Your Monthly Horoscope – December 2021

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Aries Sun and Rising – All That Power

There’s a difference between having power and knowing how to wield it. Like a rich person whose money is tied up in stocks, you can amass lots of power, but if you can’t do anything with it, does it really matter? You’ve been silently building up your internal stores of strength, facing your demons and getting very familiar with the contours of your personal underworld. And now it’s time to act. What perspective have you gained, and how can you make that apparent through your actions? What would you do if you were totally free? What change would you make in your own life and in the world around you? This is the month to find out.

Taurus Sun and Rising – The Everyday Magic of Soda

There are so many things that go right every day. When you open a soda, you don’t wonder if there is a cockroach in it or if it’s been laced with cyanide. Despite the hundreds or even thousands of people who had a hand in creating that soda, from vanilla farmers to bottle manufacturers to truck drivers, the product almost always gets to you on time and intact. That’s because most people are doing their best most of the time, and because life often actually does go as planned. So this month, if things get a little tense, I want you to step back and get a little perspective. In the grand scheme of things, is life really so bad? Do you have people who love you? Food to eat? Hope for the future? How often during your life have you been clothed and sheltered? How often have things actually turned out pretty well for you? How often have you been able to adapt when things got hard? I think you’ll find that you’re more capable than you imagined, and that life is ultimately pretty darn sweet.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Through Line

In the TV show Community, one of the characters known for his fourth wall-breaking meta-analysis, seems to always appear in the background, eating popcorn and offering commentary as the drama unfolds. I suspect you’ll relate to him this month, Gemini. It’s like important things are happening all around you, but they’re not exactly about you. Instead of playing the exciting lead, you’re the messenger, the analyst, and the connecting thread tying it all together. And what’s really cool is that our reactions to other people often really serve to teach us about ourselves.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Relationship Review

It is a true privilege to be loved by you, Cancer. You are nurturing and loving and will move heaven and earth to help the people you love. I can only hope you get that exact same degree of love and loyalty in return. This month is especially ripe for you to deeply consider your relationships and see if you feel truly supported and loved in the way you need to. If not, how can you balance the scales? And by that, I don’t mean withdrawing your love. I mean telling your loved ones in plain language exactly what you need, and trusting that they’ll provide. Boundaries are worthwhile, but people who love you, however imperfectly, at least deserve an honest chance to be better.

Leo Sun and Rising – The AUDACITY

If there is one thing that ties together all the richest, most famous, and most successful people in history, it’s audacity. Whatever their flaws, they’re the people who unabashedly tout their own virtues, brazenly ask for exactly what they want, and present themselves to the world in neon lights. On some level you know this, Leo. It’s in your blood. But lately you’ve been squeezed so hard that some of that light has dimmed. But now, it’s time to snap loose from the chains and blaze across the sky. Work up your audacity and make your dreams happen!

Virgo Sun and Rising – Reclaiming Joy

Holidays can be stressful, for certain, but this year seems full of the good kind of stress. Instead of snarled traffic and fussy relatives, I see you happily baking, smiling, and creating. I see you genuinely having fun. And what’s more, I see you rediscovering types of joy that you thought had left you forever. And even if some drama does happen to arrive, you’ll be able to find the perspective to detach and enjoy what’s in front of you. In a season when so many are struggling, enjoy the blessings raining down on you! And if you can, maybe try to spread a little of that cheer to the rest of us.

Libra Sun and Rising – Deeper and Deeper

It’s not at all unusual to go to therapy for the same thing at multiple points in your life. You process things as deeply as you can in the moment, and then you move on. But a few years down the line, another, even deeper layer floats to the surface, and it’s time to process all over again, this time more thoroughly than before. And that is exactly what I see for you this month, Libra. The things that live in your depths are ready to be seen. And you will meet them again and again until you can truly make peace. Luckily, diplomacy is your specialty. Your inner demons will become your greatest allies if you give them a chance.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Symbiosis

Clearing out what we no longer need is life is hard work, but the aftermath can be so sweet. After last month’s upheaval, I hope you’ve been able to pare down to only the connections that really feed you. Because you’re so giving, Scorpio. So incredibly, wildly generous to the people you love. But life isn’t just about what you can give; it’s about having your needs met too. This month, I challenge you to work on symbiosis, on the daily giving and receiving among your little community. Learn to give what you can while reserving what you need for yourself, and learn to receive without reservation. That will be your foundation for real trust and belonging.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Facing Your Roots

The plain truth about life is that what is right isn’t always easy, and what’s easy isn’t always right. This month, you’ll be more empowered than ever to act, but the question is what action you’ll decide to take. It would be very, very easy to do what most benefits you and your closest people, building your life in your preferred image, but is that what’s really best? This month I want you to stop and really think about your roots, the possibly difficult but definitely powerful ground from which you spring. Is there something you’re running from? If so, I recommend you muster up all your courage to face it. It’s much better to run toward something than away. Only then will you be truly free.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Self-Love Is Smart, Actually

When I talk about self-love, I can feel people rolling their eyes. After years of being (falsely) told that we have to love ourselves before anyone else can love us, the entire idea seems like a New-Agey admonishment, a way of blaming people for the lack in their lives. But self-love is worthwhile for its own sake. It’s not something you have to earn, and it’s not something that can be pushed aside until you’ve accomplished your great works. Instead, it is a vital and necessary element to making thoughtful, sound, well-considered decisions. Without that love, your goals will be made by and for other people, and won’t satisfy your soul. So this month, Capricorn, I challenge you to totally overthrow your old paradigm and build one that starts with loving yourself without reservation. You’ll be amazed at how much better life can be.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Shake It

You are so good at making changes, Aquarius. You know how to build a bold vision, then take small, reasonable steps to make it happen. You know how to balance the radical with the practical. This is wonderful, and you should always cherish this skill. But there are times that it’s just not enough. Sometimes, you just have to say “fuck it” and rip things out at the roots, or take a sledgehammer to the foundation while screaming that you are Mighty Thor. This month, if the pressure starts to build and you’re feeling too constricted, I strongly suggest having a “fuck it” moment of your own. Shake your world from the ground up and watch as you suddenly breathe a sigh of relief.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Bright Sunshiny Day

Can you feel the tension building? That delicious anticipation tingling in your spine? The time is finally here. This summer you got a taste, a preview of the new era you’ve been waiting for. And now, the heralds are playing their trumpets, the fog is clearing, and your new Eden is in sight. Let all the little stresses and strains roll off of you like water. They just don’t matter now. By the end of this month, you’ll be in entirely different territory. And it will be so, so sweet.

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