Your Monthly Horoscope – November 2019

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Aries Sun and Rising – Freedom Fighter

You can feel it building. The frustration, the tension. You’ve been spending so much time focused on other people. You’ve meet listening to their complaints, meeting their needs, and holding their hands. And all without a word of protest. But somehow, it hasn’t been enough. They want more, but you have nothing left to give. Now you’re about to blow, and no one can blame you. But before you do, promise me two things. 1. Try to be as tactical as possible to avoid doing real, lasting damage. 2. Make sure that whatever you do serves to liberate all involved.

Taurus Sun and Rising – Transformative Love

Love is never truly comfortable, is it, Taurus? There you are, enjoying the sweet fruits of your connection, when suddenly you’re swept under by forces beyond your control. That’s what love does to all of us, and you more so than most. That dark, terrifying, soul-deep bond resonates into our very bones and whispers to us from the back of our minds, “Come. Look deeper. See what your own discomfort has to offer.” If you heed the call, expect to be deconstructed to your very bones. But, of course, this is a necessary step. Keep going. You’ll soon find yourself built anew, stronger and more beautiful that you could have imagined.

Gemini Sun and Rising – Expanded Universe

Love is a beautiful, expansive thing. It gives us a whole new world to explore, new horizons to discover. Each person we love is their own universe, unfathomably large and never fully knowable. I know, Gemini, how easy it is to forget this, to grow bored and begin to search for the next best thing. But this month, as your ruling planet retraces its steps, try to retrace yours. Give the people in your life a second look. There are vast expanses you’ve never seen, never dug deep enough to touch. I think you’ll find that what you already have is more, so much more, than you ever dreamed.

Cancer Sun and Rising – No Fear

You remind me of Dante, Cancer. Bravely plunging into the depths, ready to explore whatever it has to offer. But where Dante had Virgil to guide him through the Inferno, you have something even better. You have an infallible internal compass that always points to home. That’s why, no matter how deep your journey takes you, there is nothing at all to fear. In fact, if you keep this in mind, you may even enjoy your stay. I hear the fifth level is quite lovely this time of year.

Leo Sun and Rising – Back to One

Sometimes, as Leos, we forget that we’re not always on a stage. We get so used to performing, playing the role that others need us to play, being the people that our lives require us to be, that we don’t stop to ask where our true self lies. You get split into our various parts – home-you, career-you, fun party-you, and lose sight of you-you. This month will shine a light of those various parts and ask you who, in reality they are serving. As you are placed in the spotlight, you’ll be challenged to create a version of yourself that is expansive enough to hold all your incarnations. See what you can do to integrate them into one, beautiful, glimmering, whole YOU. You’ll shine all the brighter if you do.

Virgo Sun and Rising – Invisible Hands

Thank goodness for support. The world is so dark right now, so harsh and cruel for everyone. But that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other, that we can’t extend our hand to those who are struggling, offering them a little relief. You know this better anyone Virgo. It’s your superpower. And this month, you’ll finally get to experience the other side. All the goodwill you’ve built over the years will bear fruit right when you need it. When you stumble, hands will materialize to catch you. When you cry, shoulders and tissues will appear. And when you cannot take another moment, faithful friends will fluff your pillow and stand guard as you sleep. It’s okay if you can’t give or serve anyone else. Allow others the great honor of serving you.

Libra Sun and Rising – Beauty and the Beast

The darkness is still there, Libra. We all know it. Every single one of us feels it in our bones. But is it really all there is to focus on? Isn’t there still beauty in the world? Aren’t there still new horizons, gorgeous fantasies, and a big, bright future for all to behold? And doesn’t the darkness serve to give the light a little flavor, the depth that makes it shine all the brighter? Even in the depths of despair, aren’t we all able to step outside ourselves just for a moment to appreciate the innocent perfection of a baby’s laugh, or the small miracle of a puppy opening its eyes for the first time? Meditate on these questions this month. Find that core of sweetness within you, and become the beauty we need to see in the world.

Scorpio Sun and Rising – In the Cauldron

You know this feeling. That deep, seething, bubbling tar pit in your subconscious, ready to birth its dark spawn. You know it’s waiting just out of sight. If you turn your head fast enough, you might catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of your eye. But now, it is ready to step into the light. The darkest recesses of your mind, on display for all to see. It may be difficult. It may be frightening. But it’s also exactly what you need. When you can step into your own power, bold and unafraid, there is a liberation like nothing else you could ever experience. Own it, Scorpio. Let the rest of us learn by your example.

Sagittarius Sun and Rising – Freedom to Love

What a breath of fresh air you are. While the rest of us confront our demons, you’re off throwing a tea party with yours. It turns out that what’s been brewing in your subconscious is actually, well, sweet. You have come to embrace that most terrifying of things – attachment to other human beings. It turns out that love and freedom aren’t so opposed after all.  When you really zoom out and transcend all the world’s artificial boundaries, you discover that nothing can ever truly hold you back. The only limits that exist are those we choose to create for ourselves. Just do me a favor. If you feel the need to break free of anything, make it the bonds within your own mind. You’ll be able to love more freely and fully if you do.

Capricorn Sun and Rising – Barn Raising

You see the writing on the wall. You know what’s happening. You know that we are building, slowly, to January’s great crescendo, when Pluto and Saturn will finally meet for their dance. You’ve been slowly planting seeds, repairing structures, and preparing in every way you can. And this month you’ll have help. While others cringe at the harsh nature of these aspects, trying desperately to escape their inexorable progress, you will be joined by those who know that preparation is better than fear, that calm, determined acceptance can take you further than panic ever could. Together you will build your fort, construct your buttresses. When the time comes, you and your people will be ready.

Aquarius Sun and Rising – Key to the Cause

When the world is dark and full of confusion, when the system becomes too top-heavy and unwieldy, It’s always to you, Aquarius, that the world turns to help see the light. Your sharp, incisive mind cuts through the fluff and glamor, the excuses and obfuscations. As an atmosphere of harshness and cruelty grows from the roots of fear, you stand as a counterbalance, reminding us that our strength is in our collective humanity. But as you’re out fighting the good fight, remember to apply those same principles to your own world and the people in it. Make sure all that you are can stand up to the light. You will be an even brighter beacon for us all if you do.

Pisces Sun and Rising – Deep Sea Diver

As I’ve said many times before, yours is a rare gift. You can swim any waters, no matter how dark and brackish, and always manage to find your way. Nothing can truly conquer you, because there’s nothing to conquer. You simply dissolve, transcend, and you’re back on your way. Reflect on this, Pisces, as you navigate this month. Even your own darkness can’t hurt you. It only serves to add depth and flavor to your world. And if even the worst parts of life only serve to make you stronger, then what is there to fear? Nothing. Nothing at all.

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