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When I’m told Astrology is Satanic work 🙁

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Please give me some information and advice on how to defend Astrology when I bring up Astrology. Small town, in the South. These ppl are scaring me to death telling me this is of the devil, that it’s in the Bible to stay away from it, Divination, everything negative and evil about it, and how it’s against God and His laws. 
I get frightened for my soul. Afraid I’m going to Hell.  But I love my Astrology. I know my chart is such a beautiful tool for me to learn me as I mature. Why would God make the moon pull the waves and etc, and then tell us we can’t use Astrology for self growth. It’s helped me more than my guidance counselors. Actually. Now that I have learned my transits and my hard aspects and trines; I’m thankful to God and amazed at how it rings true to my emotions and moods. 
I am so torn and confused about pleasing God. Elsa is awesome and she has better self esteem than I do and well loved and famous, and she don’t care what ppl think. I’m assuming here lol. She’s got some amazing confidence, I’m guessing? 
But, it’s troublesome to me. 
Sometimes I just don’t study at all. 
But then I miss studying and listening to podcasts, and reading Elsa. I’m not the typical person who follows SM. I’m just a nerd who loves Astrology. 
Has anyone experienced this? 
How did you overcome the fear of what the Bible people say? 

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God sometimes speaks through others but most times He speaks to us by the things that light our hearts on fire. It’s between you and God so you don’t need anyone’s approval. That’s not God speaking when they condemn- that’s people who are afraid. 

Also: astrology isn’t really divination and the three wise men were astrologers! You can use those arguments if you wish, but again- you don’t owe anyone an explanation. 

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I'm sorry you live in such an extreme fundamentalist environment. I've never experienced being surrounded by that in my own culture but I have experienced  scepticism. Astrology is something that all humans live everyday, yet most ignore despite seeing the Sun every day, Moon at night and living amongst the natural world. Human survival instincts tends towards omnipotence and control which means everything exists only through the human perspective, human law. Astrology resets this view and asks us to acknowledge that we are just a part of something which is unfathomable (our existence on this planet in unknown reaches of space), we do not control it because there is natural law. The astrologer seeks to find meaning in the unfathomable and understand natural law. They search for patterns of experience, using symbols to contain this experience and give it meaning - in this way a language was created, which is our tool for interpreting life. The astrologer is aware of the energy at work in nature, elementals, life and death, different realities coexisting. Humans have been doing this since the beginning, it's part of our creativity. Being an astrologer is not something you choose, its connected to soul purpose, it will show in your chart. It's a gift to experience the world this way. Don't explain yourself to others who don't have that door to open. Part of learning that you're just a part of something vast but that you're also unique (paradox) involves adapting to a sense of separation and self responsibility that can feel isolating and sad based on the human perspective. It's a reality many don't want to face. There's a lot of letting go involved and we can only do that in stages, bit by bit. Your question suggests you are growing and separating through your self awareness and feel the dilemma of losing something - connection to a powerful human perspective of how things are. You may feel you will lose fraternity and connection by continuing, but it hurts to not keep exploring. I can tell you that the more you let go, the more you will discover about life and in the end you will find support and help those around you. Don't worry about taking others with you or explaining, keep going on your own path even if it doesn't feel so good at times and demands courage. 

To add, astrology can also become a dogma, so always hold it gently in an open hand. There is a time when we need to let our attachment to astrology go too, but you will feel that when it happens and it doesn't mean you really lose it (although it feels like that), it just means it's become a deeper part of you and you don't need to cling to it so taking off the training wheels on your bike 🙂

I hope this gives you encouragement to continue, I am sure you will anyway 🙂 

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I feel for you! I never seriously encountered this until I moved to the South. I did write about this here:

People believe what they are taught, generally speaking. Yesterday, I came across a meme - someone had listed all the "occult" stuff like yoga and astrology but also rosary beads. It was a long(ish) list and reflected what the person thinks or feels or believes or has been taught. I do not have to go along with their beliefs.

I have thought about this long and hard and often. I have asked God to let me know if I am on the wrong path. I don't get that.  So if you question this, I would suggest you pray... and then do what He tells you to do!

As for protecting yourself, I don't tell people I'm an astrologer. I don't want a tent revival in my yard. However, if they find out and want to bother me, I'd tell them it's none of their business.

I also don't see this to be that much different from people who think astrologers are kooks, which is most people. God made me like this. He gave me a gift, in fact, from what I can discern. I have to please God, not the people who have heard this or that.

Great question. If it's bothering you, go straight to the source!  We have had people leave the site over this by the way.  So I understand that as well. I mean, I know this is serious. I take it serious myself! Smile

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I spent the first part of my life in Church. 

I do believe in God. I don't believe in people who force religion when they are shit- and I know it. You can see right through them. Judging. 

I would rather be around a bunch of astrologers trying to navigate energy so they can do the right thing than people who beat a bible on Sunday, have a closed mind and treat people like shit all week. I can't stand a hypocrite. And, I don't need a mother or a father. 

I no more want someone's religion shoved down my throat than they want me to read their chart. 

I recently moved to the South. Bless my and Y'all's heart. Ugg! Backward. Nice most of the time, TO YOUR FACE. Do they help each other? Some do. I saw more of that in my hometown though. Lot's of phony baloney. I just side-eye and keep moving because I don't buy it. 

You can't convince me that you just talked shit about Betty- then smiled and waived at her and asked how her family is... then talked shit about her again... that this is God like. You can't convince me when you stand in judgement of everyone that you are God like. 

I have a cousin that has completely disowned her son for being gay. I now have disowned HER. And, told that boy he has a mother as long as I am alive. She said her God condemns him. She can't go against her faith. My kid could do anything and I would not leave him. That does not mean I would agree with any bad my own offspring would do... it means that LOVE does not abandon. Period. 

People do believe what they are taught. You hope when they become adults they have a mind of their own and try to understand different belief systems. 

When I think of how many religions there are, and how many different Gods there are to people all over the planet I am always confused by which God it the correct one as there are so many and they don't seem to have the same agenda. So, who is wrong here? 

If astrology has taught me anything - it has taught me this! Do the best you can to navigate the energy you were born with to mesh with the energy you are presented with in the world... transits, people.... and try to do the right thing with it. What you put out there you are going to get back. Just as sure as the sun shines... it is all coming back around. You will undoubtedly feel what you make another person feel. So, be good to people, animals and the earth. Or, you are going to get your ass kicked.

Basically, you kick your own ass and dig your own grave. 

I did care who knew I was learning astrology years ago. I no longer care. And, this has caused gossip, and laughter behind my back. Good for them. I heard through the grapevine I have turned into a practicing witch.... I laughed so hard I nearly fell off a chair. This person spreading this information... goes to Church 3 times a week. And, knows exactly 'nothing' about me. How about that? LOL  

I am teaching my three granddaughters astrology. I told them the last time I saw them to take the time to learn it... even if after they do they decide it's not for them. 

I think we need all the tools available to get through life. And, some divine source led me to astrology which has helped me side step so many mishaps. I wish I had learned as a tween, teen or a 20 something. It would have made my life so much easier. Less reactionary for sure. 

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@soup I was HOPING you would eventually weigh in!... I LOVE reading your posts. This one helped me tremendously. Yep, I’m in the heart of the Bible Belt.  Witnessed the cruel, vindictive behavior, especially women. I’ve also witnessed some exceptional God like people, Vary rare the latter though. 
I don’t announce astrology or bring it up, it’s the subject period. I’m very aware of what everyone around my neighborhood thinks of it. I would definitely be on their prayer lists and my soul would be in trouble of hell. I would need salvation and Jesus. 

I’m very thankful for all the input here, I hope I can continue to gain self confidence in my decision to continue to study. It does something to my brain, and heart.... The same as if I read powerful messages of hope from the Bible or supporting words from any advocacy that instills growth and community, to gain insight. 

I do have that fear that was instilled in me, I also was told from the pulpit that yoga was of the devil.  When I do self care and stretch out my body and participate in yoga I feel better mentally; astrology does the same. 
I have better self awareness, more patience with myself and others. This is what worries me, sometimes I feel so led to the Astrology Podcasts, this blog to learn and understand, that I wonder if it is a spirit? .... but I look at my chart and I see myself as if I’m looking into a mirror. The fear never go away, maybe that is good, because it proves that I’m loyal to God and I do want to be a good student here on earth. And I don’t want to go the wrong path. 
So, with the balance of fear and the balance of study, I’m learning how to navigate. Like a kid sitting at y’all’s feet, listening and learning. 
I’m known to be a loving kind and generous person. But I’m also detached and introvert. I’ve learned who to open my heart door to and who to lock it to. 

I hope my post helps anyone who struggles with this fear. I was afraid I would die and go to hell, for loving, studying and believing it works. We can’t help where we are born and what we are taught as children or young adults but, once I asked this question and put it out there to the world and universe because I was hungry and humbled for the truth, I was awakened to read the words of “Genesis : 1:14,”  where I see the words (and let them be for signs)..... 

So, if anyone else could give their testimonies and ideas I would be on top of the world. I definitely would also rather sit with you guys and listen to y’all talk about your charts than the religious people here. 
Thank you so much to those who posted so far. There are a lot of lonely people who struggle with this. I love y’all and want to express this part of me. I’m grateful for this place and I feel safe here. 

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Energy is neutral until directed. Our charts shows the potential, but it is our usage that dictates the results.

I view my chart as a tool. Like most tools it can be used inappropriately (you don't want to read the horror stories). But I also have learned when and where to use it.... and which people to talk about it. As you have learned not everyone is willing to listen.

I have purposely avoided reading the responses given, thus here's my thoughts.

My chart is weighted with planets in the 1st quadrant in the 2nd and 3rd houses. Sun is among these and major aspects between Sun-Moon-Ascendant.

Planets in 2nd and 3rd houses are conjunct if only as a unit. This means the energies of my chart have this potential: I like to express (3rd house energy) my personal opinions (2nd house).

In my youth It took quite a beating (literal) to learn the value of keeping my mouth and opinions shut and to myself. I learned how to judge if someone was most likely to harm me.

I use astrology to learn about people. You can too. Here's another example from my chart.

Pluto tends to define generations because it spends so much time in a specific sign. I'm part of the Pluto in Virgo generation; it so happens that Uranus is conjunct Pluto. There is plenty written about this aspect so I'll make it simplified: this generation tends to be eccentric (Uranus) about change (Pluto). Don't expect them to be logical, you're better off teaching a pig to wash the pearl necklace after it took a bath in a wallow (mud puddle).

Pluto conjunct Uranus in my chart conjunct the Ascendant; these also are in the 12th House ((which means are hidden from my sight unless I make an effort to know what these sneaky planets are up to)).

Just as people *see* the mask that my Ascendant presents myself to them, they tend to interpret my eccentric (Uranus) view of how things change (Pluto) in ways that bewilders me (12th house).

Astrology is a tool, and as such you can use it to educate yourself how people *might* behave.... because people are similar to cats: they don't always act as you expect them. Energy is neutral until someone acts.


Here's an example two famous people with same birth chart.

Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler were born on same day. Both show how each used the energy in their chart (both probably never aware of astrology) and are excellent examples of astrology in action. Which of the two is more famous? Depends who you ask.

Chaplin made his fame in motion pictures. Hitler in becoming a dictator and starting the second world war.

Chaplin is remembered fondly, if at all. Hitler is spat upon the world over, most likely because of casting people he didn't like into prison where they were purposely killed.... nearly an entire generation.

Today's youth probably are more familiar with how Tom Riddle became Lord Voldermort.... and how they share the same abilities as a young wizard name Harry Potter.

Energy is neutral until directed, wither by societal entertainment or worldwide domination. Or maybe just suppressing the urge to hop onto the back of a Hungarian Horntail and torch your town to the ground.

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Wow, that's the best interpretation of astrology I've ever read!  Well done, Glenn!

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