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You're only as sick as your secrets?

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I think the entire collective is sick af from all the poison we're trying to keep down at this time.

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Many people have terrible secrets and not a guilty bone in their body. They don't beat themselves up for it... but karma can be a b*tch!

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First I thought Yes. True. ....but what is a secret? Is it thoughts you recognize as deviant from normal moral standards, or are secrets past actions you have concealed. I don't know if I always think telling your secrets is the best option. If it severely affects the reality of someone else, I don't think reliving yourself of your secrets is always helpful. 

I can admit to having secrets, things I am guilty of, that I feel guilty of, but I am not tempted to share, can not see the purpose of sharing. If my secrets could liberate someone else, I might have felt different. 

I also agree with what we are holding down, but not only secrets , but everything that is unsaid. 


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