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Social Trends Circa 2022

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I used to write about trends, though not recently. I still watch them though, or rather, I have awareness of them, whether I care to or not.  In fact, these things tend to bother me because I can sense they are not organic.  Matter of fact, my original and still my only true rant on this blog, was about how people used the same phrasing... it bugged the hell out of me and oddly, all these years later, I actually understand what was going on back then.  Here's the vid:

Anyway, this next came up in the Colosseum after someone wrote me this morning to tell me I could not be trusted because of my typos.  Smile

Had I thought of it, I could have sent her that video, but anyway...

"I think the trend these days (as more people drift towards sociopathy), is to step up whatever you're doing that bothers people. I'm serious. It's works like an algorithm, conscious or otherwise (unconscious, ai, etc,)"

So have you noticed this?  It's like a modern twist on "the Streisand Effect".