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Which house rules prostitution?

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I have an 8th house Capricorn. Never been one. 

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The sixth house..... ? 

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Not all prostitutes are being exploited. Nor are they all victims of extreme childhood abuse etc.

I am not dismissing the reality of sex trafficking or of women getting into sex work due to low self esteem or as a result of abuse.

But I would like to shed light on another perspective.

I am an escort.

I do it because I desire to, deep within my bones.

I am not a victim of sex trafficking, sexual abuse nor of poor socio-economic conditions.

It is in no way exploitative or degrading for me. But it is empowering.

I do not do it for a small price, I value my worth. (Not that a price could ever really be put on anyone’s worth.)

I vet the gentlemen that I sleep with, energetically also.

I would be considered more of a ‘courtesan’, I suppose. I don’t sleep with many men at all and they are ongoing arrangements.


I have strong Pisces AND 12th house placements. I don’t think that this points to a pathetic astrological situation as mentioned above 😅😅 but quite the opposite.

I am a gifted psychic healer and mentor- this is my full time job. I help to change peoples lives, and have hundreds of reviews to attest to this.

I have a keen, inherent understanding of the human psyche- this could be the Pluto dominance of my chart.

I also have a degree in psychology and have been a life-long studier of astrology.


If you are interested here are some key placements of my chart that I think are relevant:


Pisces sun, in the 12th house.

I also have my mercury Aquarius in the 12th.

Cancer moon, 4th house.

Pisces ascendent.

Aries Venus 1st house.

Mars in Gemini 3rd house.

My Pluto is rx in Scorpio, 9th house.

My chart is cancer and Pisces dominant, with Pluto ruling my chart by far. then Neptune and Jupiter next most dominant.

Cancer south node house 5, Capricorn NN house 11.

Embodying my Capricorn NN- independence in the way of making money is important to me.

My Aries Venus and Gemini Mars can indicate ‘promiscuity’ or a desire to be with different people rather than just one.

The Pisces and 12th house placements indicate the desire to stretch myself to the edges of human consciousness, into the unseen and the unknown.

I feel like the strong Pluto influence has a lot to do with it also.

I yearn to connect with and understand people as deeply as possible.

I do not see sex as dirty, I do not see being paid for sex as immoral, unholy or impure. 


I would like to note that my best friend was also a courtesan in the past.

She has a Scorpio sun in the 12th house.

Sag Venus in the 1st house.

Libra Mars 12th house.

We are both dancers (ballet, hip hop, bachata etc) and are both true embodiments of the divine feminine healing essence with strong priestess energy. And, we are both legitimately good people with high morals and strong integrity.


I feel like some key points to indicate prostitution here would be:

-Both have sun in 12th house

- sun is a water sign.

(Another escort I knew was a water sign also, a cancer.)

-both have strong 12th house placements.

-both have an air Mars

-both have a fire Venus

-both have Venus in the 1st house- which I intuitively feel has a lot to do with it also.

My Venus in Aries in the 1st house gives me a strong urge to express and be seen and appreciated for my feminine essence. 


I’m posting incase anyone finds this interesting and to perhaps bring some clarity- also I just find this incredibly interesting myself.

Thanks for reading.

🌹 😊 xx

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@adarose Interesting. Thanks for offering this.

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Imagine if there were no stigma attached to this. What if it were romanticized? Not too far a stretch to imagine at this point. 

I have never been a prostitute or escort or sold my sex. I have been an exotic dancer in the verrry distant past, but stopped when I found out I was pregnant. I could not fathom making my child have to endure having an exotic dancer mother. I felt in my gut that would have been extremely wrong on so many levels. I don’t regret quitting at all but I had some fun while it lasted. Those were my party days. I was basically a free spirit back in those days. I was not even promiscuous, I just liked dancing. 


I have a Pisces Sun and Moon in the 8th and both lights square Neptune in Sag on my SN in the 5th. I also have Mars and Venus in Aries. Mars is trine Ur/Jup in saggie.

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I wanted to add about the self-esteem thing, mine was non-existent then. I had no clue who I was at all. And I mean no clue.

I would say those days shaped me in some ways, as I learned to have a tougher exterior through the influence of those around me. I don’t fear people or situations because of it. It’s also easy for me to the good and humanity in people (but perhaps that’s always been the case)...drug addiction, promiscuity, prostitution, homelessness, poverty, anything that puts people on the margins...I can see past it to the person.

So cliche, but everything happens for a reason. I think the experience actually made me into a better person than I would have been otherwise. But had I continued on that path, who knows? I did know some escorts back then. One is married with children now and seems to be doing well. I don’t know, I think for most people, there tends to come a day when it feels time to retire that stuff. Especially if you want to have a family. But I am traditional at my core (Saturn on my IC) and I actually like the societal norms (most of them). 


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