Fear of Rejection – Moon conjunct Saturn and Pluto

Dear Elsa,

I have a job, a lovely place and money.

The only problem is I don’t do well with others. I fear rejection and tend to sabotage any chances for love through coldness and escapism – probably due to my past failed friendships and relationships.

I feel like I’m restricted in the area of romance and partnerships. How do I free myself from this fear?

Four Planets in Sadge


Everything is Falling Down – Neptune Transit to T-Square

Dear Elsa,

Lately I’ve had nothing but bad things happening to me.

I had a second chance with a man I had dated for a year… and then he publicly humiliated and dumped me. A couple of weeks later, I discovered I was pregnant by this same man. And just recently, I may have miscarried the baby… my doctors are still trying to figure it all out.

I just filed bankruptcy. My blood pressure is sky high. My complexion is that of a cheese pizza. I feel as if all the cards are stacked against me.

Is there ever going to be any relief in sight??

Sign me,
Suffering an Onslaught