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Gemini Moon in 12th house?

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Hi, I'm new to astrology so I'm more than happy to admit if I was wrong and learn the correct thing. Must be the eclipse I had an debate with a friend today and I need validation.

My husband has Gemini Moon in 12th house. I know it a torture to have a Mercury rule Moon in the 12th house of subconscious.

We married 11 years, never parted a day and he never seem to have a problem communicate with me. What I see in him is someone who very low key and private, he hate drama and hate be in center of attention. He doesn't wear his emotions on his sleeve neither. And he needs some time alone at the end of the day to recharge himself.

Other than that he talks to me, and we have Zero secret between us. I mean he is my husband, we married 11 years and never parted a single day.

My friend whom tell me I was wrong, and was 100% absolutely sure my own husband has many secrets hidden from me and the he has a private life inside of him hidden from me. And was adamant that I'm wrong.

Well, I rolled my eyes, and just let it go, whatever kindda thing. So I don't get it, my husband has Gemini Moon in 12th, but he talks to me, tell me everything, he is an open book with me. No secret between us. After all it is an intellect and communcation Moon sign.

Can I hear your view on this? Thank you.

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I don't know that you can know another person's everything, especially considering a person can't even know their own everything. But I also don't think your friend is correct in assuming your husband is keeping something from you.

I mean, what is "something"?  He can't possible convey his every nuance.  I does not sound as if he is concealing anything significant.  You're both wanting to be right in some absolute way that doesn't exist.

The foggy notion may have more value.  You trust your husband. This is what counts and it has no edges.

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Everyone has a private life inside.  We are the sum of every experience of our lives from the first breath.  Do you need to know his, does he or anyone need to know yours?  Of course not.  Respect the privacy of all.