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Is flirting cheating to you guys?

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Ew I don't even want to think about it. YES. I mean, maybe not quite as bad as physical cheating, but why would someone need to flirt with some *insert term here*?? Gateway drug to real cheating.

ETA: If I notice someone start to flirt with me, which has happened, usually a Scorpio (they love me), I back away real fast. Like real fast.

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My bf (Libra Sun) flirts with everyone; it’s just his nature. He thinks he’s just being friendly, and I tease him about it. If he were chatting someone up behind my back, that would be a problem.


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If paws were involved, I wouldn't make a sound. 😎 

Unless claws weren't sheathed, then... time for the vet (both of us). 😥 

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I've had a few married/taken guys flirt with me. Lots of compliments and added attention. I am not aware they're taken at first but then it is discovered! And then I feel gross. I don't know why people who are taken flirt, but my Scorpio moon feels that it's wrong and please don't involve me in your relationship games. Scared

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I don’t think flirting is a big deal at all. It’s just engaging playfully with someone and I don’t see how that violates a commitment. 

I don’t think it’s super cool to do that if you are on a romantic date with your spouse or something but other than that, no biggie. I think the people that have a problem with it maybe think that flirting always indicates a sexual interest? Not for me. I flirt with old people, women, kids, dogs lol. I have Venus in Virgo so I’m not an extravert but if I see that someone has a playful heart and won’t take it too seriously I love joking, flattering each other etc. It brightens up the day (Libra Sun). 

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Flirting is the road towards cheating.

Lots of people mistake my jokes for flirting though.

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