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What Is Mars in Aquarius Like?

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dolce said
Funny, my Sag son has Mars in Aquarius and he is super clingy! Must be the Cancer moon? 

Unfortunately he is having trouble in his school (he is a little guy, small for his age and this is his first year in school). Another child is targeting him, hits him and so forth. He won't stand up for himself at all. Super scared. The other kid isn't even much bigger than him.

His Mars trines Saturn, and he has an Aries rising, but there is no courage away from his family. No assertiveness. Maybe he just doesn't want to be bothered. 

Aquarian Mars people, feel free to tell me what your Mars needs to activate a little Smile


My previous comment was for you actually sorry I’m new to this lol

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Well, judejl. Smile

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elisa said
the few I have known, and have met, and/or have known through other friends, they seem to like alot of space even if they have Scorpio. lol They also seem to like their friends more. It seems that way to me. Which is frustrating.  Even if the rest of their chart is all water and earth, that one mars singularity is afraid of commitment too. They seem to allow their potential mates or any they are interested in go through hoops and circles and run around mazes, because of their "fear"... I think it's because Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn, and that allow alot of fear. They are afraid deeply of being rejected. So therefore they will just suffer, making others suffer too, and if they see someone going through hoops and the hot coals of fire, almost dying of love for them, then they make an inch of a move. It seems so frustrating. lol 

edit - alot of people would just give up, so only the persistent stick around. their fear is debilitating.


I think this is a great read. Two men come to mind that I have dated, with Mars in Aquarius. In both instances, they were very interested in getting me in bed (I have Aquarius rising) but when it came to actually committing anything, they disappeared.

Come to think of it, they both had Libra moons, too, but one was a Scorpio and the other one a Capricorn.

The Scorpio stuck around for awhile. The Capricorn vanished. I would say they were both very interesting men, very intelligent, and always seemed to be looking to be "surprised". I don't necessarily mean surprised "in bed", they just appreciated being set back on their heels. A man with Mars in Aquarius is a curious person, and when they find something unusual, they are interested. If you want to alienate one, be boring or predictable.

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When a virtual reality headset is all you need for sexual activity.

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I've known two with this placement. VERY rebellious in their young years!

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Thank you for this response. I think you're right. He's grown since I posted this and is having an easier go of it because he has made some real friends. Being so sensitive (he also has Sun/Mecury/Venus in the 8th) I'm so happy to see it. Once he became more comfortable he was able to show off his quirkiness a bit more.

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