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Are relationships difficult for everyone?

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I'm 55 years old, my Moon and Venus are in opposition and both are squared by Pluto. I have  Chiron and Saturn in the 5th house, my Scorpio S Node is directly opposite my 7th house/Descendant. Are you kidding me?? Ha! I don't think it was ever possible for me to have not had extraordinarily difficult relationships, with love/sex partners anyway. I've always had good and wonderful friendships. 

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@klara Wow, ya that is some challenging astrology there. Thank you for chiming in.

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oh indeed. i had to look at my parents marriage as a result and they have the worst marriage in history (i'm sure there's tons more but i see theirs as so toxic and horrible and i was living in it) and they still dont divorce. Because my mother is religiouis and also they are both co-dependent. Both my parents have Libra in personal planets and they are so co -dependent that it is a huge "fall" or "detriment"  to their situation. If they find a good partner that wont abuse them then they have a wonderful life ahead. So, personally having your very very analytical "virgo venus"  is very very good in this case. You need to be wary of who you partner with, they could be undercover abusive later on and you wouldnt know it. And then you are stuck because of the co-dependency and you had fallen in love. (its an example)

I went through two awful and most horrible marriages that were just bad, the first husband was not toxic to me but what he did on his own made toxic choices such as cheating alot, and doing drugs and alcoholism. but he never abused me, just abused himself alot and therefore caused pain and suffering everywhere and effected everyone. Then he became so bad that he didnt even feel remorse after he went drunk driving and even hit pedastrians, and he went to prison many times. When he was last out, he died on the streets homeless even though he had a set up from his millionaire father to have 3k every other month for the rest of his life. He already spent his thousands on drugs and died on the street homeless sadly. he was a pisces sun with pisces stellium, and leo moon. he just represented the worst of pisces when there's many good pisces men too. He wasn't an abuser or sexual predator like Weinstein Pisces man,i remember reading that and i was so grossed out.

sorry i get into it, when i start remembering. >_<  but you can see how, its good that you do have a discerning venus and many astrologers say thats a "fall"  and opposite of venus in pisces. While venus in pisces loves everyone, and forgiving, it is also not good in many ways because those people are bad people that we had fallen in love with and they abuse us with no remorse. Luckily venus in pisces is who they are and they can't help who they are and they continue to love even after the abuse and toxicity. But they are starting to learn from their opposite and discern.

but i hope you find a good man that will help you, and take care of you. Id say use that virgo venus discernment to your advantage. these placements are gifts to us to use for positive.

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