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A Tale of Two Sons
Planetary ruler
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Monday, December 20, 2010
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 9:24 am
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Forgive me, please. I simply
cannot figure out how to format
here. Sorry for the columns.

Anyway, the owner of a car
dealership here gave his son
a great job and his own office
at the dealership financing
division. Paying college so
his son can get an MBA.
Employees at the dealership
called the owner to ask if
son is on vacation? He
had not shown up or called
in over 2 weeks. Car dealer
owner called his son into
the dealership and fired
him in front of everyone,
mostly for show. Then he
finds out that son has not
attended any of the MBA
classes. Son’s wife calls
dealership owner and asks
for help since her husband
lost his job. Dealership
owner pays their mortgage
off so they can keep their

If you google my son’s
name, his non profit that
he works for comes up.
He keeps their blog nicely
updated so that potential
donors can read and decide
for themselves if the non
profit is worthy of a
donation. My son has
taken care to highlight
the individual people
that the non profit helps.
He wrote about on one
blog entry how he was
tasked with teaching a
legally blind senior
citizen how to use a
computer. That man is
now helping the non
profit reach out to and
teach others who are in
similar circumstances.
My son described how
he did not know anything
about visual impairment
before this. He had to
figure out as an instructor
how to understand what
his client could and could
not do and understand
given the resources that
they had to teach with.

I mention this because my
son also has to write grant
proposals asking donors to
contribute. If they do not
have enough in donations,
then the non profit cannot
operate. They have a bare
bones budget, my son’s
office is a sparse room in
an old 1890’s landmark
that has not been updated
since 1963 when it was
closed. My son shares a
desk with his female boss
and he goes to public
housing HUD apartments
to meet his clients and
gives lessons in the public
space and their individual
apartments. I know this
because I had to take him
and wait for him one day
6 mos. ago when I was
helping him get a license
and his first car. He is 23.

I mention all this because
my boyfriend is best friends
with the car dealership owner
and he told me the story. I
ask my boyfriend to please
show the non profit to the
car dealership owner to
please consider making a
donation. I know my boy
friend won’t until my son’s
job is on the hook, my
boyfriend is selfish that way.

My son’s car insurance renewal
is due next month. My son is
dreading it because it is almost
two thousand bucks and he
found out that he owes two
thousand dollars for his taxes
this year. The new tax laws
caught payroll unaware, and
not enough withholding was
made. It has been a common
problem with many people
this year. My son would
love for me to pay his insurance
(again) because I picked up
the tab 6 mos. ago because he
listened to me and did not get
his drivers license and a car
until after he graduated from
college, came back to the U.S.
and got a job. Which leads me
to my next point.

I am a single woman on a
tight budget who is self employed.
Most people would say, “Your
son needs to learn how to stand
on his own”. Well, he already
does. He financed his used car
and pays the car payments and
his rent all by himself. He does
not have student loans because
he had a full scholarship. I am
proud of him and do what I can
to help. But he is dreading
having to pay the IRS and I
am dreading paying his insurance.
He lives in a high cost of living
area and he shares his cheap
condo apartment with his girl
friend and another girl. He is
not living high on the hog.

Most people would tell me
that my son is irresponsible
or that I owe my son nothing.
What about car dealership
owner’s son? The one who
was given a great job, a paid
for MBA and blew it all to
get his house paid off by his
dad. That is an enabler. I
did not exactly enable my
son. Double standard in
our society. And I think
that I am not the only one
who is tired of unfair double
standards in our government
as well.

Edit: Yes, I am well aware
that the IRS takes small
monthly payments and that
the car insurance can be paid
quarterly or monthly. That
is not the point. The point is
double standard for the rich
and the poor.

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elisa, Poppy
Libra Noir
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 10:03 am
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Its your money! I say do whatever the heck you want with it. Noone can judge you. 

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Celestial sphere
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Friday, November 22, 2013
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 1:16 pm
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wow you raised your son really nice 😀  congratulations! ^^ 

don’t listen to what other people say, it’s your business not theirs. Even the owner of the car dealership, I’m sure he gets alot of flack for raising his child, and his son being irresponsible. but everyone has lessons. I think your son is very very lucky to have you as a mother. =D  you sound wonderful and very supportive. Lots of Love coming out of  you. Cheers. 

Edit – btw sorry to hear about your boyfriend. It would be really super nice and kind if he helped out your son too. I hope he does. Maybe he feels ashamed to ask even though that’s his best friend. Some people feel shameful even to ask favours from a friend. Maybe they want good reputation, and don’t want the boss guy to look down on him. but honestly if the boss guy looks down on him for just asking, its very weird. The worse he could do is say No i’m not giving anything to a non-profit organization. 

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Friday, August 21, 2015
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 1:39 pm
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Do whatever your heart tells you to do. Who cares what people would think, this is your son.

northeast Georgia
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Monday, May 2, 2011
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 2:33 pm
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Well shoot, my parents moved heaven and earth so my 21 year old brother and his new wife could save up for their first house. They cleared a room downstairs, renovated and made it nice. They also helped get their stuff in storage. To be fair, brother and wife were helping out with housework and working a ton of hours at their jobs. It was a long cramped year or so, but they did it. 

Some people would have disagreed with the way this was handled. Apparently you’re not a real grownup if Mom and Dad didn’t kick you out of the house at 18.  🙄

By the way, they also helped me financially after I lost ST last year. I was 40, and not the least bit insulted by being helped. Some people would say my parents should have pushed me to figure things out on my own. Sure—I would be a hot mess now. 😂

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elisa, Poppy
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Friday, August 21, 2015
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Monday, February 11, 2019 - 10:21 pm
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I’m almost 40, married with kids and my mom has helped me out a few times. I make descent money but Saturn in Scorpio wiped me out! Completely drained. It was tough. My mom helped and I’m eternally grateful. I’m very independent and don’t like handouts but my mom helping was a life saver. I would 100 pct do the same for my kids. All people should be so lucky to feel supported In times of need by their parents. 

I’m also sure my mom knows that if she ever needed me to help financially, I would. 

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elisa, NotMyCircus, Poppy
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