiritual Action

You know you need change, Taurus. You may resist it, but deep down you know how necessary it is. But the real question is, what is holding you back? What is in your subconscious that leaves you unable to act? What parts of your past have you brought with you that may once have been treasures but are now obstructions on your path? What hidden drives can be harnessed to build the structures you need to move forward? What change in perspective could unlock the door to your spiritual growth? The time is ripe to ponder these questions in the coming months.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Wild Things

In Where the Wild Things Are, Max steps into a world filled with monsters. He, being a brave soul, has fun with them for a while, but after a long night of wild rumpus, begins to grow weary of their company. He sends them away and turns around to leave himself, but they simply continue to follow him and beg for his presence. But Max, knowing he needs to move on, simply looks them in the eye and says, “No!” Sometimes, when our monsters confront us over and over, there comes a point when we can no longer run. We simply face them with confidence and tell them their time is past. Then we can finally, finally move on.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Acorn Rising

Imagine you’re a seed, newly planted in the earth. You want to grow but are afraid of what you might become, afraid of how painful the process could be. So you resist and push away the dirt and water and sunlight that bears down upon you. But in doing this, you become a full-grown plant, blooming despite yourself. Times are tough, Cancer, and it’s entirely understandable to want to stay in your shell. But the very act of resistance is also a part of growth. Don’t be afraid of what you’re becoming.  Your bloom is just what the world needs.

Leo Sun and Rising – Cactus Bloom

There once was a child who had a pet cactus. He loved it wholeheartedly and considered it his best friend. But every time he reached out in a burst of exuberance to embrace his pet, he was stuck with the needles and pulled his hand back, sucking on the wound. But over and over he was driven to try to hug his friend. One day, though, the cactus sprouted a beautiful bloom right on its head, and it was smooth and soft. Finally, the little boy had a place he could hug. This month you’re a little like that boy. Every time you try to shine, something seems to strike you down. But the bloom is coming, Leo, and so is the Sun. Be ready to shine when it does.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Securing the Perimeter

This month might not be glamorous, Virgo, but you’re used to working behind the scenes. This is a month to check and recheck your foundations and make sure everything is in line. How’s the plumbing? Is there a spud gasket loose? And what about the foundation? Did you seal up any cracks to keep pests from getting in? And even more importantly, how are all those aspects of your psyche? Have you plumbed your depths and strengthened your borders? If not, I would get to it. While it may be unpleasant, you’ll have enormous support.

Libra Sun and Rising – The Bigger Picture

In times of strife and heartache, there is inevitably a bit of sweetness if we know where to look. Often it lies in the little things – a newly bloomed flower, a gorgeous sunrise, the laughter of babies. But this month, the sweetness for you comes from the contemplation of the bigger questions in life. Who are you? Where do you fit into the scheme of things? How can you, in your small way, rise up and help ease the strain in the world? A little perspective will go a long way toward helping you feel like yourself again.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Direct Action

Hidden truths, secret machinations, and concealed emotions are your superpower, Scorpio. If you were a Dungeons & Dragons character, your Sense Motive skill would be through the roof. And when you make a move, you’ve always planned 6 steps ahead. But this month I am issuing you a challenge. What if you simply operated directly? What if you, singular in your purpose, just went after the thing you want, no plotting necessary? And what if you actually got it? How healing would it be to know that sometimes the world really is a straightforward place?

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Who’s the Dragon?

Imagine you’re an adventurer, eagerly sifting through mountains of gold when the dragon that guards the hoard comes back home. Would you run away, holding as much ill-gotten bounty as your arms could carry? Or would you stay and chat, maybe have a cup of tea while discussing the dragon’s terrible tail rot? And now imagine you’re the dragon, all alone with your gold but with no one to talk to. Wouldn’t you be curious about how the adventurer made it past your traps? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend a lazy afternoon swapping stories by the fire? This month, Sagittarius, you have the potential to be both adventurer and dragon, both curious seeker and powerful authority. What do you stand to gain if you approach this with a maximum of kindness and genuine curiosity? Now is the time to find out.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Fallow Field

Capricorn, you are like a machine. You can go and go and go and seemingly never have to ask for help. And with your ruling planet back in your sign, I’m sure you’re ready to get to work. But this may be a time to lay low, at least at the beginning of the month. Sometimes growth can only happen in the quiet moments. Just like a field that is constantly worked bears less and less fruit, so too will your efforts diminish if you let yourself burn out. So make sure you do what you can to get your needs met, even if you have to cause a little ruckus to make it happen. Once you feel truly rejuvenated, feel free to get back to the climb.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Change is Good

We think, therefore we are. We change our minds, and we are reinvented. It’s easy to become so deeply identified with our thoughts and ideas that any change feels like a cross between defeat and death. But this month, before you reflexively defend your position, take a little time to really consider the information presented to you. Sometimes it’s braver to consider a new idea than to defend our old ones. If our minds never change, we never grow. And you, Aquarius, are meant to grow.

Pisces Sun and Rising – New Sprouts

In your silent moments, from your deepest reaches, something new is born. Something wild and sweet takes root and begins to sprout. All the hard work you’ve done and the conflict you’ve encountered, all the uncomfortable feelings that have been dredged up, all the harsh realities you’ve faced, have all been secretly feeding this new and shining piece of your soul. Bask in its beauty as it begins to grow. Continue to nurture it into bloom and the heady fragrance will get even sweeter with time.

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