Your Monthly Horoscope – January 2022

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Aries Sun and Rising – Big Questions

You’re pretty important. I mean, you must be, right? If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have all this responsibility continually heaped on your shoulders. And man, do you handle it like a champ. If something needs to get done, you make it happen, no questions asked. But let me ask YOU something: do you like what you’re doing? Are these responsibilities helping you build the life of your dreams? Do they help you find meaning? Are they really what you want? If they are, then continue on, soldier. But if not, now would be a good time to figure out what you do want. What would leave you feeling truly fulfilled?

Taurus Sun and Rising – The Missing Piece

You’ve been slowly building to something, Taurus. As usual, you’ve put in all the slow, steady work of laying a foundation for the next phase of your life, even as you’ve adapted to the many, many curveballs life has thrown at you. It’s been amazing to watch. But there is one pillar, one bit of knowledge that is missing. I know you can feel it. So this month, I urge you to ponder: what is the one thing, the one topic, the one area of life you still need to learn about? What is the one subject that could open the door and remove a major obstacle from your life? If you can identify it and throw your weight into learning, you’ll be truly unstoppable.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Bask

Over the last few years, Gemini, you’ve learned so much. You’ve set goals and met them, figured out how to flow with changes you never saw coming, and you’ve built a new way of approaching the world. It’s been amazing for everyone to watch you grow. But before you run full speed ahead to the next challenge, take a moment to reflect. Look at how far you’ve come, and look at what you’ve accomplished. Make note of what made you feel the happiest and most fulfilled, and why. And then apply that to your plans going forward. Make sure your future is grounded in what is truly best for you. But mostly, bask in your achievements. I’m proud of you.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Nothing Fails

We tend to look at things that end as failures. Businesses go belly-up, people quit jobs, and relationships crumble. But this always struck me as a self-defeating attitude. What if that business changed the face of commerce as we know it? Sears may not be the giant it once was, but those catalogues ushered in the modern age. Or what about a job that provided very well for a family for a decade before it became untenable? Or what about a marriage that survived 38 years and three kids before coming to a close. The point is, Cancer, that things don’t have to be permanent to be successful.  So this month, I advise you to rethink the so-called failures in your life. Make peace with them and realize that you’ve been pretty darn successful after all.

Leo Sun and Rising – Slow Down

Leo, are you okay? I mean really, thoroughly, completely fine? Because lately you’ve been trying so hard to juggle daily life, cramming in every possible activity and obligation you can. You’ve been giving and working and helping and tying yourself in knots to balance it all. And while what you have to give is amazing (no wonder everyone wants a piece of you!), you simply can’t keep up this pace. Instead of filling every second of your day with productivity, why not build in some official chill time? Or if you can’t do that, at least make time for your health. Your light is too important to let it be dimmed. Protect it.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Simple Joy

How many things do you do just for the joy of it? I mean things that aren’t useful or practical or in service to anything or anyone else. What do you do just to make yourself happy? Yes, I understand that you’re busy, and I also understand that you would rather devote your energy to things that have meaning rather than momentary pleasure. But here’s a secret: life is made up of moments. That’s all it is. Just one moment after another. And while it’s great to build on something bigger and give back to other people, there’s also real value in the sheer creative joy of singing a song or sketching something silly or doing a little dance while you brush your teeth. There’s room for a little extra fun in your life, so why not indulge? The world will still need saving tomorrow. Today, we celebrate!

Libra Sun and Rising – Make Your Bed Before Playtime

You’ve had a ton of focus on home and family lately, and I’m sure you’re ready to move on and have a little fun. But there’s a reason home keeps coming up for you over and over. It is our foundation. If we don’t have balanced relationships with our closest people and a peaceful place to lay our heads at night, how can we achieve anything? If the ground keeps shifting around us, how do we ever make progress? So if you can, take this month to really make sure you’ve done the work necessary to make your foundation solid. Perfect your sanctuary. I promise the time to go out and play is coming soon!

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Climb High, Sleep Low

What do you do when you’re simultaneously the most exhausted and the most determined you’ve ever been? How do you keep moving forward when you’re about to collapse? And how do you stop when your whole being is straining toward your goal? You do what mountain climbers do – acclimatize. Using the principle of “climb high, sleep low,” climbers will push themselves to ascend to new heights, then descend to sleep and recuperate. By using this principle and listening intuitively to their bodies, they can accomplish incredible feats. And this month, Scorpio, their wisdom is exactly what you need. Push forward when you can, and retreat when you must. Soon you’ll be climbing like a pro.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Room to Grow

When animals live on islands for many generations, they often become smaller and smaller. This phenomenon, called island dwarfism, is a response to the limited amount of resources of islands. It just makes sense to stay small if there’s no room to grow and nothing to feed your expansion. And over the last few years, Sagittarius, you’ve experienced your own personal version of island dwarfism, keeping your life smaller and emptier than you ever thought you would, preserving resources to survive. But by the end of the month, it will be like your species is being transplanted onto the mainland. All the space you’ve made in your life will now be filled up, and growth can begin again.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Side Quests

In video games, sometimes the world is so vast and open that it’s hard to decide what to do. Sure, there’s usually a main quest, but if you focus your energy on that, you finish too quickly and you’re left with a million disjointed side quests to complete. And in that case, how on earth do you figure out which ones to do first? This feels like your life right now. Everything is important, but nothing is absolutely vital, so what do you choose? In games, the best option is usually to review each side quest and see which could benefit you the most. And it’s the same for you. With everything needing your attention, choose to focus on what will benefit your life. There will be a new main quest to pick up soon. But until then, go do the quest that at least nets you a cool sword at the end.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Quality Control

Each new Lego set goes through a rigorous process before it’s introduced to the market. That’s because, though every set is unique, they all need to be able to connect to one another. They need to be adaptable so that users can build anything they want with those pieces. Just like real life, individual units come together in infinite and novel ways to make a whole. But if those pieces are off by just a millimeter, the entire system falls apart. This month, I urge you to check all the pieces of your life. There may be something that needs to be recalibrated just a bit. When you’re building something this great, it’s worth checking all the parts.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Tropical Island

The idea of shipwrecks and castaways always fascinated me. A ship, buffeted by storms, will sink miles and miles from everywhere. But then, by some miracle of winds and currents, survivors are pulled straight to dry land, to salvation. You, Pisces, can probably relate. For so long, you have been floating in the ocean, churned by the waves of fate. But now the clouds are clearing, a current has caught you, and a gorgeous tropical island is in sight, glittering like a diamond in a sea of sapphires. Life is about to become your own again. You’re going home.

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