Consult Elsa By Phone

Price varies by length of consultation 30 minutes

Thanks for your interest in working with me! I focus on solving problems. Rather than a general reading we’ll talk about whatever you want. Please be sure to specify what you’d like me to cover. 

You can cut and paste a lot of text into the small field on the form.  If you prefer to email, please respond to the confirmation email. This way, everything will be in one place. Whatever you want to send is welcome. I want you to get what you’re looking for so don’t be afraid to spell it out.

*Please set your time zone on top right of calendar before scheduling. The software will take care of the time conversion.

Check my references here – testimonials.

I can record our call at your request and email you a high quality recording of the conversation as soon as we hang up. There is no additional charge for this service.

The calendar will not allow you to schedule less than 18 hours in advance but I am often available on shorter notice. If you have an urgent concern, please email me ( I will accommodate you if possible! I also consult by email.

With more than thirty years experience, I use the Equal house system because I feel it consistently gives the best results. If you prefer I use a different house system, please let me know.

This page will take you through all the steps to schedule a consultation.  Your appointment will then be confirmed both automatically and manually

Thank a million! I look forward to working with you.