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What do you see out there that you would change? Big or small!

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I read someone who was wishing everyone a Merry Christmas except, X Y Z & A.

I would change this. I don't think it's right.

Your turn!

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I agree completely.

I keep seeing people drawing lines and boxes that make life smaller. Less love, less connection, less generosity, less understanding. I'm tired of Saturn's scythe. 

I want the whole world to be able to fall back into a warm Jupiter hug and know things are going to be okay. And if the world can't provide us that hug, I want to see us build it for each other. I want to see people reaching out and building bridges again. We're all on this gorgeous planet together and I don't see why we shouldn't try to make things better for each other. 

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I'd like to see more thoughtfulness applied in the design of buildings. No more strip malls, in other words. This thoughtfulness could be applied to a lot of other things too.

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What would I like to see change? 

The way we relate to each other. Good god, my country is tearing herself to shreds with infighting, even as millions of people are watching their lives fall apart. This Libra has had enough.




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I would love to see the Big Tech companies broken up and their censorship come to an end.