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Ball-Busting Woman

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I just finished and email consult with a gal I've worked with for several years. Maybe even five. She's had one hell of a row but it now looks like it will break her way.

In the course of the consult, I found myself writing, "You're not a ball-busting woman, so..."

I laughed to myself. I know the woman so I can say things like that and I know when I do, it will help her.  Hey! She's a double Pisces. Definition is needed. But it made me wonder...

Are you a ball-busting woman?  What's the astrology?

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Libra Noir
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Depends on who you ask. 

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Lots of Capricorn in natal chart. Sun sq Mars. Asc in a confident sign - maybe Leo or Sagg. Sun on MC.

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My son loves those type of women.

He has dated quite a few of them.

First one was a Filipina high school
basketball star and the other one
was a stunning natural blonde.
They both attended the same
private Catholic school. My
son had me drive him to the
basketball stars home and
drop him off to spend time
interacting with her and her
very large, close knit family.
I began to suspect she was
a ball buster when my son
always asked me to bring
him to her yoga classes at
the Y. My son was not into

Then it became clear when
she ditched the classes that
she was no longer interested.
I guess she brought it up at
lunch in the cafeteria where
the blonde casually asked
for my son's contact info
and called him. So then
the blonde was showing
up in her car, coming inside
to pick my son up for various
platonic dates. Or I would
drop him off at her parents
home, which was a great
sprawling pasture, forest
and land full of horses.
I felt so sorry for my son,
I knew he was a lamb on
his way to slaughter. I
just knew he was getting
played by these types.

He went on to date more
of these women, always
getting dumped. I told
him, "Stop dating such
hot looking women who
make you feel insecure
and try dating someone
who is not so hot but is
actually into YOU".

He did, finally. Thank
God. Met a sweet
heart who is a Capricorn
Sun, Libra Ascendant
and Pisces Moon 5th
house. I absolutely
love her and how she
and he get along together.
I told my son to please
marry her, and to please
always be willing to
support her financially
as she will not match
him in earning power,
but she is worth it.
She works in a children's
bookstore and she has
severe anxiety so she
does not drive and he
drives her to and from
work. Ball busting
women are great,
but only for a man
who is willing to
defer and she must
be willing to not
hang the threat of
dumping him over
his head.

My son always recalls
his past girlfriends
fondly, and sometimes
he wishes his girlfriend
would push herself like
he did academically.
But I explained to him
that powerful, independent
women with lofty goals
will not change their
priorities for him and
his needs. My son is
very much into equality
in his relationships.
But he is also the one
who is relied upon for
strength and aid. He
in turn wants his partner
to embrace his friends
and socialize with all of
them alongside him.
Ball busting women
would want that only
in reverse, their friends
and not not their partners
I suppose.

Hades Moon
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? Love your candour. Frankly, there’s often no better way to describe something then what initially slips off our tongue. So refreshing when we don’t have to pussy foot around and be pc.

okay, now back to your question...

Strangely, I have found myself to be more soft hearted and sacrificing with my female relationships then my male ones. With men, I tend to take no shit, and am more direct. Yes, I have been called a ball buster ?.

Astrology- maybe sun & Mercury semi square mars, sun trine Pluto, mars opposite Saturn, moon conjunct Pluto 

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Yes, I have . During my divorced years I could be brutal.. I also was like that before I got married to my first husband. I am not proud of it. Some men seem to be attracted to it . I don't know why.

 Its my baggage from my childhood and first marriage. I finally aged out of that behavior.

My scorp sun , mercury square pluto does not help.

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