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Where Planets Stop Before Retrograding

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I've just realized that Mercury is going to stop at 25 Libra 28 in my 8th House but JUST before my 9th house starts at 25 Libra 36.

What significance is this placement in the last degree of my 8th, especially since it's hovering there before going retrograde.

In the past, I've also noticed other planets stopping before retrograde over natal planet points.  Thought this was interesting - like they were pointing a finger and saying "I'm looking at YOU."

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Posted by: @kristianc

Thought this was interesting - like they were pointing a finger and saying "I'm looking at YOU."

That's an interesting perspective. Planetary stations are very powerful. 

Turning retrograde on a cusp, I'd be thinking, "not yet".

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I agree, it is weird when a planet retrogrades on a natal point or planet. Especially when the transiting planet is slow moving. This year I have had Chiron in Aries applying to my Aries Venus at 12 degrees, which felt acute from 9 degrees onwards. It's been really affecting my being comfortable in my body and in turn impacting my sense of being lovable and of worth. It finally conjuncted my Venus around 1st June and stayed at 12 degrees doing its rx for 3 months!! Only recently it shifted back to 11 degrees. The transiting planet seems to drill deep into the natal planet or point and it's all you can do to withstand it. I hope the 2nd pass will be less intense. It must be a massively crucial Venusian lesson for this Taurus! 

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My north node - Libra 22 degrees 

Just pull up and park why don't ya?