Your Monthly Horoscope – June 2020

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Aries Sun and Rising – Dragons Forever

You’re out adventuring, a shining knight of a mighty steed. You slay the ogre beneath the bridge, the group of bandits on the high road, and the witch in the forest. Finally you come upon a tower with the most stunning princess you’ve ever seen locked inside. You plot a daring rescue. And once you are finally with her, eye to eye, heart to heart, she looks at you in confusion and asks, “What are you doing here? Don’t stop now. I am at home here in my tower and do not wish to leave, and there are so many more fights be had.” You are perplexed, but you heed her word. There are too many dragons out there to stop here.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Raining Treasure

You’re gardening in a tiny, scruffy patch of earth next to a city street. You hear the traffic and feel the fumes burning your nostrils. You’re sow seeds and do your best to cultivate them, but you’re increasingly certain that nothing will ever grow there. Just when you’re ready to give up, a little golden shoot bursts from the ground. It grow and grows and begins to flower. To your awe, you see that the leaves are coins! Even more surprising, each coin is different. Some are modern, some are from ancient Rome, and still others hail from cultures you have never heard of. What do you to with these riches? Do you melt them down into bars? Try to spend them like normal? Or do you take each coin and try to figure out exactly what this tree is trying to say?

Gemini Sun and Rising – Retrace

You’re walking along a dark, winding forest path. Night is falling, and fog is beginning to blanket the forest floor, further obscuring your path. As you continue on, you get the disconcerting feeling that you’ve been this way already. Haven’t you seen that tree before? And that rock with the face on it – you’ve definitely seen that. You plop down on a log in frustration when you see a little glint in the corner of your eye. You see old tent, wrapped up and ready to be pitched. And what’s this with it? A map and some kindling. Exactly what you needed. By slowing down, you found everything you were lacking in order to get where you need to go.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Deus ex Machina

You’re toiling away beneath the earth, working in some sort of mine. Your feel the grit as you wipe the sweat from your brow, just managing to catch the droplets before they drop into your eyes. Your muscles ache, taught ropes moving beneath your skin. You look up and see…sunlight, where no sunlight should be But as soon as you glimpse it, it’s gone, and you hear a deafening crash, and just as you realize what is happening –  a cave in. A hand grasps your arm and drags you to safety just I time. You look around for your savior, but there is no one there. You’ll never know who took the wheel.

Leo Sun and Rising – Ask the Mermaid

You’re a young reporter, asked to write an expose on newly-discovered cultures that live beneath the ocean. You’re dubious, but you go and ask the kind woman who studies such cultures. She looks at you, her brow furrowed. “Why don’t you ask the mermaid?” she asks. Not knowing what she means, you go and ask a gruff fisherman if he’s ever encountered one of these creatures. He glares at you and demands, “Why don’t you ask the MERMAID?” Finally, you throw your arms up in frustration and sit by the ocean, dejected. Suddenly, the most beautiful mermaid you’ve ever conceived of appears before you. As she smiles, something about her seems vaguely familiar. As you look further, the edges of a mirror appear around her. You look down in astonishment and gawk at your glistening fins. Huh. Why don’t you ask the mermaid, indeed.

Virgo Sun and Rising – The Power

As a monarch, your rule has been long and prosperous. You get up every day and take on the grueling minutiae of running a kingdom. And your secret favorite part is to listen to the petitions of the common folk and grant or deny them at your whim. But today, the peasants don’t line up in their usual orderly fashion. This time, they’re a mob. They’re chanting that you don’t care about them, only yourself and your power. Astonished, you offer to abdicate right then and there. The mob, started by it’s win, begins to lose steam. Maybe you’re not such a bad ruler after all, some mutter. And just as suddenly as it formed, the mob dissipates. Maybe they needed to know they had the power. Maybe they didn’t need to use it. And maybe it’s the same for you.

Libra Sun and Rising – Cinderella

As you enter the grand ballroom, a dark and dashing figure in the corner catches your eye. You’ve been yearning for so long to be in those arms. As you approach, their eyes glint a smile plays around the edges of their lips. Your hands touch. In one electric instant, you’re in love. They sweep you up in their arms and you twirl around the dance floor in ecstasy. But just as you are about to declare your love for all the world to hear, the clock strikes midnight. You look up, confused. You’ve been here before, somehow. And your lover…is the same one you left years ago, and for good reason. The illusion fades, and you wake up, just a little wiser and ready to go find something real.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – King of Flames

As you are out adventuring, you meet a gorgeous witch living on the edge of a volcano. You can hear the lava belching in the caldera, and the superheated air blows her hair straight up, making it look like flame itself. She agreed to grant you one wish, and you ask to be a master of fire just like her. Her laugh turns into a shriek as she tells you it is done and you must go. You run away to test your now powers. You run your hand through your hair and you small the unmistakable small of burning. You lean against a tree and it begins to smoke. You’re not sure whether to weep or laugh. King Midas has nothing on you.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Showdown

There’s no use in the ritual at all. The way you check carefully in the closet and under your bed, then pull the covers up to your nose. The monster is still there, still waiting, And deep down, you know it too. And now, no longer content to sit in bed waiting to be eaten, Now you find yourself careening toward a stand-off with the very monster that has dogged you all this time, The pain, the fear, none of it matters to you now. All that matters is that you win.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Backward Motion

The road is cold and desolate. The air freezes in your lungs and leaves little ice crystals on your eyelashes. The path is too treacherous, and the mountain it climbs too daunting. Your turn your back to it all. You can’t do it. So you put one foot…behind the other. Over and over again you do this, and you see the place you’d been standing at begin to shrink with distance. Your old world looks like a dollhouse from here. And you realize, you’ve done it. You reached the summit. And you did it all backward.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Goodbye, Frosty

An ice giant can be a good friend. They are clear, undemanding, and really quite helpful. In fact, yours has been helping you build a city. Block by frozen block, the giant has been helping to create the towering ice-spires, the small igloos, and the stately town hall. But summer comes even to these icy wastes. And your giant, at least for now, needs to go. It hurts, of course, standing alone in a half-built town. But as the giant affirms, he’ll back again one day,

Pisces Sun and Rising – Retreat to Victory

Life is hard for a sea monster. You’re out, innocently playing in the ocean, feeling the strength in your fins as the water rushes over you, when all of a sudden you’re under attack. Tiny boats with even tinier men are yelling, fighting, and flinging their harpoons wildly in your direction. You’re confused; you never wanted a fight. You try to reason with them, your try to fight back, you try to do anything you can think of to fix this situation, but I the end, the facts are clear. The only thing to do is sink back into your ocean and live to swim another day.

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