Your Monthly Horoscope – October 2020

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Aries Sun and Rising – Gorgon Gaze

Poor Medusa just wanted to be left alone. But instead she found herself hounded by a god she didn’t have the power to refuse. And once he overtook her, she was punished and turned into a hideous beast whose gaze could turn men to stone. This was less than ideal, but at least it gave her the perfect excuse to hide away and focus on herself. But even then, she couldn’t catch a break. By the time Perseus found and slayed her, her cave was absolutely filled with the stone forms of people who just couldn’t leave her be. This month, Aries, I suspect you’ll relate to Medusa. While you are working on your own internal struggle, you’ll be poked and prodded by all manner of unwanted energies. But instead of taking Medusa’s route, try to ignore them instead. Your internal battle is the greatest one you face right now. Let nothing distract you from victory.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Haunted House

Living in a haunted house doesn’t have to be so bad. Sure, the walls bleed a little, and you are pretty sick of the furniture flying around, but it could be worse. You’ve grown used to the whispers telling you to get out, and in fact you’ve even started fondly thinking of the ghosts as your weird roommates. Plus, you don’t have to worry about uninvited guests, you don’t even have to decorate for Halloween parties, and the rent is insanely cheap. Is it ideal? No. But is it tolerable? Surprisingly, yes. In fact, if you look at it the right way, you might even have a little fun.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Realign

In the novel The Bird’s Nest by Shirley Jackson, a young girl is delivered a series of shocks. And for each traumatic event, a little piece of her psyche broke off and became its own personality. Eventually, the various parts of her began to compete, and she undertook a journey to retrieve all the disparate pieces and cobble together a whole personality. What’s remarkable, though, is that, however challenging and frightening the process was, it wasn’t all terrible. In fact, as she reunited with her inner child, sometimes she actually had a little fun. This month, Gemini, I expect you will relate. You may be jolted out of your current reality and be forced to backtrack to retrieve what was lost in the depths. But if you can keep your sense of playfulness, it won’t be all bad. And you might just find the joy you’ve been looking for all this time.

Cancer Sun and Rising – Alice’s Gift

In Alice in Wonderland, poor Alice can’t catch a break. As she tried to navigate this strange world, it seems like everyone is against her. Wherever she turns, she finds monsters, enemies, and friends who turn out to be less friendly than they seemed. The animated version ends her travels in Wonderland with every character she’s met wildly chasing her. But I wonder if they were really out to harm her. I wonder if they actually saw something in her that they couldn’t get elsewhere. Maybe her little spark of sanity was exactly what they needed. This month, Cancer, I expect your experience will be the same. It may feel as if you’re being ganged up on, but if you can, try to see it a little differently. Maybe everyone is looking to you because your vital essence is exactly what the world needs. Give what you can, and watch the monsters disappear.

Leo Sun and Rising – Petals in the Lake

In Frankenstein, the monster, while wandering, comes upon a little girl. Smiling sweetly, she asks him if he’d like to play with the flowers she’s picking. One by one, the pluck the petals and throw them into a nearby lake. The monster is overjoyed with the game and looks around wildly from something else to throw. Suddenly, he seizes upon the little girl and throws her into the water. She tried to be kind, but sometimes kindness just isn’t enough to keep you safe. This month, Leo, I expect you’ll relate to the little girl. Here you are, just trying to make it through, but you keep running into harsh forces that are bigger than you. Expect to be thrown. But unlike the little girl, you can swim. Get yourself back to shore and try again. Don’t compromise who you are.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Protecting the Throne

Fellow Virgo Queen Elizabeth I of England was a tactical player who closely guarded her realm. Imagine her surprise, then, when her cousin Mary, who had previously attempted to steal her throne, came running to her for help. Elizabeth knew she couldn’t give her what she wanted, but she couldn’t turn her family away either. So she locked Mary up in various castles, both protecting Mary from her enemies and protecting Elizabeth from Mary. This month, Virgo, you may not be able to escape the hidden machinations or the sudden shocks, but you may be able to contain the threat. Be creative and maintain good boundaries, and you will set yourself up for success in the end.

Libra Sun and Rising – Queen To-Be

Persephone didn’t start out as the queen of the underworld. She began as a sweet, virginal goddess of spring, collecting flowers and frolicking in fields. It wasn’t until she was kidnapped by Hades and dragged down into his realm that her true story begins. Now, I am not a proponent of the idea that every tale of claiming one’s power has to have a dark backstory. But this month, Libra, the metaphor is apt. You are just trying to shine, to be yourself, to find a little beauty in the world. But the powers that be aren’t having it. Instead, they ask you to confront your fears and show them what you’re made of. You may not be ready to fully come into your own, but the path to empowerment will finally open to you. You may not see the finish line yet, but know that you are so, so close.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – Old Faithful

Even the earth itself can only hold so much. As water and fire and minerals all combine, the pressure builds. The water reaches a boiling point, and suddenly all that was simmering hidden beneath the surface erupts into a magnificent geyser. While they can certainly be destructive, geysers are also beautiful, and they have the added benefit of relieving pressure. This month, Scorpio, take a lesson from the geyser. You may not be able to contain everything you’ve been feeling. But instead of one huge eruption, you can allow yourself a few controlled releases. This will provide a bit of relief while still maintaining your most important internal structures. And you may be surprised what a little honesty can do.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Symbiosis

Planets and moons have a symbiotic relationship. The planet draws them in and helps protect them from outside threats. And the moons keep the planet’s wobble more stable, allowing the planet to continue on its course. They become the supporting characters in the planet’s journey. And you would know all about this. Your own ruling planet, Jupiter, is thought to have as many as 60 moons! So this month, while you continue on your way, try to look benevolently at the characters you run across. Even if they challenge you, try to exert a magnanimous influence and be grateful for their presence. The challenge will serve only to prove to you the rightness of your path.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Sherpa

This is it. This is the part you’ve been waiting for. The delays are over and it’s time to finally make your ascent. The road will be treacherous, but you know that already, and you’re more than prepared. In fact, you’ve been training for this moment all your life. And that’s a good thing, because we’re all counting on you. The whole collective is looking to you to lead the way. It’s a heavy responsibility, but your shoulders are plenty strong enough to carry it. So shine your beacon as brightly as possible, and let the rest of us follow.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Excavation

It’s been a long process, I know. Just when you thought you had traction, the earth seemed to turn to quicksand under your feet. But hopefully by now you’ve seen the wisdom in the delay. You’ve had the chance to dig deep and interrogate your own beliefs. Now you have the chance to use what you’ve discovered. What have you excavated? What hidden gems have you brought up from the center of the earth? And what does that mean for your future? Now is the time to decide.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Somebody to Love

When Grace Slick first belted out the famous line, “Don’t you want somebody to love?” shivers went down the spine of the collective. “Sure, you’re strong,” she seemed to be saying, “but what good is that strength without someone to protect? What good is happiness when there’s no one to share it? And when the worst happens, who will come to your aid?” While I don’t mean to suggest that everyone needs a romantic partnership to thrive, I do think, Pisces, that this is not the month to go it alone. Instead, shore up your support system, whatever that may look like. No one doubts your strength. No one doubts your independence. But the fact is that you need other people, and what’s more, other people need you.

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