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Where is Pallas in your Chart?

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Pallas in Virgo in the 11H! Hard work, hard work, technical details, servicing friends, hard work! I need friends for advice, information and insights. And to tell me that what I'm doing is on the right track.

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Pallas in capricorn! House 8
No idea what role does pallas actually play..

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Hmmm now that I think of it, I see patterns in peoples psych, how they work, why they do something and what motivates them...for good or evil.

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t.Pallas is in Capricorn

Today MIT’s Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, made some new discoveries about asteroid Pallas. They say "high-velocity impacts....Pallas is the most cratered object that we know of in the asteroid belt. It’s like discovering a new world.”

The current Cap Stellium likely has a Pallas twist!

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I just found out mine is in 2nd house in Aquarius, which makes sense for me. 

I just saw that Pallas in Pisces goes direct on November 8th. I wonder if we could maybe see a little glimmer of hope for the collective when it goes direct.

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Really had not paid much attention to Pallas until now.  Mine is one degree from my Leo Pluto/Vertex conjunction in 7th.  I've known two Leos with their Sun conjunct this conjunction. 

The first, my boss and friend, brought profound changes to my life.  The second was just an acquaintance, a complex person with an intriguing past.  Bizarrely, she was in a tangled relationship with an Aries Sun of exactly the same degree as mine.

There were no similarities between these two Leos, nor between the other Aries and me.  The relationship dynamics were not similar either, in fact quite opposite.  But both Leos added perspective to my life.

My Pallas is also conjunct my late husband's Arabic Part of Death.  Puzzling.

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