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What Planets Blur the Truth?  

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Something really bizarre has been going on for a long time (since April 2019). My ex and his gf have ganged up on me in court and he hasn't paid any child support. They have done and said awful things, tried to distract by putting the focus on me, asked for passwords, depositioned me. It's surreal. This is a deadbeat not paying any support. Our child has autism. And the judge has allowed it to go on for this long. He showed up at my house the other day (my daughter's dad) wearing a Hawaiian shirt (picking up our daughter) to go on his second week of vacation. He keeps trying to claim he is disabled and it's been one lie after another (he found a girlfriend willing to support him and also pay his legal expenses). Wild! 


I'm about to withdraw b/c I just don't have it in me anymore. And I can't afford or withstand a trial. That this would even go to trial - a basic child support case, is absurd.


At my wits end. With a kid who needs soooooo many things. I'm disillusioned with the justice system and just sooo many things right now! Spend inordinate amounts on legal expenses, fired by my first layer (who set me up) and then my second lawyer just did the same thing! 


I think I'm in shock. Where'd the truth go?

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I have a bit of experience regarding family cases.

May I suggest that you seek free legal counsel, if you have not already. They can also support you in court and, from the ones I have had assistance with, are not guided monetarily to push the results in either fashion. Speak to a couple of them, just so you can get a well-rounded approach to your current case.

I'm unsure what state you live in, but typically you and your child's father will go to mediation and attempt to seek solutions and agreements. If that doesn't work, then you both will see a judge. You won't have to pay anything to represent yourself which I believe you can do because your case seems somewhat clear to me.

You are single mother. I'm unaware if you share custody because if so, then you will have a bit of detailed work to wade through.

If no custody is shared, then from the perspective of a single mother, you can show the support you child needs, especially since it appears that she is autistic.

If he is on the birth certificate, then legally his is the father and must provide some support, unless he is unemployed. If not on the certificate, request a DNA sample.

It is reasonable to expect a significant other to support their partner. This is an opportunity for you to find a place of contentment within yourself so that you may not be lead emotionally by their misgivings and such. Clearly, they would like to gain an upper-hand and emotionally whipping someone is one way to do so.

Focus on your goal, which is obtaining support for you child, not revenge or vitriol expressed through winning. No one wins here, and your daughter is the one suffering the most due to the turmoil between you and your ex. A child can perceive this easily and is learning to treat other people in the manner in which she sees the two of you treat each other.

If you do not have physical, emotional, religious outlets (spiritual), then I suggest you start.

If you do not have a phone call recording app, download one. They are free. Document everything you can so that you have much to present on your daughter's behalf.

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I'm guessing this is a rhetorical question. It's Neptune baby!

Embrace the blurry side of life, the grey areas, and the nebulous. It could be you're having a Venus-Neptune transit, or just a Neptune transit, in general!

It's not that there's no truth in Neptune, it's that the truth is obscured from you! Good luck.

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Neptune Neptune neptune!