The Midara Relationship Review


Relationships are powerful. They are mirrors to our soul and laboratories for growth. They bring us comfort and support, as well as pain and sorrow. They give us meaning and purpose.

Simply put, we need each other. Understanding our relationships gives us a key to happiness and peace that we just wouldn’t have otherwise.

I’m here to help. I’m offering a new product – The Midara Relationship Report . In one hour, I will analyze your relationship and provide a synastry overview as well as a review of the composite chart, and synthesize this information to produce real, actionable conclusions.

I specialize in deep analysis with an eye toward understanding the underlying dynamic and motivation of each person. Working with all the traditional aspects of a chart along with an emphasis on Black Moon Lilith, Chiron, and nodes, we’ll get down to the core of your connection. If you’re looking for something that speaks to the soul of your relationship, this is it.

This goes for any relationship, not just those of a romantic nature. Family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, you name it. You’ll understand the relationship better and walk away with a concrete roadmap to solve any problems you may have, allowing you move forward happier and in control.

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Once payment is received, I will contact you by email for the birth data for both people as well as any specific questions you may have. You’ll receive the completed report within three days.