Your Monthly Horoscope

By Caitlin

August 2017 – SUN and MARS and ECLIPSE in Leo

As if this Pluto opposition wasn’t enough to get you out of your hole, here come the king and his bodyguard to raise the stakes. Your actions this month will have to be about being true to yourself, because the longer you lie, the more time you waste. The truth will always come out. I don’t mean this in a threatening way, like you ought to be watching for shadows behind you eager to rip off your veil. No, it is you who will eventually become fed up with the distortion and inauthenticity you’ve brought to your life through sparing the difficult conversations, the honest assessments, the right actions. Pull off the veil and come into the Sun. The King demands nothing less.

As always, horoscopes are written by Sun and Rising, so check both!

Aries Sun and Rising: Still looking at Uranus this month, Aries, as the eclipse in Leo will trine Uranus at the late degrees of your sign. More than this, Uranus enters its retrograde period at the start of the month. Uranian energy plus the surreal phenomenon of the eclipse means this could be a month of surprises – even you surprising yourself. Keep an eye on your actions this month: not that you will go overboard or rebel sans cause, but because surprises teach us the most about ourselves – though these lessons can take a while to recognize. It is good to keep a written record of your thoughts and feelings at this time, to revisit throughout the retrograde period.

Taurus Sun and Rising: Venus enters Cancer at the start of the month, so we may expect a certain amount of blurry edges, emotions blending into each other, our mindset in flux with our emotional selves. Venus’s ingress into Cancer further means that, mid-month, she will oppose Pluto just as Mercury, the Sun, and Mars did before her. You may have felt scattered last month as Venus and her erstwhile ruler, Mercury, struggled to find common ground. August trades that scatteredness for intensity, though this may still be experienced in ever-shifting directions. Venus-Pluto contacts may bring up the past, issues of worth, control in a domestic relationship. Spend some time clarifying what it is you want, and what it is you need. Be exacting in communicating these (and their distinction) and being heard.

Gemini Sun and Rising: The bidirectionality of Mercury’s ingress and retrograde in Virgo this month has something of a Gemini quality. Thoughts may present both sides of themselves at once, but still call for reflection. This is not a month to act hastily from the mental plane – you will want to make sure thoughts, emotions, values, etc. are all in alignment, or you may find yourself wasting your energy and having to redo. The mood is mildly Saturnian in this way; appropriate as Saturn continues to hold court in the late degrees of your opposite sign, Sagittarius. Take your time, be sure of yourself. It is easy to ask for what we want, harder to make certain we really need it, that it will serve us.

Cancer Sun and Rising: Ruled by the Moon, hold on to your hats this month. You’ve got one more Pluto opposition to contend with, not to mention the eclipse! The solar energy of this eclipse is quite powerful, both because the Sun is in the sign he rules, and because it is the second of two lunations beginning in Leo. Lunations in Leo tend to be good for money, so track your paycheck, tips, windfalls. Or you may meet new people with big personalities, eager to share them. These share-and-receive effects may be especially focused around the time of the eclipse, when the Moon, against all seeming odds, dominates the Sun. We talked last month about change. Have you had a chance to think about where you’d like to change, and where you’d fight to stay the same? You have great opportunity to act on these thoughts this month.

Leo Sun and Rising: An intense month, to be sure, Leos. The eclipse may bring revelation, a new way of looking at the world – after all, the wonder of an eclipse is how different everything looks in the shadow. How much do we trust appearances? Take some time to reflect on any revelation on this day before acting on them, as Mars closely follows the Sun and the Moon coming up on the eclipse point. Action isn’t called for right away, and may be limited in any case by the trine to Saturn. Uranus, also trined, wants to shake things up, help you see things anew, but Saturn says wait, and make sure your change is something lasting. I hope you’ve done your homework leading up to this month, as things are moving fast now. The flip side of Leo’s kingliness can sometimes be a lonesome insecurity – it’s hard being at the top. Reinvigorate your relationships, as the king gains his position only through his countrymen.

Virgo Sun and Rising: Mercury retrogrades in Virgo in August – think of this as like a deep clean for your mind, or an opportunity to sort out that which has been weighing on you, down to the details that may have felt too exhausting to examine previously. The most mobile of all the earth signs, as it is ruled by Mercury, the symbol for Virgo demonstrates conservation of energy, turning things into the best versions of themselves, a mind at its own pace and thorough. Depending on other aspects in your chart, this mental deep clean may feel too much, but I promise you you’ll come out the other side purged and refreshed. It’s been a year of purging, and the reward is in sight.

Libra Sun and Rising: Jupiter in your sign is still squaring Pluto, but moving fast now. After the – frankly luxurious – period of his station and retrograde in the sign, the greater benefic moves on to new territories. It’s a good time for an accounting of the past few months. For all the new and expanded things Jupiter brings, we sometimes forget his fickleness. ‘Temporary nature,’ more kindly. Jupiter, in a sense, shows us how things could be, but we do well not to forget that effects on our lives are not external to us, that we bear responsibility for gifts given and used, at all times. The more serious side of Libra is apparent in this acceptance of responsibility. It is all well and good just to get along, but know that your life expands to fill what you are willing to take on beyond that.

Scorpio Sun and Rising: You may still be feeling the effects of the Mars-Pluto opposition last month, as it involved both your traditional and modern rulers. Don’t dwell too much on whatever happened or didn’t happen, victories or disappointments. Fulfilled and disappointed expectations are equal parts of the plan, and equally transient. The question is what you do with either of these eventualities. Do you give yourself enough credit for the work you do, the life you live? Or do you beat yourself up because things could always be better? Because, Scorpio, things can always be better, and they will be, but the first step toward that is appreciation of what you have now – and of yourself for getting where you are. Otherwise you are stuck in a prison of your own making.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising: Saturn – finally! – turns direct again at the end of August. It’ll take him a while to get up to speed again but, hey, I won’t knock any progress. Things that have had some rough edges may be coming together, something you’ve been working on will finally click, and damn all the times you’ve been foiled. He’s followed shortly thereafter by his ruler during his stay in Sagittarius, Jupiter, leaving his retrograde shadow in Libra, aiding this resolution. And resolution is certainly the word. Last month we spoke of trial and error, of determining, through fitting together the puzzle pieces of experience, what you love and how to bring it closer. If you have been reflecting on this, now is the time to start making these thoughts into something concrete.

Capricorn Sun and Rising: Impossible still to escape the effects of Pluto, Capricorn. Venus aspects Pluto this month in the final opposition showdown. What is most important at this time is not to doubt yourself. I don’t often indulge in italics, but this is important. This past month has likely been one of reflection, especially as relates to your sense of values and their corresponding codes of conduct. Look for consequences and clarifications to these leading up to the Venus-Pluto opposition mid-month. Recognize that you cannot control what you love, both in the sense that love is not something our ego can rein in, as well as in the sense of loving something freely, without expectation. Bondage implies breakage but will with love persists.

Aquarius Sun and Rising: What goes up must come down, Aquarius. Last month we talked about getting off the beaten path. How did that turn out? The thing about the beaten path, we may realize, is that it is safe. Once you step off… who knows what you will encounter. Adventure and risk go hand in hand. If July’s adventure did not turn out as planned, you may be retreating now. It is good to spend time reflecting, regenerating, re-orienting, but be sure not to wallow, as this serves no one. Even if things didn’t go as planned, isn’t that what you wanted – something new, to surprise? Don’t take too long getting back on the horse. After all, what has ever been gained through safety?

Pisces Sun and Rising: Time to dry out, Pisces. Yes, the water’s nice and you certainly are a wonderful swimmer, but when all your friends are on the sand, barbecuing, playing, laughing, and you’re still fighting the waves, a chill can set in. The super-powered Leo solar energy this month invites you to clear what has been waterlogged. You like to inhabit the in-between spaces but this can have the effect that you don’t fully inhabit yourself. It does not do to live one’s life for other people. Last month, I wrote about clarity, and this is imperative this month. You, too, have to trust yourself. Will you come ashore or keep swimming?

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