Your Monthly Horoscope

September 2017 – Neptunian Clarity

By Caitlin

Hello all – if you are indeed there, it’s hard to see you – I am writing to you through the Neptunian fog that has crept in in the midst of the fire and floods and smoke. We need this Neptune right now; unfortunately it is also the hardest time to communicate why. The world perpetuates an illusion of separateness when stricter boundaries are emphatically not what we need – they fail to represent the truth. The fog blends, softens, unfocuses so we can better discern the resonances. Experience the world for what resounds, because that is the only lens that means something. There is a risk of temporary ungrounding here. Take inspiration where you can and trust that you’ll come back down (be willing to come back down). It takes a certain presentness in our attitude to use Neptune to his greatest capacity – the tide changes as we go with the flow. Keep your heart light, reach a hand out where you can, pay attention to what unfolds.

As always, horoscopes are written by Sun and Rising, so check both!

Aries Sun and Rising: What happens if you stop moving, Aries? Are you convinced of what you’re doing right now? This is not a challenge, but a check-in – if you answered ‘yes!’ then by all means, full steam ahead. If you are hesitating, ask yourself why. It is much better to do things right than fast. The transmutation of thought into action is emphasized this month with the Mars-Mercury contacts, and especially early in the month when this conjunction happens at the eclipse point. Express all your thoughts, then burn them (literally or metaphorically). There are so many directions our thoughts can go when we don’t commit to or trust a perspective, and the infinite loop is only ever draining. Keeping options open only makes sense for so long.

Taurus Sun and Rising: Venus is the last planet to cross the eclipse point in Leo this season, and thank god for that. Venus-ruled people are called upon to bat cleanup this month, anything from first aid to surgery (metaphorically, one hopes). The eclipse feels like a wound has opened in the world, which brings both the possibility and the urgency of healing. Don’t stress, know that you have the resources to deal with what comes your way. The thing about healers of any kind is that they do best with a certain amount of peripheral blindness. Focus on the task at hand, focus on what you can do. Everything else can be sorted later. Take heart that there is a later to speak of.

Gemini Sun and Rising: Understanding is one of Gemini’s most salient qualities. This can read as fickleness to others when they, in turn, don’t understand the calculus behind a given choice, but any shifts in your opinion are more properly indicative of the subtlety of your assessments than any character failing. Sometimes the weight of a single feather can tip the scale and you are keenly aware of this. Other times, Gemini, your ability to see both sides so clearly leads you to a stalemate. Everyone has their reasons, yes, but things which may coexist in thought are sometimes irreconcilable to each other in the physical. Don’t be discouraged, though, as the physical has a few major variables to work with—one is space, which is more strictly unforgiving; the other, time, which is less so. All that is to say: if things don’t fit right now, take heart in your knowledge that they can, and give it time.

Cancer Sun and Rising: You have been nowhere and everywhere this past month, Cancer – some of you retreating to the depths, others of you combing the moonbeams from your hair and charging into the Sun. Whichever way you’ve expressed your influence, the reverberations continue to be felt. It’s something like a victory lap, though this ‘victory’ may be a dubious one. Or perhaps it is simply that it lacks consensus. You are trusting something deeper, though you may meet resistance or obstacles or intolerable conditions. You know the path you are on has an end, and, distance be damned, you are resolved to get there. As you approach the path’s bending, however, the nerves increase. What if you don’t like what you see? Are you ready to retrace your steps? Even if you have to trudge back, don’t beat yourself up. The exploration itself is always what is commendable, not its result.

Leo Sun and Rising: How are you feeling, Leos? A lot of us are still shaking the singed mane out of our eyes. The world feels a little different now, like the eclipse marked a new era, with things shifted just so, you’d miss it if you weren’t looking. It might take a little while for the friction-heat from this shift to calm down and meanwhile it will toast the ground and shimmer in the air before the (hopefully) cooling water of oasis. As I mentioned, Neptunian pursuits (spirituality, dream work, imagination, etc.) are important this month and the Sun’s opposition from Virgo to Neptune in Pisces early in the month spotlights this. Mercury’s retrograde here has made it easy to overthink. Step back and let your intuition give the answers—it’s all about trust.

Virgo Sun and Rising: Happy birthday, Virgo Suns. You get a beautiful New Moon in your sign this month, and a full house as Venus crosses the threshold—everyone is here to celebrate with you. And with everyone here… a toast is called for. This new moon emphasizes grounded and honest communication. What have you been waiting to say? We can see your gears turning – it’s time to deliver that speech you’ve been composing. The Neptunian theme of trust in something larger, an invisible plan, comes up again. The fear doesn’t let go until you do. But fear does let go, and does so a lot faster than his compatriot, regret, I might add. Let people know what they mean to you, even for just one night. It’s your birthday; play the host.

Libra Sun and Rising: The pace may have really picked up in the past month. Your plate is full, your cup overfloweth—and you are at the table wondering just what to do with all this. None of it can go back of course! Bring your lips to the cup and drink. You have some renewed ferocity about the things that are yours that may take you (or others) by surprise. Don’t worry too much: any overcompensation is simply a symptom of Jupiter moving on toward deeper waters – a reaction to the slack left to pick up in the wake of all his easy gifts. You’ll swing your way back to the path of least resistance… but in the meantime, doesn’t it feel good to be fierce? Enjoy it.

Scorpio Sun and Rising: Communication is emphasized at this time, particularly following the eclipse and coming into the Mercury-Mars conjunctions. It may take a few tries to say what you’re trying to say – your drafts folder is F-U-L-L. Keep at it. Push a deadline if you need to (especially those self-imposed ones); as I noted to Aries above, it is much better to do things right than fast. Patience is not many of our strong suits so redirection may also come into play. Other than what you’re struggling to get a handle on now, how else can you improve your life? Do you care enough to? Why/ why not? Spend some time detaching from worries and anxieties and then ask these questions again. If you answered differently (or not), what does that tell you?

Sagittarius Sun and Rising: As Saturn inches out of Sagittarius, the call of adventure rings loud and clear again. Just as Gemini can be read as fickle by those who don’t see behind the curtain of their whirring minds, Sagittarius’s pioneering spirit is often misunderstood. This manifests less as strain in interpersonal relationships, as with Gemini, and more as an inner placelessness experienced by the Sagittarius. The benefit of this (the silver lining, rather) is that you create your own home, according only to your specifications, perfectly suited. Think about your home this month, be it a physical place in a city or a fantastical one in an enchanted land. The nag of balancing responsibilities with indulgence pulls at you—Saturn has not quit the premises just yet and we are unwise to ignore the lessons of his tenure in any case. How can you make your home real? If you feel placeless around others, invite them in, show them your stomping grounds. They’ve probably never seen anything like it.

Capricorn Sun and Rising: My advice last month not to doubt yourself leaves a bit of ash in the mouth in retrospect. So easy to say, more difficult to isolate what is yourself vs. what is others vs. what is proper vs. what is right. Which lens do we choose? Self/ Others? Propriety/ Truth? Don’t lose yourself in the world around you, as homogenization does not allow anyone to function as they are made to. We have rough edges for a reason, that they may catch on those of others and reshape both things in the process. Nothing changes if nothing changes. What do you want to change? Who do you need, to do this?

Aquarius Sun and Rising: Commitments are on the brain this month. What have you promised, what have others promised, how well have all these oaths been fulfilled? This could be a very happy time or a very trying one, depending on your answers. Something building up or breaking down. Whichever direction it’s going, let it go. Watch and celebrate as the wise work you put in blossoms and fruits and strengthens the bond of promise and commitment; mourn as the withered vines betray the lack of forethought in planting. Then pick yourself up, don’t get intoxicated on your own drama. You have many better things to do than dwell. Do them.

Pisces Sun and Rising: Pisces, I get the feeling that you are Over. Whelmed. A month of extremes reaching a fever pitch. A jumbled brain and heart and the choice of what to do with these. Decisions can often feel imperative, the restless environment urging you on like a jockey bent over his mount’s neck. The thing to remember is that the race doesn’t end when the race ends. Make sure the things that feel urgent have staying power. It doesn’t do to break your leg to win the race. Hard as it is to see sometimes, you have a future that far outstrips the potential gains of today. Protect it, protect your emotional, physical, spiritual health. This is what matters; untangle yourself from what doesn’t at an intentional pace.