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Do You Know The Story Of The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs?

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The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs   Project Gutenberg etext 19994

I came across a reference to the fable, "The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs". I don't think kids read Aesop's Fables any more. Do you know this story?

I read all the fables when I was a kid. I could have never guessed how impactful they would be.

I guess we have other ways of conveying the message of the story but I don't think they are as effective. I even think I know why this is.

The fable includes the result or the consequences. Today, we just talk about "energy thieves" or some other kind of neglect, but these things are divorced from the gut punch that results when you do this sort of thing.

Just what's on my mind if anyone wants to pick it up.

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Some people that are into law of attraction and manifestation believe that money is energy.

I can think of lots of theft as far as this is concerned:
- money printing
- skyrocketing gas prices
- inflation that definitely isn’t transitory (my grocery bills have officially doubled what I was paying just a year ago)
- billions in tax dollars sent abroad
- Stock market volatility
- 401Ks in collapse mode
- Interest rates on the rise
- Real estate bubble
- Layoffs hitting the tech sector big time
- Small businesses continuing to call it quits because they never recovered from lockdowns and riots in 2020

Then there are other energy vampires in the form of the authoritarian policy makers and their ’govern me harder daddy’ populace.

So yeah. All these energy thieves have been delivering one gut punch after another for some time now. Even longer, whether we fully realized the scope of it prior to 2020 or not.

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Aesop's fables were simple and easy to understand by all. There was a moral lesson to be learned. Apparently, not many people in power have read them going by how they govern.

Lets say the golden egg in this case is energy independence in this country that we had just two short years ago. Most things on your list, @libralicious, wouldn't have happened if they didn't cripple our energy sector. This nightmare could end tomorrow if we just open up our energy sector again, but they won't do it. They want us to suffer.


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I think all the oral tradition stories are effective because they get retold and if they are effective the get retold until the enter the oral canon. Ineffective stories die. 

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also interesting they used a goose too, an animal who can be loved and cared for, and the couple killed the animal senselessly. Greed, lack of empathy and love. that i think is symbolic too.