Your Monthly Horoscope

By Caitlin

July opens with a major opposition – Mars in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. This is followed, mid-month, by the Sun opposing Pluto at the same degree and a Full Moon conjunct Pluto. You may notice tempers rising in the face of the uncontrollable; harsh words may be exchanged on the heels of Mercury’s opposition to Pluto at the end of June. This may merely be a mood you pick up on in the collective, an energy playing out on a grand scale. Or it may be that you yourself are more fired up lately, especially if Pluto is transiting a personal planet or point in your natal chart. Cancer season is archetypically considered to have a more easygoing energy, but with all these squares and oppositions, some edge is bound to come out. We would prefer to be like the Crab, sheltering from conflict – but we are called to deal with things head-on this month. It is friction, with love, that the churning mill of the universe represents – that is, creation. Thus we are reminded not to judge too harshly any conflict, and treat it with love. In this way, we not only resolve the issue but also create something new and lasting.

As always, horoscopes are written by Sun and Rising, so check both!

Aries Sun and Rising: The coming Mercury, Mars, and Sun squares to Uranus, inching through the final degrees of your sign, may activate upsets in your close relationships, home, maternal instincts. Maybe a trip home, literally or metaphorically, is canceled. Maybe there’s been infighting, someone at risk, and different perspectives on what action should be taken. Make sure to keep balance on an emotional level through whatever may come: if there’s one certainty we can take from Uranus, it is the certainty of change. Keep up your spiritual practices – don’t rock the boat, just observe – and listen for clarity in the last week of the month. People may still not all agree, but you will know what you need to do.

Taurus Sun and Rising: Venus, your ruler, enters Gemini at the beginning of the month, squaring Neptune mid-month and opposing Saturn right before she slips into Cancer. Venus and Mercury traditionally have a bit of an uneasy relationship – peace-loving Venus can grow weary of mercurial enthusiasm. But Gemini is the perfect energy for Venus with the aspects she has coming up: with Neptune retrograde emanating its fog, only sharp and discerning minds can pierce through while holding fast to the values they entered with. Think things through this month, do what you need to do to prepare, be confident in your knowledge of who you are and what you stand for – this is the strength you will need to face up to Saturn.

Gemini Sun and Rising: In the first week of the month, Venus enters Gemini as Mercury, your ruler, departs for Leo. If you have been feeling overstimulated, overburdened mentally, or just plain burned out, the end of the tunnel is visible. Venus brings some rest and renewal to your sign as Mercury gains the rewards of his busy toil, coming into the house of the Sun. After the brainstorming of this past month comes the light of direction. Your legs may still feel shaky and the path may be broad, but the thing to celebrate is that there is a discernible path at all! Don’t try to narrow it prematurely, as this may actually take you further from your destination. Have faith that the destination remains there, waiting for you.

Cancer Sun and Rising: A busy time in your sign, Cancers. The Cancer Mars opposition to Pluto hits right out the gate, and will be noticed particularly directly by those of you with placements from 17 to 19 degrees in the sign. You may be undergoing some big changes, and these have probably been in the works for a while. This can be scary – the biggest help during these times is the support and care of those around you. It may be that you are accustomed to taking on the nurturing role – in this case, you may be being called to step back, especially if you find yourself feeling any claustrophobia, resentment… or even rejection at this time. Whatever the case may be, taking a backseat and an observer role this month is prudent. See how things are without you; see how you are without the things you’ve been carrying. Pay attention to how changing an action changes you.

Leo Sun and Rising: You’re up next to bat, Leo! Mercury enters your sign on the 6th, paving the way for Mars and the Sun to ingress toward the close of the month. Last month we discussed the road map of your time here. It’s time to dust that off, unfold it, and start talking about it. Make a checklist, even if it feels daunting, even if the only thing you can check off is that ‘Make Checklist’ box at the top. What do you have to accomplish? Where are you being pulled? It’s time to figure out how you’re going to get there. Gather those close to you and speak your goals aloud. Throw a bonfire and toast yourself – whatever is going to encourage a joyful accountability in your network. And once you’ve done this… get to work! There is plenty of energy available to get a few boxes checked.

Virgo Sun and Rising: Use the time that Mercury is in Leo to shore up your self-confidence, Virgo. You may have been feeling hamstrung – not by any one thing, perhaps, but by the sheer number of possibilities that exist. The tough part of Neptune’s long transit through your opposite sign of Pisces is that it threatens to dissolve the unification that holds all things together. This has the effect of raising the emotional stakes (and, often, turmoil) because we simply cannot see the higher pattern. Things become more distinct, but with distinction comes falseness. Look at the possibilities facing you, the options you have on the table and – most importantly – how you feel about them. What does each of them do for you? Were they as different as you first thought? Try to view the unknown as a support at this time, and have faith.

Libra Sun and Rising: This has been a time where you have certainly been learning the lessons of your sign. Jupiter spending his retrograde period in this sign means that you’ve been working with this energy for a while, and while Jupiter is considered the greater benefic and praised for his easy generosity, sometimes this can be challenging. Sometimes Jupiter can lavish gifts on you that you just don’t like, want, or need. How do you deal with the excess? Do you pass it on, or make do, or adjust your values so that it becomes the best thing in the world, or…? This becomes a question of personal integrity in the face of the external. There is virtue in adaptability, so long as motivations are pure. When adaptability becomes sublimation for another’s benefit, resentment festers. Find balance. Be sure you are being fair to yourself, as you are fair to others.

Scorpio Sun and Rising: People may be looking to you to resolve conflicts this month, Scorpio. This is because you have the benefit of a calm sky in your sign and your Sun or Ascendant makes an easy trine to the Cancer-transiting planets. Self-control is the name of the game – but this doesn’t have to mean you grit your teeth and white-knuckle through it. A different kind of control is required, deeper: the (paradoxical) control of surrender. When our emotions cause us to act destructively, the best thing we can do is to take a step back from these emotions and allow them to play themselves out. Release, relent, relinquish whatever it is you are holding onto at your personal expense. Cut your losses so that you can be there for those you care about.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising: Some relief from the relentless Saturn transit is on the way this month. Venus enters Gemini early July, moving toward an opposition with Saturn that perfects at the end of the month, as Jupiter holds strong in the mid-degrees of Libra. We are putting pieces together this month: our minds may be overflowing with all the ideas for molding our surroundings to our liking. This is not likely to be a divine illumination of purpose, more of a process of trial and error. Make an inspiration board, or a list of things you love. Do you have those things around you? How can you begin to bring them closer? Don’t put off happiness waiting for things to line up – line them up yourself.

Capricorn Sun and Rising: As I mentioned, a lot of activity this month orients around Pluto in the mid-degrees of your sign. This may have stopped even being noticeable if you have been experiencing this transit for a while. You’ll receive a reminder this month of the transformative work that’s been going on with the Full Moon in Capricorn shining within a degree of Pluto. Is there something you’ve been struggling to come to terms with, that you’ve never even admitted to yourself? Remember that love and fear are two sides of the same coin. What are you so afraid of? What does that reveal about what you want? Take some time to reflect on these questions the time of the Full Moon and check in with your emotions regularly throughout this lunation. And remember – you deserve what you love.

Aquarius Sun and Rising: You may be feeling an itch for adventure, to strike out on your own. You may be daydreaming about a trip, or in the process of planning one, or perhaps a friend proposes an impromptu road trip! Whatever the specifics may be, you’re looking to get off the beaten path. And adventure seems to be on the way! See the world for the possibilities it offers, and say yes when opportunity knocks. It may not just be external opportunities knocking, and so it is worth paying attention to the internal senses as well. This could be something as simple as taking the time to style your hair in a new way, spending some time in the sun, or just stopping to smell the roses. If you can’t physically get away to new surroundings, find a new way to appreciate those around you. It’s amazing what we can see when we look through fresh eyes.

Pisces Sun and Rising: Careful not to get swept into the confusion of this month, Pisces. Neptune in your sign trines the planets transiting in Cancer, which is double-edged in its influence. On the one hand, you may provide some much-needed relief to others this month, perhaps on a spiritual or empathic level – and even find yourself healed in the process. On the other hand, if you are not clear in your words, actions, and presence, you may find yourself scapegoated in the wake of any misunderstanding. The misunderstanding industry is booming lately, so this clarity and centeredness is a worthwhile aim. If you find your words getting twisted no matter how much care you take with them, just smile, take a breath, and remember that this too will pass. Have faith that the friction you see around you will work out for the best, even if you can’t hasten this process. All in due time.