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Synastry Aspects That Spell Doom In Relationship!  

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I don't believe any aspect indicates absolute doom.
Sure some aspects indicate significant challenges, but that doesn't necessarily mean that their relationship is doomed to fail. I'm a more rational person. I learn a lot about relationships between men and women thanks to Carnal Knowledge. However, if you have found the truth in astrology or numerology, then why not. The main thing is that you believe in it.

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My husband and I are soulmates. These days, the term gets thrown around so much it generally means close friends, but in our case, I feel this might be an accurate description. There is a very strong karmic/past life element to our relationship which feels like it spans ages, and has allowed us to withstand cyclones few other couples would have survived. We both came together with a LOT of baggage, painful wounds and hurt from previous lives shared. After quite a few years, we have managed to work out these old traumas on each other and our bond is stronger than ever. In this life, we've been together 37 years, but our union has become tightly woven over time and this shows in our synastry. My husband's ASc is exactly conjunct my Cancer Moon. His Sun is exactly opposite my ASc. His Moon trines my ASc within one degree. His Sun exactly trines my Jupiter. His Saturn is exactly sextile my Moon, while his Mercury is exactly oposite my Mercury. His Jupiter opposes my ASc, also exact. His Moon is in my 8th House, exactly square my Uranus, and his Uranus opposes my Saturn - 4 degrees apart (tough, but we got through that). Fortunately, his Venus trines my Uranus - and also my Mercury - fun! Our Jupiters trine each other - but our Saturns square each other 🙁

His Pluto closely conjuncts my Uranus, and is also conjunct my Sun and Mercury - though a few degrees apart. His Uranus is closely trine my Neptune, and is Sextile my Pluto. Someone mentioned Moon in the 8th House. His Moon is in my 8th House Taurus - and my Saturn is conjunct his Chiron - a reflection, I think, from a past life and karmic debts owed (by me).

I never wanted to look at my husband's chart until a couple of years ago. Doing so hasn't shown me anything I did not already know.

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