Deluxe Personalized Transit Report


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This Deluxe Transit Report is an exceptional buy. I really believe it’s the best Transit Report on the market, by far.  Never mind, the price is right!

This report is tailored to your personal natal chart.  You’ll have a year’s worth of personal forecasts, in advance, for just $25. As an aside, your purchase will also help support this blog, which has been offered free of charge for almost 16 years!

Do you know, I’ve never had even one dissatisfied customer with this report? That says a lot!

This in-depth report includes interpretation of transits by the faster moving planets, personalized for you!

It offers guidance most days of the week. It covers an entire year.  If you print the report, you’ll find it is a whopping 70 pages long, give or take.

Please see a sample here. Buy now, you’ll not regret it!

Once payment is complete, you’ll receive your Deluxe Transit Report via email, usually within an hour (unless I’m asleep)!