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Sexual Incompatiblity

Libra Noir
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I usually get what I want in this arena. But I'm also pretty easy to please. No complaints from the other sides so far. I can't imagine being in a relationship where I or my partner are unsatisfied sexually. Sounds horrible to me.

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I don't think it is particularly uncommon, and I think its importance often depends on the priorities of the specific couple. For me personally, I need some fireworks. Otherwise it is just like sleeping next to a good friend, which is cozy but not really the type of intimate relationship I want to have. But other people might place a higher value on different aspects of a relationship, and so the chemistry can take a backseat and they'll be fine with that.

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I don't think I could overlook this, it's too much of an important part of a relationship for me. Otherwise, like @cmarie said, it sounds a lot like just being really good friends who care about each other a lot. I dont expect intense chakra stimulating experiences each time but basic incompatibility I couldn't overlook.

Sometimes it's just nerves that can get in the way, and maybe you get more used to each others rythms and body and it can improve overtime... I dont know. I certainly think it's worth trying different things before throwing in the towel on an otherwise great relationship.

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I think there's a real upside to my stellium - it's either there and it's good or it's not there.
Sexual fulfillment is important to me and I'm fairly easy to please when the compatibility is there.

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l wonder...wound't people know this at the beginning?? If you are sexualy incompatible you would know right away right....? l think l couldn't continue the relationship if it felt strange!

from my own experience l think everything you have in the beginning will be there later as well, what is not there will not come later.

l had tension in the beginning, good tension and some weird hickups that my aries venus didn't get at all and this hickups are still there from time to time so is the good tension...but ok it's worth it! in the end it works well with little patience and understanding from my part. we do have a mars/venus sqaure and a mars /mars sqaure so yes it can be tricky!

l don't know of people can compromise too depends on the person and the situation etc....though coockie!

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Interesting post. In the past I've had excellent sexual and physical chemistry with terrible partners. The last one was an Aries with a Taurus Venus and a Capricorn Mars. Loved the earthy sensuality. The bed metaphorically levitated. As a Scorpio with a mars in Capricorn and a moon in Libra I crave beauty and lots of kinky, earthy stuff with one partner. Recently was with a Pisces sun with a Venus and mars in Aquarius and the sex was not that often or good but he was a great partner. We played domination games but the sex waned. I have no clue what the answer to this is. He and I still love each other but I need sex and lots of it with the one I love. Maybe it's the drugs and alcohol or the lack of self esteem that hinder him. I have no clue.

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