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When Astrology Hamstrings You

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Does this happen to any of you? You decide tomorrow you’re going to get some important stuff done, or go somewhere for the first time—then you look up. Oh crap, we have a Void of Course Moon all day tomorrow!! Or Mercury, Mars, Venus is about to go retro....should I risk it? I’ve stalled for months and months already! Guess I’ll have to wait some more...?

Is this normal, or is this a classic case of not seeing the forest for the LEAVES? ? 

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The normal rhythms of the planets do not control us...Please don't allow yourself to be controlled by things like this. 

"It's a wise person who rules the stars and a fool who is ruled by them - over and out."  Darrell Martinie


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I know this happens for a lot of people but I dont look at astrology like that. Its supposed to empower us with knowledge right? Not enable our lower instincts of fear. 

For me personally my internal guidance system trumps my belief in astrology. If I feel like doing something, I dont ignore that feeling. Its nice to know what types of energy I might face that day, but I use astrology to figure out how to overcome those hurdles. What do I have to lose by doing what feels right? 

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A long time ago I was looking at the void of course moons, trying to do this or that irnot do this or that. It drove me nuts. 

I guess I don’t pay much attention except to know that something is retro or aspecting something then continue to do what I was going to do, with the knowledge that I may encounter corpses or setbacks that will give me pause or a second chance.

It can be overwhelming. Life does have to go on and often we have to roll with it.

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Honestly no, I don't take much notice of transits tbh but if I do see something negative I just think "to hell with it!" and get on with it. I don't think astrology should hinder or suppress us. The only day to day transits that really seem to affect me though are major lunar events. 

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I'm not keeping up with VOC Moons I don't care. Can't live for thinking about when you can live. I like to put really good stuff on my calendar, but that is every few months. Sometimes I look to see where the Moon will be when I know it's going to be a tough day at work.

The one thing that is very important for me is to know when Mars will be making a hard aspect to my Mars. I don't handle that energy very well and need to really get a grip on myself.

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