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What Is Mars in Libra Like?

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Let's talk about Mars in Libra.
What do people with Mars in Libra want?
How do they get it?
How do they fight?
What about sex?

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  • What do people with Mars in Libra want?

I strive for fairness. I strive for love.

I am driven to be (to ACT) fair and loving.

And those are not empty words.

They inform my behavior, my choices.

And when I fail, I know it and I feel bad.

  • How do they get it?

By weighing my words and my actions.

BEFORE I say or do.


I am always weighing. Evaluating. And self-correcting.

(I also clearly wish to be on the receiving end of fairness and love, but I have learned I have no control over that, so I now focus on my end.)

  • How do they fight?

I don't.

I prefer cooperation. Collaboration.

Dialogue (which is a two-way street).

I bring something to the table. You bring something to the table. Back and forth. Until we achieve resolution.

  • What about sex?

It's got to be a two-way street.

And it's got to be loving.

But I have very little appetite for "sex".

I have a huge appetite for lovemaking.

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Speaking for myself here, not generalizing for all Mars in Libra people. Mine's in 12th.

What do people with Mars in Libra want?

I want to avoid trouble. I feel I don't have what it takes to get into fights; no brawn, no quick wits.

How do they get it?

Keep a low profile.

How do they fight?

I don't, I walk away (if I can). Sometimes I might speak up for others though, but not when physical violence might ensue. (Will not gang up on Romanians in the subway)

What about sex?

No initiative, will not seriously pursue anyone (Not skilled and do not wish to make an a*s of myself). Perhaps not terribly interested in the subject to start with. Some of it's not worth the trouble...

I hope other Mars in Libras have more optimistic/dynamic/courageous outlooks!!!

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My Libra Mars just wants some quiet and alone time to read and think 😉

But I also love discourse. I have a Gemini Venus so they kinda work together. Mental stimulation, even if it turns to a fight, so long as the fight is fair and amusing.

Getting what I want was always a matter of knowing how to charm whoever it was I wanted something from. Did they need me to smile or act mysterious? I can do either. Mirror them if necessary. A bit of a chameleon till I got what I wanted or figured out it wasn't what I wanted after all. 

I love a fight, but that's it being in the 7th house more than anything. Never anything underhanded, it's just for fun but I take it seriously too, if that makes sense. 

My husband makes most decisions because I never know what I want. Chocolate or vanilla, I don't know!!! Well just get a little of both, he says. Or he picks when that makes me even crazier. 

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Since t.Mars is in Aries, I wondered about the other side of this ... Mars in Libra.

It struck me that Libra might seek to express their Mars through another person...not necessarily in the sense of giving energy away but balancing another especially one who lacks discernment like Aries. 

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I tend to attract Aries Suns opposite their Libra Mars in droves. My Capricorn stellium is like a beacon for them. 

I think what you said about Mars in Libra is true, in its most exalted interpretation. The other is being frustrated, passive aggressiveness and taking FOREVER to make a move. They have a big fear of rejection. More than us Capris.

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