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What Was The Last Straw That Led To Your Divorce?

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Have you ever divorced? What was the last thing that kicked you (or them) over the line?

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It was a breakup, not a divorce...and had to do with him letting this bitch come between us:

He's sleeping on her and her boyfriend's couch. Umm, yeah. Someone asked me if I thought they were having threesomes. I honestly don't care. Even though my life has been crazy since we broke up, I am not regretting it. Bury me standing.

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After I had scraped and saved $$$'s to pay off accumulated Late Charges & Fees ((credit cards))..... she still didn't bother paying the Minimum Due.


It's annoying when , after explaining the the "umpteenth time" how the multiple loans were going to be paid off soon & we'll have my Full Paycheck back in our hands...... it became quite obvious that she had given up on "us".


Perhaps it was a grave mistake to marry during my tour in Sea Duty ((minimum time at home))...... and a mistake to think somehow my "fiscal responsibleness" could change her.

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He was cheating. He was the kind of guy that wanted everyone to like him and would pretend to be whatever he thought you wanted him to be (great thing to figure out after marriage!). Apparently he left me for her, who had no plans on leaving her boyfriend for him.

Actually, that's the same as what happened to me, Namaste. He moved in with them and she told her SO that he was "her best friend and he was divorcing and need a place to stay". Her SO was dumb enough to buy it.

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Twice. First one, he wasn't there for me when my mother had a terrible emergency. We thought she was going to die and he was nowhere to be found. Sitting alone at the hospital for those few days was enlightening.

Second one, I just couldn't take any more of his possessive, jealous, controlling crap. It turns out he was cheating. From then on, I always suspect someone is cheating when they are this jealous.

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I was woken up at 4 am with a hand gripping the back of my neck and dragged into the kitchen where I got screamed at for about a half hour because there were ants on our counter and I guess it was my fault. I left shortly after.

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