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Mommy's boy

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But, in terms of Mommy's boy.

I have dated 2 of them. First one, mother treated him like her SO. Was very weird to me and she would get jealous of me and it was a huge problem in our relationship. She constantly asked for things of him and had him doing things for her. She needed constant reassurance from him and he never told her no and didnt want to overstep her.

2nd one wasnt too bad, he just loved his mom alot and supported her financially for awhile. His mom was sweet and liked me so it didnt bother me as much but she did rely on him a bit too

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@leobra1221 they should love their mothers and help them when the time comes, I don't know if would I appreciate a man who is behaving badly towards his mother, probably not. I had mama's boys before, and I couldn't understand why those mothers had the need to compete with me. I was always trying to be supportive.

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