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pregnancy and childbirth

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Hi everyone 

I m  new here but not new to astrology.

I am learning a bit of astrology since I met a mentor - mainly self learning but I am still very amateur.


Would like to ask opinion with regards to having another child/ children.

I got married  at the age of 35.

Had my first baby at 36 years of age.

I am really keen to expand my family but somehow it is not happening. 


Noticed a lot of obstacles since last year June to try to conceive.

Anyone free to look at my chart and advise if more children promised or likely?

It is a big stress trying to ttc to give my child another sibling before my age catch up with me.

Thank u for ur time


My details 


Dob 20th March 1984

Time 1034 pm

Taiping Perak Malaysia